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MAIN MENU (English) - Bio-Hostaria RÒ E BUNÌ - Organic Ristorante Munich

Our classics and standards: Organic steaks, homemade pastas, grilled fish, appetizers, deli, desserts, cheeses

MAIN MENU (English) - Bio-Hostaria RÒ E BUNÌ - Organic Ristorante

ANTIPASTI – Appetizers, Deli and Wine Companions Antipasti alla contadina fatti in casa Traditional, simply-good, always fresh Seleziona bis di Choose two BIS 8,90 Seleziona tris di Choose three TRIS 12,90 Verdure e pollo – insalata contadina alla Romagnola A9 Celery, carrots, fresh herbs, braised organic chicken (regional from Bavaria) Manzo, rucola e fagioli – insalata contadina alla Romagnola A14 White beans, fresh herbs, arugula (rocket salad), braised organic beef (Austria) Tonno, rucola e fagioli - alla Romagnola A4, A14 White beans, fresh herbs, arugula (rocket salad), tuna Peperonata marinata VEGANO Stir-fried mixed bell pepers and onions, marinaded in herbs and olive oil Zucchine marinate con menta VEGANO Grilled summer squash (courgettes), sweet-sour marinade (aged balsamic*, mint) Radicchio marinato in balsamico VEGANO Sauteed radicchio (red endive salad) deglazed with balsamic vinegar Piadina Originale A1 Freshly baked homemade fatbread with lard 2,50 Piadina Vegano A1 Homemade fatbread without any animal fats (olive oil) 2,50 Salumi misti / Afettato misto 1 ca. 110g / 3.8oz 11,80 Cold platter of Italian prime sausages: proscuitto/Parma ham 1 , fennel salami 1 , mortadella 1 , salami milano 1 , Porchetta* (pigling roast), salami piccante/peperoni 1 Antipasti misti 1 (anche per due – also for two) BIS Choice of two antipasti contadini (see above), Afettato misto 1 , olives 18,90 TRIS Choice of three antipasti (s.o.), Afettato misto 1 , olives, Piadina A1 22,90 Carpaccio di manzo, rucola, funghi freschi, grana A7 appetizer 4.6oz 12,50 Thin slices of regional organic beef, topped with arugula grande 7oz 18,50 (rocket salad), grated parmesan* and fresh mushrooms (= main course / entree) Afettato di Proscuitto di Parma DOP 1 60g / 2.2oz 8,50 Freshly sliced Original DOP proscuitto di Parma/dry-cured Parma ham 1 Afettato di Salame 1 Fennel salami or peperoni 60g / 2.2oz 6,80 Extra pane Reorder bread basket* 2,00 Extra burro bio Serving of organic butter A7 25g / 0.9oz 1,50 Legend and list of additves (1-11) and allergens (A1-A14) see last page inner back cover