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Representative Tan Parker

Speaks about “Jessica’s Law”


Carmela Winery’s Cabernet Savignon






Todd Dodge is the New Head

Football Coach at UNT


Our area of coverage is sandwiched by

two of the fastest growing cities in the nation.

McKinney is the second fastest growing city

and Denton currently holds the rank of ninth.

With this expediential growth, we are seeing

more and more residential and commercial

developments. With the rate of recent progress

and sites already plotted for future development

it appears we are just getting started. Before

we know it, we will find it difficult to distinguish

where one city ends and the next begins.

A question asked by several of our readers

is “What is coming and when?” Many readers

are anxiously anticipating the conveniences

that are heading our direction while others

moved into the area for the relaxed pace and

open fields. At this point is appears that the

open fields are being plucked up from every



The Heard Natural Science Museum



Texas Representative for District 63

corridor highway and construction is on its

way bringing heavy equipment and larger

populations into the once quiet and remote

area. We are working with the local Chambers

of Commerce to bring our readers information

on new businesses as they open.

Remember, as new locations open; don’t

forget your long time faithful businesses that

have been bringing you goods and services.

Large anchor stores and national chains will

soon be here but it is unlikely they will remember

your preferences and your name. Our local

business bring more than just convenience,

they bring customer service while providing the

backbone to our local economy.

Thank you,

David Prickett, Publisher




ON THE COVER: Representative Tan Parker

EB Photography & Design


David Prickett


EXECUTIVE EDITOR Jodie Linton-Prickett



R.C. Taylor, Dishy Diva, Dana Mordecai,

Molly’s Soap Box, Geri Cuthert, Becky Boston,

Dr. Betty D. Copeland, Steve Mordecai,

Micah Pazoureck, Betty Taylor

ARTicle 6

Mural, Mural on the Wall!


Los Charros


Majestic Dignity: Carmela Winery’s

Cabernet Sauvignan






Local Events and Activities



The Trick to a Safe Treat


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!



Thanksgiving Pumpkin Roll


Todd Dodge New Head Football Coach


Decorating Tips for the Season


Todd Dodge New Head Football Coach





Positive Plumbing



EB Photography & Design


EB Photography & Design,,

The Heard Museum, Scott Young,

Jodie Linton-Prickett,

Denton County Court House



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Child Development Center

• 6 weeks to pre-K (4 years) • Abeka Curriculum

• Afterschool Care / Summer Camp 5-12 Years

• Open during most school breaks!

• Homestyle Lunch • Snacks • Computers!!!

• Homework Roundtable • 2.0 Acre Playground

• Transportation to all LEISD

Elementary Schools!

• Pick-up from some

Frisco Schools!

“Shaping the

Future, One Child

At A Time”


200 Lobo Lane • Little Elm



by Steve Mordecai

Shh! Can you hear them? If you

listen closely you can hear the rustling of leaves

and roars in the distance. No, that’s not a

bobcat. There it is again! My kids’ eyes grow

large with excitement as they now hear it too.

They can hardly wait to see what is around

the next corner of the hiking trail we are on.

Because they know Dinosaurs are coming to


The Heard Natural Science Museum and

Wildlife Sanctuary in McKinney is home to

Dinosaurs Alive! (October 19, 2007- February

3, 2008)

Dinosaurs Alive! is an outdoor exhibit

featuring life-size animatronic dinosaurs along

one of the hiking trails of the Heard sanctuary.

Watch them move and listen to them roar as you

learn about each one. It is a fun, educational

event for the entire family and provides a

wonderful outing during the holidays!

The Heard Natural Science Museum and

Wildlife Sanctuary in McKinney is one of our

kids’ favorite places to go. It is close enough

that we can go after school and yet there is

enough to do to fill an entire day. The Heard

has six hiking trails totaling four and a half miles

that wander through 289 acres of wetlands,

forest and prairie. One of the high-lights of

the trail is a 200 year-old giant bur oak. It

is without a doubt the largest tree I have ever

seen in Texas. The self-guided trails are great

for birding, wildlife observation and picnicking

and just escaping urban life in general.

The Heard Nature Museum is kid friendly

with hands-on activities that include a Living Lab

where students can handle actual specimens

and use tools to answer scientific questions.

The indoor dinosaur dig is a favorite with my

kids. Other exhibits include: Texas’ venomous

snakes, rocks, minerals and fossils, seashells

and marine life, North Texas ecosystems and


The Heard offers many special events

throughout the year including native plant sales,

photography contests, summer camps and

natural science courses for home schoolers.

Hours of operation are Monday through

Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 1-5. Admission

is $8/adults and $5/children 3-12 and

seniors. Members and children under

age 3 are free. For more information visit or call


Brighten Your Life with



Call For Details!

• Cosmetic Dentistry

(Smile Makeovers)

• Family Dentistry

& Gentle Cleaning

• Massaging Chairs & Overhead TVs

• Dentures & Partials

• Root Canals & Extractions

(including Wisdom Teeth)

• Sedations (Sleep Dentistry)

• Invisalign

• Zoom AP (Advanced Power)




2405 FM 423, Suite 100 (Next to Hone Kong Express)

Little Elm, Texas 75068

• Early morning & late evening

appointments available

• Preferred provider with most

dental insurance

Because your smile

says so much!



& Exam!

Not valid with other offers.

New patients only. Expires 12-31-07.

P A G E five


Representative Tan Parker


has a long history with strong family ties in

the 380 corridor. He is an approachable,

efficient, energetic and a conservative

leader. He resides in Flower Mound, Texas

with his wife Beth and daughters Lauren

and Ashley.

Currently he serves in the Texas

House of Representatives. Republican Tan

Parker was elected in November 2006 to

represent District 63. This district includes

mutually rural and urban Denton County

that includes the cities of Pilot Point, Cross

Roads, Aubrey, Krugerville, Savannah,

Providence Village, Flower Mound,

Lewisville, Highland Village, Argyle,

Sanger, Krum, Ponder, Justin, Northlake,

Copper Canyon, Double Oak, Bartonville,

Trophy Club, and Roanoke.

Representative Parker earned a Bachelor

of Arts degree in Political Philosophy at the

University of Dallas, and later earned a

Master’s Degree from the London School

of Economics. While in London, he served

as an intern in the United States Commerce


“More than a decade ago, I had the

incredible opportunity to sit down and

personally visit with former President

Ronald Reagan. His belief in limited

government, economic prosperity, the

power of free markets, fighting evil around

the world, maintaining strong families

and a strong moral compass - these are

the issues that shaped my life and shaped

my formative years. Without question, my

time with Ronald Reagan was one of the

highlights of my life. He’s the individual

who made me realize the nobility of public

service, and how important it was for good

men and women to engage in the process,”

said Representative Parker

Starting as a teenager Parker

volunteered for numerous Republican


Representative Parker’s profession

in government started as an intern in the

White House under President George

H.W. Bush. Moreover, in 2005, he was

appointed by Governor Rick Perry to

serve as Chairman of the Texas Industrial

Development Corporation. Impressively,

Representative Parker was the driving force

behind the University of Dallas’ bid for the

George W. Bush Presidential Library.

Since his election, he helped coauthor

the Texas version of “Jessica’s Law” (House

Bill 8) to increase the punishments for child

predators. Recently the Texas House of

“As a conservative Republican,

I’m ready to serve the people of

District 63 by opposing a state

income tax, leading the fight for

property tax relief, reforming our

educational system, securing our

borders, and ensuring a better

quality of life for our growing

communities. As a husband and

father of two girls, you can also

count on me to stand firm for the

values of faith and family.”

-Tan Parker


passed “Jessica’s

Law“ (House

Bill 8). This law

will eliminate the statute of limitations

from most sex offenses against children

and create a new felony in Texas, defined

as continuous abuse of a child (at least two

offenses over at least 30 days). This felony

would incorporate a mandatory sentence

of 25 years in prison for a first conviction.

A second conviction a capital offense would

result in life in prison without parole or the

death penalty.

Representative Parker authored House

Bill 2656 to add preventative measures that

will largely assist rural police departments.

This will encourage improved awareness


Photography by Scott Young


Mural, Mural

on the Wall!

By Jodie Linton-Prickett


Call 972-658-2033

Paula Lynch


We should all accept as true

that we could surround ourselves

with art that refreshes us, uplifts

us, triggers our memories and

inspires our imagination. Over

the past few weeks, I have had

the fortunate opportunity to meet

and converse with local artist

Paula Lynch as she has brought

walls to life in front of my eyes

at a variety of 380 corridor


Paula’s mural painting invites

splendor and life to leap from

what was once a plain surface,

creating a portal into a world

that gives a break from daily reality. By creating a mural Paula,

narrates a story; perhaps it is your story.

Murals brighten any room and give your home a customized

appeal. They can bring fairy tales to life for young children or

provide a tranquil oasis for adults. Murals can enchant a room or

take you to a far away place. If you can dream it, a mural can bring

it to life. Murals also provide a relativity inexpensive way to own

original artwork.

It was by chance that I met Paula while dropping off a welcome

gift to Dr. Auvenshine and Dr. Baker’s new office. Paula was near

completion of her first mural of a serene, inviting vista of children at

play in a calming country field with a blue pond surrounded with

activity. In the background, your eyes trail into green lush rolling No. 6

hills. Even as an adult, you almost want to

walk right in to childhood again and join in

the fun. There are children interacting with

horses, boys in denim overalls sitting on a

dock that extends into the water, as the boy in

the foreground flies through the air on a tire

swing connected to a giving tree. In another

room across the office, she created an oldfashion

rodeo scene with cowboys sitting

astride a fence watching a bucking bull wild

with his hind legs up in the air behind him.

Their fellow cowboy hangs on tight trying

not to fall off. A rodeo clown stands on the

sideline ready to jump into the action. “I am

impressed with her ability to translate what

I envisioned and paint it on the wall. She

Murals can

enchant a

room or take

you to a far

away place.

has created rooms

that children will

enjoy and want

to be in,” said Dr.


Paula and I

met again a week

later at Forest

Hills where she is

painting a room

in a custom home

by Mike Scarlett

for the Make a

Wish Foundation.

She is painting as

we talk about the

young boy whom

the builder is

dedicating the wall.

His wish was to go

to a professional

football game

and Make a Wish

Foundation fulfilled

his dream. In the

same house the

Viniceation walls

in the master bath

are another example of her many talents.

With paint and a brush, Paula brings

the textures, the colors and the atmosphere

of a room harmoniously together to create

a one of a kind composition. She strives to

adorn each mural with all of the subtle details

ensuing quality artwork. Paula possesses an

instinctive awareness of design and a skilled

eye. She customizes the murals to match





each client’s style and personal taste. She

utilizes custom mixed colors to add to the

uniqueness of each personalized work of

art. By listening to the ideas of her clients she

intertwines there concepts into the mural. Her

artwork can create an ambiance or enhance

the feeling that the client has already started

to establish.


Movies Never Tast ed So Good!

A night at the movies

never tasted this good!

Enjoy first-run movies with entrees and beverages

served in the theatre by our friendly wait staff.

For more information and a list of showtimes, please visit or call 940.566.3456

916 W. University Drive | Denton, Texas

No. 7



By Dishy Diva

My first visit to Los Charros

was before the sign was up on the

storefront. Thinking that since the

restaurant had just opened and the

sign was not even in place that Los Charros Tex Mex restaurant

would not be very busy, oh contraire, the line was out the door. It

appears that my party of three was not the only group in the area

anticipating its opening.

This was the first I heard of Los Charros but many people

dinning there had been to one of the other five locations and were

awaiting the opening of the sixth location in Little Elm. This family

owned restaurant got its inspiration from Acapulco style fair with

special attention to seasoning, colors and textures that the attracts

the typical diner. Los Charros started with a dream and a small

restaurant in Richardson with about five tables. Now besides the

original establishment there are locations in Richardson, Plano,

Wylie, Rowlett and the newest in Little Elm located in the Eldorado

Crossing Shopping Center. After over a year of negotiating, the

newest location opened its doors to the agreeably appointed décor of

clean lines, dark woods, black seats and accent lighting of alabaster

and cast iron fixtures.

About a week after my original visit to Los Charros, I had

guests in from out of town and we decided to lunch early to avoid

the crowds. Arriving a little after 11:00 am, the place was jamming

before noon. The friendly hostess escorted us to our table and soon

after we sat down, the chips and salsa arrived and a server took our

drink order. The salsa is homemade and layered with flavors. Hotter



We Have Served the Best & the Freshest

Chinese Food in the Dallas Area for 20 Years!



(214) 705-9588

2405 F.M. 423, #200 • Little Elm

Limited Delivery Area

Most of Little Elm, Paloma Creek, Savannah, Providence, parts of west Frisco



$15 99 + tax



Two regular size entrees,

two soups, two egg rolls and

four Almond cookies.


6 Can Drinks

$30 or Over

With Any Purchase

Not valid with any other offer. Not valid with

lunch special & family meal. One coupon per

person per order. Expires 12/31/07.



W. Eldorado Pkwy.


Main St. No. 8

salsa and green salsa is available upon request. We opted to order

different items from the menu and sample from each other’s plate.

This worked out nicely except for the fact that I am the type of

dinner that is stuck on one item offered on the menu and order it

every time I return. Now, I will not know what to do with myself

during my next visit because every selection was divine.

The Lobster Enchiladas ($12.50) are superb. These white

corn tortilla enchiladas are two to a plate and stuffed with lobster,

shrimp, and tiny-diced bell peppers smothered in a creamy lobster

sauce. The flavors are distinctive and perfectly spiced. This entrée

comes with traditional refried beans and rice. The rice is moist and

lightly seasoned and large wedges of tomato and avocado garnish

this delicious selection. We also ordered the Combination Fajitas

($12.50) with beef and chicken. They arrived to our table with that

lovely sizzling sound and aroma that you can only get from piping

hot fajitas. The beef and chicken strips are moist and tender served

with tasty tortillas, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice and

beans. The do not miss item on the menu is Pechuga Con Hongos

($11.95) which translates to chicken with mushrooms but it oh so

much more! This selection is as festive to the eyes and nose as it is to

the taste buds. Eye-popping colors and incredible textures will wow

and delight you. The grilled chicken breast is plentiful and succulent

topped with a mound of grilled mushrooms, onion and bell peppers

in yellow, green and red. All of this is sautéed in garlic butter and

limejuice and served with an avocado salad, rice and beans. For

dessert, if you have any room left try the Flan ($3.95). It is a large

enough serving to share and its creamy texture is a perfect ending to

your meal. Wine, beer and Margaritas are available. We indulged

and ordered a frozen Margarita ($5.50) served up in a frosty chilled

mug and made with a nicely balanced homemade sweet and sour

solution. My hat is off to the long time chef Enrique Hernandez for

his excellent cooking and presentation. All of the staff was pleasant

and our server was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about every

item on the menu. He has a pleasant way to his service that makes

you feel right at home.

During our dining experience, I spoke with another guest who

frequents Los Charros. “Pineda Enchiladas ($9.95) is my favorite

menu item. The service is attentive and the food comes out fast.

Los Charros is consistently good,” said Stacie of Little Elm.

Los Charros offers lunch and dinner specials,

a child’s menu and a Happy Hour from

3:00 to 5:00 p.m. daily.




Carmela Winery’s

Cabernet Sauvignon

[ka-behr-NAY soh-vihn-YOHN (soh-vee-NYAWN)]

Cranberry Cabernet Sauvignon

Ready in 30-60 minutes

1 1/4 cup sugar

1-cup Cabernet Sauvignon

1 package fresh cranberries (12 oz.)

2 teaspoons grated tangerine rind

1 cinnamon stick

by David Prickett

Directions: Bring sugar and 1-cup Cabernet

Sauvignon to a boil in medium pan over medium

high heat. Add cranberries, tangerine zest, and

cinnamon stick, stirring constantly. Reduce heat

and simmer partially covered, 10-15 minutes or

until cranberry skins burst. Remove cinnamon

stick. Cool slightly. Serve warm or chill for 2

hours if desired.

Serves: 3.5 cups

Many will argue that Cabernet Sauvignon is the king. It is certainly the

triumphant and fashionable of the elite red wine grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon

is characteristically a firm-bodied substantial wine, which can attain exceptional

structure. The tannins give Cabernet this firmness, which comes naturally

from the grape skins, seeds, and stems. Moreover, in Cabernets predominantly,

because the wine bathes with its skins it amplifies the tannins and helps the wine

to achieve its deep red color.

THE TASTE: Cabernet Sauvignon has an extraordinary bearing, good

breeding, as well as interesting and complex taste that elevates it above other

varietals. It is not overly intense, but unique enough to make you reminisce

about it. It has a well-rounded taste, with plenty of spice to persuade your taste

buds to insist on more. The finish is strong, with an abundance of flavor left on

the tongue. This rich wine gives your palate an especially pleasing experience.

As a group, Cabernet Sauvignon wines are generally full-flavored, with a

stronger flavor than Merlot for instance with a smooth and lingering “finish”. It

is fittingly a special-occasion wine in many households.

THE GRAPE: Cabernet Sauvignon is a variety of red grape mainly used

for wine production and one of the most widely planted grape varieties and

grown in most of the world’s wine regions. Cabernet sauvignon berries are

petite, globular with black, solid and exceptionally tough skin. This toughness

makes the grapes practically resilient to disease and spoilage and capable of

withstanding light autumn rains. These growth characteristics, along with its

flavor appeal have made Cabernet Sauvignon one of the most popular red wine

varieties worldwide.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Red meats, grilled dark meats, flavorful pastas with

heartier red sauce or rich cheese sauces, lamb, strong-flavored cheese, and

delectable dark chocolates are excellent pairings.


dignity of its stature enhances the meal. Its softening tannins do not engulf the

white meat; its controlled red-fruit flavors stand up alongside the dark meat; and

its multifaceted layers of flavor and nuances make all of the various aromas and

textures of the meal seem slightly different and more remarkable bite after bite.

However, the right wine to accompany your Thanksgiving meal is as personal

as whether you prefer ham, goose or turkey.

OPTIONS: Carmela Winery offers a large selection of wines you can

open at your Thanksgiving meal to let your guests choose the one they prefer.

This takes the pressure off you and the wine.

No. 9






Desiree L. Voth


4111 S. HWY 377, SUITE 3 • AUBREY

Dedicated to

serving your family.

Office: 940.440.0800

Fax: 940.365.0262

Becky Boston ChFC, CLU

State Farm Agent

Office: 940.440.0044

Fax: 940.365.0524

Family Law

Criminal Law

Estate Planning

Car insurance with


No extra charge.

At State Farm ® you get a competitive rate and an agent

dedicated to helping you get the coverage that’s right for you

and the discounts you deserve. Nobody takes care of you like

State Farm. Contact me. I’ll prove it.

4111 S. Hwy 377, Suite 1, Aubrey, Texas 76227


Providing Insurance and Financial Services

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company State Farm Indemnity Company

P040201 05/05

Bloomington, IL


Are You



By: Becky Boston ChFC, CLU

State Farm Agent (registered trademark)

Many people realize the need for life insurance but keep

putting it off until it is too late. You may think that life

insurance is confusing, expensive and complicated. You

may think you do not know enough to make the right

decisions for you and your loved ones. Postponing this

decision leaves you and your family exposed financially.

Assumption #1: I will always be able to buy life


You could develop a health condition that makes you

uninsurable or make life insurance costly to you.

Assumption #2: I will get life insurance later

when I am older or have a family.

Life insurance may be needed at all stages of life.

Weather married or single, male or female, with

children or without, you have financial obligations that

need to be met. Life insurance provides financial

security for you and your loved ones.

Assumption #3: My family and I are covered by

the group insurance at work.

To meet the future needs of your family you need

seven to ten times your annual income. Most group term

insurance amounts offered by employers will not

meet this need. In addition, when you do not work for

that employer any longer, you usually loose that


Assumption #4: My husband has life insurance so

I do not need it.

Women often live longer than men do but not always.

There are countless stories of men who had to shoulder

the family financial burden along with the emotional

burden after the wife passed away.

Assumption #5: My family can cover funeral and

burial expenses.

Burying a spouse or loved one is the most stressful time

in a family’s life. Having life insurance can reduce

financial concerns for the family.

Take time now to review your current policy, please

contact my office or an insurance professional.


of a registered sex offender’s presence by

adding an identifying emblem on their

driver’s license


to identify

registered sex

offenders, and

keep them

away from our


or other state


This tool will

assist in clear


of convicted

child predators.

Rural police

applaud the

bill since some


do not have access to computer databases

to assist in immediately in identifying a

suspect as a registered sex offender. With an

identifying emblem on identification such

as “RSO”, police officers would instantly

know that the suspect is a registered sex

offender. This is especially important if

police cross paths with a child predator

near a school, or around a public park.

The House passed House Bill 2656

twice unanimously last legislative session

but it was not heard in the Senate. Parker

will champion the bill again in the next

legislative session. “Now its time to look

at the prevention side of the equation by

better identifying registered sex offenders,”

Parker stated. Under Parker’s legislation,

the letters “RSO” will be printed in

bold black print on the upper left hand

corner of identification of registered sex

offenders’ whose victims are younger than

the age of 14 years old. This should end

instances where sex offenders effectively

obscure their backgrounds and ultimately

end up working directly with children.

“Unfortunately, experience shows us that

sexual offenders almost always become

repeat offenders,” Parker added. “My

legislation will ensure that law enforcement

professionals, employers, volunteer groups,

and even churches are better equipped to

identify registered sex offenders, and keep

them away from our children.”

Representative Parker during his first

term in the Texas Legislature serves on the

following committees: Human Services,

Local & Consent Calendars and State


He is focusing his efforts on further property

tax relief, appraisal reform, strengthening

border security and immigration policy,

promoting fiscally responsible government

spending, and protecting family values.

Representative Parker will be

accessible to his constituents

starting in September on the

first Saturday of each month,

from 8am to 10am.


Hwy 380 and Magnolia Blvd.

(In front of Savannah)

Applications for MANAGEMENT, BUSERS and KITCHEN POSTITIONS now being accepted!

Please send resume to


Prosper Family Dentistry is a state of the

art dental practice which incorporates the

basic principles of oral

health care with recent



We provide


treatment in a gentle

and inviting setting.


• Cleaning and Check-Ups

• Emergency Care

• Cosmetic Dentistry

• Tooth Colored Fillings

• Crowns and Implants

• Root Canals

• Treatment for Children as young

as 2 years old.

201 N. Preston Rd., Suite A

Prosper, Texas

We are conveniently located 1.5 miles north of

Hwy 380 on Preston Road, across from Sonic.




to the 380 corridor from a larger area,

you may notice a few things different

about your postal service. Many of the

communities in the corridor do not have

their mail delivered by the traditional

mail vehicle. You may notice what

appears to be a personal vehicle with a

flashing light on the top and a magnetic

sign on the door this is possibly your

mail delivery person. With the holidays,

quickly approaching it will become more

and more important for you to want to

receive and deliver your mail promptly.

There are a few tips from the area post

offices that will help to ensure prompt

delivery and pick up of your parcels.

The main goal is to keep your mailbox

area clear and safe. Even with homes

in some neighborhoods close together,

it is important that we give our mail

carriers 15 foot for approaching and 15

feet for departing your mailbox. They

request that for safety issues. Backing

up unnecessarily in residential areas can

be potentially harmful for children and

pets. Parking on the streets and blocking

the mailboxes may prohibit you and

possibly your neighbors from receiving

mail so please do not park I front of the

mailboxes. If you live in an area with

heavy construction and contractors

By R.C. Taylor

block your mailbox notify the builder

or developer directly. Trash containers

and recycling tubs full or empty can also

block your mailbox so try to put them

on the side of the house away from the

mailbox. Limbs from trees can block

the opening of the mailbox so keep your

trees trimmed so that you mail delivery

person can open your box without

obstructions or hazards. Landscaping

should not extend past your mailbox

and it is not a safe place for children to

leave their toys or bikes.

In addition, the United States Post

Office does not allow the use of your

mailbox for flyers or anything other than

outgoing or deliverable mail with affixed

postage. There are penalties for leaving

items other than mail in a mailbox such

as flyers or packages that did not go

through the postal service.

With the growth of the 380

corridor, the mail routes have increased

significantly. However, many Post

Offices are working with no additional

space and limited staff. The time that

they have in a delivery day is still the

same but the number of boxes they have

to deliver to have multiplied. I hope that

these simple tips will help you receive

and send mail flawlessly.


Provided by: Micah Pazoureck

Capture the true spirit of a small-town holiday celebration at the 19th

Annual Holiday Lighting Festival on Thursday, November 29, 2007 on

Denton’s Historic Courthouse Square. This beloved community event,

held on the Thursday following Thanksgiving, includes musical and

dance presentations, shuttle rides through the historic district, children’s

crafts, visits with Santa, toy drive and a concert featuring Denton’s own

Grammy award-winner, Brave Combo.

TREE LIGHTING CEREMONY - Begins at 5:45 p.m. at

the Festival Stage.

HISTORIC DISTRICT TOUR by shuttle - $1 per person. Tours

will begin after the Tree Lighting Ceremony and end at

8:00 p.m.

CARRIAGE RIDES – $1 per person. Rides begin after Tree

Lighting Ceremony. Ends at 8:00 p.m.

PHOTO WITH SANTA - $1 per photo. Photos begin after the

Tree Lighting Ceremony. Ends at 8:00 p.m.

BRAVE COMBO begins at 8:00 p.m. at the Performance

Stage (Free) (Inclement weather location: Civic Center, 321 E. McKinney)

WASSAIL FEST CONTEST – Free Wassail served at

participating stores. Vote before 8:00 p.m. (This is a Litter

Free Event. Please do your part to Keep Denton Beautiful.)

Please bundle up and join us on Thursday! Do not forget to bring a

new, unwrapped toy for WFAA’s Santa’s Helpers toy drive. All donated

toys will be distributed to needy families in Denton County. For more

information, check




Dr. Wade Johnson

Dedicated to the health

and happiness of your

animals. We do spays,

neuters, flea control,

vaccinations, heartworm

control and much more.

Dr. Johnson has over

25 years experience.



$40 Value. New patients only.



With purchase of 1 year heartworm preventative. For all clients.

One coupon per customer. May not be used in combination with any other offer.

No. 12



2832 Eldorado Pkwy, #204

Frisco, Texas 75034

Hwy 423

Hwy 380

$10 OFF


Eldorado Pkwy


Limit one coupon per person. Expires 11/30/07.


Please check page 21


and a local PUMPKIN PATCH!


Oct 6

Annual Aubrey Peanut Festival

Funds raised from this event support the Aubrey Library. This is a fun family event full of activities, venders and food.


Sep. 28 thru Oct. 21

State Fair of Texas

The 2007 State Fair of Texas will be held this year from Sept. 28 to Oct. 21, 2007 at the Dallas Fair Park, a 277-acre

entertainment and recreation complex owned by the City of Dallas, which is located two miles east of downtown Dallas.

The State Fair this year will feature more than 70 exciting rides and shows in this neon playground, including the 212-

foot Texas Star Ferris wheel. For more information visit the State Fair of Texas on line at

Better Choices

Better Features

Absolutely Free Checking

No minimum balance

No monthly service fee

Unlimited transactions

Free Visa debit card

...and more!

Better Hours

Monday - Saturday

7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

First Reward Checking

Offers preferred interest rate

Free Visa debit card

Unlimited check writing

...and more!

There’s No Better

Place To Bank! No. 14

Visa Check Card

The card that works like a check!

Access your checking account at ATMs

Purchase goods and services at millions of locations


No annual fee

Foreign ATM fees rebated

FREE Online BillPay

Now you can pay your bills online quickly, easily and at no cost!

No more stamps, envelopes, or trips to the mailbox. It’s highly

secure and you can use it anytime-from anyplace you can access

the Internet. View a demonstration at

Magnolia Crossing Banking Center

26797 East Hwy 380

Aubrey, TX 76227

(972) 347-1007

Oct. 20

2007 Komen Dallas Race for the Cure®

Join in the fight against breast cancer by participating in 2007 Komen Dallas

Race for the Cure®. Your support and contribution will help win the race to

eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. For more info, please visit

Oct. 30

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony will co-headline their first tour together this fall. Each set

will include songs in both English & Spanish.



The Story of the Chisholm Trail

Robin Cole Jett, will discuss the Chisholm Trail and its impact on the history of Denton

and this region. This talk is in conjunction with the Sesquicentennial Celebration of the

City of Denton. The event is free and handicapped accessible. From12:15-1:00 at the

Commissioners Courtroom, Courthouse-on-the-Square, 110 W. Hickory, Denton, TX

76201. For more information call 940-349-2850, or visit us online www.dentoncounty.


Oct. 31st

Masquerade Ball, Trick-or-Treating, and 1857 Old West Haunted House

Historic Downtown Denton Courthouse-on-the-Square, 110 W. Hickory St.Trick or

Treating, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Haunted House, 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Proceeds benefit the

United Way of Denton County.

October (full month)

Treasure Hunt to benefit the United Way of Denton County

Chance to win $1857 cash. Begins October 1 and runs through October 31 with the

winner being announced at the event. For more information email funcommittee@


The Story of Maureen Moon

Rodeo Horseback Trick Rider and Barrel Racer by Mary Ann DeBerry. She will discuss

the life of her mother, Maureen Moon, the renowned rodeo performer and Denton

resident... This talk is in conjunction with the Sesquicentennial Celebration of the City

of Denton. The event is free and handicapped accessible. From 12:15-1:00, at the

Commissioners Courtroom, Courthouse-on-the-Square, 110 W. Hickory, Denton, TX

76201. For more information call 940-349-2850, or visit us online www.dentoncounty.



Oct. 12 & 13

Frisco Storytelling Festival

The Frisco Storytelling Festival offers superlative tale telling. With captivating fables from

ancient cultures, hilarious misadventures, rollicking anecdotes, toe-tapping tunes and

the tallest of tales. Besides story concerts, you’ll enjoy puppet shows, music, and folk

arts and crafts, providing family fun and entertainment for all ages. The 2007 Festival

will be in Frisco Square Plaza in front of the new Frisco Library and City Hall at 6101

Frisco Square Blvd. For more information about this event visit


October 6

Little Elm Fire Department Open House will be held at the Central Fire Station, 101

Hardwick Lane from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm. Visit the Fire Safety House, entertainment,

food and fun. Health screenings by Denton Regional Medical Center. For more

information contact Margaret Corn at 214.975.0424


Oct. 20

Health and Safety Fair

Save the date! Prospers annual Health and Safety Fair will be held at the Providence

High School Multipurpose Complex from 11:00 am- 3:00 pm. Fun for the entire family.

Proceeds used for Special Needs equipment.

Call 972-658-2033 to have your event listed in the next issue!



Including Necessary X-Rays

$153.00 Value!

New patients only. Limit one per person.

Coupon must be presented at the time of service.

• Most Insurance Accepted

• All Major Credit Cards Accepted

• Credit Care Members - 0 Down & 0 Interest

For 18 Months!






$69 Adult or

$49 Child


Exam & Necessary

X-Rays Included

$224.00 Value!

New patients only. Limit one per person.

Coupon must be presented at the time of service.

Family Dentistry

Dr. Joe A. Smith, DDS & Dr. Ray A. Smith, DDS, FAGD

9940 HWY 380 (at FM 424)

Cross Roads, Texas 76227

Across from The Prairie House • By Appointment Only





Unique & hard to find items.

Dear Molly,




extended shopping & consigning hours:

Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat. 9am to 6pm

Thursdays 9am - 8pm & Sun, 11am to 5pm

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

8801 Hwy 380

Crossroads, Texas 76227

(West of the Praire House)



Costa Del Mar

Camo Hunting & Fishing Glasses


Color Contacts



Sports Contacts


EYEWEAR GALLERY 940.891.3937

Dr. Kelby Trusty

Total Eyecare Eyewear Gallery

2430 I-35E Ste. 156

Denton, TX 76205

We are located in the Southridge Shopping Center behind Chili’s.

We accept most insurances.

I am going to be a freshman this year

my future plans are to be a neonatal

nurse. This year I am in all advanced

classes, I can’t slack off! What are

some tips so I won’t start slacking off

in school?

Lynn G., Providence, TX

First of all congratulations, you have

identified your problem and you are willing

to change. Now putting forth the effort and

following through

with a plan will get

you to your desired

goal. No. 18

Beginning the

the school year by

establishing good

study habits is going

to carry you through

your entire year

and beyond. By

establishing good

study habits you will

get a lot more done

in a shorter period

of time.

Here are a few

suggestions: Sit in

the front row. Get a

study partner. Don’t

hang around people

who don’t care

about their grades.

Set some goals and

remember them by

writing them down

so you can see them. It will help if you have

some motivation for yourself, like finishing

all your homework by 9PM; follow it up with

a reward. Remember too, you are the key to

your success and nobody else. Make sure you

are getting a good night sleep this will help

you pay attention because you will not be so

tired and your comprehension will improve

when you are well rested.

Brain Tracy says: “Successful people are

simply those with success habits.”


What do you think of children’s books

in general and have you read The

Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister?

Sue W. Little Elm, TX

I used to work with Barns and Noble,

from there I became a professional storyteller,

my audience was anywhere between birth

and teenagers. I came to this conclusion; all

books for the very young reader are written

for the parents. If the parents are not drawn

to the physical appearance, message or moral

of the story then it is a sure thing -- the book

will never make it to market.

The beautiful colors and shinny things

on the pages of children’s books are for

getting the attention of the child. So when

Mom or Dad read the book the child will at

least look at the pictures. Of course, we all

know that the mere fact that Mom or Dad

sits down with them and reads to them, not

only gives the child quality time with the

parent but also teaches the child the love of

reading, of listening and participating in a

Children are made readers

on the laps of their parents.

~ Emilie Buchwald (1994) ~

most enjoyable environment.

I loved The Rainbow Fish book because of its simple

but yet very big message. The rainbow fish was so proud of

his shinny scales that he had no room in his life for anything

but his own self love. Once he was told of his unbecoming

behavior he realized that his beauty was not on the outside

but on the inside and then changed his behavior and find that

love comes from all around him. Perhaps the most amazing

thing about this book are the beautiful pictures.

Even if you have one child, you will find that she or he

will pull this book off the shelf first, spending many hours just

looking at the colorful pictures, and re-reading or telling the

story to his or herself again and again. Do not hesitate to add

this book to your child’s reading list.


Lately, I hear a lot of people saying “we are

Americans too” when they are from Mexico or other

places. When you think of an “American” do you

think of a citizen of the United States only?

Sage M. Denton, TX.

Yes, I do. However, I do understand that there are other

countries, Latin America, S. America and North America

that might want to lay clam to being an American as they do

come from an American continent but they are not what the

world has come to recognize as “Americans”.

We are the United States of America, on the North

American Continent, herein lies the difference, we actually

have America in our country’s name, and they do not. We are

“Americans” from the United States of America.


Send your letters to

Providing Quality Educational Care for Infants Through Age 12.





• Parent’s Night Out First Friday of the Month!

Call for Details!

1751 FM 2931 • Providence Village, TX 76227

• Open 6:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. • Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks Provided

• Providing transportation to:

Providence, Savannah, Paloma Creek, Aubrey Elementary and Aubrey Intermediate


Safety Tips


By Jeremy S. Baker, MD

There is nothing more delightful than opening up your door to

children dressed up for Halloween saying “Trick-or-Treat”. Whether

it is a girl in her plump pumpkin costume, or a boy in his Sponge

Bob costume, it is wonderful to watch children proudly showing off

their favorite character. This tradition was something I always looked

forward to as a child. I think we all remember our first Halloween

costume. With the resurrection and popularity of Spiderman, I am

having flashbacks to my first costume when I would walk around

pretending to shoot spider webs on unsuspecting friends.

While Halloween can be fun for the whole family, children and

parents should pause to think about having a safe evening as well.

Trick-or-treating in the neighborhood is a tradition for many families,

which makes practicing street safety a priority on this holiday. Recent

studies have indicated that compared to other nights, pedestrian

fatalities are 4 times more likely on Halloween. While this statistic is

somewhat disturbing, there is no reason to panic as a parent. The key

to having a safe Halloween is preparation.




• Investigate safe places such as a sponsored event at a mall,

school, church or neighborhood event

• Accompany young children on the route

• Send older children out with friends, a watch, and a flashlight

• Agree to a route and expected arrival time prior to departure

• Always check your children’s treats prior to consumption


• Wear light-colored clothing or costumes

• Start early and end early

• Use sidewalks or walk facing traffic

• Use make-up instead of a mask for better visibility

• Carry a flashlight or light stick

• Stop only at well-lighted houses

• Always keep a safe distance between you and moving vehicles

• Avoid busy intersections

• Stop, look, and listen at corners or before crossing the street.

Walk, don’t run

• Never go inside a stranger’s house or apartment, no matter

what anyone says

• Don’t carry sharp instruments and never carry a lighted candle

or open flame

• Have a parent check the treats before you eat them

My hope is that you and your family will have a safe and fun filled

Halloween. If everyone does their part, the only thing to be scared

about are those ghosts and goblins walking the streets!


Haunted Houses

(not recommended for children)



Nightmares Haunted House

Nightmares has professionally created an adrenaline filled experience

that will leave you breathless. Conveniently located in the middle of the

Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex in Arlington Texas just south of Interstate 20

on South Cooper Street. See websites for discount nights and events.


Sep. 28 - Oct. 31

Dallas ScareGrounds

Dallas Scare Ground opens Friday, September 28, 2007 for weekends through

Halloween. Located deep in the heart of Dallas near the Design District, just

northwest of downtown. Please visit our web site for more information at


Oct. 5 - 31

Dr. Haunt’s Chamber of Fears

Located in the old Pawn shop located on I-35 in Gainesville (exit #499 if you’re

traveling North and exit #498A if you’re traveling South). Since the Haunted House

has been located in Gainesville, the students at North Central Texas College have

been running the show. From redesigning the Haunted House 100% every year to

creating the marketing plan. Chamber of Fears is the largest student organization

fundraiser that NCTC embarks on each year and has got to be one of the scarcest.

For details about this Gainesville Texas haunted house, please visit www.




Aubrey Pumpkin Patch

Katie’s Pumpkin Market

Celebrate the harvest season from October 1-31st. Bring the family

to to visit a working farm that has been operating since 1952. Open

daily from 9:00 am-6pm. Located at 736 Rock Hill Road, Aubrey.

Admission $7.00 per person or $5.00 per person for groups of

20 or more. For more information please call 940.365.9078 or

940.365.2201 or visit on-line at


Hair today,

gone tomorrow!

Consultation with Debbie Henry

Premier Laser Center

by Jodie Linton-Prickett

The visual you must have when I tell you the last time I shaved under my

arms was the end of May might be unsettling. Sometimes out of habit, I

lift up my arm to shave and realize it is no longer necessary. No, I did

not go all-natural nor am I attempting to achieve the traditional Continental

European look.

Imagine not having to deal with the tediousness, regularity, expense,

and pain of constantly getting rid of unwanted hair. Visualize a laser beam

of light that can get rid of it and keep it away. About ten days after my

first treatment I noticed that when I shaved it was taking longer for the hair

to return and when it did it was lighter and thinner. With each treatment,

I noticed less and less hair then there was none. The most amazing thing

(other than not having to shave my underarms) is that my skin is soft and

smooth. Never do I have razor stubble and that is enough to make a grown

woman squeal with joy! While some people will experience permanent

removal, some will require a maintenance visit about every three years.

Laser treatment can remove hair from many areas of the body, including the

face, upper lip, bikini line, and neck area. After a series of treatments, it will

most likely be gone forever. More than one treatment is required because

hair grows in cycles. The laser only disables the hair in the active stage of

growth at the time of treatment. The hairs that return are those that were

not in the active stage of growth at the time of treatment. You will notice

significant results after one treatment the hair will appear lighter in color and

finer in texture, but additional treatments are necessary to have complete

clearance of hair.

As with most of my treatments I chose to go to Premier Laser center

in Denton. The prices were considerably less than some clinics in Plano

and Frisco. Also, because of the experience of Marti Settle in the field of

laser hair removal Premier Laser was the obvious choice. Marti Settle, CLS,

CHLRP, oversees all aspects of the center and consults with all patients.

She is one of only 10 nationally certified laser hair removal professionals

in Texas having passed the board examination to earn the designation

as CHLRP. Marti is a founding member and is on the board of directors

of TACLER, a professional association working with the state of Texas to

develop educational and practice standards for aesthetic laser procedures.

She is also active in education and is currently assisting in the development

of regulations for training and certification of laser technicians.

Other than telling you why to laser I have decided a more significant

way to answer, is by exemplifying why not to use other treatments. Here are

my top two reasons: No. 22


great reason to laser. The biggest disadvantage with all of these methods is

that hair usually returns within three to seven days.

• ELECTROLYSIS provides longer-lasting results than conventional methods.

For many, however, electrolysis is too painstaking as it treats one hair follicle

at a time. Compared to electrolysis, laser hair removal typically requires

fewer treatment sessions, less time per session, and minimal discomfort.

Complications are possible with any procedure, though rare with laser

hair removal. Hyper-pigmentation: a light or dark discoloration of the skin is

uncommon and typically lasts for only a short time, in rare cases it can last for

months or be permanent. Medicated creams can reduce dark discoloration.

Blisters, burns, infection, and allergic reaction are also possible but rare.

Treatments with medicated ointments and creams are available. If you have

a history of cold sores please inform your technician so they can assist you in

getting proper medication before your treatment begins. You will also need

to go in for a spot test prior to your first treatment.

You may want to know if it is painful and the answer is yes but minimal.

However, to me it is less painful than waxing and results only last for a short

time. Most people describe the treatment feeling like a series of pinpricks to

the skin or snapping of a rubber band, which last only a short time during

the treatment. You will smell a slight odor of burning hair during the process.

The sound of the machine and the anticipation that it might hurt stirs up a

little anxiety. After the first few zaps, it did not bother me for the rest of the







• Post Office Boxes Available

• Postal Center Mailing

and Shipping Now Available!


14799 Fishtrap Road

Aubrey, Texas 76227

Thankful Traditions

We have a family reunion for a

week. After our Thanksgiving dinner,

we watch the two football games

together with all 18 of my cousins and

all the parents.

Mike S.

We used to all go to my grandparents

house every year, but they died, and

so now, we all go to my Aunt’s house

the day before Thanksgiving. We all

bring our aprons, even all the little

kids, because everyone participates

in the preparation of the dinner. The

next day, about noon, we all gather

around the table hold hands and pray

remembering all those who died in

our family then we pig out and watch

football, listen to music, eat more, and

laugh a lot.

Shawn J.

We hang out and play games like

bingo and Scene-it. The younger

kids usually take a plate of food and

desserts to the elderly man across

the street. Rebecca W.

After dinner, the guys do their thing,

but the girls help out Grandma

decorate her Christmas tree. I love

the holidays.

Leslie B.

Because of eating too much we end

up lying on the couch and taking

a nap followed with all of us going

outside and have a big family football

game, followed by playing some

ultimate Frisbee.

Bill T.

We all have to stand up, and tell

everyone else, for what we are

thankful. This takes quite awhile,

because there are some clowns in

the family. The men usually watch

whatever football game, and the

women cook, laugh and have a great

time. I love the food, the games and

being with everyone. It is not about

the food, it is about all of us getting

together and having a great time.

Erica D.

We have a giant turkey bowl game

with the whole family. Grandpa

always films it with commentary then

we all sit and watch it when we get

home. It’s a blast.

Ty J.

by Geri Cuthbert

Thanksgiving stands as one of the most treasured American holidays. An annual tradition

fixed on honoring the piety and perseverance of the nation’s earliest arrivals during colonial

days. Once again, it is almost that time of year to celebrate all the blessing, which we have

received so abundantly. It is in the spirit of Thanksgiving that family traditions continue to

hold deep meaning and gratitude for the past, a time to reaffirm our love of family, neighbors

and community. We all have family traditions, some new, some are old, but we all participate

in them and especially at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving traditions mean different things to different people and according

to their ages, they fill their minds with lasting and endearing memories. I thought

it would be interesting to ask some of my friends, neighbors and acquaintances

what are their Thanksgiving traditions. Not just the turkey feast, but also their

most treasured Thanksgiving traditions. I thought you might like reading some

of their comments.

Before we sit down at the table on

Thanksgiving, we circle around the

table, and each of us says what he or

she is most thankful for at the time. I

love the bonding, close feeling. Some

recent years have brought loss, but

the thanks include “their memories”

and it is really beautiful.

Leigh D.

Oh, you forget the most important

one, after eating all that great food

the girls go and do the dishes, while

the boys retire and watch the football

game. Isn’t America great?

R.J. T

And the final a quote from the1963

Presidential Proclamation – John F.


“Let us therefore proclaim our

gratitude to Providence for

manifold blessings—let us be

humbly thankful for inherited

ideals—and let us resolve to share

those blessings and those ideals

with our fellow human beings

throughout the world.”

May your Thanksgiving be abundant with traditions

and memories to last you a lifetime. No. 24


Steam Carpet Cleaning Company






All major credit cards accepted.

& Residential • Locally Owned & Operated Since 1990

• Ceramic Tile &

Natural Stone Cleaning

• No-Sand Hardwood

Floor Refinishing

• Leather & Fabric

Upholstery Cleaning

• Oriental Rug Cleaning

• Air Duct Cleaning

• Water Extraction

• Air & Water Purification

Sales & Rental

• Local Oriental Rug

Cleaning Plant


Thanksgiving FAMILY Pumpkin RECIPE Roll

From the kitchen of Betty Taylor

This is a very old recipe passed down from generation to generation in our family. This very rich pumpkin and cream cheese dessert is the

perfect ending to any Thanksgiving meal.

4-6 servings

2¼ hours 2 hours prep

1 cup powdered sugar

1 eight-ounce package of cream cheese

4 tablespoons soft butter

½-teaspoon vanilla (I add a splash more)

For garnish, I like to sprinkle a little extra powdered sugar

and/or nutmeg around the edges of the serving platter.

We hope you enjoy this festive

dessert, from our family to yours

with Thanksgiving blessings.

BEAT EGGS on high for 5 minutes.



MIX the rest of the regular ingredients.

SPREAD on greased 15 by 9 inch cookie sheet and

top with nuts.

BAKE at 350 for 15 minutes.

TURN OUT on towel that you have sprinkled with

powdered sugar.

Start at narrow end, ROLL CAKE, AND


Let COOL for an hour.

FILLING: MIX all of ingredients together.

UNROLL CAKE part and spread filling evenly over.

ROLL BACK UP without the towel.

No. 25

The Sport of KINGS

POLO is an exhilarating and exceptional sport that anyone can

appreciate. Come out and witness the velocity of the horses and

nimbleness of the players in one of the most thrilling sports ever.

Once reserved for

royalty this sport is now

helping raise money

for Bryan‘s House. At

Bryan’s House, they

do more than just

care for children and


& Sellers!

(214) 717-2071

Each office is independently owned and operated.



972.294.4545 DIRECT


Need A Local Bank?

adolescents infected

with HIV/AIDS. They

give youth affected

by HIV/AIDS the

excellence in life they

deserve. It is a place

where children can be

children. They can

enjoy a book, color a

picture or play games

with out the worry of

HIV/AIDS. You can

help the cause and

enjoy an eventful day

at Polo on the Midway.

This is a spectacular

family event full of

entertainment under

by David Prickett

the big top, carnival games, pony

rides, bounce houses, shopping

and polo of course.

The entire family can enjoy

live music, the arts and crafts

market, thoroughbred polo action

and silent auction. The sideline

socialization and Champagne

divot stomp enhances this exciting

event. You can bring your own coolers, BYOB, picnics and blankets

to the match. Lunch will also be available for purchase by the

Ladies Polo Auxiliary concessions. The proceeds from this event

will bring recognition to the predicament of children suffering

from AIDS as well as raise money to enrich their lives and raise the

necessary funds to keep their program going.

POLO ON THE MIDWAY is on October 27, 2007 at

the Stonebriar Polo Field located at 525 Yacht Club Drive, Oak

Point, TX. The gates will open and festivities will begin at 11:00

am the Polo Match will start at 1:00 pm. Tickets are $30.00

for a family of four and $10.00 per each additional person.

Tickets are available at the gate or at

For directions visit

First Security Bank


Danny Mitchell No. 26

Go Natural!

by Dana Mordecai

As the harvest season approaches, we all turn our minds to walks in

the pumpkin patch and thoughts of turkey dinners, hayrides and the

beginning of a hectic holiday season. When decorating for fall, it can

be as easy or elaborate as you make it. The natural look is an easy, yet

elegant way to utilize nature’s bounty around your home.

Gathering pumpkins and gourds from the grocery store is a fall

decorating staple, but look around your home for other items that can

be reused in different ways for a look that makes you feel homier. Try

using quilts or other blankets with warm colors to layer with tablecloths

to add some coziness. Use a large vase to fill with mini-gourds for a

colorful look. When using fall leaves from a nature walk with your

kids, rub the leaves with moisturizer and let dry to prevent them from

curling. These are great tossed on a table to add to a centerpiece, or

can be tacked onto a taper candle or pressed into a larger pillar candle

after melting the wax slightly using a hair dryer.

Speaking of centerpieces, this is usually the focal point of any

annual family dinner. Remember to not overwhelm your table settings

with a centerpiece that goes overboard. Again, think naturally when

placing items in the center of the table. This could be as simple as a

few candlesticks tied with raffia. Or pumpkins in varying height down

the middle of the table. The main focus should be the time with

friends and family, not how much detail is in the decorating.

The smells of the holidays will waft from the kitchen to the

outdoors, so try a few things outside to spruce up your home with a fall

theme. Use a pumpkin as a flower container for mums on your front

porch. This would work extremely well with smaller pots of flowers

that can be easily taken out when pumpkins can give way to other

containers. Of course, a hay bale or corn stalks tied to the porch post

are great ways to use the harvest of the season to decorate outside.

Also, an easy, natural wreath for the front door can be made by using

apples, pears and nuts tied with floral wire to a form with just a few

pieces of twigs and leaves for filler. This would be a great project with

kids and a reason to give thanks for time spent together.


&D E S I G N





We do airports. And a whole lot more.

Airport Runs: Limo Services at Shuttle Prices

Business Services: Corporate Accounts, Fleet Outsourcing

Special Events: Conferences, Graduations, Trips, Weddings

(940) 565-9936

1212 W. University Drive, Denton

Mean Green



A former Mean Green offensive

coordinator, Dodge is one of the nation’s

most successful high school coaches and

one of the most winning in Texas history.

Todd Dodge is the University of North

Texas’ 16th head football coach selected by

University President Gretchen M. Bataille and

Director of Athletics Rick Villarreal.

Dodge, 43, is widely respected as one of the

nation’s most successful high school football

coaches for his winning records at Carroll

High School in nearby Southlake, Texas.

During the five years that Carroll has been

designated a Class 5A high school, Dodge has

won three state championships and compiled a

staggering 77-1 record.

“The goals and standards that Coach

Todd Dodge has established for his football

programs are exemplary, as evidenced in his

record of successes and national reputation,”

Villarreal said. “He has a passion for the

Mean Green, and we are confident that he

is the coach to elevate North Texas’ football


Dodge is already familiar with the university,

having served as its offensive coordinator in

the 1992 and 1993 seasons. During his tenure

he directed the Mean Green offense to a pergame

average of 348 yards and 26 points. He

oversaw the progression of quarterback Mitch

Maher, who holds

numerous Mean

Green offensive

records, including

pass completions,

passing yards, and

total offense. Maher

went on to play

for the Canadian

Football Leagues’

Shreveport Pirates.

Dodge’s coaching

abilities have in

recent years made

his name synonymous with high school football

on the national scale. In addition to winning

three of the last four Class 5A state titles,

Southlake Carroll was recognized as national

champions by USA Today in 2004 and by in 2005. Dodge has amassed

a 96-11 record overall at Carroll since taking

over in 2000. His only loss since the beginning

of the 2002 season was by a single point in the

2003 state title game. In 2005, the Dragons set

the Texas 5A state record for most points in a

single season by tallying 764.

Dodge was named National Coach of the

Year by Schutt Sports in 2004 and by USA

Today in 2005. He shaped the last four Texas

5A Players of the Year, and all are playing

NCAA Div. I football – Chase Wasson at

Texas State University, Chase Daniel at the

University of Missouri (2003 and 2004), and

Greg McElroy at the University of Alabama.

Overall, Dodge has witnessed the signing

of more than 22 of his players to NCAA

Div. I athletic scholarships since becoming a

head coach.

A former starting quarterback for the

University of Texas, Dodge threw for 2,791

yards and 18 touchdowns during his time in

Austin. He still ranks ninth in both categories

on the Longhorn’s all-time leaders list. His

96-yard touchdown pass against Rice in

1985 is tied for the second-longest play in

UT’s history.

After graduating from Texas, Dodge

served as offensive coordinator at Rockwall

and McKinney High Schools. While coaching

quarterbacks at Rockwall, he helped lead the

Yellow Jackets to an appearance in the state’s

title game. He also helped McKinney reach

the state quarterfinals in 1991. After his stint

at North Texas, Dodge served as head coach

at Cameron’s C.H. Yoe High School from


Join Mean Green for Homecoming on

October 27, 2007 at 6:00 PM.

For more information visit MeanGreenSports.Com No. 28

ROCK LOTTERY and the Denton County


Each year the Rock Lottery donates its proceeds to selected

charities and organizations in the Denton, TX area. This

year’s recipient will be the Denton County African American


Currently under construction with a projected completion

date in February 2008, this museum will feature material

related to the African American community in Denton

County from 1875 to present in a fully restored structure

from the Quakertown period of Denton. The museum will

be located in the Historical Park of Denton County at the

corner of Carroll Boulevard and Mulberry in Denton. For

more information about the new museum, call 940-349-2850

or visit

The Rock Lottery is celebrating ten years of creating

music by chance. Instigated ten years ago by Chris Weber, the

Rock Lottery is simple, but effective. Twenty-five handpicked

musicians meet at 10:00 a.m. on the morning of the event at the

evening’s performance venue. These volunteers are organized

into five bands through a lottery based chance selection. The

five different groups are then released to practice at different

locations. The musicians have twelve hours to create a band

name and three to five songs. The bands then return to the

venue and perform what they have created in front of a waiting


This year’s Rock Lottery Anniversary

Weekend is on October 6-7, 2007 at Dan’s Silver

Leaf, 103 Industrial Street, Denton, TX. Doors

open at 9:00 p.m. and the event starts promptly


For more information, contact Chris

Weber,, or Martin Iles,


Little Elm Dental



Insurance Accepted


800 W. Eldorado Pkwy, Suite 124

Little Elm, TX 75068-5246

972.292.3802 fax

We are located in the Lakeshore

Crossing shopping center. Next to

Curves in Little Elm.

No. 29


“Why does my shower head continue to leak and what needs to be done to stop it?”


Most all shower heads will drip after use until the excess pressure in the head is relieved, this usually

only last for seconds at a time. If your shower head continues to drip constantly, then it is most likely

the shower cartridge itself. In order to correct this problem you would have to pull the cartridge and

check it for trash or debris. (Trash or debris is usually a rock, solder or some other form of restrictive

particle.) If trash is found simply clean out the debris and reinstall the cartridge and this should

correct the problem. If no trash is found or the valve continues to leak after debris is removed, then

the cartridge itself would need to be replaced. Replacing the cartridge in most all cases will correct

leaky valves.



1. Turn off water to house.

2. Remove handle assembly.

3. Remove face plate or escutcheon

to expose valve.

4. Remove cartridge.

* At this point you can check for trash or

replace cartridge and simply reverse steps 1-4.


Truck Mounted

Steam Cleaning Equipment



“My tub drains very slow and

I cannot remove the stopper all

the way to see what is clogging

it, any suggestions?”


This is a very simple process, first you

will need a pair of channel locks or

pliers, secondly lower the stopper to

where it rest lightly on the tub drain

itself, next take your tool of choice

(channel locks or pliers) and firmly

turn the stopper counter clock wise

until the stopper feels loose enough

to turn by hand. Once you have taken

the stopper out you should have

access to clean the drain. After you

clean out the stoppage run water

through the drain to make sure the

tub is draining and re-install the



“I would like to have a dual head shower is this an expensive up grade?”


This is a very common request that we get quite often and an upgrade that can incur some cost.

There are a couple of different options for this application. More than likely you have a standard

one valve with one shower head application. In order to add an additional shower head to your

current shower valve you would need to add a diverter valve. What a diverter valve does is allows

you to run multiple water outlets using one control valve. With a diverter valve application you can

run one head at a time or both at once. The other alternative is adding in an additional shower

valve and shower head. The reason we cannot just add a second shower head to your current valve

is because the first shower head that comes off the valve will operate properly while the second

head will barely have a trickle of water. The reason for this is the first water outlet will consume all

of the water flow and leave nothing for the second outlet. This is why we add a diverter valve or an

additional shower valve so we can keep the water pressure consistent to both outlets. Unfortunately

to do either of these upgrades we would have to open up the wall to expose the plumbing and install

the new valve assembly that you chose. In addition to our plumbing cost there would be drywall,

paint and possibly some tile repair cost. As I said at first this is a common request that we get quite

often but it is also a moderately difficult project that will incur some cost.


“How often should I drain my water heater and what are the benefits?”


This is one of the most common questions we get asked in this business. It is a good practice to drain

your water heater at least once a year. By draining your water heater it would definitely increase

the life and performance of your heater. Many people are under the impression that the heater

will just take care of itself and that’s just not true. By not draining your water heater you allow

sediment and rust particles to form inside and accumulate at the bottom of the tank. In a gas heater

the burner assembly is located at the bottom of the heater so as the sediment thickens the heat

from the burner becomes less and less effective. In electric water heaters the sediment will collect

around the heating element causing the element to be useless and eventually failing. Both of these

scenarios can be prolonged or sometimes avoided just by keeping up with regular maintenance on

your water heater.


• Shut off gas or electricity to water heater.

• Attach a garden hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank and run it out

into the yard.

• With the water to the heater left on, slowly open the drain valve at the bottom of

the heater until you get clean water.

• Close the incoming cold water valve at the top of the tank

• Open the pressure relief valve on the tank to break the vacuum.

• When finished reverse the process, remembering to not turn on the gas or

electricity until the tank has refilled.

• Prior to refilling the water heater you should open a hot water valve in you line

to allow the air to escape as your water heater refills.

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