Digital-ready CIOs vs. IT-intensive industry CIOs — six distinctive traits

Digital-ready CIOs are courageous risk-takers.


Finally, digital-ready CIOs must be brave

enough to take a bet on emerging technologies.

This involves a willingness to risk failure — an

understanding that not all digital projects will

deliver as hoped. CIOs must experiment widely to

identify the biggest opportunities for the future.

Tight budgetary pressures are often cited by

CIOs as the reason why a new project can’t

push ahead. But digital-ready CIOs are more

often willing to find ways to turn such pressures

to their advantage. While nearly all CIOs have

these concerns, digital-ready CIOs are more

willing to embrace risks.

Equally, digital-ready CIOs place no greater

emphasis on IT budgets and spending than ITintensive

industry CIOs. Instead, they recognize

that their value is best realized by focusing on

business-enabling elements and identifying

where operational IT savings can best be

reinvested to innovate the business.

“Digital-ready CIOs

need to be more

innovative and risktaking.

But it’s a real

change from the

traditional way of

doing things, where

you argue for

budgets, fill in capital

request forms with a

business case and

so on.”

Tom Velema,

EMEIA IT Advisory Leader,


IT-intensive industry CIOs

Digital-ready CIOs

64 % Bringing innovation to both the business model

and the development of new products or services

81 %

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