October 2008 Page 41 - Miller Publishing Corporation


October 2008 Page 41 - Miller Publishing Corporation

October 2008 Page 41

Page 42 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue

VAAGEN BROS. Carves Name

In Competitive Industry

Colville, Wash.—Whether it’s the

chance to introduce a new product,

open a new facility or explore a new

geographic market area, the team at

Vaagen Brothers Lumber, which is located

here, is always on the lookout for new


That strategy

has been

in place

since the


was founded

by brothers

Bert and

Bud Vaagen

in 1952.

What started

out as a

small mill

that made

railroad ties

has since

evolved into

a 2-location,


firm that

g r o w s

thanks to its

ability to fulfill


needs by utilizing




in 2X4, 2X6

and 2X8, 8 to


lengths of

small diameter



Larch, SPF

and Hemlock

Fir, Vaagen

B r o s .


a randomlength


in Colville and

a stud mill (for

the 8, 9 and

1 0 - f o o t

lengths) in

Usk, Wash.


annual production


for both


ranges from

18 to 22 million


feet per

m o n t h ,

according to

John Branstetter, sales manager.

The company manufactures a high volume

of machine stress-rated lumber,

and sells its products mainly to wholesale

distributors and truss manufacturers,

most of which are based in the

Western U.S. “Spokane is our main market,”

said Branstetter, “followed by Salt

Lake City, Phoenix, Denver and all of


Vaagen Bros. purchases its raw materials

from landowners located within a

200-mile radius of its Washington plants,

which are situated about 50 miles south

of the Canadian border. Branstetter said

the firm’s reputation for small-log utilization

has put it ahead of the pack in its


“Not many of our competitors focus on

that segment,” he said, adding that the

small log goes a long way in enhancing

timber stands, improving forest health

and reducing fire danger by thinning.

“We’re able to do that in an economical


In light of current market conditions,

Branstetter said Vaagen Bros. is challenged

when it comes to finding logs,

particularly the affordable kind. “Logs

are very expensive right now,” said

Russ Vaagen monitors the firm’s planer line.

By Bridget McCrea


To work through the issues, Branstetter

said the firm works to expand its market

and scout around for alternative and/or

specialty products that help the manufacturer


costs at a minimum.

The company

also strives to

stay on the

leading edge

of manufacturing,



installed a

new, Coastal

24 knife highspeed


A big investment

for the

firm, the planer

was “well

worth it”

according to

John Branstetter, Duane and Russ Vaagen are among the key personnel

at Vaagen Brothers Lumber Inc., located in Colville, Wash.


who said it has

created efficiencies


the plant that

were previously


“This is the

second summer

that we’re

using it, and

we’re very

pleased with

its capabilities,”



“What used to

take 10 shifts

to complete,

now only

takes four.”

After going

through the

planer and


s t r e s s

machine, the

lumber grading

is handled


through the

use of cameras



“The lumber

is evaluated

and tested

every step of

the way,” said

Branstetter. “That way, we always know

exactly how dry and strong it is. Once

that information is fed into the grading

apparatus, the machine will view it and

see how that stacks up for that particular

grade. It is very dependable and accurate.”

Looking ahead, Vaagen Bros. has purchased

a portable HewSaw mill that previously

operated in New Zealand. The

team is in the process of selecting its

first location. “We’ve revamped it to fit

the U.S.-type electrical supply,” said

Branstetter. “We plan to get that up and

running this year.”

Expansion may also be in the cards for

Vaagen Bros. which will continue to

focus on meeting customer needs and

responding to their demands while at the

same time dealing with challenges such

as the lack of affordable logs. “We’ll continue

to keep our eyes open for opportunities,

whether it’s a new product or facility,”

says Branstetter. “It’s a strategy

that’s worked well for us for 55 years,

and we expect it to keep working for us

well into the future.”

Darrell Evans is the plant manager of the new Vaagen Brothers’ stud mill

in Usk, Wash.


Customers Prefer Cypress

D o t h a n , A l a . –When the Bridge

Hampton Golf Club in Long Island, N.Y.,

was searching for a wood supplier for its

new facility, the upscale club flew the

project’s architect, contractor and lumberyard

person here to confer with

Chuck Harris, president of Custom

Lumber Manufacturing. They found what

they were

seeking in



3x4 and a

5/4 x 8 vertical


Cypress in

a select

grade all

clear product.



also recently


75,000 feet

of 1x12

S e l e c t

Cypress for

the entire


center of the

Robert Trent

Jones Golf

Course in

Montgomery, Ala.

That Cypress

product is now a

regular item in

C u s t o m

Lumber’s inventory.

“We are

building Cypress

inventories now

and will be able

to offer vertical

grain, bevels, v-

joints, exterior

and interior siding,”

said Harris.

“Its applications

go far beyond

exterior commercial

use. It’s popular

for interior residential,

for doors

and we’re even

supplying a cabinet

maker with


Custom Lumber

is now producing

Cypress decking

as an alternative

to Cedar decking.

Both natural and

treated with a

clear stain are


Custom Lumber

is shipping

Cypress timbers

nationwide in

10x18 and as long

as 26 feet,

although Harris concedes that this size

“takes monster trees. Most of what we

supply is 12x12s, 10x10s, maybe a 6x16

or 8x16. We go back and resaw for a

fresh face on these architectural timbers.”

He noted that more customers today

are seeking a high-grade, number-one

timber with no wane and no-rot characteristics.

“And Cypress fills that bill over

and over again,” he added.

For moulded products, Custom Lumber

grinds its own knives to produce patterns

as wide as 12-inches, utilizing five

Weinig moulders and one Woods moulder.

“We can also surface any size timber

up to 12x12,” said Harris. “We often

have architects calling us to find out if we

can produce a product before they actually

draw it.”

With Cypress being a more affordable

product than Cedar or Redwood and its

equal durability, Harris noted that the

current limited supply of this increasingly

popular species is driving industry-wide

efforts to protect this species’ future.

“The Southern Cypress Manufacturers

Association is compiling data to submit

Cypress as a sustainable green-product

species. We sold about 8 million board

feet of Cypress last year and we have

about 1.5 to 2 million board-feet in our

yard. We’re seeing indicators that there

is more Cypress growing today than

what we are harvesting,” Harris said.

“And, of course, there are the limitations

in harvesting a species that primarily

grows in very wet areas that can’t be

logged yearround.


are aware

and responsive

to our



that the


products we

offer be

readily available,

so we

are very

m u c h

involved in


Jane Fuller has marketed Cypress products 25 years for Custom Lumber

Manufacturing, which is located in Dothan, Ala. The firm’s president is

Chuck Harris, also pictured.

The Bridge Hampton Golf Club, Long Island, N.Y., was recently

constructed with Custom Lumber’s 3x4 and a 5/4 x 8 vertical

grain Cypress in a slect grade all clear product.

make that



Lumber’s 10

trucks deliver


primarily in a


radius of

Dothan, but

the company is

also promoting

the appeal of

Cypress in key

market areas

like Texas,

K a n s a s ,

Oklahoma and


“We’ve even

shipped as far

as Seattle,


he said. In their

effort to

expand the

appeal of

Cypress, the


C y p r e s s


Assoc. displayed

at the


Builders Show

in Orlando, Fla.,

has plans to

attend the same

event in Las

Vegas next year

and will also display

at the

NAWLA Traders

Market ® in


Harris noted

that educating

craftsmen and

end-users about proper application and

installation is a key component in the

preservation of wood siding of any

species, whether that installation is exterior

or interior. “It’s important, for example,

to use backer board behind a pecky

Cypress accent wall, because it is true

peck and will have holes completely

through it.”

Custom Lumber is also installing a

shrink wrap to sub-bundle its products.

To further educate customers on proper

application, every bundle will include finishing

instructions for the products to

help people understand how to get the

best performance from Cypress products.

“It’s our purpose to protect the reputation

of a fine product by helping educate

those who work with it on the proper

application for its use,” Harris said.

For more information about Custom

Lumber’s Cypress offerings, visit the

company’s website at www.plantationcypress.com

or contact Harris or Jane

Fuller at 800-633-0906.

This is a closeup of the 3x4 and a 5/4 x 8 vertical grain


October 2008 Page 43

Page 44 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue

A.W. STILES Expands Into Boiler Industry

A.W. Stiles Contractors installed this new main steam line from a new AFS boiler

to kilns.

A.W. Stiles Contractors fabricated and replaced these kiln roofs with new, full

length panels, shown here.

A.W. Stiles Contractors has recently expanded into

the boiler industry through AFS Energy Systems. This

is an example of their new product.

McMinnville, Tenn.–In the lumber

business, dry kilns and predryers at

some point and time will need to be

repaired or upgraded, and finding a good

repairman is a necessity. A.W. Stiles

Contractors has set itself apart from the

pack by being readily available when a

company’s dry kilns or predryers need to

be worked on. With three different crews,

the A.W. Stiles team of 19 employees

can cover a lot of ground and do a lot of

work quickly.

Recently, A.W. Stiles Contractors has

expanded into the boiler industry. The

opportunity for growth presented itself

once again and was taken advantage of.

One Success Story After Another...

Darren Duchi

A.W. Stiles Contractors has teamed with

AFS Energy systems and can now fulfill

all your boiler needs. From the boiler

itself, to dust collection, to steam piping,

they have it covered. Not only are they

now a boiler supplier, they do repairs and

are capable of retrofitting existing boilers

to modern day standards.

“We have worked in 19 different states.

It keeps growing every year and we’ll go

coast to coast,” said Tommy Stiles, president

of the company. “Lumber companies

that have dry kilns and predryers will

need to have repairs. They have to be

maintained and customers rely on us to

take care of them. Not everybody’s got

“We Know it Pays to Advertise in The Softwood Buyer!”

“We’ve been advertising in The Softwood Buyer for several

years running, steadily increasing our budget to larger and

more colorful ads. We receive regular phone calls, faxes, and

emails directly from our ads in your newspaper.

We don’t look at advertising in The Softwood Buyer as an

expense. The money isn’t going into a black hole. For us it’s

like making an investment for the future of our company.

We know it pays to advertise in your newspaper. You’ve

made a believer out of us. Your newspaper is part of our sales

effort and will continue to be.”

Ad Schedule:

5 1/2 pages and One full Page in

The Softwood Forest Products Buyer

Darren Duchi

Sales Manager

Siskiyou Forest Products

Anderson, CA

CALL TODAY 901-372-8280

For Ad rates and marketing support services unavailable elsewhere.

“It’s everywhere you need to be

to get more business!”

SISKIYOU FOREST PRODUCTS remanufactures Redwood, Western Red Cedar

and Alder. They also produce cut-stock, Primed finger-joint sold under RESERVE

label, engineered wood products, edge glued panels, fascia and mouldings. You

can call Siskiyou Forest Products at 530-378-6980 or fax at 530-378-6987. You

can view their website at www.siskiyouforestproducts.com

the equipment, manpower, or the knowledge

to do that type of work, but we do.

We are an aftermarket specialist in this

line of work.” To get in depth information

about their currently provided products

and services as well as contact info;

please visit their new website at


“It’s a huge asset to have over 30 years

of experience and to gain the many different

customers trust and respect,”

Stiles said. “You only get repeat business

if you’re doing a good job. In this industry,

everybody seems to know everybody

and word spreads about who does a

good job. In fact, most of our new customers

come from referrals from other

customers. This to me is a good sign

that we are doing a good job. I feel like

our record speaks for itself, and we strive

to make sure that our customers are satisfied

with the work we do.”

The company is not only backed by

experience and knowledge, but it is a

“one stop shop,” so to speak. “We do it

all from A to Z. We go in there after the

kiln has been shut down, and get the job

done. We bring the proper equipment

and people to get the job done as fast

and efficiently as possible to keep downtime

to a minimum.”

“There are always scheduled maintenance,

repairs, and modifications that

need to be done to dry kilns,” Stiles said.

“The list is very long, but here are a few

of the most common jobs that we do.”

Those services include:

Apply kiln and predryer protective coatings;

Door repair and replacements; Dry

kiln and Predryer roof replacements;

Construct and install heating coils;

Complete steam line installations; Power

Venting; Walnut steamer installations;

Relocation of existing dry kilns; and most

recently, Boiler maintenance and supplier.

Drying processes have changed

throughout the years. For example, in

years past, the highest percentage of

mills manufactured primarily oak. Today,

diversity rules, especially in regard to

wood species. At this time, about 80 percent

of the company’s customers are

hardwood and the balance is in the

Softwood lumber industry.

“It’s a revolving cycle and there are still

a few companies that manufacture one

species of lumber, but not many,” Stiles

said. “We go in and change the kilns for

what their market is today. For instance,

with maple and poplar you can dry it fast

compared to oak which is slow and easy.

If your kilns were built 20 years ago for

oak and you are drying maple today,

you’re really shooting yourself in the foot

by not modernizing your kilns. Install the

proper amount of vents, heat, and wind

flow. Your drying time per charge of lumber

will be less, and a lot brighter which

makes it a lot more attractive for your


Tommy’s father, A.W., founded the company

that bears his name in the 1970s.

“Since that time, we have done everything

imaginable to the dry kilns. We

started out by only coating the kilns.

However, as time went by, we started

doing more and more in the lumber dry

kiln industry. We have the capacity to

build new kilns. We built 6 (95,000 BF

capacity) kilns from the ground up for

Mayfield Lumber Company in

McMinnville, Tenn.,” said Stiles.

“However, at this time, building new kilns

is not our focus. There are plenty of people

out there who can build the new kilns.

We want to take care of the older kilns

that need repairs.”

Companies across the country that

need their dry kiln or predryer repaired

are truly relieved to see A.W. Stiles

Contractors pull onto their yards. Repeat

customers know they will be taken care

of and will be completely satisfied when

the job is complete. New customers can

check with some of their contacts and

find that when a dry kiln repairman is

needed-you need to look no further for

one you can depend on.

October 2008 Advertorial Page 45

SISKIYOU Web Site Attracts Customers

By Wayne Miller

Darren Duchi, general manager of Siskiyou Forest Products in

Anderson, Calif., stands beside a shipment of lumber bearing Siskiyou

Reserve, a priming product for wood siding and trim.

A n d e r s o n , C a l i f . —Siskiyou Forest

Products’ new corporate web site at

www.siskiyouforestproducts.com has

attracted many customers in recent

months. Many of these companies have

come to depend on Siskiyou Forest

Products for its ever-broadening array of

products, including industrial lumber, cutto-size,

finger jointed and edge-glued


The website, which was created by a

local firm, allows customers to flip

through book pages to obtain information

on such topics as Our Products, About

Siskiyou, Wood Facts and The Facilities.

Contact information for the firm’s sales

and purchasing sales at its 35-acre manufacturing

plant in Anderson and satellite

office in Weed, Calif., are also provided.

Siskiyou has also gained sales with one

of its newest products, Siskiyou Reserve,

a primed product for wood siding and


“Our Reserve line of primed Western

Red Cedar and Redwood has been

specifically formulated for siding, fascia

and trim. This durable exterior primer

system includes two high performance

coats; the first coat is an alkyd sealer that

is used to block tannin migration, the second

coat of a high performance acrylic

primer. Our coating department uses

state-of-the art application and curing

equipment that enables us to produce a

quality primed product,” said Darren

Duchi, general manager of Siskiyou

Forest Products.

“Creating our Reserve line of siding and

trim has been a major investment for us.

It is imperative for Siskiyou to ensure

quality to our customers,” said Duchi.

Until recently, customers typically

shipped wood products purchased from

Siskiyou to a third party, who then primed

the product.

“We were just not satisfied with the quality

of the third party priming. If our

Siskiyou name is going to be on lumber

out in the field, we want absolute control

of the quality, whether it is raw or primed,”

Duchi said. “Prior to the availability of our

current coating system, customers purchased

a product that had one coat of an

oil-based primer. That single coat would

generally look semi-transparent. In other

words, you could see through the coating.

Siskiyou Reserve primer is 100 percent


In response to customers’ needs,

Siskiyou Forest Products designed and

developed its Reserve primed products

by utilizing soft-cure technology and low

heat application. Assistance from The

Valspar Corporation enabled Siskiyou to

engineer the coating system.

“Siskiyou has something special. Their

prime line allows them to use a coating

system that’s not commonly used in a

continuous production process on

Western Red Cedar and Redwood,” said

Kevin Simpson, Valspar technical sales.

“Most businesses that apply an alkydbased

sealer will rack the lumber and let

it air dry,” Duchi said. “They physically

place this product on a rack with finger

marks and then they allow it to dry for 24

hours, restack it, re-wrap it, and send it

on its way. In addition to these quality

issues, a third party primer can often add

additional costs due to increased time

and shipping expense. One benefit of our

service is that when you receive an

invoice, the product is en route to your


Siskiyou inserts a plastic slip-sheet

between each layer of its primed product

to prevent damage during delivery and to

assure consistent quality. Siskiyou markets

its Reserve line of siding and trim

Siskiyou staff members are involved in off-bearing of the company’s

prime line.

through wholesale distributors.

The company’s exterior primed products

will become a valued part of Siskiyou’s

growth projections. Siskiyou markets

both Softwoods and hardwoods. The use

of Incense Cedar and alder is primarily

for door and window components.

Reserve trim is only available in Coastal

Western Red Cedar and Redwood.

The majority of Siskiyou’s merchandise

is traded domestically. The company

maintains an inventory of 7 million board

feet at its facility, which is situated on 74

acres. The facility includes 12 kilns and

employs 75 people.

Siskiyou has added new machinery at

Stock at Siskiyou feeds into the soft-cure oven.

its facility in recent years that contributes

to the ongoing evolution of the company.

The technology utilized by Siskiyou

includes a rip line, two moulders, a crosscut

line, two finger jointers, a precision

end trimmer and three radio frequency

edge gluers with sanding and double

end-trimming capability.

Siskiyou plans to further develop its

technology by implementing an optimizing

rip line; an optimizing crosscut line

and a continuous edge glue line.

Mike Webster serves as the purchasing

agent of Redwood and Western Red

Cedar for Siskiyou. Other key company

personnel include Bill Duchi, who oversees

purchasing of Incense Cedar and

hardwood, at the company’s Weed,

Calif., location.

“All of the employees at Siskiyou strive

to enable us to provide the best products

possible for our customers,” added

Duchi. “We have received positive feedback

from customers about our Reserve

line. This is a credit to every person here

who has participated in developing the


Please Visit Us At

Booth No. 526

Page 46 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue


Hardwood Plywood Division

Summerville, S.C.—Coastal Lumber

Company (“Coastal”) is proud to formally

introduce to the U.S. wholesale distribution

yard market its new imported hardwood

plywood division, Coastal Global


Coastal is a private, family-owned and

operated business

in its third

generation of

ownership. It is

headquartered in


Va. It has grown

from operating

one hardwood

sawmill in

Weldon, N.C., to

operating 18

sawmills and concentration


and producing

230 million board

feet of lumber

annually. Most of

the lumber

Coastal produces



species of


lumber, but

Coastal also


s o m e


Yellow Pine

and Cypress

l u m b e r .

Coastal is a

large exporter

of lumber,

veneer logs

and saw logs

to customers

all over the



G l o b a l


(“CGR”) is a

relatively new

division of

C o a s t a l

L u m b e r


Formed in

2007 and

based in



imports hardwood


from a handful

of carefully

vetted plywood

manufacturers in China.

Coastal formed CGR because some of

Coastal’s customers were having problems

purchasing a steady, consistent supply

of reasonably priced, high quality hardwood

plywood from their existing hardwood

plywood suppliers. According to

CGR’s Asian Export Sales Manager, Bert

Gary, “With any number of manufacturers

producing their product, Coastal’s customers

never knew what they might get

from one order to the next. They needed

someone who could guarantee high quality

and consistency.”

With Coastal’s decades of experience

doing business in Asia, and with Coastal’s

China-based employees having already

established close working relationships

with some of the best hardwood plywood

manufacturers in China, Coastal knew that

it could resolve its customers’ issues. “We

may be relatively new to the imported

hardwood plywood business,” Gary

explained, “but Coastal has been doing

business in China as long as anyone has

and we know the terrain. We know what

works and what doesn’t work, so there is

no learning curve for us to climb.”

“We went into this with one goal in mind

— we were going to be known for our

quality,” added CGR’s General Manager,

Tom Boyce. “The first thing we did was

carefully audit the numerous hardwood

plywood manufacturers operating in China

to determine which ones could actually

provide the consistent supply of reasonably

priced, high quality hardwood plywood

that Coastal’s customers needed,”

Boyce continued. “Then, instead of choosing

to rely on any number of suppliers’

inspectors to make quality control deci-

By Gary Miller

sions for us, we hired and trained our own

inspectors to work at each of these prequalified

hardwood plywood mills on a fulltime


CGR’s obsession with quality is evident.

According to Boyce, “We’re in a unique

position to

actually ensure

quality from the

stump to the

finished product

because we

are able to

hand pick logs

from Coastal’s


West Virginia

Coastal Lumber Co. has 18 sawmills and concentration yards producing

230 million board feet of lumber annually, which includes mostly domestic

species of hardwood lumber, but also Southern Yellow Pine and Cypress

lumber as well.

Bert Gary, managing director of Coastal Global Resources, and Tom Boyce,

sales manager for Coastal Global Resources based in Summerville, S.C., are pictured

by a sheet of fancy plywood manufactured by one of their Chinese suppliers.

and North


sawmills, ship

them to China,

then have our

preferred manufacturers


them into fancy

hardwood plywood

for our

N o r t h



“We only

work with a

handful of



that is the

only way we

can ensure


B o y c e


“Our inspectors


sure our plywood


no less

than 48 different

quality criteria


from squareness,



moisture content

to general


We have

e v e n

equipped our


with moisture

meters to

make sure

the moisture

in our imported

plywood is

12 percent or less. We then import our plywood

in containers because that is the

only way to fully protect it as it travels back

to the U.S. ports.”

CGR also intends to be known for its loyalty

and integrity. “Loyalty and integrity in

our relationships with our wholesale distribution

yard and warehouse customers will

ensure our success,” Gary conveyed. “For

example, we probably had about 70 small

to large woodworking plant owners visit us

at our booth at the recent IWF show in

Atlanta who told us they wanted to buy

directly from us. We referred them to our

wholesale distribution yard and warehouse

customers because we respect and

appreciate the value that they provide.”

CGR maintains offices in Northern

Europe, Southern Europe and the Middle

East in addition to its offices in Shanghai

and Shenzhen, China and Ho Chi Minh

City, Vietnam. CGR imports birch, poplar

and okoume plywood in 4x8-foot sheets in

1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch and 3/4-inch

thicknesses with 16 crates loaded in each

container. CGR sells its plywood only to

wholesale distribution yards and warehouses

located throughout North America.

For more information about Coastal

Global Resources and its products go to

www.coastallumber.com, contact Tom

Boyce at 843-709-6195 or e-mail


Coastal Global Resources has their Chinese employees carefully make a final

inspection on some imported plywood the company will be shipping to customers

in the United States.

Please Visit Us At

Booth No.326

Continued Improvements, Expansions


T i g a r d , O r e . —Enyeart’s recent

upgrade to their new computer networking

system allows ‘real time’ communication

and viewing between the home office in

Tigard, Ore., and the plant in North Idaho.

This communication is resulting in efficient

and simultaneous tracking of customer

orders by Enyeart personnel in both of the

company’s locations. The 2-story mill

office and a spacious storage area were

built two years ago. This year also brought

many other improvements to Enyeart’s finished

products manufacturing facility,

located in


Idaho, near

C o e u r

d’Alene. At

this time the

mill expansion

includes a

new sticker

stacker and

sorting line to

move Cedar

through the


process more

efficiently. The

milling operation



buildings for

the company’s


and resaw.

The mill also

has a dry kiln

and shipping/packaging


where products

are bundled,



wrapped. The

mill, which is

situated on

15 acres of




about 20 million

board feet

of Cedar


Brand products


and maintains

a large inventory

of other


Enyeart has

also installed

a new hammer

hog and

blowing system

to move

the mill’s planer


and sawdust

away from the

mill to be

trucked away. Other improvements

include a new labeling, bar-coding, and

tracking system on every unit of Cedar

leaving the shipping facility.

At least 12 to 15 truckloads of specialty

items are shipped daily from Enyeart,

which has grown from a company of two

people in 1995 to 40 employees today.

Products shipped from the operation

include rough timbers, rough dimension,

S4S dimension, green and dry boards,

clear and knotty bevels and clear and

knotty trim, along with Cedar roofing and

sidewall products. Ron Enyeart, company

president and owner, credits his staff’s

ability to procure the right raw materials for

manufacturing, which enables the company

to excel over its competitors, particularly

in regard to the company’s Cedar

Mountain Brand products. This allows

Enyeart to consistently meet customers’

needs for specific, customized orders for

length, width, pattern, quality and volume.

The bevel siding and kiln-dried products

continue to be kept in the newly built storage

area at the mill in order to protect the

quality of these products.

This new storage area enables Enyeart to

keep customer orders fulfilled on schedule

while providing adequate storage and protection

for the products. It’s also big

enough to allow Enyeart to continue to

grow in customer orders.

Last year Enyeart also introduced their

new product logo, which is significant

because it better reflects the region in

which the mill is located. The Silver Valley

is a beautiful area with mountains and

trees, rivers, wildlife, and attractions that

the new logo proudly displays in its scene.

This new logo is now being placed on the

wrap of all company manufactured products.

“Thus far in 2008, our sales have been

consistent with previous years in spite of

the economic challenges, and we have

enjoyed steady growth as a company,”

Enyeart said.

“Our commitments


both our customers



keep us fully


with our products

and services


this economic


The staff at

the mill works

two back-toback


Enyeart Cedar, headquartered in Tigard, Ore., makes efficient useage

of the spacious storage area that was built at the facility two years

ago. Enyeart’s mill produces about 20 million board feet of Cedar

Mountain Brand products annually.

At least 12 to 15 truckloads of specialty items are shipped daily from

Enyeart Cedar’s facility.

shifts, six

days a week,

beginning at

5:30 a.m. and

finishing at

1:30 a.m. to


the steady volume

of orders

to customers.

Enyeart has

learned that

growth brings

challenges as

well as benefits.


that we have


from computer

technology to


storage space

to machinery—is


order to offer

premium customer





C e d a r



about 20 percent

of the

products it

sells, and purchases


rest of its finished



Western Red

Cedar and Inland Red Cedar manufacturers

in the Pacific Northwest, and through

their exclusive marketing agreements with

several Cedar producers.

In addition to Ron Enyeart, key personnel

at the company include: Marc Irby, sales

manager; Ryan Walters, manufacturing

supervisor; John Reed, sales; Marty

Goldsmith, accounting and accounts

receivable; Jocelyn Evans, accounts

payable; Carol Perrier, dispatching; Alexis

Enyeart’s mill expansion includes a new sticker stacker and sorting

line to move Cedar through the manufacturing process more efficiently.



support/advertising; Brock Enyeart, sales

support for local warehouse operation;

and Greg Enyeart, sales support for local

warehouse operation. Ron Enyeart credits

his sales, shipping, manufacturing, and

accounting staff for working together as a

team in order to provide the best possible

service for his customers.

Enyeart Cedar Products is a long-standing

member of the North American

Wholesale Lumber Assoc., and a distributing

member of the Western Red Cedar

Lumber Assoc. Enyeart continues to grow

because of their service and ability to provide

highly mixed truckload shipments. In

regard to the company’s recent upgrades,

Enyeart added, “It’s all in the name of

gaining efficiencies, controlling costs and

meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

It all adds up to superb customer


October 2008 Advertorial Page 47

BENNETT LUMBER PRODUCTS Well-Positioned For The 21st Century

By Terry Miller

Jim Vandegrift is sales manager for Bennett Lumber Products Inc., Princeton, Idaho,

which has been in business in the lumber industry since 1939.

Princeton, Idaho–Four generations

of the Bennett family have seen plenty of

ups and downs in the lumber industry at

Bennett Lumber Products Inc. since the

company opened in 1939. A fifth generation

stands ready to join the team, unintimidated

by current market conditions as

the company prepares next year to mark

its 70 th anniversary.

“The family takes pride in providing jobs

for the community,” said Jim Vandegrift,

sales manager. “A lighter production load

is an appropriate response to the current

market, but even so, it will never be our

policy to shut down for weeks at a time,

but rather utilize a four-day work week to

minimize impact on our team of employees.

During the good times, we’ve put

money aside so we’re riding out another

market change from a position of


Much of Bennett Lumber’s recent focus

has been on developing specialty markets

by offering more specialty patterns in

boards in such species as Ponderosa

Pine, Engelmann Spruce, Lodgepole and

Cedar, which can be produced in runs as

small as 5,000 board feet per order.

“These are all value-added WWPA patterns

in both single- and double-sided

formats,” said Vandegrift. “Two separate

patterns on one board allows customers

to market the boards without stocking two

different SKU’s.”

The company’s turnaround time on specialty

pattern orders is among the best in

the business, according to Vandegrift,

with freshly run stock loaded onto trucks

or rail within 24 hours. Bennett’s products

are shipped to all 50 states, Mexico,

China, Germany and other countries.

Bennett Lumber’s standing inventory is

more varied than ever, with the company

happy to offer half- and third-packs for

customer satisfaction. “More and more of

our trucks are going out with three or four

orders per truck, sometimes as many as

seven or eight,” said Vandegrift.

He noted that as recently as 2007,

Bennett Lumber invested in equipment

modernization procedures to improve

production and the quality of fiber in its

mills at Princeton, Idaho and Clarkston,

Washington. Such foresight enables

Bennett Lumber to sustain its reputation

among the top 90 lumber producers in

the United States, with a workforce of

nearly 300 on the payroll.

Last year’s capital improvements included

upgrading and updating the sorter and

stacker system at the Princeton mill, as

well as upgrading the computer technology

in the company’s dry kilns at Princeton

and in Clarkston. Vandegrift noted that

these improvements have resulted in

turning orders faster and more consistent

moisture content that contributes to the

overall quality of the company’s products.

With those technology improvements

firmly in place, Bennett Lumber continues

to hone its ability to switch species on

short notice.

Bennett Lumber’s inventory and sales

list includes Dimensional lumber, boards

and Shop in 4/4, 6/4 and 8/4 Larch, White

Fir, Engelmann Spruce, Lodgepole Pine,

Idaho White Pine, Inland Red Cedar and

Ponderosa Pine. Bennett Lumber exclusively

markets to wholesalers and wholesale

distributors and posted sales of 130

million board feet last year. The Clarkston

mill’s output is approximately 45 percent

Ponderosa Pine, 25 percent each Fir and

Larch and White Fir, with 5 percent ESLP.

The Princeton plant produces 35 percent

each of Fir & Larch and White Fir and 15

percent each fo Ponderosa Pine and

Inland Red Cedar.

As Idaho landholders, Bennett Lumber

is expanding its commitment to a sustainable

forest initiative by working as a

chain-of-custody SFI facility. Vandegrift

noted that the company’s recent reduction

in production represents a responsible

attitude toward a weaker dollar and

the long-term prosperity of the lumber

industry‘s economic vitality.

“Our focus on building and preserving a

company that can be passed along to

each successive generation means we’re

also committed to the sustainability of the

A deer rests comfortably in the shade of product at Bennett Lumber. The company

has been developing specialty markets by offering specialty patterns in

boards in such species as Ponderosa Pine, Engelmann Spruce, Lodgepole and


product that is harvested from our mills,”

said Vandegrift. “We’re not just harvesting

in an environmentally sensitive manner.

We also have been replanting trees

for the last 50 years. Few of us in the

industry will be alive to see that harvest,

but this company will be here.”

In addition to Vandegrift, key personnel

at Bennett Lumber include Frank

Bennett, president and son of founder

Guy Bennett; Brett Bennett, vice president,

and Frank’s son; Jan Dimke, secretary-treasurer

and Guy’s daughter; Mitch

Dimke, general manager and Jan’s son.

Cedar boards pass before a panel of graders at Bennett Lumber

Products Inc.

Several of Frank’s grandchildren work for

the company, representing the fourth

generation of the family active in the firm.

For more information about Bennett

Lumber Products, Inc., visit

www.blpi.com or call (208) 875-1321.

Please Visit Us At Booth No.519

Page 48

Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue

NAWLA Traders Market ®

2008 Booth # Co.

221 AZEK Building Products, Inc.

725 Abitibi Bowater

700 Ainsworth Group of Companies

327 All-Fab Building Components. Inc.

324 Allwood Industrials

801 Ambassador Services, Inc.

642 Anglo American Cedar Products

220 Ante-Holz GmbH

615 Anthony Forest Products

330 Anton Heggenstaller GmbH

736 Arauco Wood Products

627 Arch Wood Protection

108 Arrow Reload Systems Inc.

923 Ashton Lewis Lumber Co.

223 Asia Building Materials Limited

833 Auto-Stak Systems, Inc.

827 BLG Cargo Logistics Gmbh & Co. KG

302 BNSF Railway

410 Bay Tree Technologies - USA

724 Beadles/Balfour Lumber Company

720 Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated

519 Bennett Lumber Products

310 Biewer Lumber

106 Binderholz Deutschland GmbH

823 Bitterroot Valley Forest Products

602 Boise Cascade

602 Boise Wood Products

111 Bondurant Lumber Wholesale & Export

312 Boozer Laminated Beam Co.

921 Bouchard Products Ltd.

907 Brown & Rutherford Co. Ltd.

413 C&D Lumber Co.

804 CME Group

323 CMPC

905 CN Worldwide North America (CNWNA)

929 Cabot

204 Caliper

832 Cambia by Greenleaf

427 Canadian National Railway

812 Carrier Lumber Ltd.

712 Cascade Structural Laminators

919 Cedar Valley Shingle Systems

711 Central Cedar Ltd.

336 Century Aluminum Railings

822 Cersosimo Lumber Company

326 Coastal Plywood Company

718 Collins Companies

500 Columbia Cedar

836 Colville Indian Plywood & Veneer

834 Colville Indian Precision Pine Co.

335 Combilift

126 Contact Industries

605 Correct Building Products LLC

422 Cowichan Lumber Ltd.

119 Cox Industries

124 Creatus Wood Products, Inc.

604 DMSi

109 Dakeryn Industries Ltd.

815 Deschutes Pine Sales

130 Desticon Transportation Services Inc.

527 Diacon Technologies Ltd.

709 Digger Specialties, Inc.

218 DiPrizio Pine Sales

601 Disdero Lumber Company

110 Domtar Forest Products Group

423 Duckback Products, Inc.

419 Durgin & Crowell Lumber Co., Inc.

842 Eagle Plywood Specialties

629 Empire Lumber Company

437 FLW International

525 Federated Co-operatives Limited

612 Filler King Company

537 Finnforest USA - Engineered Wood Div.

913 Fletcher Wood Solutions, A Tenon Co.

222 Florida East Coast Railway

532 Forest Grove Lumber Co.

321 Forest Products Distributors, Inc.

304 ForesTel, LLC/NAWLA TeleLink

206 Fortress Wood Products

234 Fraserview Cedar Products Ltd.

631 Fritch Mill


821 Gator Joist LLC

722 Gilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd.

809 Gilman Building Products

117 Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.

931 Gossen Corporation

803 Grant Forest - Coated Wood Products

920 Great Southern Wood Preserving

112 Greenwood International Inc. (GWI)

937 Gulf Trading LLC

132 Haida Forest Products Ltd.

Booths – November 6-8, 2008 – Hyatt Regency on the Riverwalk – Chicago, IL

730 Hampton Lumber Sales

719 Hancock Lumber Company

943 Hardel Mutual Plywood

626 Hiab, Inc.

702 Hoover Treated Wood Products, Inc.

231 Howe Sound Forest Products Ltd.

407 Huber Engineered Wood LLC

118 Hy Mark Wood Mfg., Inc.

208 ISIS, INC.

230 Idaho Forest Group

518 Idaho Timber Corp.

403 Idaho Veneer Co.

412 Independent Dispatch, Inc.

732 Industries Perron Inc.

404 Inteplast Group, TUF Board



115 International Beams Inc.

429 International Forest Products - IFP Canada

802 InterWrap Inc.

622 Irving Forest Products

835 J.D. Lumber, Inc.

523 Norman G. Jensen, Inc.

909 J.W. Jones Lumber Co., Inc.

402 K Ply, Inc.

728 KP Software Systems

939 Kalesnikoff Lumber Co. Ltd.

214 Kenora Forest Products

421 Klausner Group

311 Klenk Holz AG

608 Krauter Storage Systems

708 Kullik & Rullmann AG German Timber Export Co.

313 LISA Technologies Inc.

729/727 LP Building Products

739 LWO Corporation

501 Lazy S Lumber, Inc.

843 Leslie Forest Products Ltd.

425 Limington Lumber

927 Long Hoh Enterprises Canada Ltd.

431 Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance

735 MacKenzie Sawmill Ltd.

825 Madison Lumber Mill

734 MadWood Lumber

829 Magnolia Forest Products

128 Maibec Inc.

925 Maiweave, LLC

226 Majure Data, Inc.

123 Mallory Alexander International Logistics

120 Manke Lumber Co., Inc.

539 Manning Diversified Forest Products Ltd.

933 Roy O Martin

415 Mary's River Lumber Company

911 Master Mark Plastics

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743 McShan Lumber Co.

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121 Mid America Lumber Inc.

814 Mid-Valley Lumber Specialties Ltd.

705 Middle Tennessee Lumber Co., Inc.

922 Mill & Timber Products

331 J. Mueller Breakbulk Terminal GmbH & Co. KG


839 Neiman Enterprises, Inc.

916 Nordic Engineered Wood

529 NorSask Forest Products Inc.

828 North Florida Lumber Co., Inc.

619 North Pacific

414 Northland Forest Products Inc.

533 Old Town Lumber Co.

224 Olson Search International, Inc.

315 Oregon-Canadian Forest Products

325 Owl Distribution Inc.

613 PLS Logistics Services

634 PPG Machine Applied Coatings

733 Pacific Western Wood Works Ltd.

306 Pacific Woodtech Corporation

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721 Patriot Timber Products, International

305 Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Ins. Co.

329 Pine Tech, Inc.

638 Plum Creek

540 Plycem USA, Inc.

531 Porcupine Wood Products Ltd.

811 Postsaver USA

618 Potlatch Corporation

225 Power Wood Corp.

432 Precision Lumber Co.

918 Premier Logistics Incorporated

710 PrimeTECH

903 Probyn Group Ltd.

820 Progressive Solutions Inc.

625 RISI

807 RPM Wood Finishes Group

723 Raven Logistics, Inc.

213 RBI Enterprises Trading, LLC

824 Reality Sales Training

737 Reload Inc.

636 Rielly Industrial Lumber

333 Robbins Lumber, Inc.

742 Rosboro

805/806 Roseburg Forest Products Co.

227 Rukert Terminals Corporation

914 SJS Components LLC

935 Samuel Strapping Systems

319 SASCO, Inc.

418 Sawarne Lumber Co. Ltd.

621 Scoopsoft/BCE Business Solutions

704 Seattle-Snohomish Mill Co., Inc.

522 Selkirk Specialty Wood, Ltd.

633 Seneca Sawmill Company

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300 Shakertown

406 Shasta Green Inc.

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628 Sierra Pacific Industries

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831 Sinclar Enterprises Ltd.

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623 Spruceland Millworks Inc.

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528 F.H. Stoltze Land & Lumber Co.

233 F.C. Stone

701 Structure

202 Sunbelt

212 Sundance Forest Industries Ltd.

401 Swan Secure Products, Inc.

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122 Synergy Pacific Engineered Timber Ltd.

610 TATA Enterprises, Inc.

738 TMO Global Logistics

714 The Teal-Jones Group

228 Terminal Corporation

900 Terminal Forest Products Ltd.

818 Teton West Lumber, Inc.

320 Timber Holdings International

435 Timber Products Inspection, Inc.

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837 Tolko Marketing and Sales Ltd.

430 TradeTec Computer Systems Ltd.

334 Tri-Pro TM Cedar Products, Inc.

838 TrimJoist Corporation

133 Trinity River Lumber Company

400 Tripp Lumber Company

620 Tristar Companies

428 Tri-State Lumber Co., Inc.

426 Trout River Lumber LLC

232 C.M. Tucker Lumber Companies LLC

309 Ty-Lan Enterprises, Inc.

236 UCM Forest Products

813 USRail.desktop

307 U.S. Fence

703 Union Pacific Railroad

408 Unity Forest Products

521 Versatex Trimboards

210/211 The Waldun Group

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826 West Bay Forest Products & Manufacturing Ltd.

624 West Fraser Mills Ltd.

332 Western Forest Products Inc.

301 Westervelt Lumber

600 Weston Forest Group

744 Westran Services Limited

819 Westshore Specialties

318 Weyerhaeuser Company

810 Williams Lumber Co. of NC, Inc.

104 Wolf River Lumber Inc.

524 WoodPro Software Inc.

219 Woodtone Building Products

235 Wynndel Lumber Sales Co. Ltd.

209 Yakama Forest Products

710 Ze-VO Technologies, LLC

420 Zip-O-Log Mills

October 2008 Page 49

NAWLA Traders Market ®

November 6-8, 2008

Hyatt Regency on the Riverwalk

Chicago, Illinois


Page 50 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue

Quality, Service, Efficiency Keep MULTISAC On Top

The shipping and receiving department at Multisac, in Saint-Laurent,

Que., is managed by Peter Johnston, who has been with the company

for more than 20 years.

S a i n t - L a u r e n t , Q u e . —Quality,

service and efficiency have been

Multisac’s rules since 1923. As a family

business being passed on from generation

to generation, it started as a jute

and cotton bag manufacturer—then

called The Workman Bag Company—

for the agricultural and mineral market

and quickly became one of the largest

producers of textile bags in Canada.

Following the changes that the 20 th

century brought, Multisac’s present

owner, Mark Kraminer, son of founder

Jacob Kraminer, refocused its product

The production is now directed by Peter Byrns, counting 23 years with

the firm, and Andrew Byrns, counting 14 years, following the retirement

of their father, Melvin Byrns in 1999.

line towards resistant, flexible protective

packaging solutions.

In 1983, Plastex R 3, a woven polyethylene,

was introduced to the forest

products, metals and recreational vehicle

industries to ensure total protection

during storing, handling and transportation.

Mills across the United States,

especially in New England, were some

of the first to discover the advantages

of this material and to this day, remain

amongst Multisac’s most valued customers.

Now, 24 years later, Multisac is changing

it’s reliable protective material’s

name to Pro-techT TM offering the same

flexibility at temperatures as low as –40

degrees Fahrenheit, the same white

over black opacity to protect against

heat build-up and condensation, the

same UV stabilizers and the same

multi-color print for mills or dealers.

Pro-techT TM will not weaken from moisture

absorption, resists staple pull-out,

end-coring, tearing and ruptures, and

ensures that shipments arrive clean

and dry through heat, cold, rain and

wind whether by truck, rail or sea.

Multisac staffs more than 100 employees.

Although Multisac is changing its product

name, the company itself remains

the same, offering a locally converted

product, which provides employment

for more than 100 employees. The production,

directed by Peter and Andrew

Byrns, has sewers producing more

than 6,000 covers per day, press operators

running the presses 24 hours a

day, 5 days a week to offer quality,

sharp and bright printing as well as a

cutting department accomplishing the

link between the printing and sewing

stage. All manufactured goods are produced

in the Montreal plant while still

offering a very competitive price. This

provides Multisac with the capability to

react quickly to rush orders and to offer

stable and efficient deliveries with lower

minimums, without sacrificing constant

quality. The dedicated and professional

customer service department, managed

by Steve Smith, located in the

same new building as the production,

ensures total customer satisfaction.

A fully-integrated software system

allows Multisac to coordinate the workflow

through all departments and production

stages, from order processing

to manufacturing to timely delivery of

products. The plant’s engineering and

maintenance departments, directed by

James Arsenault, maintains the production

facilities at the highest level of

efficiency. In addition, they design and

build most of the equipment utilized by

the plant. Since the company moved to

it’s current premises in 1999, it added

important equipment such as automated

bag fabrication and end-cutting systems

(for covers), 140-inch, four color

roll-to-roll flexo printing press with automatic

doffing system, edge guiding and

slitting equipment, automated cover

folding system, new graphics software,

C-folding equipment and ink-drying

systems in order to produce a high

quality result every time, which is verified

daily by a quality control department.

Prompt deliveries and cost efficient

transportation is ensured at Multisac by

the shipping department, directed by

Peter Johnston. A sales team, consisting

of Mark Mann, Marcel Dumais, and

David Bernstein, directed by vice president,

Randy Jackson, offers on-site

technical support as well as constant

assistance for each and every customer.

Accompanying the launch of its new

product name Pro-techT TM , the company

also introduces a new product line:

Bulk Bags (F.I.B.C.). These bags are

used to maximize the utilization of storage

and shipping space. They are ideal

for light density products, they increase

stability and stackability and they are

recyclable. Also made from woven

polyethylene, Bulk Bags can be produced

in a variety of weights and styles,

with a complete range of filling, discharging

and lifting methods.

Inspired by the evolution of the industry

and driven by strict rules of customer

care and efficiency, Multisac

improves and innovates every year to

bring to conscious companies the

wrapping excellence their product

deserves at the best price.

October 2008 Advertorial Page 51

LAZY S LUMBER, COLUMBIA CEDAR And PANEL CRAFTERS Introduce Western Red Cedar And Okoume Siding Panels

Panel Crafters, Inc., a sister company to Lazy S Lumber

Inc. in Beavercreek, Ore., and Columbia Cedar Inc. in

Kettle Falls, Wash., recently began production of their

new line of Cedar Craft - Cedar Siding panels.

White City, Ore.–Panel Crafters, Inc. is

a sister company to Lazy S Lumber Inc. in

Beavercreek, Ore., and Columbia Cedar Inc.

in Kettle Falls, Wash. Ralph Schmidt, owner

of Panel Crafters explained it this way, “We

are in a very competitive market, and my

wife, Merry, and I have over 35 years in the

Cedar lumber industry with Lazy S Lumber,

and Columbia Cedar. It was a natural progression

to bring that experience to our

panel company.”

Panel Crafters, a specialty hardwood manufacturing

plant in White City, Ore., recently

began production of their new line of Cedar

Craft - Cedar Siding panels. The Cedar

Craft product line has earned the APA grade

stamp for T1-11 sidings and is manufactured

to APA (American Plywood Association) 303

sidings specifications.

“Our skins come from selected Cedar logs

taken at Columbia Cedar. We’ve selected

sound, second growth tight knot logs, and

shipped those to be peeled and composed,

and then bring the skins to Panel Crafters

where they are graded, sorted and laid up

into the Cedar Craft line of panels. So I know

the quality of the skins and can assure my

customers of the integrity of the panels.”

What makes Cedar Craft unique is the skins

are exactly as nature made them.

“We don’t cut or blow out the knots and

replace them with a synthetic putty. We only

repair the knots that fall out during the creation

of the skins, so the natural look of tight

knot Cedar is

graded into our

product line.

The added

rough saw, will

texture and pattern

the panels

exactly as specified

by the APA.

We’ve worked

very closely with

them to assure

our customers

are getting a

product they are

familiar with in


but unique and

natural in appearance.” Ralph added, “To

add versatility to our product lines, we are

also providing an Okoume faced line we call

Craftsman. It’s an A grade Okoume panel

that will have the same textured finish as the

Cedar Craft panels, but is a true clear, light

wood color.”

Nice & Knotty

The Cedar Craft product line has earned the APA grade stamp for

T1-11 sidings and is manufactured to APA (American Plywood

Association) 303 sidings specifications.

Chris Retherford, Sales Manager at

Columbia Cedar, added, “Some of our customers

have been mislead to believe that

okoume is Cedar. I think it’s important to

know the difference. Okoume is an African

hardwood and is also known as Gabon. It

has a light salmon to tan color, and in

veneers it rarely has knots. Our Cedar Craft

panels are authentic Western Red Cedar

from our own Cedar logs, that have all the

qualities and appearance of natural Cedar.”

“I’ve been in the Cedar business my whole

life, and have on my team the most knowledgeable

group of guys in the business selling,”

Schmidt said. “For the Cedar and

Okoume panels, call Todd Fox, Dave

Duncan or Larry Petree at Lazy S Lumber, or

Chris Retherford at Columbia Cedar. At

Panel Crafters, the best guys in the business

are Mike Palmerton who is our sales team

manager, Tom Overbeck and Paul Kell.

These guys have integrity and do their best

for our customers in service. They are hardwood

specialists and can get the job done.”

Panel Crafters has expanded their hardwood

facility to include a Globe rough/spe-

cialty saw for

the Cedar Craft

and Craftsman

Okoume siding

lines to the

e x i s t i n g



sanders, and a

Heeseman four

head finishing

sander to compliment

their 5 x

8-foot and 5 x




Green in many Colors

Paul Kell, sales at Panel Crafters, said,

“Panel Crafters is unique in the panel business

because we offer FSC certified as well

as no added formaldehyde products and can

obtain products in ranges that most other

suppliers can’t. With our 5-foot wide presses

and sanders, we offer product dimensions

that save you time and money on both material

costs and cut waste that needs to be disposed

of after the job is finished. Our versatility

allows us to manufacture panels from 3

x 6-foot to 5 x 10-foot and any dimension in

between. Cross grain, book match, slip

match or whole piece. We like the ‘out of the

norm’ and can mix those with our standard


Panel Crafters Inc. is a sister company to

Lazy S Lumber Inc. of Beavercreek, Ore.,

and also to Columbia Cedar Inc. of Kettle

Falls, Wash. Lazy S Lumber is a manufacturer

of top quality WRC products including

bevel sidings, channel sidings, deckings and

boards. Known as industry leaders for service

and customer satisfaction. Columbia

Cedar is a specialty WRC sawmill and planer

mill producing T&G interior paneling,

boards and fence.

The companies are owned and operated by

Ralph and Merry Schmidt who at this writing

have transferred to Eagle Point, Ore., from

their home in Kettle Falls, Wash., to spearhead

the Panel Crafters “Cedar Craft” project.

“This is what we do,” said Merry

By Merry Schmidt

Panel Crafters’ skins come from selected

Cedar logs taken at Columbia Cedar.

At Panel Crafters, they are graded, sorted

and laid up into the Cedar Craft line

of panels.



of the


i e s .

“When we

commit to

a company,

we do

what it

takes to

make it


So the


was easy.”

T h e

C e d a r

P a n e l


at Panel



C e d a r

Craft textured


grades; Smith River 6 Patch Clear;

Deschutes 6 Patch Premium Knotty; Rogue

Valley 18 Patch Knotty; and McKenzie Paint

Grade in sizes of 4 x 8-foot – 11/32”, 15/32”

amd 19/32”; and 4 x 9-foot and 4 x 10-foot,

15/32” and 19/32”.

Craftsman A grade Okoume panels in

sizes of 4 x 8-foot – 11/32”, 15/32” and

19/32”; 4 x 9-foot and 4 x 10-foot, 15/32” and


Patterns available are 4” and 8” T1-11,

Reverse Board and Batten, and flat textured

panels with square edge or shiplap edge.

The Cedar Team includes: Todd Fox and

Dave Duncan, 503-632-3550, sales - Lazy S

Lumber; Larry Petree, 360-229-4013, sales -

Lazy S Lumber; Chris Retherford, 509-738-

4711, sales - Columbia Cedar; Mike

Palmerton, 541-830-0088, cell no. 541-944-

2316, sales manager, Panel Crafters; and

Paul Kell and Tom Overbeck, 541-830-0088,

sales - Panel Crafters.

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High-End Products, Customer Service Sustain TRINITY FOREST INDUSTRIES

Greg Ryback is the president and owner of Trinity Forest

Industries Inc., headquartered in Hurst, Texas.

H u r s t , T e x a s —Trinity Forest

Industries Inc., located between Dallas

and Fort Worth, has served the wholesale

lumber, and millwork needs of its

customers since 1982. Business has

been good—so good that a second location

in Albuquerque was added in 1997.

Trinity specializes in Softwood species

such as Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine,

Douglas Fir (both flat sawn and vertical

grain), Eastern White Pine, Yellow Pine

and Radiata Pine. The company also

uses a wide variety of kiln-dried hardwoods,

such as alder, poplar, red oak,

white oak, walnut, soft and hard maple to

complement its main product.

Thicknesses start at 4/4 up to 8/4

through most of the firm’s inventory, with

some 10/4 and 12/4 in Sugar Pines and


Trinity’s Albuquerque location keeps in

stock Spanish Cedar and alder in addition

to their main Sugar Pine and

Ponderosa Pine inventory. To maximize

the firm’s flexibility, Trinity Forest carries

as lean an inventory as possible while

maintaining an average inventory of 2.5

million board feet.

“Our strengths are in the Pines and


Fir, but

m e e t


o u r



are,” said

A d a m

Morris, a




for Trinity


“We work

with a lot

of buyers

in charge

of stocking the lumber yards, of

course, but we also work with window,

door and furniture manufacturers,

cabinetry people, millwork

manufacturers, and even toy and

craft manufacturing individuals.”

Trinity Forest has even indirectly or

directly provided service for such wellknown

restaurant chains as Chili’s,

Macaroni Grill, Texas Roadhouse, Ruby

Tuesday and Olive Garden, among others.

Some of these millwork packages

are shipped all over North America,

Japan and Korea.

“We can take care of any pattern work

that’s needed,” Morris said. “If we don’t

have the knives already, we can produce

them for the customer and can develop

profiles from a detail or sample. We’ve

got Weinig moulders; we’ve got gang

rips, straight-line rips, planer, sander,

resaw. We can do anything from cut-tolength

jobs to random length. As long as

it can fit through our machines we’ll run

it. We even run 24’ 7 piece bending

handrail, a 24 piece bendable landing

tread, and as well as other stair parts.”

Trinity Forest is able to fulfill most exact

orders for high-end millwork within two

weeks. With high-end moulders and

some of the highest-grade inventory




for quality

stock and



very well


The company


in constant

touch with

the needs

of their


and relays

t h o s e

needs to the mills Trinity Forest

buys from. At times the mills will do a

special cut just for Trinity’s requirements.

Morris said, “Some people don’t even

want to ask the mills to do things like we

do and some mills don’t even want to

look at it, but there are some that will.”

The benefit—in the long run—is that

clients who may not have purchased a

particular special order from Trinity

Forest Industries do remember Trinity’s

assistance and often come back at a

future time, trusting in the company’s

honesty and consideration for their budgets.

Trinity delivers daily in the Fort

Worth/Dallas metroplex and runs trucks

to Austin, San Antonio, Houston, East

Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. With a

multi-drop truck itinerary, Trinity includes

protective packaging for its inventory of

high-grade lumber products.

In addition to Morris, key personnel at

Trinity in Hurst include: Greg Ryback,

Adam Morris is a territory marketing representative for the firm.

By Terry Miller

president and owner; Keith Cortez, operations,

sales and product manager; Scott

Morris, product management and sales;

Antonio Para, mill supervisor; Dion

Ingersoll, assistant mill supervisor; Scott

Scott Howe, yard supervisor, talks with Alfredo Cardona, inventory


Howe, yard supervisor; and Alfredo

Cardona, inventory specialist. In

Albuquerque, Gary McIntyre heads the

crew. When you add up the experience,

Trinity’s core staff boasts well over 100

years of know-how in the lumber industry

– yet another reason for the company’s

continued prosperity.

Trinity Forest Industries holds a variety

of memberships in several lumber associations,

including the North American

Wholesale Lumber Assoc. (NAWLA), the

Western Wood Products Assoc.

(WWPA), and the Fort Worth

Lumbermen’s Assoc. The company’s

new website is located at www.trinityforest.com.

For more information, call 817-


















October 2008 Page 53












Looks great when he’s wakeboarding,

looks less great when he’s on the beach.

He makes up for his lack of style with

valuable cedar product knowledge.

The man knows thuja plicata, and he treats

his customers like family. He’s going make

you an offer you can’t refuse.

He thinks he’s the office golf pro, but it’s

all in his head. The only woods he knows

anything about are in the forest, not on

the course.

Looks like Screech from ‘Saved by the

Bell’ and has the athletic ability of Tony

Romo. Good thing he’s a cedar expert, or

he’d never find a job.




Page 54 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue

WRCLA Members Increase Promotion To Counter Tough Markets

The Western Red Cedar Lumber Assoc. (WRCLA) recently

released the Cedar Book, which recognizes innovative projects

utilizing Western Red Cedar.

Vancouver, B.C.—During this difficult

market period, it’s only normal for companies

to more closely examine their cost

structures and reduce spending wherever

possible. One cost area that is often debated

is marketing and promotion. The members

of the Western Red Cedar Lumber

Assoc., headquartered here, recently went

through this process by examining the

association’s marketing impact and concluded

that continuing to invest in a strong

promotional program directed at raising the

awareness of Western Red Cedar products

is more important than ever.

The benefit of pooling together the dues of

individual companies to create a promotional

program, which far exceeds that

which a company could do on its own, is

evident. The following are highlights of the

WRCLA’s promotional activities conducted

during the past year.

Perhaps the most exciting element of the

WRCLA’s Real Cedar promotional program

is its PR (earned media) campaign, which

makes use of a combination of print, online,

radio and television mediums to provide

The WRCLA has maintained its presence at major industry shows such

as the International Builders Show.

information about Western Red

Cedar to an audience of more than

72 million, with a value of $3.5 million.

This program included the circulation

of 505 articles in print

media, 1,086 online news stories

and 94 broadcast placements on TV

and radio.

One of the exciting components of the PR

program pursued by the WRCLA was the

“Satellite Media Tour.” This involved the

WRCLA’s “Mr. Cedar” Paul Mackie doing

30 separate TV and radio interviews with

morning news outlets across the U.S.

These on-air interviews ranged from two to

22 minutes, and reached an audience of

almost 2.1 million. The ad value of this initiative

was approximately $1.7 million.

Advertising is another key component of

the WRCLA’s Real Cedar promotional program

for reaching the target audiences,

and during the last year more than 140 ad

insertions were placed in consumer, professional

and trade publications reaching a

readership of more than 16 million. The

value of this exposure is more than $1.8

million. In keeping with the significant shift

in audience preference for online resources

instead of print media, WRCLA has greatly

expanded its Internet advertising to participate

in a number of high profile sites including

Better Homes and Gardens and


To broaden the reach of its promotional

program, the WRCLA is collaborating in

joint advertising programs with organizations

and companies that manufacture

products that complement Real Cedar.

Examples of this include DuPont’s Tyvek

(house wrap), Cabot (stains) and Maze

Nails (fasteners).

The WRCLA’s Internet resources continue

to reach an ever-increasing audience with a

record 2.6 million visitors making use of the

sites during the past year. Those who are

not yet familiar with these sites can visit

www.wrcla.org to discover a valuable

resource tool that contains a wealth of information

on topics such as how to specify,

where to buy, how to install, how to finish

and maintain, environmental practices and

valuable training resources.

The development and distribution of technical

and promotional literature is a key

activity to ensure that users of Western Red

Cedar have access to essential information

regarding the proper use of Cedar. During

the past year, WRCLA distributed nearly

85,000 brochures, CDs and DVDs. New for

this year is the Cedar Book recognizing

innovative projects utilizing Western Red

Cedar. This architect-oriented publication

has proven to be an excellent vehicle to

facilitate discussions and engender interest

in Western Red Cedar among architects

and designers. For a complimentary copy

of this publication, please contact the

The Real Cedar booth is a showcase for Cedar products at these


WRCLA by e-mail at info@wrcla.org.

WRCLA maintained a high-profile presence

at major industry trade shows such as

IBS, AIA and PCBC. The eye-catching Real

Cedar booth is a great showcase for Cedar

products and positively reflects the image

of wood at these events. In addition,

WRCLA participated at numerous smaller

regional tradeshows such as several JLC

Live events where installation seminars

were provided for the audience.

WRCLA’s in-market staff complements the

Real Cedar promotion program by delivering

technical support training and marketing

services. They responded to 6,027

technical inquiries and conducted 67 training

seminars for distribution, retail, contractor

and architectural audiences of 3,067

participants. Their services are available to

affiliate members at no charge.

The considerable technical and promotional

resources of WRCLA are available

free of charge – including literature – to

members and affiliate members. To learn

more about the WRCLA’s efforts on behalf

of the Western Red Cedar industry, or how

to become involved with the promotion program,

please contact WRCLA by e-mail at

info@wrcla.org, or contact Peter Lang,

WRCLA general manager, directly at


October 2008 Advertorial Page 55


The sales staff of PPG Machine Applied Coatings includes David Jeffers, Raleigh, N.C.; Dave Siteman,

Porters Lake, N.S.; Chris Andrews, Port Byron, Ill.; Craig Combs, Medford, Ore.; and Jason Adams,

Westfield, Mass.

P i t t s b u r g h , P a . —PPG Machine

Applied Coatings, headquartered here,

is a leader in providing coatings products

for the lumber and home building industries.

PPG’s unyielding dedication to

research and development enables the

company to continuously improve its

well-known lineup of pre-finish coating

products, and its dedicated and knowledgeable

team keeps the company at

the forefront of the industry.

David Jeffers, national sales manager

for PPG MAC, said, “Since PPG is a

global coatings leader, our MAC business

is able to tap incredible technological

resources to make the best products

to meet our customers’ needs. Our customers’

success is our success, and how

we support and service their needs

drives that success.”

PPG continues its focus on a strong

product lineup for the lumber and home

building industry by providing coatings

and programs tailored specifically for

customer needs. As the market leader,

PPG prides itself on quality customer

service, whether the customer is a mill, a

machine applicator or a distributor. Rindy

Learn, technical service manager, commented,

“Machine applicators are looking

for quality products with excellent

performance characteristics, a supplier

service team to support those products,

and a partner to help them move their

business into the future. PPG Machine

Applied Coatings is dedicated to providing

the products and services that our

customers need to grow their businesses.”

As the eco-friendly “green” movement

gains momentum in the industry, the

PPG Machine Applied Coatings team is

focused on developing coatings and providing

support that can help move the

prefinish market in that direction.

Beth Kirol, technical manager for PPG

MAC, noted, “Our current paint technology

market provides a firm base on which

to build new ideas and technologies to

provide the best coatings for our customers.

Our dedication to developing

high-performing yet environmentally sensitive

products will allow our customers

to position themselves to meet the most

Other key staff of PPG Machine Applied Coatings includes Liz Singell, Westerville, Ohio; Rindy Learn,

Springdale, Pa.; and Beth Kirol, Pittsburgh, Pa.; (back row) Tim Hurly, Springdale, Pa.; and Patrick

Hanulak, Pittsburgh, Pa.

stringent environmental standards without

sacrificing performance.”

PPG Machine Applied Coatings currently

offers such products as

Machinecoat®, Machinepro® and

Duracolor FC® that are low VOC


Page 56 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue

No Load Too Large For



Through Three Generations

Oakwood, Ga.—As many as 30

large A-frame cars from the Norfolk

Southern railroad can be handled by

Atlanta Metro Lumber & Reload Co.

Inc.’s two rail spurs at one time.

Located north of Atlanta, the company

receives Softwood lumber, plywood,

oriented strand board, engineered

lumber, Cedar

and other forest


from large

West Coast

m i l l s ,


mills and


lumber companies.

“We receive

primarily SPF

lumber and

Hem-Fir lumber

as well as


Yellow Pine

from our

clients,” said

Mike Hipps,

Atlanta Metro

Lumber &



“We also handle

a lot of

Western Red

Cedar lumber

and timbers

as well as the

other forest

products previously


i o n e d .

Whether the

forest products

come in

on center

beams, boxcars

or on

trucks, we

can unload it

here at our

reload facility.”

Atlanta Metro

Reload &

Lumber Co.

opened its

new 40-acre

facility in

October 2007 after outgrowing its

original location in nearby Duluth.

Hipps said, “Our 40-acre yard is completely

fenced in and we have a large,

insulated warehouse. We have our

office inside this complex and inventory

forest products in this building as

well. Also our operation is monitored

24/7 with security cameras all around

the premises.”

Hipps keeps five 17,000-pound forklifts

and a crew of eight busy from

6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on a five-day

workweek. “We put in 50 to 60 hours

a week to do what needs to be done,”

he said.

Atlanta Metro Lumber & Reload was

started by Mike and his father Mickey

in 1990 in Duluth. Mike’s 30-year

experience in the lumber industry

came from his working at the family

business, Mickey’s Lumber and

Supply Co., which opened in 1979.

“I’ve been on and off forklifts for 30

years,” said Hipps. “In the past I was

the lumber buyer and manger for

Mickey’s Lumber and Supply.”

Products stored outside the warehouse

remain protected in their paper

wrapping while waiting for redistribution.

“We precision end trim lumber to

specified lengths with a Holtec

Precision Trim Saw upon request for

our customers.”

Atlanta Metro Lumber & Reload ships

their customers’ lumber and building

materials primarily to retail lumber

yards and distribution centers

throughout the tri-state area of

Georgia, North Carolina and South

Carolina. It also offers in-house and

job site delivery.

To maximize


the company

uses its

own fleet of

trucks and

the firm’s

location near

major U.S.

Highways I-

985 and I-85

helps speed

up delivery

of their

clients’ products.

Hipps feels

Mike Hipps, president of Atlanta Metro Lumber & Reload Co. Inc.,

headquartered in Oakwood, Ga., stands by several railcars loaded

with bundles of lumber.

Atlanta Metro Lumber & Reload precision end trims lumber to specified

lengths with a Holtec Precision Trim Saw upon request.

that his

reload yard

will benefit


and mills

alike. “With

all of the

changes in

the lumber

industry in

the past few

years, we

have seen

new highs

and new

lows in

prices. It has

made retail

y a r d s



buyers,” carrying



When they

buy products

now it has to

ship right


As a lifelong

l u m b e r

industry professional,

Hipps maintains Atlanta Metro

Lumber & Reload’s membership in the

North American Wholesale Lumber

Assoc. “Working with forest products

is what I have always done, it’s what

my dad taught me,” he said.

Although the company has left its

original base in Duluth, Hipps’ parents,

Mickey and Rosie Hipps, are

partners in the firm. “They taught me

to do whatever is needed to do the job

right,” he said.

When he’s not tending to business,

Hipps enjoys spending time with his

wife Casey and their two sons. His

oldest son, Jason, is also in the building

industry and builds custom homes

in the area. Blake, his youngest son,

is in the Army and recently got back

from a 15-month tour in Iraq. Mike

also spends time restoring vintage

cars and tractors.

In addition to Hipps, a key person to

Atlanta Metro Lumber & Reload is

operations manager Jimmy Conkey.

Conkey has been with the company

since 1992 and manages the daily


This is a picture of railcars that will be unloaded for customers.

Marshall, Texas—As a third generation,

family-owned operation of over 70

years, Snider Industries produces the finest

quality one-inch Southern Yellow Pine

boards available in the lumber industry. The

plant has an annual production of 50 million

board feet of which approximately 30 percent

is sold as pattern stock.

“We have spent over 30 years perfecting

our manufacturing and drying processes to

produce the highest quality one-inch

boards in large volumes.

This allows us

to have most items

available in our

warehouse so our

customers can count

on availability whenever

they need it,”

said Jill Snider Parr,

owner of Snider


The manufacturing

process is at the

heart of what makes

Snider Industries’

quality lumber products.

Lumber is

steam-dried in conventional

kilns at 180

degrees Fahrenheit

for three days, and

then equalized for

about two weeks,

allowing the lumber

to regain moisture

content guaranteed

to be

below 15 percent.


prefers the conventional


not the hightemp

kilns used

by most mills.

This process

allows for a

soft, pliable

board suitable

for multiple purposes


millwork and

patterns. All of

Snider’s lumber


receive a SPIB

HT Grade of D

& Better, No. 2 or

No. 3; and a moisture

content grade

of 15 percent,

including shorts


With a fully

enclosed facility of

over 220,000

square feet of finished

lumber storage

and loading,

Snider prides itself

on the clean, dry

and dust-free delivery

of their finished

lumber. The lumber

stays under roof

and is never

exposed to elements

once the drying

process is complete. Customer trucks

are able to load, weigh and tarp inside the

massive building. With an exceptional

skilled, well-trained labor force and an efficient

storage and loading process, Snider

can provide most items for immediate,

same day shipment.

The planer mill has three production lines

including a separate pattern line. All of

Snider’s patterns are available in No. 2 and

D & Better. All No. 2 patterns are run from a

selected highline No. 2 stock, not “No. 2

Common.” Pattern material is available in

dimensions of 1 x 4 through 1 x 12, and 8

through 16 foot lengths.

No. 105 Siding

1 x 6 and 1 x 8

Grades No. 2 and D and Better

No. 117 Siding

1 x 6

Grades No. 2 and D and Better

No. 131 Siding

1 x 8

Grades No. 2 and D and Better

No.139 Siding

1 x 10

Grades No. 2 Rough Face

Snider Industries, headquartered in Marshall, Texas,

has an annual production of 50 million board feet

readily available for shipment.

No. 116 Interior Paneling

1 x 6

Grades No. 2 and D and Better

No. 122 Interior Paneling

1 x 6

Grades No. 2 and D and Better

The company has a warehouse facility of over 220,000 square feet

with the capacity for truckload, weigh and tarp.

Beaded Ceiling

1 x 4 and 1 x 6

Grades No. 2 and D

and Better


1 x 4 and 1 x 6

Grades No. 2 and D

and Better

Center Match

1 x 6

Grade No. 2


1 x 6 and 1 x 8

Grade No. 2

Snider operations are

run efficiently and

effectively by department

heads: David

Hanson, lumber sales

plant manager; Jimmy

Brewer, timber procurement;


Cayce and Jason

Monroe, timberlands


S u z a n n e

Turner, administration.

Timber is at

the heart of

every sawmill

operation and

it’s no different

for Snider. In

addition to purchasing


off the open

m a r k e t ,

Snider’s intensively


land base of

over 40,000

acres helps it to

maintain a

steady supply of

raw materials for

its sawmill operations.

“The company’s

timberlands allow

us to take advantage

of favorable

local timber markets

and lets us

stay out of overpriced,

bad ones,”

said Gerald Cayce,

timber procurement

manager for

over 20 years.


conscious, Snider

Industries has

been generating

“green” power

since 1982. In addition

to providing all

electrical and thermal needs for the plant,

and generating revenue from electricity

sales to the local utility, the five megawatt

biomass power generation facility has been

certified by the Public Utility Commission of

Texas as generator of Renewable Energy

Credits (RECS). They expect to have

approximately 32,000 RECS available for

purchase annually.

A Renewable Energy Credit (REC) or

“green tag”, represents one megawatt hour

(MWh) of renewable electricity generated

and delivered somewhere on the power

grid. A REC also represents the environmental

benefits of replacing traditional, fossil-fuel

power with clean, renewable power.

“I believe our power plant helps to make

us a very strong competitor in this business.

It’s the final piece of the puzzle that

allows this mill to operate in an efficient and

environmentally sound way,” Parr said.

For more information, contact David

Hanson at 903-938-9727 or


Snider offers some of the finest 1-inch quality Southern

Yellow Pine available in No. 2, D & Better.

Please Visit Us At

Booth No.726

October 2008 Advertorial Page 57

FOREST GROVE LUMBER Expands Facility, Enhances Custom Milling

Forest Grove Lumber (FGL), located in McMinnville, Ore., is expanding

its 25-acre facility to make room for an advanced timber sorting line.

FGL is adding a modern resaw, a precision corbel-cutting machine,

increased capacity for hand-hewn texturing, and two new Radio

Frequency Vacuum lumber drying kilns.

This building is among the many new features at FGL. The facility

expansion will include a new building to house the custom designed

timber-sorting machine, which includes inline moisture reading, weighing,

and electronic measuring equipment.

M c M i n n v i l l e , O r e . –Forest Grove

Lumber (FGL) is expanding its 25-acre

facility to make room for an advanced timber

sorting line, which will allow the company

to handle more timber orders. In

addition to this expansion, FGL is adding

a modern resaw, a precision corbel-cutting

machine, increased capacity for

hand-hewn texturing, and two new Radio

Frequency Vacuum lumber drying kilns.

The facility expansion will include a new

building to house the custom designed

timber-sorting machine, which includes

inline moisture reading, weighing, and

electronic measuring equipment. This timber

sorter will allow FGL to increase the

volume of timber orders filled, reduce

turnaround time on orders, and enable the

company to continue to raise the bar on

its high-quality Radio Frequency Vacuum

(RFV) kiln dried timber line, Tru-Dry ® .

Precise measurements will be recorded

and saved in order to optimize timber handling

and drying techniques for the company’s

six RFV kilns. The company will be

increasing drying production as well with

two new RFV kilns coming online during

fall 2008.

Forest Grove Lumber’s milling enhancements

include a specialized resaw for

handling appearance grade timbers,

which will allow FGL to resaw up to 36-

inch by 36-inch beams to precise sizes up

to 40 feet long. The custom-built resaw is

specifically designed to gently handle

large timbers. The company also intends

to use the machine to provide a resawn

texture, which will complement their other

textures: Accuruff ® , Circle-Sawn, planed,

and Hand-Hewn.

The company’s new corbel-cutting

machine will allow precision, design cut

corbels to be made more accurately, and

quickly. In addition to their pre-designed

corbel-patterns, FGL gladly accepts custom

patterns from their customers. The

sophisticated machine will also make

other design cuts more readily available

as well, including arches, precise angle

cuts, chamfers and knee braces.

FGL increased its capacity for creating a

hand-hewn texture. Increased production

will allow the company to provide the

product to more customers. FGL can now

provide custom patterns, and pattern

matching for some hand-hewn patterns.

Forest Grove Lumber employees worked

together on a solution in response to customer

demand. Sid Smith, FGL president,

said, “Our customers let us know they

wanted a better hand-hewn texturing

solution. We put our heads together and

came up with some ideas that we’re

happy to say are working very well.”

“Our customers often ask us for a special

product; something no one else is willing

to provide. We pride ourselves on the ability

to meet their demands, and this new

method helps us do just that,” said Gene

Secco, sales manager for FGL.

Of the new timber sorting line, Ted

Dergousoff, VP of Technology and

Process for FGL, is excited about the

opportunity to track and record weights,

size and moisture content of each piece

quickly and efficiently. “Tracking each

piece individually will allow us to provide a

better product, and to improve our methods

to ensure the greatest customer satisfaction,”

he said.

In addition to new equipment, and the

new building housing the sorting line, FGL

will be adding a timber staging area,

space for timber inventory, and additional

space for future projects and expansions.

Those future projects and expansions

are underway according to Dergousoff.

Without providing any detail about the

projects, he said the company’s goal is to

continue to increase the quality, and quality

assurance for its premium products,

such as Tru-Dry, and their custom milled


Forest Grove Lumber supplies Tru-Dry

Douglas Fir timbers, their high-end Radio

Frequency Vacuum kiln dried product, in

addition to green timbers, and commodity

products. Tru-Dry is most often used in

residential timber frame applications, but

is also ideal for lodges, resorts, and commercial

projects requiring exposed

beams, according to the company. FGL is

also home to Accuruff, the original

process for providing a rough-texture to

four sides of a timber in one pass.

Accuruff is the ideal rough-texture

process for appearance grade rough lumber

and timbers.

FGL ships by the piece, unit, truck or carload,

to wholesalers and distributors

across the U.S. and Canada. For more

information or to find out how Forest

Grove Lumber can help with your next

project call 800-647-9663, or visit the

company website: www.fglco.com.

Please Visit Us At

Booth No. 532

Get on Board With




• Over 130 million board feet annually.

• A quality product from environmentally

managed forests.

• Douglas Fir, Larch, Hem Fir, Engelmann

Spruce, Lodgepole Pine, Idaho White Pine,

Inland Red Cedar, and Ponderosa Pine.

• A multi-generational company here to serve

you now and in the future.

Jim Vandegrift, Sales Manager


Telephone: 208-875-1321 FAX: 208-875-0191

P.O. Box 130 Princeton, ID 83857


PHONE: (208) 875-1321 FAX: (208) 875-0191

Web Site: www.blpi.com • E-mail: jim@blpi.com

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Yesterday and Today: ROSBORO Supplies

Timber Products Through Decades of Change

102 Years of Excellence

S p r i n g f i e l d , O r e . —

Today, Rosboro is one of

the largest private timber

holders in the Pacific

Northwest. However, the

company’s pioneering

roots date back to 1906

when T.W. Rosborough

started the Caddo River

Lumber Co. in western

Arkansas. Heading west in

1939, by 1940,

Rosborough had started

Rosboro Lumber Co. in

Springfield, Ore.—and the

legend of the “Northwest’s

most modern lumber manufacturing

plant” began.

Looking back, our world

of 2008 bears little resemblance

to the timber marketplace

of more than 100

years ago. Market

demands shift, expand and

contract. Economies cycle.

Technological improvements

impact production

as well as the very way

business is conducted on a

daily basis. To put it mildly,

the rules have changed.

Rosboro has not only survived

these market

changes, but flourished in

them. Sustaining a robust

company through decades

of change requires a longterm

view of the future, and

a willingness to invest and

evolve. Over the years,

Rosboro has grown into a

vertically integrated forest

products company with

large timberlands to support

its mills. Today,

Rosboro is the leading producer

of glulam products

in the nation

along with a wide

range of lumber and

plywood products for

the home building


Springfield operations

include: veneer,

plywood, a stud mill, a

glulam plant and a

dimension mill that

manufactures lamstock

and 4-inch timbers.

West of

Springfield is the

Vaughn laminating

plant. Having a mix of

products on one site

allows customers to

manage their inventory

with mixed loads.

In addition, Rosboro



W a s h i n g t o n

Hardwoods, a door

and window frame

manufacturing company

located in Seattle that caters primarily

to the commercial construction industry.

One constant through the decades is that

Rosboro products are known for their ease

of use, convenient installation, strength

and stability. Consistently employing the

latest and smartest innovations in manufacturing

technology, improving efficiency

and identifying economies of scale,

Rosboro has always provided its customers

with high-quality products at competitive


Rosboro’s Family of Products

Rosboro manufactures a wide variety of

quality stud products and timbers. Up-todate

technology gives Rosboro the ability

to offer custom trim lengths, special grade

sorts and custom package sizes. The stud

product mix consists of 2x4 and 2x6 8-foot,

9-foot and 10-foot kiln dried DF, kiln dried

Hem-Fir and green DF and 3x4, 3x6, 4x4

and 4x6 8-foot, 9-foot and 10-foot surfaced

green DF. Also available from our dimension

mill is 4x6 and 4x8 No. 1 FOHC and

No. 2 & Better S4S. Rosboro takes pride in

producing great quality products and providing

superior customer service.

A diverse selection of exterior plywood is

produced in a variety of lengths and thicknesses.

Rosboro specializes in 9-foot and

Rosboro’s BigBeam combines strength,

stability and versatility, making it a popular

product among builders. BigBeam is made in

typical I-joist depths of 9 1/4-inches, 9 1/2-

inches, 11 1/4-inches, 11 7/8-inches, 14-inches,

16-inches and 18-inches, and is sized to

match framing widths of 3 1/2-inches, 5 7/16-

inches and 7-inches.

Ideal for I-joist floor systems and other conventional

framing applications, Rosboro

1.8E IJC is a 24F beam that’s designed to

match I-joist widths and depths eliminating

the need for shimming. This beam has a balanced

layup, no camber and is lightweight,

making it simple and easy to install.

Available in a 3 1/2-inch width and common

depths of 9 1/2-inches, 11 7/8-inches, 14-

inches, 16-inches and 18-inches.

Rosboro Glulam – Architectural appearance beams are

perfect for load-bearing applications where the beam is

exposed and appearance is important. Manufactured to

match standard architectural beam sizes they are available

in 3 1/8-inch, 5 1/8-inch, 6 3/4-inch and 8 3/4-inch

widths, and depths from 6-inches to 25 1/2-inches in 1 1/2-

inch increments.

10-foot panels and struct. I.

Loads can be paperwrapped

and can be transported

by semi-trailers,

vans and A-frame rail cars.

Along with producing

veneer for their own plywood

plant, Rosboro produces

and sells veneer to

other plywood and LVL

manufacturers as well.

While most mills only produce

8-foot veneer,

Rosboro additionally has

9-foot and 10-foot capabilities.

We have Metriguard

testing capabilities for LVL

products as well. We also

sell AB and nickel and dime

C veneer.

Rosboro is the largest

glulam manufacturer in

North America with an

extensive product line. The

company’s line of engineered

wood products


• Rosboro Glulam is manufactured

in both

Architectural appearance

for exposed applications

and Framing appearance

for those applications

where framing widths are


• At 30F, BigBeam TM is the

strongest engineered wood

beam in the industry. It

matches EWP depths and

is compatible with I-joist

framing systems.

• 1.8E IJC beams are a

24F 1.8E glulam that is also

I-joist compatible, has a balanced

layup and is perfect

for those times when a 30F

beam just isn’t


• Treated Glulam

beams are rated 24F,

1.8E and made from

Southern Pine then

treated with a low-toxicity

wood preservative

and water-repellent

treatment. These

beams carry a 25-

year limited warranty.

• NEW: Tall Wall glulam

systems consist

of a 1.9E column with

either 24F or 30F glulam

headers. Lighter

and stiffer than most

engineered wood

products, this valuable

combination provides

a range of

options for building

tall walls that have

excellent wind resistance.

In addition to our

wood products, transportation

has always been a service

Rosboro provides to its customers. The

customer service staff identifies competitive

rates, tracks cars to each destination,

and assists with freight claims. Unlike

some suppliers, Rosboro does not profit

from shipping. We consider this a service

our customers deserve and therefore part

of what a good supplier should do.

It Matters Who You Talk To –

Our People

Rosboro is large enough to meet customers’

needs, yet small enough to offer

the best, person-to-person customer service.

Lasting relationships are why distributors

look to Rosboro as a supplier they can

communicate with and count on. Although

Rosboro continues to grow, all divisions

share the same commitment to customer

service. Our customers have always been,

and will continue to be, the first priority.

Please Visit Us At

Booth No. 742


Diverse Line Of Products

This photo shows an aerial view of Parton Lumber Company’s expansion project. The N.C.-based company

added five dry kilns and a storage building.

Rutherfordton, N.C.—Parton

Lumber Company Inc., was founded

in 1949 by Verno Parton. Today,

Parton Lumber Co. is owned and

operated by a third generation,

Furman and Patrick Parton. The

company now employs approximately

130 employees.

The company, situated on 75

acres, produces all grades

of kiln-dried Eastern White

Pine shop grade lumber

and Appalachian hardwoods.

The company manufactures

about 37 million

board feet of Eastern

White Pine annually, along

with 19 million board feet

of hardwoods in 4/4

through 8/4 thicknesses.

Approximately 5 percent of

the production is sold green/airdried

and the remaining is kiln


The firm operates three band

head rigs with one being a twin

band mill, a slant 48-inch carriage

with a seven-foot McDonough

band mill. A Prescott six-foot

resaw, SII steam dry kilns with 2.3

million board feet capacity, two fan

sheds that can each dry 1 million

board feet per charge, a USNR 90-

bay sorter, a 48,000-square-foot

heated lumber storage shed, planing

mill, grading facility and a custom

Yates American S2S planer.

A new twin band horizontal resaw

and a thin kerf edger with chipping

heads were installed in 2004.

“We had bottlenecks in the mill

that existed due to our board

edger not being capable of handling

quite the production,” said

Scott Hughes, vice president.

“Optimization is the name of the

game these days and there is no

substitute for increasing yield, and

this new equipment will help in

those areas.”

Hughes said the company had

added five new dry kilns for a total

of 29 kilns. This allows for approximately

2.8 million board feet of

lumber to be produced.

Services offered include: export

prep, container loading, dipping

and/or end coating of lumber.

Parton operates six companyowned

trucks for short deliveries

within a 200-mile radius of the

facility and long hauls are contracted

out commercially.

The company ships products

throughout North

America and into Asia,

Europe and Mexico.

“One way we have diversified

is to manufacture

logs for the log home

industry,” said Alfred

Mayo, director of sales

and marketing. “Sizes

range from 4x6 to 8x12 up

to 16-feet long with

approximately 9 million board feet

of timbers each year.”

Parton Lumber is a member of

and produced Western Wood

Products Assoc. shop grades, as

well as National Hardwood

Lumber Assoc. In addition, the

company is also a member of

the Appalachian Hardwood

Manufacturers Inc., American

Hardwood Export Council and the

Appalachian Lumbermen’s Club.

Mayo said that Parton Lumber

practices sustainable forestry at

the modern state-of-the-art manufacturing

facility that helps to meet

prompt shipments for customers.

The sales team consists of Jimmy

Clay, Norman Atchley and

Kimberly Clayton for lumber needs

and Stephen Snider for log home

timber requirements.

Parton Lumber is an integrated

lumber manufacturing company

from stump to finished goods and

plans on continuing for many years

to come with production of quality


October 2008 Advertorial Page 59


B e n d , O r e . —Deschutes Pine

Sales, a cornerstone in the industry

since 1974, has created a new trading

division, “GEMS OF THE

NORTHWEST.” The trading groups

of Deschutes have combined their

expertise to bring all the products of

the Northwest to customers on one

truck with just one phone call.

“One afternoon we were loading a

truck at our Pine yard. We had VG

Fir, Alder, Ponderosa Pine PC

Maple, Hem Fir Lodgepole Pine and

Western Red Cedar all under one

roof,” recalls Steve Fetrow. “We

decided at that time that each division

should start offering their customers

our other products from the

Northwest. It just took off from there.

We now specialize in mixed full and

partial loads. It is a real complement

to any distribution sales operation

that buys a little bit of everything

from the northwest. It sure makes

sourcing easy, not to mention


Deschutes envoy’s a successful

hardwoods trading group, which

offers a full line of kiln-dried hardwood

lumber, dimension, hardwood

flooring and Tiger Ply imported hardwood


Matt McCoun is heading up the division.

Matt brings 15 years of hardwood

trading experience to


“Business is done by invitation

only. I know if we take care of our

suppliers and customers and are

willing to go the extra mile, we

Steve Fetrow, Frank Cammack, Matt McCoun and Pete McCracken of Deschutes Pine Sales.

should continue to earn those invitations,”

said McCoun.

The company also offers a wide

range of high-grade West Coast

Softwood species that include

Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar

and Hemlock.

Pete McCracken is sourcing and remanufacturing

primarily clear grades

in those species. “I have a real passion

for these specialty materials,”

said McCracken. “We are excited to

be supplying clear vertical grain

products in rough sawn lumber, timbers

and value-added products,

such as paneling and flooring.”

Steve Fetrow continues Deschutes

Pine Sales’ tradition of supplying

quality Pine boards and commons.

Deschutes Pine keeps an Inventory

of Pine, including paneling and

decking in Bend.

Call Steve with any inquiries or

questions on Deschutes’ Pine products

at 800-547-5660.

Frank Cammack, founder of

Deschutes Pine, continues to handle

Doug Fir and Fir/Larch laminating

stock. Deschutes Pine handles the

sales of Ochoco’s Lithuania Spruce

and Pine into the U.S. markets.

Deschutes partnered with Ochoco

Lumber in 2005. Ochoco Lumber of

Prineville, Ore., a company known

for its diverse product line is excited

about the addition at Deschutes.

Please Visit Us At

Booth No. 815



Page 60

Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue

Skana Forest Products has been selling into the North American market for the last twenty

years. Our head office is located in Vancouver, B.C. and we have a small office in Florida,

Vernon, B.C., as well as a remanufacture specialty WR Cedar products in Vernon, B.C. and

Spruce in Herbert, Saskatchewan.

At the end of 2007 we took the opportunity to open an office in Montreal with a couple of very

experienced traders in the eastern market, Marcel Picard and his son, Louis Picard. We look

forward to new opportunities in this ever changing lumber market.

Congratulations NAWLA on another successful Traders Market!



Louis Picard

I am proud to be a part of Skana forest

products and our new venture here in

Montreal, Originally from British

Columbia, I have been in Quebec for 17

years. I have been in the lumber business

officially since 1998, unofficially I have

been a part of the lumber business all of

my life as my father is a lumberman himself.

I have a beautiful wife and son.

A graduate of the University of

Montreal, I have been in the lumber

business since 1973. After 20 years

in Vancouver at Tiaga Forest

Products, I came back to Quebec to

head their distribution yards in

Boucherville and St-Augustin. I

retired in 2003, but was persuaded

to come back in 2007 to work with

my son Louis at Skana Forest


Marcel Picard

1303-20800 Westminster Hwy

Richmond, BC V6V 2W3


Web www.skana.com



B.C. 1.604.273.5441 Florida 1.954.202.1001 Quebec 1.877.281.1971
















Cedar Creek has been providing building material

dealers with premium wood products for more than 31 years.

Your source for lumber, sidings, plywoods, fencing, lattice,

PBU, MDF, and more.

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