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Jetline marvel

This first issue is the beginning of our long journey which packed with striking Aviation reports , airlines reviews , articles,stories and most of all phenomenal imagery by reports from all over the globe about aviation & aerospace enthusiast people. Jetline Marvel is Synchronized by Aerospace Science Research Foundation(India) as well as Aerospace Science Club, Bengaluru.


2 JETLINE marvel I January 2015 ‘Our Deepest Condolences for Air Asia Air crash Victims ‘

3 JETLINE marvel I January 2015 JETLINE Author Preface I am delighted to present JETLINE marvel first edition. I am particularly excited to include many aviation stories which took the world’s attention The JETLINE has strong reputation for quality in the field of Aviation. JETLINE has lot of aviation authors across the globe who believe in ‘sharing is happiness’ hence we joined together and framed a platform to share our knowledge. I would like to show my gratitude to the companies which gave me copyrights to include them in our edition. Thank you

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