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Distribution Center CEVA Logistics Belgium NV, Tongeren ... - viastore


Distribution Center

CEVA Logistics Belgium NV,



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Service Providers

New Installations

Giant Pallet Warehouse

with High Throughput

Initial Situation

CEVA Logistics is one of the worlds

leading logistic providers. Among

others CEVA Logistics is as a third

party logistic company (after the

takeover from TNT Logistics) respon -

sible for the distribution of Black-&-

Decker-electronic tools all over

Europe. To ensure the reliable supply

of these products it was neces sary to

build the new Central European

Distribution Center in Tongeren,


System Solution

Having submitted an integrated overall concept,

viastore systems was selected by TNT

(Belgium) to realize the new warehouse giant

as a general contractor. In addition to projec t

planning, viastore systems provided the concept

for the rack-supported structure, the

material flow computer, storage and retrieval

(S/R) machines and the conveyor system and

oversaw the practical implementation of the

project. The main feature of the high-bay

warehouse is storage for approximately

58,000 Euro pallets, which are arranged in 8

aisles and serviced by 8 viapal S/R machines.

The rack-supported system is designed for

double-deep storage.

The Result

The new Central European Distribution Center

was put into operation after a construction

period of one year. Smooth operation is

ensur ed by the viad@tMFC material flow

control system in conjunction with 8 viapal

storage and retrieval machines, which handle

254 pallets per hour machines.

Scope of Supply:

Planning and projection

General contractor

S/R machines

Conveyor system

Material flow control system viad@tMFC

Conveyor control system viad@tCCS

Essential Features:

Pallet warehouse:

Length: 328 ft. (100 m)

Width: 190 ft. (58 m)

Height: 112 ft. (34 m)

8 viapal S/R machines

57,632 storage locations

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Contact: Tel. +49 (0) 711 98 18-195 · info@viastore.com · www.viastore.com

viastore systems GmbH · Magirusstraße 13 · 70469 Stuttgart/Germany

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