December 2006 - Alpine Mountain Region

December 2006 - Alpine Mountain Region

December 2006

Nothing says

“I love You” like...


2006 Board of Directors

From L - R, President: Ryan Hiatt, Vice President,: Dave Rousseau, Treasurer, Keny Whitright,

Members At Large, Cristy Sulewski and Ron Martinez

President Ryan Hiatt 719/332-4465

Vice President Dave Rousseau 719/488-8316

Treasurer Keny Whitright 719/548-8253

Secretary Cristy Sulewski 719/487-1769

Member At Large Ron Martinez 719/243-3531

Member At Large Jim Sorensen 719/488-3373

Committee Members


Kathleen Lennon 719/330-1525

CHALLENGE SERIES: Bill Schneider 719/266-5911


INSTRUCTOR: Pat DiGiovanni 719/532-0482


COORDINATOR Anita Mahan 719/594-6363

DOOR PRIZES: Bruce Larsen 719/574-5788

EQUIPMENT: Loren Southard 719/475-1046

DRIVING EVENTS: Loren Southard 719/475-1046

TOURS/SPECIAL EVENTS: Chris Lennon 719/487-2842


Kathleen Lennon 719/330-1525

NEWSLETTER EDITOR: Phil O’Brien 719/210-7035

SAFETY: Tom Mitchell 719/578-0185

WEB MEISTER: Cyrille Parent 719/540-7433



From all of us to all of you - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Membership Meeting... Jan. 16th at

Porsche of Colorado Springs



Welcome New Members

Oscar & Alex Gonzales

5165 Slickrock Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

719/266-8845 Silver 1983 911

Travis Trussell

1958 Woodpark Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80951


505/453-0866 Artic Silver 1999 Boxster

Steven Morgan

21190 Hamilton Road

Cedaredge, CO 81413 2003 911

Kris Wilson & David Riddle

760 Rorest View Circle

Monument, CO 80132-8269

303/638-8522 White 2005 996

242 Members - 194 Affiliates



Please do not forget to renew your membership.

You can do so by logging on to the PCA website at

or contact Kathleen Lennon at



To those who submit articles and photos I give great thanks. It makes the task of bringing the fun and friends we have had

to our membership an easier job. Sharing the times we’ve had together is a huge part of what this newsletter is all about.

The other big part of what Mountain Passages does is inform and update schedules and calendars. If you have an event

coming up or have an experience to share send it in on

the tenth of the month prior to publication

and let our friends know how much fun is in store... don’t miss the next one!


Come to...




TO BE HELD AT 6:30 pm

JBJ Precision

4829 Centennial Blvd.

Colorado Springs, CO 80919

TUESDAY, December 5, 2006





Badges? We Don‛t Need No Stinkin‛ Badges!

Oh Yes You Do!

An AMR Membership Badge Offers

You Many Benefits!

Cover up small stains on your clothing.

A couple of extra opportunities for door prizes at the Monthly

Membership Meetings?

Save others the embarrassment of forgetting your name.

Swap badges and impersonate another member.

Show your AMR Pride.

Very handy when you forget your own or (even worse)

your spouse‛s name.

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$7.00 Per Badge

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Name: _____________________________

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Without the support of our door prize sponsors

dinner meetings would be just a little

less exciting and rewarding. Our sponsors,

like Jim Verhey of Reincarnation, October’s

door-prize sponsor, allow us not only to

fill more pages with more Porsche related

stories, tech tips and pictures, they help us

bring home some loot after dinner.

Support our advertisers! Looking for something

Porsche related? Looking for an easy

way to show support for AMR? Many of

them are members, too!

Porsche of Colorado Springs

Please make your check payable to AMR/PCA and mail it to:

Kathleen Lennon

19065 Pebble Beach Way

Monument, CO 80132

- OR-

E-mail me at

is pleased to announce the recent appointment of

AMR member Martin Willis as Sales Consultant.

Martin has 30 years experience with Porsche cars.

Call Martin on 719 330-0085 or drop in and see him

and our range of new and used Porsches.

4801 Monaco St * Denver, CO



It’s back and better than ever!

This year, we’ll be holding the event on Saturday, February 10th,

2007. We’re headed back up to beautiful Winter Park, where the

snow is plentiful, and the views spectacular!

The beauty of this is that the tour leaves right from the Winter Park Mountain Lodge, a lovely spot, where we

have arranged rooms for that night at the discounted rate of $125.

The tour itself will be professionally guided, for two hours, up to the top of the Continental Divide. A “play area”

for those wanting to really experience what these machines can do, along with stops along the way to explore

local history and scenic vistas should make it lots of fun.

The tour will take place in the afternoon, followed by an informal dinner where we can re-connect with all of our

Porsche friends, and relive the day’s adventures.

Registration is limited, so if you’d like to join us, register as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.

Note: this is not an official PCA event, simply a gathering of Porsche friends with a winter need for speed.

When: Saturday, February 10th, 2007

Where: Winter Park

What: Two hour snowmobile tour, with dinner and lodging options

How Much: $90 per driver, only $35 more for a passenger

Lodging Option: $125 for a room the night of February 10th at Winter Park Mountain Lodge

Deadline: Hotel rooms must be reserved by January 27, 2007. Snowmobile tour checks must

be received by January 27th, 2006.

How To Register: Contact Chris Lennon at to reserve your spot (note number of drivers

and passengers). Send your check payable to Chris Lennon, and mail it to us 19065 Pebble Beach Way, Monument,

CO, 80132. Contact the Winter Park Mountain Lodge directly to arrange overnight accommodations at:

1-800-726-3340. Be sure to tell them you’re part of the Porsche Club group (booking code 201958).



“2009 Colorado Porsche Parade”

The Rocky Mountain and Alpine Mountain Regions of the

Porsche Club of America are planning to host a Parade

in Colorado in 2009. For those of you who have never

attended a National Porsche Parade, and as a refresher

for those of you who have, here is what a Porsche Parade

is. The term “Porsche Parade” started in August 1956,

when 64 enthusiastic 356 owners gathered at a suburban

Washington motel for four days of Porsche enjoyment and

friendship. A “parade” of Porsches through the Maryland

countryside caused everyone to refer to the event as the

Porsche Parade. The nickname has stuck, and the event

now draws up to 1300 PCA members every year.

The National Porsche Parade is the annual gathering or

convention for PCA members from all over the world. We

gather to talk Porsches, look at Porsches, drive Porsches,

and share experiences. The Parade has been hosted by

one or more PCA Regions each summer since 1956, and

consists of at least five to six days packed full of competitive

and social events, seminars, children’s activities and

much camaraderie. Besides entrants, representatives from

the Porsche factory in Stuttgart and Porsche Cars North

America also attend, along with numerous automotive-related

spokesmen and women.

The week consists of four major competitive events. The

Concours d’ Elegance is a display of Porsches in a parklike

or golf course setting, where the entrants’ cars are

judged on cleanliness and originality. We are also going

to have a Porsche wash and shine display at our Parade,

which will take place along side the Concours cars. The

Rally is a timed touring event over public roads. During

the rally, all posted speed limits and traffic laws are

obeyed. The Autocross is a single car timed slalom-like

event, usually in a large paved parking lot. The Tech Quiz

is a written test challenging the entrant’s knowledge of

Porsche technology and history. We will also be scheduling

additional events such as a new event called the Zone

Challenge, 5K-walk/run event, and tours to local attractions

to help round out the week.

again jointly hosted by both regions. Volunteers will be a

large part of the success of the Colorado Parade, and our

regions will need your assistance. At this point in organizing

the ’09 Colorado Parade we are in search of experienced

Parade goers to Chair and volunteer for the many

positions/jobs to help turn this adventure into a reality. We

will all give many hours of our precious time and energy

over the next two years toward this eventual Colorado offering

to all of PCA.

What I ask at this time is for you to consider attending

the San Diego ’07 Parade. The ’08 Parade will be held in

Charlotte, North Carolina and may be a bit more challenging

for we Westerners to attend, although not impossible.

It would be our recommendation that you put forth the effort

to acquire the needed Parade experience by attending

one or both of these Parades.

You will not be disappointed.

The November issue of Panorama magazine will contain

a description of the up coming ’07 San Diego, California

Parade. It will explain the requirements of when and how

to register for Parade. Please think about attending this

Parade so you will acquire the Parade experience we will

need for our own ’09 Parade. The Pano article will give

a specific date in January of ’07 to go online and register.

The Porsche Parade fills up quickly, and if you hesitate to

register for even a few days after the official opening date,

you may not get in.

The regions of Rocky Mountain and Alpine Mountain are

looking forward to another joint venture by hosting the

2009 Colorado Porsche Parade. More details on the site

and 2009 dates will follow in additional articles.

Kathy Fricke

’09 Colorado Parade Chair designate

Rocky Mountain region hosted its first Porsche Parade in

Colorado back in 1960 at Aspen. The second Colorado

Parade took place in 1966 in Colorado Springs. There

was a twelve-year pause until 1978, when it took place in

Aspen once more.

The decision was made in 1988 to host the Colorado

Parade jointly, when Rocky Mountain and Alpine Mountain

hosted that Parade in Colorado Springs. And finally, 1998

took the Colorado Parade to Steamboat Springs, once

Go Kathy! Go Kathy!



Tentative Schedule for 2007

2007 CS Type Reg Event Title

Jan 13 M RMR Dave Marshall’s Tech Session

Jan 20 A RMR Eiskhana

Jan 27 R AMR Mini Rally

Feb 10-11 T AMR Snowmobile Tour

Feb 17 M RMR “Dinner and a Movie”

Mar 3 M RMR Tech Inspector Training

Mar 31-Apr 1 CS A RMR Autocross School & Autocross

Apr 7 M Both Instructor Meeting

April 14 CS T RMR Spring Tour

Apr 21 M RMR Corner Worker School

May 4-6 T AMR Gateway/Moab Tour

May 12 CS A AMR Autocross

May 19-20 CS D AMR LaJunta DE

May 26-28 E RR Fiesta Del Porsche Santa Fe

June 10 CS C RMR Concours d’Elegance

June 9-10 CS D AMR Pueblo DE

June 16-17 CS T AMR Keystone Tour

June 23 D RMR Ladies’ Day (State Patrol)

June 24 T RMR President’s Day (State Patrol)

June 30–July 8 E PCA Porsche Parade

July 15 O AMR Golf Tournament

July 21-22 T AMR Crested Butte tour

Aug 11-12 CS D AMR Pueblo DE

Aug 18-19 CS T AMR Driver Train-ing Tour

Sept 14 D RMR Pueblo No Times DE

Sept 15-16 E RMR PCA Pueblo Club Race & DE

Sept 22-23 CS T AMR Fall Tour

Sept 29-30 CS D RMR Aspen

Oct 6-7 CS D RMR La Junta DE

Oct 13 CS T RMR One Day Tour

Oct 14 M Joint Board Meeting

Oct 28 CS A RMR Trick or Cross Autocross

Dec 1 M AMR Holiday Party

Dec 8 M RMR Holiday Party



It’s a FIAT!

Jim Verhey’s photos from The

Imperial Palace Car Museum

and the SEMA show

Jack Roush and

Jim in Vegas!

Formula One Street...

Like Magic...

Look, ma, no


John Paul’s last ride?



Cayenne 4W Drive System

PSM takes to much control

Q: The cayenne has a serious lag in acceleration

response. I am thinking it is the electronics. When

PSM is on, it kills the gas when the brake pedal is

pushed. There seems to be a lot of electronics going

on. I want to control more of the car. I turned off

PSM and it had better throttle response but revved

higher. I want to control the car. What should I do?

A: You can do nothing, the PSM system is designed

to take over when things are getting rough.

Even when the system is off, it is still on just in case

you really go out of control. Remember, you are

driving a 5500 pound truck and not a 996...

Peter Smith - PCA WebSite - 12/13/2004

924/944/968 (1987 on) Fuel System

1987 944 Warm starting problem/fuel smell in cabin

Q: The car has a minor fuel smell in the cabin,

only when sitting, windows closed. Additionally,

the car always starts fine when cold, but warm/hot

starting has taken more and more cranking in recent

months (car driven only occasionally)to the point

where it did not start when warm but fired right over

the next morning. I did go through some previous

related Q & A but found answers for pre-1987 model,

although I plan to check pressure on the fuel rail

after 20 mins., injectors or fuel pump check valve?

And what about that “mild” fuel smell in cockpit?

A: I sincerely appreciate your searching the

website for other Q&A that might be related to your

circumstance. I can’t tell you how often those of

us on the national tech committee have to respond

to members by referring them back to the website

where they could have found the information themselves.

It’s not that we don’t want to help, it’s just

that members lose time waiting for answers from us

when they can locate the solution they’re looking for

right away and get back to the task at hand.

Assuming there are no obvious fuel leaks, the

smell could be coming from the fuel vapor recovery

system, which includes a small plastic expansion

tank in the c-pillar on the passenger side just above

the fuel filler. Porsche had difficulty with the hose

clamps leading to this tank (made of white plastic

and almost never holds anything but fuel vapor) so

yours may be releasing some hydrocarbons as well.


This tank isn’t easy to get to, but it is possible by removing

the covers and carpeting in the c-pillar area.

You’ll be able to see the connectors after you reveal

the area, and if this is really where the smell is coming

from you’ll know it as you get closer to it.

Bill Burris - PCA WebSite - 10/18/2006

930/911 Turbo/993TT/996TT/GT2 Heat and Ventilation

1986 auxillary heating fan

Q: When should the auxillary heating fan kick in?

My unit seems to come on randomly as it pleases.

A: Are you referring to the fans in the foot wells?

If you have automatic heat in the car, then the fans

should come on when the heat is turned to the higher

settings. Honestly, I have seen a lot of these cars

where the automatic system begins to act up, and

it is a pain to diagnose which part is actually faulty.

There are sensors under the car by the flapper

valve, and interior temp sensor, and the wiring and

control unit between the seats etc. You may want to

check these components out to be sure that they are

working properly. Also check the fuses for the fans

as well, if on or both is blown, then the system can

act funny.

Chirstian Garibaldi - PCA Website - 3/6/03

Boxster, Cayman (986 & 987) Heat and Ventilation


Q: This morning I turned on the defrost for a minute,

then pressed AUTO to return to normal climate

control. The air started coming out of the regular

upper vents, but never got warm. Also the digital fan

level teetered between two markers. I shut the car

off and restarted it. The fan seemed to make a small

cluttering sound before getting to speed. Any ideas?

I’m cold!

A: There is a mixing flap motor located on the

passengers side HVAC unit. When this unit goes bad

it will generally get stuck in the hot or cold position.

The fan speed though would control the volume

of air that would come out of the vents and not on

whether it was cold or hot. Perhaps the noise you

heard was the mixing flap motor clicking and not the


Scott Slauson - PCA WebSite - 4/8/2006


Please Note: Let us know when you sell the item. Classified ads will expire after three issues

and must be renewed by the advertiser by calling or e-mailing the editor by the 10th of the

month of the ads last issue.

FOUND: Cayenne keys in Woodmoor To claim, please contact Martin Willis at Porsche of Colorado Springs (219-1911)1982 VW

pickup - 22,000 miles on GTI restoration; pastel green pearl paint; racing seats; call for more info -PRICE REDUCED $6000.00

John Oliphint @ 231-5181 (10)

Porsche 914 - 1972 yellow repaint with a rebuilt 1.7ltr and dual Weber’s, New re-upholstered seats and back pad, Clean clear title,

15” Rivera wheels with great tires, New Autometer white faced gauge, New chrome front and rear bumpers, New dual steal braided

fuel lines with gauge, MSD complete ignition – 6A box, distributor, coil and wires, New Penn shifter a $470.00 value, KYB shocks

front and rear, Fresh oil change 20-50, New front Drilled rotors that need to be installed, Garage queen for the last 10 years, Needs a

little work but has many, many parts and I am willing to help teach and help complete the project, Runs great! Sale price $3,500.00

priced to sell quickly. Manny Talamantes - (915) 276-4400 (10)

Porsche 914 - 1976 white very nice cruiser 2.0ltr with dual carbs, Factory air still intact – Very Rare not working, Factory exhaust

still intact, All interior lights work, Newer radio with electric Hirschman antenna that works, Rare 17” wheels with new Avon P205-

50 R17 tires, Factory points ignition – New Mallory distributor with MDS ignition wires that need to be installed - $275.00 plus $

35.00-Go with car, New window tinting, New rear trunk carpet, New front rubber trunk seal, New rear trunk shock kit, New dual steal

braided fuel lines with gauge, New front drilled rotors, brake pads with new wheel bearings that need to be installed-Go with car, Keys

will work both doors (lock and unlock) – Rare for a 914, Runs great! Fresh oil change 20-50, Clean clear title, Sale price $5,700.00,

wheels are rare, so is the car with A/C and the last year the car was made. This is a very nice cruiser that needs a good garage.

Manny Talamantes - (915) 276-4400 (10)

Available New parts in my garage for either car that need to be installed. Willing let all of these parts go for a combined low price

of $850.00. Either of (the above) cars could be a track car with a little time and energy. Weltmeister 22mm front sway bar - $ 325.00,

Weltmeister 16mm rear sway bar - $ 309.00, Weltmeister bum steer kit - $ 13.95, Front A-Arm bushings - $19.00ea, Adjustable

Coil-overs that will fit new Bilstein rear shocks $199.00 / $170.00 ea shock, Turbo tie rods - $ 119.00, Metal suspension flex fixers

$ 150.00 – need to be welded, Steel braided brake lines - $ 89.00, Kerry Hunter exhaust for a 2.0ltr - $ 275.00 – white car only, Scat

deep sump - $ 90.00, New 15” Rivera wheels and tires can to with either car if they want to keep an original look. Wow! Did I really

spend over $1,500.00 on parts? When you want a 911 you get very desperate. Manny Talamantes - (915) 276-4400 (10)

1974 911 RSR Replica coupe, VIN WP0AA0911BS120071 Sonoco Blue with Silver Carrera graphics. 3.0 SC motor. Built on a

1981 SC chassis. 122,574 miles (no leaks), excellent oil pressure, even at idle. Exterior: body panels in fiberglass from GT Racing,

with the exception of the doors and roof...all painted Sonoco blue with tasteful amounts of carbon fiber showing. H4 Headlights.

Side skirts. Finished with silver Carrera graphics and Clear Bra. Interior: Also in carbon fiber: dash, radio blank, door window sills,

and inside door panels. Door panels have billet aluminum handcrafted door handles. Air conditioning, sun roof, electric mirrors and

windows. Blue/black RSR type interior with blue/black Sparco seats with matching blue Simpson cam loc seat belts (drivers side)

and blue Simpson regular seat belts (passenger side). New blue headliner. Original weight 2900 lbs, now 2520 lbs. Wheels: 9” & 11”

Fuchs wheels with 245 x 40 x 17 front and 275 x 40 x 17 Bridgestone Potenza rears. Sonoco blue powder painted Titanium lug nuts.

A fine example of an RSR with all the comforts. $27,900. n (11)

SHOP/WAREHOUSE North End Downtown Colorado Springs. The unit is 20’ X 60’ deep equaling 1200 square feet of floor

space. There are two 10’ overhead doors to allow very good access to the unit. Zoned C-6. 211 East Polk St., two blocks south of

the intersection of Fillmore and Nevada, directly behind Trivelli’s Sub Shop and Murphys Bar. $650/month, one year lease required.

Available November 10th. Contact Tom Mitchell Porsche Club member 210-8926 (11)

911/930 Turbo, 1987, 450hp Powerhaus Motor, overall condition 9.5 out of 10. Full 3M clear bra. Limited Slip (40%). 12000 miles

on complete Powerhaus engine rebuild. 6000 miles on new clutch. 6000 miles on complete 4 speed gearbox rebuild. Thousands

upon thousands of dollars spent. All receipts and records for work completed. Original window sticker. Beautiful paint (9.9 out of

10). Special built 17” Fuchs with Michelin Pilots with less than 500 miles. Silver/Black full leather. 77k. I can deliver car to you.

Pictures available on request at $36,500. Tom 719/210-8926. Colorado Springs (12)



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