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Our work in Hospitality


Hospitality | hotels and resorts




At Buro Happold, we’re passionate about great


By thinking harder and applying our technical ingenuity

we’re able to tackle challenges and solve problems in

new and more inspiring ways. In everything we do, we

want to connect with people’s lives and change the

world we inhabit for the better.

Innovators lead where others follow. Our reputation for

delivering world class building and infrastructure projects

is second to none, with award-winning designs that are

often breathtaking in their audacity and originality.

We pride ourselves on our ability to harness new

ideas and empower our people to look beyond the

commonplace. Our strong focus on care, quality,

service and value helps us to beat targets and exceed


We meet the needs of the present while helping to shape

the future. We’re at the leading edge of sustainable, low

energy design and planning, helping to make buildings

greener and communities stronger.

Sabah Al Ahmed Sea City Kuwait

Client: La’ala Real Estate Company

Image: DigitalGlobe Incorporated

The Savoy Hotel London, UK

Architect: ReardonSmith Architects

Image: ReardonSmith Architects

We think for ourselves, but we work as one. As a multidisciplinary

practice we are able to draw on a wealth of

expertise from our global network of offices. Yet we’ve

never lost that all-important agility and ‘personal touch’.

Our secret is in the strength of our relationships – with

clients, with architects, with designers, with stakeholders,

and with each other. We work as an integrated team to

create modern environments fit for the 21st century.

We’re always looking for ways to turn the vision into

action, to influence change, to lead by example. Our

investment in talent and knowledge sharing has put us in

the front rank of international engineering consultancies.

After 35 years at the top of the game, we’ve never lost

our spirit of adventure. On the contrary, we continue to

be driven by an enthusiasm for learning, improvement

and innovation. It’s what makes Buro Happold special.

Macdonald St Paul’s Hotel Sheffield, UK

Architect: Weintraub Associates

Image: Angus McDonald

Al Faisaliah Riyadh, KSA

Architect: Foster + Partners Image: Buro Happold / Joe Poon

Innovative external shading

systems minimise solar gain

and protect against the harsh


Al Faisaliah’s 267m tower houses

the Kingdom’s highest restaurant,

set within a golden glass sphere

Thermal ice storage plant cools

the tower and mall, reducing peak

energy demand by around 30%

Long span, column free arch

structure allows all-round visibility

in the 2000-seat banqueting hall

Buro Happold

Hospitality | hotels and resorts


hos•pi•tal•i•ty noun

The friendly and generous reception and

entertainment of guests, visitors and strangers.



At Buro Happold, we know how to create outstanding hotels and resorts that exceed guests’

expectations of quality, comfort and convenience. By working closely with all parties we are able

to be innovative and responsive to client needs, identifying challenges early on to minimise risks,

reduce costs and optimise operational efficiency.

Our expertise in both new build and refurbishment

projects across a wide spectrum of budgets, coupled with

our understanding of the market trends in the sector,

allows us to offer a range of tailored services to hoteliers

and developers. We consider all aspects of the design, from

creating highly flexible structures that can be adapted for

future needs to considering the best way to utilise space to

maximise income.

Thanks to our work on a wide range of hospitality projects

we are able to expertly balance everything from room

layout, quality of the bathrooms and access to facilities,

to front of house amenities such as bars, restaurants

and shops. Using our practical knowledge we can work

effectively on both new and existing buildings, whatever

the location and climate conditions, to develop the

ultimate hotel experience.

We understand that the needs of the guest are paramount

when designing a hotel. Ease of access to rooms and

reception areas, a high standard of services, robust ICT

systems, a healthy internal climate, acoustic privacy and

good lighting are also vital factors in creating an upbeat

and people-friendly environment. With our insight into all

aspects of hotel design and operation we can optimise the

whole guest journey, from arrival to departure.

Speed of construction and delivering best value at the

lowest capital cost are key factors in modern hotel design.

We can provide expert multi-disciplinary advice on:

Adding value: Hotels need to be cost-effective to build,

operate and maintain. We advise on the best materials and

building systems and can add further value through the

use of fast-track methods such as modular construction

and off-site prefabrication.

Saving energy: For hotel operators, energy efficiency

is vital – energy typically accounts for over 35% of total

operating costs. Our solutions aim to limit the amount

of energy used while boosting occupant comfort. We

also evaluate the building after occupation to monitor its

performance and energy use.

Flexibility: Building flexibility into the hotel allows

the space to be reconfigured in the future, without the

disruption of major remodelling. Creating a flexible space

also allows clients to shut down part of the building during

off-peak seasons, making further cost savings.

Sustainability: Many hotels and resorts are in city

centre or waterfront locations, sometimes forming part

of an urban regeneration scheme. Working in tandem

with architects and developers, we develop sustainable

strategies and masterplans that unlock the potential of the

site and show clients how they can make the best use of

their land and property.

Refurbishment: In a tough economic climate, one clear

value-for-money solution is to re-use existing building

stock, which can be successfully upgraded to meet current

standards for guest facilities and energy usage.

To fi nd out more about our work in hospitality and the services we can provide, please contact

our sector director Paul Rogers on 0049 163 312 4830, or email

Breidenbacher Hof Dusseldorf, Germany

Architect: HPP Image: HPP

First built in 1812, the prestigious

Breidenbacher Hof in Dusseldorf

has been rebuilt as a 95-room

luxury boutique hotel

Guest comfort and convenience

are top priorities, with bedside

controls for room lighting,

curtains and climate

This challenging project was

delivered on budget in less

than three years, a very quick

timescale for a hotel of this size

A diaphragm wall around the

entire site solved the problem of

the confi ned location and deep

basement construction

Buro Happold

Hospitality | hotels and resorts



Buro Happold has over 30 years’ experience in the field of hotel and resort design. During that

time we have built up many long term relationships with leading architects and planners and have

developed a thorough appreciation of the key financial and operational issues facing the hospitality

sector today.

Our multi-disciplinary skills have been applied to projects

around the world. From luxury hotels such as the Silken to

new build hotels such as the Mint Hotels chain; from the

restoration of historic landmarks such as the Savoy to the

sensitive masterplanning of Middle Eastern coastal resorts,

our projects are raising the bar for comfort, value and

energy efficiency.

A snapshot of our past decade in hospitality...


Al Faisaliah Center

Riyadh, KSA


Savoy Hotel, London, UK

Premier Inn

Four Corners, Belfast, UK


Claridge’s Hotel Refurbishment

London, UK


Ras Trompy, Egypt

Hotel Breidenbacher Hof

Düsseldorf, Germany


Radisson Edwardian Hotel

Manchester, UK


Radisson Hotel Wine

Tower, Stanstead, UK

Cumberland Hotel,

London, UK


Heathrow Airport, UK

Mint Hotel

Leeds, UK

Above all, we understand that great ideas and great

solutions come from interaction and teamwork: our

experts – drawn from many disciplines and many sectors –

work together to solve challenges and create high quality

buildings that are also sustainable, easy to construct and

economical to operate and maintain.


Macdonald St Paul’s Hotel

Sheffi eld, UK


Radisson Iveria,

Tblisi, Georgia

Marsa Alam, Egypt

Zavidovo Resort

Moscow, Russia


Holiday Inn

Munich, Germany


Holloway Cicus Tower,

Birmingham, UK

The Cube,

Birmingham, UK

Kilternan Hotel and

Country Club,

Dublin, Ireland

Luttrellstown Castle

Hotel Redevelopment,

Dublin, Ireland

Silken Hotel, London, UK

Project Solalah, Oman

SnOasis, Suff olk, UK

Al Sowa Hotel,

Abu Dhabi


Wroclaw, Poland

Mint Hotel Leeds, UK

Architect: Allies and Morrison Image: Dennis Gilbert

New 13-storey Mint Hotel features

333 bedrooms and a ‘sky lounge’ with

spectacular views across the city

Hotel complements its dockside

location through sensitive use of

materials, including a brick facade

A modular construction approach

was used to maximise the lettable

space on the bedroom fl oors

Applying the best of contemporary

design enhances the guest

environment and experience

Buro Happold

Hospitality | hotels and resorts


A more uplifting

guest experience

Silken Hotel, London, UK

Combining the restored 1903 facade of Marconi

House with a stylish new Portland Stone building,

the 5-star Silken Hotel will be an instantly

recognisable landmark in central London.

The unusual challenges on this high profi le

project required structural gymnastics on virtually

every fl oor: a complex system of 23 steel transfer

structures were needed to achieve a column-free

ground fl oor, while the spectacular triangular

atrium tapers as it rises up through ten storeys to

create a cathedral-like open space at the heart of

the development.

Client Grupo Urvasco S.A.

Architect Foster + Partners

Image Foster + Partners

Buro Happold


Hospitality | hotels and resorts


Breidenbacher Hof, Dusseldorf,


This landmark luxury hotel, rebuilt from wartime

ruins in the 1950s, was totally rebuilt again in

2005-8 to off er international guests the very best

in modern service and facilities. Buro Happold

carried out extensive research and modelling of the

complex inner city site to convince our client that

a strategy of demolition and rebuild made far more

commercial sense than the ‘safer’ refurbishment

option. By eliminating much of the risk we were

able to unlock the full potential of the site – and

achieve a tripling of money-earning building


Client Pearl of Kuwait Real Estate Company

Architect HPP

Image HPP

Creating the

confi dence

to rebuild

Renewing a

heritage hotel

Savoy Hotel, London, UK

An iconic historical landmark, the Savoy Hotel underwent a dramatic reconfi guration to create the optimum

bedroom layout with exclusive views across the River Thames. Our engineers used their unparalleled technical

knowledge to temporarily lift the Savoy’s delicate Grade 2 listed facade, allowing for the original columns that

impeded the bedrooms to be removed from the building and allowing the space to be unlocked. Our unique

technical solution meant that we were able to create the ultimate room layout and reinstate the breathtaking

river views.

Client Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Architect ReardonSmith Architects Image ReardonSmith Architects 11

Hospitality | hotels and resorts


Project Salalah, Oman

Project Salalah is a luxury resort that captures

the spirit and beauty of Oman’s unique coastal

landscape. To bring guests closer to the site’s

natural features, Buro Happold has developed a

green highways strategy to reduce the need for

cars and encourage walking and cycling. With an

eye to safety, we’ve applied our own high design

standards to the road layout in order to modify

driving behaviour and retain a calm, rural feel. This

pedestrian-friendly approach also serves the client’s

aim of not spending on costly infrastructure when

something more light touch will suffi ce.

Client Ominvest

Masterplan Architect Aecom Planning

Image Aecom

Respecting the

natural landscape

Buro Happold


Hospitality | hotels and resorts


A beacon for the city

Iveria Hotel, Tbilisi, Georgia

A historically important building with a colourful

past, the refurbished Radisson SAS Iveria Hotel

in Tbilisi, Georgia, provides some of the best

facilities in Eastern Europe. Our expert advice and

experience meant we were able to demonstrate

to the client that a complete refurbishment of

the existing structure would save demolition,

planning and rebuild costs, as well as a substantial

amount of time. This holistic approach has created

a stunning boutique hotel that meets and exceeds

international standards, while also saving an

important and iconic structure for the city of Tbilisi.

Client New Hotel Joint Stock Company, Tbilisi

Architect GRAFT Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH

Image Buro Happold / Hiepler, Brunier

Buro Happold


Hospitality | hotels and resorts


Naturally inspired solutions

Zavidovo, near Moscow, Russia

Located on the edge of a large reservoir, Zavidovo

will create an exciting new premier waterside resort

and sustainable community for the residents of

Moscow. A key characteristic of the masterplan

is our creative use of the natural landscape to

minimise impact while optimising value. Swales are

used throughout to manage runoff fl ow instead of

an expensive piped system; while our public health

drainage design takes advantage of the naturally

hilly terrain to reduce the number of waste water

pumping stations from around 25 to just six –

representing a signifi cant cost saving for the client.

Client OPIN

Architect EDAW (Aecom)

Image EDAW (Aecom)

A hotel for

all seasons

Al Sowa Island Hotel, Abu Dhabi

The impressive Four Seasons Hotel is the latest milestone in the development of Al Sowa Island, a 54 hectare

site located in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s new central business district. To create a cost-eff ective hotel that off ers

a high standard of luxury and amenities, we designed integrated MEP systems that met strict criteria for noise

and low visibility. Optimising building volume is a key factor in a successful hotel, and our innovative solution

to free up space by dropping some of the plant down two fl oors has resulted in at least £40m in new revenueearning


Client Mubadala Development Company Architect PLP Architecture Image PLP Architecture 17

Buro Happold

Hospitality | hotels and resorts


Shaping the future

OVO, Wroclaw, Poland

The striking curved form of the new OVO will be an

instantly recognisable landmark at the heart of the

regeneration of Wroclaw’s historic city centre, and

will house the fi ve star Hilton Hotel. Buro Happold’s

work on the Ovo’s elegant lightweight facade will

save energy while keeping construction costs low,

as well as giving the hotel a unique translucent

appearance. These innovative solutions will save

the client on operational costs as well as provide a

striking fi rst impression for guests.

Client Wings Properties

Architect Gottesman-Szmelcman / Broadway Malyan Polska

Image Studio Aiko

Buro Happold


Hospitality | hotels and resorts


Creating a mint value hotel

Mint Hotel, Leeds, UK

The superb 4-star Mint Hotel in Leeds City centre

is the centrepiece of the revitalised Granary Wharf

development. By using our ability to incorporate

stylish and elegant solutions in a cost eff ective

and practical way, we were able to maximise the

amount of income generating space – 80% of the

total fl oor space is used for bedroom suites. Our

client was able to benefi t from our already strong

and established relationship with them to fully

realise their expectations.

Client Mint Hotels Ltd

Architect Allies and Morrison

Image Dennis Gilbert

Buro Happold


Hospitality | hotels and resorts



cool in

the desert


Al Faisaliah Centre, Riyadh, KSA

Soaring above the Riyadh skyline, the Al Faisaliah development is one of the most iconic buildings in the

Middle East. Designed by Norman Foster, it incorporates a 5-star hotel, a 2000-capacity banqueting hall and a

270m landmark offi ce tower. Despite the harsh climate, our use of passive energy control methods ensures a

high level of occupant comfort. Virtuoso structural design combines with innovative environmental features

– such as external solar shading and ice cooling for reducing peak electricity demand – to deliver a project of

considerable elegance and performance.

Client King Faisal Foundation Architect Fosters + Partners Image Buro Happold / Foster + Partners

Flexible modules

designed with

fl air

Verbus Travelodge, Heathrow, UK

Using Buro Happold’s revolutionary Verbus

modular construction system, the new 300-room

Travelodge at Heathrow Airport was completed

in an incredible 58 weeks, including demolition of

existing buildings, foundation piling and the 3D

modelling and construction of the primary support

frame. The steel modules arrived on site fully or

partially fi tted-out and were lifted into place over a

period of just three weeks. For medium sized hotels,

the Verbus system can be twice as quick and up to

20% cheaper than traditional building systems –

and its high acoustic rating helps protect against

external noise from roads and airports

Client Travelodge Architect JWA Image Buro Happold

Buro Happold




Delivering innovative solutions with world class architects

The Cube at the Mailbox

Birmingham, UK

Architect: Make Architects

The Zetter Restaurant & Rooms

Clerkenwell, London, UK

Architect: Chetwood Associates

Holiday Inn

Munich, Germany

Architect: Arcadis

Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Free Trade Hall

Manchester, UK

Claridges Hotel Refurbishment

Mayfair, London, UK

Architect: Thierry W Despont Architects, USA

Iveria Hotel

Tbilisi, Georgia

Architect: GRAFT Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH

Premier Inn Four Corners

Belfast, UK

Architect: Colin Conn Architects

Cumberland Hotel

London, UK

Architect: Reardon Smith

Mint Hotel

Leeds, UK

Architect: Allies and Morrison

Holloway Circus

Birmingham, UK

Architect: Ian Simpson Architects

Hospitality | hotels and resorts


Buro Happold

Buildings Environment and Infrastructure Consulting

From our very first project we have used our intricate knowledge of the industry to push the boundaries and

achieve more. It is this commitment that sets us apart, that adds value, that makes us award winning. We

apply the same level of complex thought and specialist expertise to every project we work on.

Our people define what we do. We invest in them in the same way that they invest in us; by providing

opportunities to learn, to research, to develop. Our way of design is to draw on every talent, to consider every

approach, to strive to progress; but to always use our proven methodologies to get results.

After 35 years in the industry we have never lost our desire to be challenged, our passion for creativity and our

sense of adventure. We know that building a place with a future involves creating strong communities that

enable economies to thrive, engaging with society’s big issues and enriching people’s lives.

We are at the forefront of low energy design: we deliver projects that have less carbon emissions and are more

sustainable, we deliver projects that do not cost the earth. Our expert teams of engineers and consultants

know how to get the best out of the world’s precious land and resources to provide for a growing population.

We are leading the way in shaping a new future.




























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