The Navy Vol_58_Part1 1996 - Navy League of Australia

The Navy Vol_58_Part1 1996 - Navy League of Australia


So proudly she

On Active Service

The Lauriana was commissioned by

the Royal Australian Navy on

27/8/41 and fitted with depth

charges and Oerilikon gun.

She was the first vessel to sight the

)apanese midget submarines in

Sydney Harbour on the 31/5/42 and

was credited with 1 1/2 kills.

Later, whilst stationed at Milne Bay.

she worked as an air/sea rescue

vessel in operational areas.

General Douglas Macarthur used

Lauriana to tour the fleet in the

Pacific war zones.

These faded photographs show the former

graceful ketch Laurtana converted to the

Naval Auxiliary Patrol Boat 502.

Commissioned in 1941. she was fitted with

depth charges and an Oerilikon gun and

operated out of Milne Bay as a air-sea recue


Regarded as the flagship of the Papua New

Guinea Navy she carried General Douglas

Macarthur on his tours of the South Pacific

operational zones.

From the top:

On the Slips Cairns 1942

Bill Arnott Jnr. at the helm.

American P.T. Base' Cairns 1942

Make and Mend' Milne Bay 1942

South Pacific War Zone' 1942-1943

Showing protective cladding, depth charges

and Oerilikon Gun.

After the War' Sydney 1945

Extensive refit followed.

The Lauriana has featured in other

notable events such as :

• Towing the Krait' from Northern Australia

following that vessels use for the daring

commando raid in Singapore Harbour.

• Entertained the Queen and Prince Phillip

when they dined on board during the

coronation tour in 1954

• Served for seven times as the radio relay

ship for the Sydney to Hobart race betwween

1955 and 1964

16 The Navy, April 1996

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