French - Circostrada Network

French - Circostrada Network


The European landscape of the street arts and circus has greatly evolved in the

last ten years.

Federations, trade unions and local networks have been formed in several

countries to represent and defend this sector of contemporary creation.

Their activities are essential to promote greater structuring and recognition for an

artistic field that continues to receive little support from public authorities and

cultural institutions.

As part of the publication activities carried out by our network Circostrada, we

have decided to bring together in one publication a description of these different

organisations, their missions and their activities.

Aside from our informative role, our network also works to offer places of gathering

and cooperation to European professionals.

We thus hope that the organisations presented in this publication can come to

develop, along with their national activities, a level of collective and resolutely

European activity as well.

Stéphane Simonin Yohann Floch

Director [HorsLesMurs] Head of International Relations [HorsLesMurs]

Coordinator [Circostrada Network]

3 / January 2010

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