Concert Program - Cary Academy

Concert Program - Cary Academy

10 th Annual Spring Pops Concert

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6:00 PM

Cary Academy Auditorium

Concert Program

Theme from Jurassic Park (1993)

Beginning Band

John Williams / arr. Sweeney

Theme from Mission Impossible (1966)

Lalo Schifrin / arr. Sweeney

Combined Beginning and MS Band

Eye of the Tiger (1982)

Medley from Lord of the Rings (2001)

MS Band

US Band

Sullivan & Peterik / arr. Vinson

Howard Shore / arr. Bullock

Gonna Fly Now (1976)

John Williams: The Symphonic Marches (1980-84)

Combined MS and US Band

Bill Conti / arr. Story

John Williams / arr. Higgins

Louie, Louie (1955)

MS Jazz Band

Richard Berry / arr. Grush

Theme from the Pink Panther (1963)

Henry Mancini / arr. Lewis

Combined MS and US Jazz Band

Song for My Father (1964)

I Got You (I Feel Good) (1966)

Big Noise from Winnetka (1940)

US Jazz Combo

US Jazz Band

Horace Silver

James Brown / arr. Jennings

Haggart & Bauduc / arr. Lavender


10-11 Beginning Band Members

Flute Tenor Sax Trumpet

Margaret Cece Damon Blair Michael Alberse

Jessica Jenkens

Matthew Glosson

Drake Richards * Baritone Sax Jonathan Kacvinsky

Michael Crow

Sam Kozlowski

Clarinet Jimmy McShane *

Tommy Baker Trombone Yusuf Nyang’oro

Esra Balkas Davis Braswell Bryce Patisaul

Anna Go Caleb Norfleet John Peterson

Matthew Lee Patrick Schaefer * Doug Smith

Luke Morin *

Sam Stanforth

Margaret Muth


Charlotte Waechter Piano Ben Dungan

Jack Maxfield

Ryan Janssen

Alto Sax Danny Sharp *

Tommy Bright

Pranay Tankala #

Jessica McCoppin * * Section Leader # Officer


10-11 Middle School Band Members

Flute Tenor Sax Trumpet

Avery Campbell Jeonghun Lee * Jonathan Avery

Kevin Kenna *

Michael Hopkins

Alex Ramirez Trombone Matthew Hutzenbuhler

Kendall Bell #

Varun Kasula

Clarinet Shaan Buttar Josh Milligan *

Arnav Goswami

Emilio Ochoa

Jaren Hubal *


Aiden LeFebvre Ian Brundige Percussion

Ian O' Rourke

Michael Dudash

Nyal Patel # Tuba Tyler Gregory

Kevin Wu Jack Pullen Owen Guard

Pallavi Yerramsetty

Griffin Matsuo

Bass Brian Nelson *

Alto Sax Nick Trombetta Dre Ransdell

Mensheng Romano *

Richard VanVliet * Section Leader # Officer


10-11 Upper School Band Members

Flute/Piccolo Bass Clarinet Trombone

Emma Astrike-Davis Chris Martin Daniel Sheitman

Ruchi Desai *

Liz Walton Bassoon Percussion

Wynton Wong 11 * # Jen Kenyon * H Alexander Ade DL

Christine Yazdani 11 #

Archita Chandra

Alto Sax

Gerry Cuomo DL

Clarinet Michael Averell * Gaurav Judge DL

Andy Cooper H Alex Touzov Yates Parrish 11 # DL

Marisa Gao H

Elizabeth Hunt H Tenor Sax 11 Class of 2011

Michael Papich 11 H Andrew Tie 11 H # Officer

Andrew Tie 11 * H * Section Leader


DL Drumline

Nick Schumann 11 * H NCAIS Honor Band


10-11 Middle School Jazz Band Members

Clarinet Tenor Sax Piano

Tommy Baker Damon Blair Kaavya Ashok

Charlotte Waechter Jeonghun Lee


Alto Sax Baritone Sax Michael Todd

Jessica McCoppin Michael Crow

Pranay Tankala



Matthew Glosson

Kendall Bell Yusuf Nyang’oro


10-11 Upper School Honors Jazz Band Members

Alto Sax Trumpets Piano

Joe Calder Zach Graves Joseph Cornett C

Alex Coeytaux C * Nick Schumann 11

Rachna Kuchibhatla Daniel Orol C * H Bass

Devon Witek

Thomas Worm C

Tenor Sax Michael Papich (Clar.) 11

Andy Cooper


Andrew Tie 11 # H Trombones Pujith Adusumilli

Andrew Hamrick Max Braun 11 *

Baritone Sax Daniel Sheitman Lars Dolder C

Austin Mangelsdorf

Matt Rushin


Harrison Wicker


Jake Buchanan C

Gerry Cuomo

Alex Cooper C

Gaurav Judge Gerry Cuomo C Combo

H NCAIS Honor Band

# Officer * Section Leader 11 Class of 2011


Awards Program

Certificate Symbols of Participation


This represents the

effort made by any

student who

auditioned to

participate in an

honor ensemble.


This represents the

effort made by any

student who performed

in an honor ensemble.

Other Ensemble

This represents a


participation in a

second music class

at Cary Academy.

Jazz Band

This represents

membership in either the

US or MS Jazz Band.

Pep Band or


This represents a


participation in Pep

Band or US

Drumline Club.

Officer or Section


This represents a

student’s leadership role

in class.


This represents a


performance at the

Elon Jazz Festival

Disney Trip

This represents a

student’s participation in

the workshop

on the

Band Trip to

Orlando, FL


Award Descriptions

Director's Award for Leadership

Students exhibit leadership in many ways. Some motivate those around them to work together to

stretch personal limits. Others lead by example, teaching those around them by being prepared and

playing their music as it is meant to be played. Still, others lead by demonstrating consistent effort

and excellence in their overall approach to playing music on their instruments. Students receiving

recognition for outstanding leadership have served as role models throughout the year by

demonstrating exceptional musicianship and effort.

Director’s Award for Improvement

Playing a musical instrument seems to come easier to some people than others. However,

determination and hard work often make the difference in a student’s musical growth. In addition,

seeking help from a teacher or friends and incorporating their advice into practice habits yields

further growth. Musical ability is less inherited than it is earned. Students receiving recognition for

outstanding improvement have shown an intense desire to better their playing, exemplary effort,

and have demonstrated a dramatic increase in their musical skills.

Director’s Award for Spirit

Students also display spirit in many ways: Energy… Interest… Positive Attitude... Some see what

needs to be done, often without being asked, and do it. Others are curious and always interested in

doing or learning something new or different about music. Still others have a demeanor and

enthusiasm about playing music and about life that is simply contagious. Students receiving

recognition for outstanding spirit have inspired and challenged us all to strive for excellence

throughout the year through their enthusiasm, service, and attitude.

John Philip Sousa Band Award

This national award is given to an Upper School student in recognition of outstanding achievement

and interest in band, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, and for displaying the high

qualities of conduct that school music requires.

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

This national award is given to an Upper School student in recognition of outstanding achievement

and interest in jazz music. Exceptional ability in solo and ensemble playing are consistently

demonstrated by the recipient of this award.

Band Letter (first awarded in the 2004-2005 school year)

Upper school band students earn a band letter by being enrolled in a band class beyond the one unit

of credit required for graduation. Therefore, students enrolled in one band class per year earn band

letters during their third year. Students enrolled in both band and jazz band classes in their first

year earn band letters for enrolling in at least one band class during their 2 nd year.


A Brief History of the CA Band Program

Fourteen years ago, in the fall of 1997, Mr. Grush began developing the instrumental music

program. There were 10 students in the Upper School Orchestra, 32 students in the Middle School

(7th and 8th grade) classes and 25 students in the Beginning (6th grade) classes. All instrumental

music classes were held in room 108 in the middle school, now a science lab.

In the spring of 1998, twenty students in grades 6-9 formed an after school Jazz Band Club.

Beginning in ’98-‘99 rehearsals moved to twice a week before school at 7:00AM. Fall of 2000

marked the formation of MS Jazz Band - a club that met once per week for 45 minutes and was

open to all 6th - 8th grade students, regardless of their enrollment in Band class. US Jazz Band

became a class in fall of 2000, but still met before school twice per week until 2002. In 2001, Mr.

Qiao arrived to teach the orchestra classes and Mr. Grush focused on the Band and Jazz Band.

We began yearly themes in 2008-09 with Kansas City Jazz, and “Island Music” in 2009-10.

Performance Locations

On Campus

Dining Hall




Admin Building

Off Campus

SAS building V



NC School of the Arts


Campbell University

Meymandi Concert Hall

Cary Senior Center

Carmen’s Cuban Cafe

District Festivals

Jacksonville, NC

Shelby, NC

Monroe, NC

Tarboro, NC

Asheboro, NC

Hillsborough, NC

Morrisville, NC

Other Festivals and


Myrtle Beach, SC

Orlando, FL

Atlanta, GA

Williamsburg, VA

Charlotte, NC

Richmond, VA

Winston-Salem, NC

Wilmington, NC

Elon, NC

Honors and Awards

Performed at the NC Music Educators Association Convention – November 10, 2008

2 Grand Champion/Highest Score Awards

9 First Place Awards

4 Superior Ratings at District Festivals

71 Students in All-District Band

10 Students in All-Region Jazz Band

18 Students in All-State Honors Band

2 Students in All-State Jazz Band

2 students in NC Governor's School

25 students in NCAIS Honor Band

19 students in CA Band for all 7 years

2 Performances at Meymandi Concert Hall

4 Videos with CA soundtracks from Disney

Over 250 pieces of music played in 14 years

Almost 80 performances in 14 years

For the 2010-11 school year, there are 32 Beginning Band students, 30 MS Band students,

21 US Band students, 24 US Jazz Band students, 7 US Jazz Combo Students, 7 Music Theory

Students, and many members of the MS Pep Band Club, US Drumline Club, and MS Jazz Band

Club. Our theme is “Movie Music” and we have welcomed both a guest audio engineer and a guest

film composer to help students record their own soundtracks and add them to videos from youtube.


Band Class of 2011 when they started at CA

Max Braun


Michael Papich


Yates Parrish


Andrew Tie


Nick Schumann


Wynton Wong


Christine Yazdani


Band Class of 2011 as Seniors


To the band class of 2011 from Mr. Grush . . .

Participating in the instrumental music program and putting up with me for this long does indeed deserve

special recognition and some reminiscing! I look back to 2004, when Michael, Andrew, and Max all began

playing clarinet and Yates began playing percussion. Nick joined the MS Band in 2005, playing trumpet.

Wynton came to CA in 2007 and Christine came in 2008, both playing flute. The seven seniors have played

for a total of 41 years in the Cary Academy Band Program! Wow!!! I am proud of your musical growth, but

most proud of the exceptional young people you have become. Without your amazing talent, dedication, and

leadership, the Cary Academy Band Program would not have approached the level of success we have

attained. I admire each of you, am deeply grateful to you, and will dearly miss you.

Do you remember . . .

04-05 the Beginning Band in-class demonstration when you wrote your own music to perform.

05-06 the performance at Campbell University.

06-07 the Disney Trip - our own video soundtrack and performance in the Magic Kingdom.

07-08 the Halloween Concert at the Cary Senior Center.

07-08 the Dixie Classic – US Jazz Band and Jazz Combo earned Superiors!

08-09 the NCMEA Convention – US and MS Jazz Bands performed for the state’s jazz teachers.

08-09 Kansas City Jazz – Cecil, Ramon, the CA Swing Dance Club Assembly, and the 30’s style outfits.

09-10 Island music - reggae with Mickey Mills and Panyelo; Salsa with Orcesta Gardel; the Salsa club

09-10 the Busch Gardens Competition – we won 9 awards!

Band Class of 2011 Future Plans

Max Braun University of Georgia Finance

Michael Papich Elon University Journalism

Yates Parrish SMU or Clemson Business Management

Nick Schumann NCSU Medicine

Andrew Tie UNC Undecided - science or communications, minor in Chinese

Wynton Wong UNC, NYU, McGill Undecided - Biology, Neurology, Pre-Med, new media,

Christine Yazdani

UCL (London)

Washington and

Jefferson College

broadcast and other such topics.

Pre-Med, Psychology

Senior Band Memories: Class of 2011

Max Braun

Music has been a hugely significant part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Getting exposure to concert band/Jazz music as art forms has gone a long way in

expanding my musical horizons, and I have only Mr. Grush to thank for his

wonderful leadership and his massive musical repertoire. It has been a great seven

years in band/jazz band, and I owe Mr. Grush greatly for guiding me in my musical



Michael Papich

What I loved about band is that I not only learned to play my only instrument

through it, but it was my introduction to two of my best friends, Andrew and

Nick, and we got to spend so much time and have so much fun because of

band class, it was just awesome. My advice to underclassmen is to find out

what 8th graders are coming to band next year, so you can plan ahead and get

them nicknames. "Naptime" did not happen overnight; that was months and

months of drafts and re-drafts.

Yates Parrish

My favorite band memory would probably be when we first played apache for

drumline in my freshman year. It was a spur of the moment type thing and

everybody ended up loving it.

Nick Schumann

One memory I am especially fond of was our trip to Disney World back when I

was in middle school. I remember having tremendous fun as child playing music

and going on the rides there. With every trip and music festival we went to, I

enjoyed preparing and playing music with the band. People ask me why I still

take band class, even though it’s not required of me. My reason is because I

simply enjoy playing music and I find participating within a band fun. I may

have had to work hard at times; however, I always ended up having a great


Andrew Tie

I've really enjoyed the trips that we went on. Whether it was to Mechanicsville,

Disneyworld (twice), NCAIS, or Busch Gardens, it was a lot of fun for me to

work really hard on songs and to have fun with others. The jazz combo last

year was probably my favorite experience, though, because of all the talented

musicians we had and the amazing performance we had at Busch Gardens.


Wynton Wong

Band has been a great experience. I've been playing instruments for the majority

of my life but every time I get to play with a group I remember how much I love

to play music. I came into Cary Academy as a new student so having Mr. Grush

and my fellow bandmates constantly with me and helping was helpful and fun.

Mr. Grush may have a strange way of communicating sometimes but he is a

fantastic teacher and band director that makes the effort to relate to all of us. I've

loved the time I've spent in band; practicing, traveling and performing. And I love

the friends that I've made in band. Thanks for all of the great memories, and

underclassmen; remember to enjoy what you have and live life to the fullest.

Christine Yazdani

I enjoyed producing the music for the video project because it was different

from anything that we had ever done in band. It was a great experience as it

pushed us to create and learn music on our own to fit a video rather than just

playing from a sheet of music. Through doing the project, I feel that we were

able to explore a new aspect of playing music and gain an understanding of

what it’s like producing music in Hollywood movies. It was also interesting to

see how everyone interpreted their video through their music.


Mr. Grush’s memories of seniors and future predictions

Max Braun


I remember when you started on clarinet. You were shorter than me. As one of four seniors who have been

in band all seven years at CA, you are obviously a glutton for punishment. I remember a “discussion” we

had during your 10 th grade year. I was stressed while preparing us for the NCMEA Convention performance

and you were stressed amidst basketball season. You felt that I was asking too much by having extra

rehearsals. After your semester away from CA, I saw a different level of maturity and dedication and the

entire jazz band has benefited from your leadership. I’m sure it has been the same for the lacrosse team.

You say you are a man of simple tastes and I must agree. To be a Patriots fan is simply reprehensible.

Future Prediction – After graduating from UGA with a degree in finance, Max lands a job at the

headquarters of PNC bank, the 6 th largest bank in the country. He relocates and experiences first hand that

the true NFL dynasty resides in the Steel City – Pittsburgh, PA.

Michael Papich

Phoebus (as in the soldier from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame),

You will always be famous in the lore of Cary Academy. You have been a rock on the CA swim team.

Remember all the hype you got back in 2008 when you won all those gold medals?! Oh . . . wait a minute.

That was Michael Phelps. Well, you have a wonderful dry wit and are quite a comedian. Remember all of

the movies and stand-up comedy shows you did?! My bad - that was Michael Winslow, the guy who made

all the noises in the police academy movies. Well, I’ll never forget the time you planted a big kiss on that

blonde intern, Denise. O yeah, right, that was Michael Mosley (Drew) from Scrubs. No, my jokes aren’t

very funny. They kind of fall flat . . . sort of like your clarinet. Seriously, I have never seen a student

transform himself into such an excellent clarinet player through such superb determination and dedication

over seven years. My hat is off to you! Future Prediction – Michael becomes the most successful music

critic in the country, with millions who follow him on twitter and read every post on his blog. His secret – he

goes into school music classes around the country to comment on what he hears and to share choice

recordings with his followers.

Yates Parrish


Thank you for your leadership this year as drumline captain and for all that you have done as part of

drumline for the last four years. Seeing the joy on the faces of the Glenaire residents as you and Matt lead

their Olympic procession playing your marching drums is a beautiful memory. I admire you for earning the

rank of Eagle Scout this year, a remarkable achievement. I never made it past my first year of cub scouts.

For years you played basketball until this year, when you took up wrestling. I guess you needed something

to toughen you up a bit for lacrosse season! You are one of four “seven year seniors” in band this year and

one of nineteen in the history of the school. Thanks for staying in band! Future Prediction – After working

in corporate America for a number of years, Yates creates his own start-up company. It is an internet based

company that acts as a repository of epic fails – kind of a “how not to” guide.


Nick Schumann


Where would we have been without your trumpet playing?! For the past two years you have been the only

trumpet player in US Band. Plus, without you, we also would have gone without the sometimes cryptic and

always annoying . . err, I mean entertaining nick-names for the freshmen. You have tried for years to keep

me from hearing you play guitar . . . but slipped up and let your full creative expertise shine through on your

soundtrack video project of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. It is incredibly well done. So why did you

let me pester you for six years before you finally put all of your effort into your music?! I wish you all the

best throughout your time at NCSU, in med school, and in your medical practice. I’m glad my

recommendation for the candy-striper position at Wake Med Cary Hospital panned out for you! Future

Prediction – Dr. Schumann saves money on office expenses and feeds his musical passion by recording his

own ”muzak”, mostly covering favorite songs on guitar and adding drum loops and effects.

Andrew Tie


As a two-time winner of the Sousa award, I have known what an outstanding clarinet and saxophone player

you are. Sure, you also played a little piano here and there, as needed. Little did I know that you were . . .

a closet virtuoso concert pianist . . . until I attended your amazing senior piano recital. No wonder you never

auditioned for All-District Band no matter how much I pleaded and begged – you were practicing piano 27

hours a day and winning auditions and competitions around the globe! How did you ever find time to be the

reigning world champ of the chinese yoyo, and commissioner of the National Enthusiasts for Realityoptional

Football League (NERF)? My hat is off to you – a real renaissance man. Future Prediction –

Andrew joins the UNC Marching Tarheels and sprains an ankle during band camp. Rather than sit on the

sideline and watch, he takes an open spot in the “pit”, the sideline percussion instruments, and uses his

dazzling keyboard skills to play one mean marimba!

Wynton Wong


You are the band class fashionista. Band class just won’t be the same without having you there for me to

pick on, I mean compliment! You have also been a great co-president, flute section leader, and bass

drummer in the drumline. I always thought that basketball was your main sport and wondered why you had

stopped playing. Now I find out that you are an avid fencer and that breaking your leg playing basketball

kept you from fencing in the junior Olympics! Had I only known that you were so good with a sword I

would have been much nicer to you all these years. I hope that it works out for you to fence at UNC or

whichever one of the forty-seven schools that you decide to attend. Future Prediction – Wynton finds her

calling as she develops a virtual reality game room that scans the player’s brain to create a world based on

the player’s individual interests – thus relieving the player from having to make any choices for her/himself.

She calls it – UNDECIDED.

Christine Yazdani


Thank goodness you saw the light and transferred from Ravenscroft to CA! Over the past 3 years, I have

used some of my best material to give you a hard time and still rarely managed to get a reaction out of you.

However, as a band co-president for the past two years, you did start talking to me more. I admire your drive

– taking college courses during the summer to pursue your interest in science and to better yourself. Also,

you are a wonderfully giving person - volunteering to assist with the MS cheerleading team, the key club,

and ESL tutoring for three years. The work you put into the Persian music presentation for Duke and UNC

is phenomenal. That creativity and drive came together in your soundtrack project as you wrote your own

part for flute to wonderfully complement the existing soundtrack. Don’t forget to take your terrible towel

with you to Pittsburgh in the fall! Future Prediction – Christine writes Mr. Grush after a few years to

thank him. Not for musical or leadership opportunities, but for earning her an A+ by being the subject of a

paper for her class on deviant behavior.


2010-11 Band Event Descriptions

Music Camps (Summer 2010)

Dre Ransdell (’16)

Basically, over the summer, I got to go to a music camp that was a lot of fun. The camp was where a few people all

playing different instruments got together, picked a song and worked together to play the song. I really liked the camp

overall. The songs we played were a lot of fun and the recording and putting the track together was fun also. I would

definitely recommend that band students try doing a music camp in the summer.

US Drumline Club (Year-long)

Yates Parrish (’11)

Drumline this year started out working very hard having summer practices and observing bigger, more organized

drumlines. As the year progressed, we played in the fall tailgate along with the variety show in the fall. Variety show

turned out to be a big hit for drumline because of the traditional Apache-Jump on it. The audience always gets into the

song because we dance along with it. In the winter we played in Homecoming as usual, also playing for the starting

line-up which was new this year. This year was a very productive and fun year for the drumline.

Movie Music Theme for the year (Year-long)

Michael Averell (’13)

This year has been a BLAST as the band has been playing songs from famous movies

that we can all connect with. We have used a new, interesting method of playing

music by displaying the correlating movie in the background. Therefore, the audience

not only hears our wonderful music, but they can visually see a movie, and observe

how our notes match up to the different scenes. We utilized this in the "Masters of the

Silent Screen" and "Lord of the Rings." Mr. Grush also brought in a few guests to add

to the songs and help the rest of the band through example. It is simply a great feeling

to play something from the big screen, and with everyone’s dedication and hard work,

we are also beginning to sound much better!

Beginning Band In-Class Demonstration (September 2010)

Drake Richards (’17)

The in-class demonstration turned out great! We all had a wonderful time playing in front of our parents and some of

our teachers. We should definitely do this again. It definitely prepared me to see what playing in a concert was really

like, and it was exciting. The class played a couple of beginning songs we learned, and we played our warm-up too.

Our parents enjoyed it, and I enjoyed it too. I had a great time doing this!

Audio Engineer Aaron Bittikofer in residency (September-October 2010)

Harrison Wicker (’12)

Earlier in the year I had the honor to work with Aaron Bittikofer, an audio engineer. I was lucky enough to get to spend

quite a few periods learning how to record and edit multi-track recordings to just short of studio quality. I was able to

put this new found skill to use to record a demo for my band and help other groups make recordings for their sound track

project. It was amazing how a few small changes made such a huge difference in the sound of the recording. I was

honored to have this chance and I would do it again if I were given the chance.


Jazz on the Quad and the F.O. Finch Quintet (October 2010)

Rachna Kuchibhatla (’13)

On the behalf of the Jazz Band, we all extremely appreciated the F.O. Finch Quintet band coming in and helping us with

all of our pieces. They really taught us some great tips on how to improve our playing and our coordination as a group.

We all really enjoyed having them play in our concert!

NCAIS Honor Band (November 2010)

Elizabeth Hunt (’14)

NCAIS was a select band made of students from

independent schools all over North Carolina. The

workshop itself wasn't all that interesting, but the

music we played was beautiful. We got to listen and

see an English Horn which is an amazing instrument

when played well (which it was). The conductor was

lively and the music really sounded good. I would do

it again. CA participants were Ryan Cinoman,

Andy Cooper, Marisa Gao, Elizabeth Hunt,

Jen Kenyon, Daniel Orol, Michael Papich,

Andrew Tie, and Christine Yazdani.

Grandparents Day Performance (November 2010)

Alex Cooper (’13)

The Cary Academy Jazz Combo, consisting of Alex Coeytaux, Thomas Worm, Daniel Orol, Joseph Cornett, Jake

Buchanan, and Alex Cooper played at the annual Grandparents Day assembly. They played 3 songs--Doxy, St.

Thomas, and Blues in B Flat, all of which went very well. The group had a great time playing and looks forward to

performing again next year.

Winter Band Concert with Guests performing with the US Band

(December 2010)

Margaret Cece (‘17)

The concert was a wonderful success! It was my first week at Cary Academy.

At first I was very nervous because I had only been able to practice the music

for a week. Everyone was so supportive and nice I felt like I was always in

band here. When the day of the concert finally came I freaked out. We practiced

a couple times which stopped me from having a major panic attack. The first

minutes of the concert Mr. Grush told everyone about how he forgot to put my

name in the program because it was such a late notice. When he said my name

everyone motioned me to stand up, I have to say it was more like a person with

arthritis trying to stand up. Of course my older sister made fun of me the whole

ride home, but I was ok with that because the concert was great. I had so much

fun doing it!

Film Composer Nick Melton in residency (December 2010)

Avery Campbell (’16)

Nick Melton showed us a lot on how we could create a soundtrack by recording multiple times then putting them

together. We used his expertise to help us in our band video projects that all of the band classes worked on. I do think

he should come again if we do this project again because I believe his expertise really helped. I also liked that each

group got a little bit of 1 on 1 time with him on how we could improve or how we could mix tracks in our videos.


Homecoming Pep Rally and MS Pep Band Games (December 2010 and February 2011)

Nyal Patel (’15)

Pep Band was an overall enjoyable experience because you get to play fun songs, you get to catch the game, you get to

hang out with friends, you always play the melody, and you get to play super loud! I have played in the pep band since I

was in 6th grade, and I have strongly recommended others to do so too. Besides getting to do all the fun stuff listed

above, you do not even have to be a very good musician or have tons of experience (at least one year required though).

As an individual, I only had to practice very little because the songs selected for playing are not too challenging (for the

most part).

Disney Trip (January 2011)

Jonathan Avery (’15)

The Disney Band Trip was a phenomenal experience. Alongside from the rollercoasters, fattening food, and fun, we had

the opportunity to play and practice with a professional trombonist and composer. We learned about how a group of

musicians can sight read music and in 30 minutes make it sound like the real deal. The techniques we were taught

helped us progress on new music quicker and as a band. We also were able to get the chance to record this song and lay

the track over a video! It was amazing! It was also great to take a break from work and enjoy Disney World while we

were there. We got a chance to have a little bit more freedom with a few more responsibilities. Riding rollercoasters and

exploring the attractions was great! One great thing was the last day we went to a Gospel Brunch. The food was

exemplary and the music was better! We enjoyed the tunes of southern Gospel! Overall this trip was a great experience!

I really enjoyed the relaxing and the musical aspects of the trip.

MS Assembly – Film Festival (February 2011)

Jack Pullen (’16)

The Middle School Band and the Beginning Band had all done video projects where they took videos from Youtube

and made their own soundtrack for them. Mr. Grush took those projects and made them into one 45-minute video that

he displayed at the film festival for the entire Middle School to see. The event was a success and I think that it should

be done again.

Elon Jazz Festival (February 2011)

Daniel Orol (’13)

In February, the Jazz combo went to Elon for a jazz festival to play for some judges and receive feedback. Although

not our primary goal, we received a superior rating and Alex Coeytaux, Alex Cooper, and Jake Buchanan received

outstanding soloist awards. We played two songs, and afterwards two judges came on stage and gave feedback about

what the combo as a whole could improve upon. Although they focused mostly on the rhythm section, the judges

provided information about soloing, staying together, and volume control. Overall it was a good experience that I feel

was beneficial to the group.


Band Pins 2010-11

Since we have started a tradition of awarding band letters to Upper School students who have participated in

more than two band classes, we want to give all students the opportunity to begin earning pins to wear as

well. Budget constraints prohibit awarding so many pins, but students who have earned special pins may

purchase their own to wear on their concert outfit if they wish, until they have earned a band letter. This is

strictly optional.

Pins cost $6 each. Special pins for which students may be eligible include:

Students may also want a pin of the instrument they play. Instrument pins also cost $6 each.

Options include:

You may order pins tonight if you wish. See the Band Pin Eligibility List to see who is eligible. We will

place a group order from the pin vendor next week. Our goal is to receive the pins before the end of year and

distribute them in class.


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