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Ancient China Pathfinder

Art and Literature

Asian Art Museum

Art of China

Chinese Art

The Asian Art Museum’s online collection spans 6,000 years and includes more than 5,000 objects that

can be viewed online. This comprehensive collection provides an introduction to the major traditions of

Asian art and culture.

A collection of Chinese art from the Smithsonian Gallery: pottery, stone figures, jewelry, metal artifacts,

textiles, clothing. Includes full descriptions for each item.

What influenced the art of China? This site discusses the various forms of art, the style and the process

and materials used.

Classic Chinese Paintings

A collection of Chinese paintings including paintings deived into dynastic periods and portraits of the


Chinese Literature Classics

Writings of Confucius, stories, and essays.

Chinese Poetry

Several examples of classic Chinese poetry translated into English.

Shinto Creation Stories

The creation of heaven and earth, the creation of the gods, and many more.

Government and Politics

The Ancient Dynasties

An introduction to Chinese dynasties, imperial eras, and empire building. Maps included.

Concise Political History of China

General History

This page provides an overview of China’s political history from past to present.

Timeline of China

Maps of China

A brief page illustrating China’s chronology.

Includes regional views, provinces, cities, map of the Silk Road, a map of the rivers, views from space,

and a historical map of the Mongol Empire.

Daily Life

Mummies of China

Read about the mummies found in the Chinese desert.

The Yellow River Culture

Background about the beginnings of Chinese culture in the Yellow River Valley circa 4000 B.C.

Shang Civilization

An introduction to ancient Chinese civilizations including the Shang, the Zhou Kings, the Confucius

legend, and Daoism.

The Chou Civilization

After the Shang, the Chou Civilization rose to power. Read about their background, the Mandate of

Heaven, and The One Hundred Schools.

History of China Glossary

Get a little help figuring out what some of the Chinese terms mean at this site.

Terra Cotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty

The Great Wall

Read about the pottery army buried in the tomb of the first Chinese Emperor Qin Shihuangdi.

Discover when, how, and why the Great Wall was built. Includes photographs.

China Revealed: The Great Wall

Short video from Discovery Channel about the Great Wall. Why and where it was built.

The Forbidden City

Take a virtual tour around the city while learning about its history.

Mogao Caves in China

A site in Central China where Buddhist monks carved out caves between the 5 th and 11 th centuries.

Pictures included.

Land of Genghis Khan

Ancient China

From National Geographic, get a full biography on Khan, see a map of his empire, take a virtual tour

around Mongolia today.

A kid-friendly site where you can learn Chinese history, religion, clothing, economy, games, philosophy,

food, people, and architecture.

Chinese Philosophy

Introduction to Chinese philosophy including pre-Confusian China and the Five Classics.

Introduction to Buddhism

Learn about the history of Buddhism, the basics of Buddhist wisdom, the Wheel of Life and more.

Chinese Recipes

A listing of tasty Chinese dishes including full menu ideas.

Foot Binding in China

Details about the origins of foot binding, how it works, and the effects on the body.

Ancient Chinese Clothing

Learn all about the clothing worn in ancient China. This site also explains foot binding—complete with a


Chinese People

Kidipede gives a brief introduction to Chinese people.

Ancient Chinese Food

Learn about the main foods of ancient China—rice, millet, sorghum, and wheat.

Daily Life in Ancient China

A brief introduction to daily life in Ancient China—family life, religion and culture, and money.

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