September 2008 Report of and Action Items ... - Cary Academy

September 2008 Report of and Action Items ... - Cary Academy

September 2008

Report of and Action Items Pertaining to the August 26, 2008

Charger Club Kick-off Meeting for 2008/2009

The purpose of the meeting was to provide those in attendance with an overview of the

Athletic Director’s vision for the athletics program at Cary Academy and exchange input

on how the Charger Club can support these efforts.

About the Charger Club

Jamie Duke, President of the Charger Club, opened the meeting with an overview of

Charger Club scope and activities. The Charger Club is CA's Athletic Booster

organization. The purpose of the Charger Club is to support all aspects of athletics at CA

through the promotion of school spirit, good sportsmanship, and volunteer commitment.

The Charger Club operates in conjunction with the Athletic Department and reports to

the PTAA. The Charger Club is open to all parents, faculty, and staff. Other officers for

the Charger Club are Don Gardlik (Vice President), Maureen Sawchak (Volunteer

Coordinator), and Sarah Brooks (Secretary/Treasurer). Some objectives of the Charger

Club are as follows:

Encourage parental volunteer opportunities,

Provide assistance in game operations,

Assist the Athletic Director with any special events,

Sponsor two CA community-wide tailgates,

Raise money for special projects, AND

Generate high attendance of spirited fans at school sporting events.

From the Athletic Director

Kevin Jones, Cary Academy’s Athletic Director, addressed the group to share his

thoughts on the importance of athletics as part of a student’s life-long memories and how

he plans to continue the school’s mission for a quality program for those participating in

sports and representing Cary Academy.

Kevin acknowledged the importance of everyone being involved in the effort. He noted

that parental involvement is critical to the success of any program and is looking forward

to strengthening those relationships. In addition to strong parental support, Kevin pointed

out that the Athletic Department has several staff that works closely with him and

assistant Athletic Director, Ray Pope. These folks are Becky Watkins - administrative

operations, David McAllister – athletic trainer, and Eric Moore – weight room supervisor.

Kevin’s vision is that Cary Academy produce competitive athletes who project strong

character and teamwork principles; i.e. sportsmanship, discipline, self-sacrifice. This

begins with teaching the fundamentals of winning and losing graciously, and then

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threading that theme from middle school to junior varsity and then to varsity throughout a

sport. Kevin relayed the following actions to achieve this objective:

1. Invest time and energy to hire the right coaches.

2. Increase communication between the Athletic Department, parents,

faculty and staff.

“Meet the Coaches Night” afforded parents the opportunity to interact with

current coaching staff.

The school website provides many details about sports and schedules.

Click on the “bell” next to an event to subscribe to e-mail reminders.

There will be continued dialog relative to balancing travel and homework


3. Maintain top-notch facilities and equipment.

4. Build a strong support network and sense of spirit through various


X-Factor, the student-led organization

Student Council support

Cheerleader involvement

Charger Club participation

There are many ways for parents to become involved and provide support. The

following have been identified as immediate/near-term needs.

CA has some wonderful coaches who are not old enough to drive the Charger

buses. Consider being a driver for some of the events that require bus travel.

CA will host several tournaments and championships. Many volunteers are

needed to run various aspects of events.

Volunteer Opportunities

Maureen Sawchak reported that the Charger Club is working closely with the Athletic

Department to organize those parents who are interested in volunteering in various

capacities. Those in attendance at the meeting where asked to provide information on

their interests in volunteer opportunities so that we can see where we have resources

and get people engaged. More information is forthcoming!

Anyone wishing to make contact with the Charger Club can send e-mail to

Group Discussion

The floor was opened for comment and feedback on potential focus for the Charger

Club. Below is a summary of the topics covered and suggested actions going forward,

where applicable.

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1. It was indicated that funds to cover replacement and repair of facilities and

equipment comes from the school’s operating budget.

2. There is no timetable for taking action on the stadium plans that include field

house/restroom facilities.

3. Kevin supports the idea of obtaining equipment that helps athletes improve/develop

skills. He is researching ways to accomplish this, such that all sports within the school

benefit equitably.

4. Concessions are still a work-in-progress initiative. At this time, it is anticipated that

Charger Club members could help run the concessions, but the income would be

directed to the Athletic Department as part of a general fund. An exception to this might

be a situation in which concessions are initiated and run by a sport, then that money

would go directly to the sport involved.

5. It was clarified that equity among the teams is a school goal, and funds generated by

any activity should benefit the overall athletics program.

6. A question was raised relative to why CA is seeing a frequent turnover in the position

of Athletic Director. A specific answer to this question did not emerge from the group;

however, a counter perspective was offered that the athletic program is still relatively

young and that we should look to the future with our new Athletic Director and assistant

Athletic Director.

7. The Competitive Performance Program was noted as an area that could be reviewed

in support of an aligned mission for excellence in athletics and education. Additional

discussion of this topic after the meeting concluded the effort is outside the scope of the

Charger Club and can be most effectively addressed via the Upper School.

8. A comment was made that the swimming program would likewise benefit from a

review in bridging athletics and education. This observation may correlate with Kevin’s

earlier comments about coach/teacher/parent communications.

9. A recommendation was made to pursue a letter jacket or other significant recognition

program for athletes who participate in sports during all four years of high school. Kevin

expressed support for the idea and would be interested in pursuing it with some parent


Mark Your Calendars!

There are several opportunities in the near future to celebrate the sports program at CA.

More details will follow on each event.

September 19, 2008 – Great Fall Tailgate

October 10, 2008 – MS Sports Day and Picnic

The Athletic Department and the Charger Club thank you in advance for your

support and participation! Go Chargers!!

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