Carbon Footprint - energyTEAM

Carbon Footprint - energyTEAM

Carbon Footprint


energyTEAM proactively

advise us on how legislative

changes will affect our

business, when we can

expect these changes to

take place and how we can

address our compliance


We have worked with

energyTEAM to measure

our emissions and create an

organisation-wide strategy

to reduce our carbon

footprint whilst benefitting

from associated financial


74% of people think that organisations are not

doing enough to cut their carbon emissions and

tackle climate change.

70% of people think that businesses should be

required to disclose their carbon emissions.

64% are more likely to use a business that

shows it has a low carbon footprint.

Survey published by the Carbon Trust


established 1976

Carbon Footprint

The assessment of an organisation’s carbon footprint is an important part of any initiative to cut

greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing your carbon footprint will enhance your reputation with

customers and investors in a market place which is increasingly environmentally aware.

What do we offer our clients?

• Production of a certifiable Carbon Footprint and

detailed report for your organisation

• Measurement of the greenhouse gas emissions

generated from day-to-day operation

• Internal benchmarking of individual properties or

entire portfolios

• Identification of where you can save energy and

money across the organisation

• The opportunity to raise awareness and gain

reputational, as well as competitive advantage

• Guidance on current and future energy legislation

• Benchmarking for ISO50001

• Clear and simple advice

• Pro-active and innovative approach to energy


• Competitive Fees

At energyTEAM we strive to build strong working

relationships with our customers to enable us to provide

the best possible service. We do this through open and

honest communication and aim to keep the process and

information as simple as possible.

Adopting a strategy - you can’t manage what you

can’t measure!

Measuring and reporting your greenhouse gas emissions

can help everyone in your organisation use energy and

resources more efficiently. By calculating your carbon

footprint we work with you to develop a ‘Carbon

Management Plan’ that will help you realise

financial savings.

Comply with current and future government


energyTEAM will proactively advise you on how changes

will affect your business, when you can expect these

changes to take place and provide accredited assessors

for compliance requirements.

Impress your stakeholders – and your competition!

The majority of organisations and companies will have

to report their emissions once a year under government

plans for mandatory carbon footprint reporting. Larger

organisations are already required to report their

emissions to the government through the CRC Energy

Efficiency Scheme, Climate Change Agreements and

the EUETS.

Corporate customers are becoming increasingly aware

of supply chain pressures. If you are currently, or would

like to be a supplier to a large organisation, they may

want to know what you are doing to measure your

carbon footprint.

CO 2

SF 6

CH 4

N 2


Scope 2


Greenhouse Gases

Scope 1


Scope 3


Greenhouse Gas Protocol

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol is the

internationally recognised standard for

categorising an organisation’s carbon




for own use only

Company owed



of purchased


Emplyee air


Waste disposal

The standard is commonly used to

categorise an organisation’s emissions

into 3 groups or ‘scopes’ as shown


Outsourced activities

Contractor owned


Fuel combustion

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