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Italy TrendChart Country Report 2001- Sept - Innova

Italy TrendChart Country Report 2001- Sept - Innova


0. Innovation Policy in Italy 0.1. National system of governance and innovation policy The government elected in 1996 embarked on a general reform of public administration, and assigned a key role to research and innovation. The three main points of this reform were as follows: the setting up of a new framework organisation to govern the public research system; a review of the role of public research institutions; a review of the support mechanisms for R&D and technological innovation. The objective was to improve the efficiency of public research by: encouraging managerial and administrative decentralisation; creating links between policy makers in the field of science and technology and those affected by their decisions; introducing an effective evaluation system; promoting widespread and systematic co-operation between the various individuals and institutions involved and promoting competitive mechanisms based on the quality of projects. The first initiatives promoted by this new Government concerning the Italian system of governance and innovation policy are: Implementation of these reforms was still ongoing at the time of the May elections. The result means that future progress will now be determined by the new centre-right coalition Government, which has already demonstrated its commitment by: appointing a Minister of Innovation and New Technologies, Lucio Stanca (see 0.4 Recent policy events); merging the Ministry for University, Scientific and Technological Research (MURST) and the Ministry of Education. The new Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) is headed by Letizia Moratti (again see 0.4 Recent policy events). The role of the Minister of Innovation and New Technologies ( is to pull together the most skilled and experienced people, at national and international level, to produce a strategy for the development of the Information Society in Italy. Projects aimed at disseminating technological innovation will be promoted in collaboration with other Ministries. By appointing a new Minister responsible for technological innovation, the aim is to co-ordinate all activities in this area in line with Government strategy and so realise the “digital Italy” project, which was designed to improve quality of life and increase Italian competitiveness. 3

The key players in the formation of R&D and innovation policies in Italy are: Parliament Presidency Council of Government CIPE The Information i MIUR M. of Productive A tivities Minister of Innovation and New Te hnologies Other Minist ries Key Players CNR ASI ENEA AGITEC INFN Others 4

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