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Corporate performance

through employee wellbeing

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Wellbeing Solutions Management (WSM) is

one is one of of the the UK’s UK’s leading specialist providers

of employee assistance programmes (EAPs).

and Established staff counselling 2001, we and are advice based services. in

Established South London in 2001, and are we a are wholly based privately in South

London owned business. and are a wholly privately owned


We work with numerous private and public

We sector work organisations with numerous including private universities,

and public

sector FE colleges, organisations NHS Trusts, including local authorities,


FE and colleges, central government NHS Trusts, departments

local authorities,

and central agencies. government We provide departments

EAP services to

and approximately agencies. We 100 provide employers EAP ranging services in to

approximately size from 15,000 100 to employers 100. ranging in size

from 15,000 to 100.

We provide EAP, managed counselling,

We critical provide incident, EAP, return managed from counselling, absence, stress

critical support, incident, mediation, return-to-work, management stress training

support, and health mediation, campaigns management and for managers training

and health organisations. campaigns and for managers and


Our approach promotes the delivery of

Our a holistic approach wellbeing promotes service, the integrating

delivery of

a services holistic into wellbeing an organisation’s service, integrating existing

services support mechanisms.

into organisation’s existing

support mechanisms.

Our principal mission is to help our

Our customers principal manage mission risk, to particularly help our the

customers management manage of sickness risk, particularly and absence. the Our

management services can prevent of sickness stress and related absence. absence Our

services and assist can HR prevent in supporting stress related early return absence to

and work assist for employees HR in supporting with a variety early return of mental to

work health for challenges. employees with a variety of mental

health challenges.

We offer tremendous flexibility in both

We product offer and tremendous service, continually flexibility in striving both to

product align our and services service, to the continually needs of striving employees to

align and managers. our services to the needs of employees

and managers.

WSM operates to the highest clinical and

WSM ethical operates standards. to the We highest are members clinical of and

ethical the main standards. professional We bodies are members associated of

the with main the provision professional EAP bodies and associated counselling

with services, the provision including of the EAP British and counselling


services, for Counselling including and Psychotherapy British Association (BACP)

for and Counselling the Employee and Assistance Psychotherapy Professionals (BACP)

and Association the Employee (EAPA). Assistance All of WSM’s Professionals clinical

Association standards, practices (EAPA). and All of processes WSM’s clinical are fully

standards, compliant with practices the standards, processes guidance are fully and

compliant best practice with models the standards, as set out guidance by the BACP. and

best practice models as set out by the BACP.



Customers and Testimonials 4

Professional Standards 5

WSM’s EAP 6 – 7

EAP Resources 8 – 9

Counselling 10

Return from Absence 11

Occupational Health 12

Health and Wellbeing Services 13

Mediation and Dispute Resolution 14

Psychological Assessments 15

Training and Consultancy 16

Our Testimonials


The WSM 24-hour call centre is

extremely useful, as well as the ability

to perform management referrals.

This enables us to offer a proactive

emotional and absence management

support to our employees and

helps protect us as an organisation

against litigation. ”

The WSM EAP forms a core

component of our employee

wellbeing strategy. ”

We have developed a great

partnership with WSM which allows us

to communicate our services effectively

to our employees. ”

The EAP has been positively received

by our employees as they appreciate

the service which we provide and see

it as a valued and tangible benefit. ”

Unfortunately we receive a high

volume of critical incidences; the

WSM EAP has provided our staff with

continuing support and has become

an integral part of our organisation. ”

Our management of stress related

sickness absence has improved

measurably since we introduced

the EAP. It has already paid for itself

many times over. ”


Talking to someone else, outside

the situation, I found a relief. Took

away feelings of guilt - that the

problem was not all my fault and my

responsibility. Spoke to an intelligent

and sympathetic counsellor so I

was able to open up to and see the

problem in perspective. It took some

courage to pick up the phone in the

first place, but I am glad I ‘phoned.

Thank you for this service. ”

The best thing is that it is 24 hour

access. This made me feel much safer

when going through a crisis. ”

Brilliant service really put my mind

at ease as I needed urgent legal

advice. Thank you so much. ”

Was very impressed by the service

offered, given the complexities of the

problem I had. ”

I would not hesitate in using this

sevice again and it is good to know

there is a level of confidential advice

and support available. ”

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Our Professional Standards:

Adherence to recognised professional and

ethical standards is a fundamental ethos

of WSM. Our counselling, clinical, case

management, supervision and customer

account management processes all follow

clear guidelines set out by our relevant

professional bodies.

Employee Assistance Professionals

Association (EAPA)

The EAPA is the

worldwide professional

body of the EAP industry.

WSM is a long-standing

organisational member

of the UK branch and as such we adhere

and / or exceed the many quality standards

set out by the organisation. WSM’s EAP

membership number is: OM/00254.

British Association of Counselling

and Psychotherapy (BACP)

The BACP is the

principal UK body

responsible for the

creation of standards

and ethical frameworks

covering all aspects of the counselling and

EAP provision. WSM is an organisational

member of the BACP and all of our clinical

and operational processes meet or exceed

BACP requirements. Our membership

number is 117514.


No information about individual employees

- including the fact that they have called -

will be divulged to their employer. However,

there are certain circumstances in which a

counsellor may break confidentiality without

the client’s express permission. To break

confidentiality a counsellor must act within

the law and have a legitimate objective, such

as the protection of life and health, or the

prevention of a serious crime.

Disclosure and Employee Consent

There are many situations where the writing

and sharing of either assessment or postcounselling

evaluation reports is invaluable

in helping HR and OH professionals manage

stress-related absence or support an

employee in need. In these circumstances

employee written consent to share

confidential counselling information is

always required and obtained before any

report can be written and shared with

carefully selected and authorised third

parties. WSM is meticulous in the ethical

and effective management of our employee

consent procedures.

Data Protection & Record Storage

WSM client records are completely

confidential and can only be accessed by

specified members of staff and for clinical

reasons. All records kept are secure and on

the WSM premises at all times. Likewise any

information held by WSM on customers is

only that which is relevant to the contract

held with them. We comply fully with

the Data Protection Act 1998 and the

Freedom of Information Act (2000).

WSM follow a secure method of transfer of

sensitive and confidential (clinical client)

records using email and password protocol.

We only ever send information to preauthorised

and clearly specified contacts

within an organisation. New contacts can

only be added to a customer’s list of preauthorised

and clearly specified contacts at

the expressed request of WSM’s principal


Page 5

020 7708 5000

EAP – Employee Assistance Programme

Why have an EAP?

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

is an employer funded benefit that offers

employees confidential counseling and

advice on a wide range of work and

personal issues.

It is a core component of an organisation's

risk and absence management strategy

and a versatile resource for managers and

HR professionals.

Our EAP can help your people, managers

and families with emotional issues that can

be complex and debilitating, resulting in

long-term sick leave, presenteeism or a

safety risk.

Additionally we can help minimise disruptions

at work by helping your employees with quick

answers and help to pressing questions about

legal or money problems that sometimes spill

over into anyone’s working day.

Highlights of our

EAP service

• 24/7, 365 days a year access to

counselling and practical advice

• Pre-paid and pay-as-go

arrangements for telephone

or full EAP

• Specialist HR and management

support through our helpline,

MI reports and webportal

• Comprehensive employee

assistance website with 100s

of pages of information

• Multiple access points so that

all people with all disabilities

can reach us. We offer 24/7

telephone contact, email,

online, Minicom, Text Relay

and tele-translation service.

• HR management referrals, so

you don’t always have to wait

for your employees to start

helping themselves.

• Regular analyses of the types

and trends of calls coming into

the EAP (anonymously).

• A strong emphasis on practical

advice which offers realistic

strategies and solutions to

problems, encouraging good

communication to promote

harmony in the workplace.

• Ill health support through our

helpline, putting your employees

in direct contact with an

OH Nurse.

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EAP – Employee Assistance Programme

EAP Practical Advice

WSM offers “best in class” specialist advice

though an exclusive partnership arrangement

with the telephone advice arm of the Legal

Services Commission – the organisation that

provides all telephone and many other forms

of practical advice to citizens in receipt of

legal aid.

Our advice and guidance service covers a

broad range of issues which also includes

sign-posting to specialist and local services.

Work Related Issues

• Work demands

and workplace stress

• Harassment and bullying

• Sexual and racial discrimination

• Whistle blowing

• All working practices/procedures

• Managing change

Personal Family

and Domestic Issues

• Family – such as divorce,

childcare, school

• Financial – such as debt,

tax and benfits

• Emotional – such as anxiety,

depression, stress

• Bereavement

• Eldercare options and advice

• Alcohol, drugs and other

related issues

EAP Counselling

WSM’s counselling network is managed

by our clinical and case management

team. All our counsellors must have

a minimum standard of qualifications,

supervised counselling experience and post

qualifying experience as determined by

the British Association for Counselling and

Psychotherapy (BACP).

We manage two counselling networks that

specifically support our Full and Telephone

EAP service. Our telephone counselling team

is specifically trained and highly experienced,

located in all regions of the UK. Our face-toface

counselling team is made up of a core of

approximately 1000 counsellors, located in all

regions of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Our counselling teams provide a broad range

of counselling support on a wide variety of

issues, including, for example:

Work Related Issues

• Return to work

• General workplace stress

• Anger management

• Coping with change

• Coping with redundancy

or termination

• Interpersonal relationship skills

Personal Family

and Domestic Issues

• Relationships

• Emotional health incl PTSD

• Family

• Anxiety and depression

• Bereavement

• Alcohol, drugs and other

related issues

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EAP – Employee Assistance Programme

Employee Resources

We know that communicating the EAP service

to your employees is vital; demonstrating

your concern for your employee’s wellbeing

and so likely to reduce the risk of stressrelated


We provide your employees with posters,

employee leaflets which include a hard

plastic “credit card style” membership card,

manager handbooks and on-going quarterly

posters on a variety of topical themes. We

also provide a communication guide to our

new customers that contains tips on how

best to promote the service internally.

Our website gives employees access to

hundreds of pages of practical help and

advice, including telephone contact details of

many specialist helplines by leading experts

in their fields.

The Employee Assistance Online address is:

The website also gives employees another

way of getting in touch with our team.

They can email us about any issue and give

a preferred time for one of our counsellors

or advisors to call them back.

To enter the Employee Assistance Online

website our customers use an access code,

which is printed on the posters.

020 7708 5000 Page 8

EAP – Employee Assistance Programme

Resources for HR and managers

HR and Management Advice

Our management telephone advice line

gives your HR teams access to best practice

management techniques and/or employment

advice. We also provide a manager's guide

which contains the why, what and how of the

EAP and our additional services.

Management Referrals

One-off, management led referrals enable

you to access specialist expertise that

can drastically improve specific workplace

problems, such as absenteeism, personal

crisis and general poor performance.

Online Support

The employee assistance website,, has a special

section just for managers. In addition, every

WSM EAP customer is provided with their

own bespoke and exclusive HR web portal

which enables you to have access to a variety

of EAP management resources directly from

our website.

EAP Management Information

Our unique and powerful EAP usage reporting

system provides accurate and informative

analytical usage, such as trend analysis and

divisional usage breakdown.

WSM has invested in building our own

bespoke case management software that

is powerful and flexible, and enables us to

capture, track and extract a vast amount

of useful data on usage of the EAP service.

The sample below shows different

main presenting issues, per case,

over a 12-month period:

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Managed Counselling Referrals

A distinguishing feature of WSM is our

emphasis on providing ways for HR and

line managers to initiate counselling or

psychological management referrals for


This helps you pro-actively support

employees in need of counselling or

psychological support and replicates HR’s

referral route to OH to address a health or

medical problem. Our managed counselling

referrals mean that you don’t have to wait

and hope for an employee, in need of

support, to help themselves.

Available to everyone, even if you

have an existing EAP elsewhere

All our managed counselling referral services

are available to either existing EAP customers

or new customers who are just looking for

ad-hoc and occasional solutions.

Our services include:

Rapid provision of face-to-face

counselling assessments using

our managed national network

of counsellors

Robust and practical clinical

assessment reports which are

solution-focused and where

necessary, robust and


Our return from absence service is designed

to determine current clinical status and

provide appropriate clinical support to

impact a return to work.

OH-Initiated Referrals

When the need for counselling or

psychological support is identified through

an occupational health referral, your OH

provider or in-house OH team can contact

WSM directly, enabling us to carefully select

which psychological support service best fits

the needs of your employee.

“For us WSM’s Counselling-on-Request

works extremely well. We don’t feel the

need to offer an EAP that employees

can access directly, instead we rely

on an established, effective and close

relationship that all managers have with

their teams. We have used counselling

to help employees with a variety of

work and personal issues. For A.G. Barr

the Counselling-on-Request service is

a cost effective, flexible and responsive

resource that meets our organisation’s

needs perfectly.”

Deborah Jones,

Employee Relations Manager,

AG Barr

Regular updates on progress

and therapy sessions attended

Comprehensive end-of-therapy

clinical evaluation reports

Return from Absence

For many organisations, around 50%

of sickness absence cases are “stressrelated”

non-physical ailments, that

cannot be addressed by referral to a

medical OH physician. Our management

referral service looks and acts like an

OH referral, but provides the right

support to deal with the non-physical.

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Return from Absence Assessment

A distinguishing feature of WSM is our

emphasis on providing ways for HR and

line managers to initiate counselling or

psychological management referrals for

employees, particularly for those who

have been on long term absence.

For many organisations, around 50% of

sickness absence cases are “stress-related”

non-physical ailments - that cannot be

addressed by referral to a medical OH

physician. Our management referral service

looks and acts like an OH referral, but

provides the right support to deal with the


Available to everyone, even if you

have an existing EAP elsewhere.

All our managed referral services are

available to either existing EAP customers

or new customers who are just looking for

occasional solutions or services to sit on top

of their existing EAP.

Our services include:

• Three grades of return from absence

assessments using counsellors, CBT

or occupational psychologists.

• Rapid provision of face-to-face

assessments using our managed

national network of experts.

• Robust and practical assessment

reports which are solution-focused

and un-ambiguous.

• Seamless provision of other

support services which may be

recommended in the return to work

assessment, such as counselling,

CBT, mediation, occupational

psychologist assessments and

special needs support.

• Comprehensive end-of-therapy

clinical evaluation reports.

• Legal risks and responsibilities

add on assessment.

How does a return from absence

assessment work?

In the first instance, we engage

directly with your line manager/HR to

understand the main objectives of the

referral and the employee history. We

can then advise whether a counselling,

CBT or occupational psychologist

assessment would best fit your case.

Before you make a decision, we can

send you samples of each type of

assessments to help you make an

informed choice. The main factors

under consideration would be

your objectives, risk factors of the

employee and budget to spend.

Once the type of assessment has been

chosen, we will work with you to

gather the relevant history of your

employee to brief our expert, this will

include an employee consent.

A face to face assessment will then

take place at a convenient location

for your employee, using our national

network of specialists.

The assessment report is subsequently

written which addresses the employer’s

objectives and contains a return to

work action plan and recommendations.

The duration and breadth of both

the face to face assessment and the

subsequent report will depend on

the type of assessment used and the

nature of each case.

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Occupational Health

WSM offers a fully integrated occupational

health service to help employers manage

all aspects of health, absence management

and wellbeing at work. We believe that EAP

and OH services go hand in hand, and we

maximise the relationship between the two,

ensuring an effective, cost-competitive and

holistic service to our customers and their


Occupational Health Services

WSM’s OH partner, Medigold, is a diverse,

full service Occupational Health provider

offering a wide variety of innovative health

solutions to assist the modern business. In

addition to all traditional Occupational Health

Solutions, Medigold also provides Insurance

Advisory and Rehabilitation Services and are

specialists in Pension Fund Advisory Services

for early ill health retirement and pension

review cases.

WSM’s OH partner is amongst the few

organisations in the UK to offer nationwide

domiciliary visiting services from both

Occupational Health Advisors and

Occupational Health Physicians.

Counselling Referrals

- via Occupational Health:

A need for counselling or psychological

support will often be identified through an

occupational health referral. In this instance,

your OH provider or in-house OH team can

contact WSM directly, enabling us to carefully

select which psychological support service

best fits the needs of your employee.

WSM leads the market in the provision of

high quality and responsive counselling

referrals received from occupational health.

This is a specialty of WSM and we work

closely with our OH partner, Medigold, smaller

regional OH providers, and with numerous inhouse

OH teams.

Services for OH and

Wellbeing Providers

WSM’s comprehensive range of wellbeing

services, including: EAP, Managed Counselling

Referral and Psychological Assessments

can all be made available to third party

occupational health and other complementary

specialist wellbeing providers who do not

have an in-house service.

Key OH Services provided:

• Sickness and Absence Case


• Placement Screening

• Health Surveillance

• Health and Wellbeing

• Early Ill Health

Advisory Services

• Risk Management Advice

• Insurance Rehabilitation


• Travel, Vaccination

and Immunisation services

• HGV, LGV/Fork Lift Truck

/Driver Medicals

• Rehabilitation

• Drug and Alcohol Services

• Medigold Health Manager Online

• DSE Training and Workstation


• Medication Helpline

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Health & Wellbeing Promotion

The workplace has a significant impact

on people’s health and well-being, so the

management of workplace health can

help reduce work-related ill health and

levels of sickness absence. We understand

that organisations need healthy and wellmotivated

workers if they are to deliver

high-quality products or services. Helping

your people to live well, work well and

achieve more is the key.

Our targeted programmes and interventions

can invoke behaviour change within your

organisation on whatever health themes you

choose. This can be either on-site at different

locations for a proportion of your staff, or

alternatively remotely to all employees.

Wellbeing Workplace Events

WSM provides a number of formats which

are designed to suit different organisational

needs, sizes and site arrangements. All of

our options can cover a range of the subject

areas, or alternatively focus on one specific

hazard area particularly relevant for your

workforce. Examples of some of our most

popular workplace events include: staying

healthy, managing pressure and stress,

coping with change, work life balance, weight

and healthy lifestyles, back care and posture.

Health screening

We offer a scale of on-site health screening

services which range from the full lifestyle

checks of 20 minutes per person to a 10

minutes health check. These services can

include on-site testing for things like blood

pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, BMI etc.

All employees can also access a specialised

website for up to 4 weeks after their health

screening day, which includes expert content

on a range of health and wellbeing subjects.

Health Fairs

These are set up using an exhibition format,

including on-site expertise, interactive

activities such as mini-seminars, health talks

Cut out of hi-res

and individual health checks. Health fairs

are set up as open/walk in events which

are particularly effective in large one-site



These are interactive, high-impact, face to

face group interventions and can either be

for a range of subjects or focus on one. They

establish personal training plans that help

guide individuals and are perfect for targeting

employees needing to effect change, as well

as preventative support and educational


Remote campaigns

These are particularly suitable for

organisations that have a large number of

employees who are located in multiple sites

as they are simple to run and low in cost.

Using a different health topic each month,

employees receive a range of different

media on topics which can include cancer

awareness, home working, healthy eating,

coping better with pressure, winter health,

life balance and manage my weight.

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Mediation and Dispute Resolution

We provide a comprehensive mediation and

dispute resolution service, offering costeffective

and tailored packages to suit all

employers and all situations. We can also

train you managers to become effective

mediators themselves.

Why Mediate?

The cost of workplace conflict continues to

rise, incurred by settlement agreements,

absence issues, tribunals, grievances, training

and use of HR/line manager resources.

Some HR departments and line managers are

stretched or do notbhave the management

skills to effectively settle a workplace dispute

between colleagues.

Our mediation and dispute resolution

service is an effective way of up-skilling an

organisation’s handling of conflict, resolving

interpersonal differences or complaints of

grievance, harassment & bullying, equal

opportunities, dignity at work and team


Cost effective 1-day

Mediation Package

By offering an on-site 1 day package, WSM

can help in either early stages of dispute, be

involved at the formal stage (i.e. grievance

or disciplinary) or finally post formal, where

parties involved are in need of mediation

support to help them integrate back into the


Benefits of Mediation

Mediation can offer a multitude of

benefits to an organisation in terms

of time and money saved.

• Direct costs for mediation

are typically one third of those

expected in pursuing traditional


• Most situations can be resolved

amicably and quickly – sometimes

in as little as one day

• Cases are closed quickly,

ensuring a prompt return to

productive work and wellbeing

• Risk of the relevant employees

becoming absent, experiencing

stress leading to health

implications are substantially

reduced through timely


• Mediation helps to retain

valuable employees – some

of whom may cost employers

up to four times their salary

to replace

• Mediation protects managers

from becoming “accidental


Mediation Training

WSM also offers training and support

for managers and awareness training

for employees. We are particularly

experienced in diversity and dignity

at work issues, including equality,

disability, harassment and bullying.

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Psychological Assessments

A psychological assessment is a powerful

resource to help employers reach a resolution

in complex and long-term cases of stressrelated

sickness absence. The HR initiated

intervention is commonly used for addressing

serious situations that have become 'stuck'

and also to measure risk when an employee

feels ready to return to work in a safety

sensitive role.

A powerful & pro-active resource

The provision of psychological and

psychiatric assessments is a distinguishing

feature of WSM. Our assessments are a

detailed and professional analysis of an

employee’s psychological condition and risk

profile and can be invaluable in disciplinary

and/or legal situations.

Wide range of expertise

Our range of specialist expertise suits

different cases and we can advise you on

which expert best suits your case:

Occupational psychological support aims

to help employees with behavioural and

emotional difficulties in the workplace,

which may include risk assessment, return to

work action plans and providing advice and

support on reasonable adjustments.

Clinical psychological support helps

addiction, anxiety, depression and chronic

pain through clinical assessment and advice,

counselling or therapy.

Educational psychological support

assesses specific adult learning difficulties.

This includes determining cognitive function

in relation to current job roles and advises

employers on what ongoing support would

be helpful and if there are any workplace

adjustment implications.

CBT aims to change the way a person

thinks, feels and behaves. It doesn’t

involve dwelling on past events to gain

insight and is directive. Although the CBT

therapist will offer support and empathy,

the therapy is structured, problemfocused

and is practical.

In what circumstances

would I need one?

Our psychological assessment services help

employers manage a variety of needs:

Find out when and if an employee might

return from absence after stressrelated

sickness absence

Determine what workplace

adjustments an employer should make

to facilitate a return-to-work

Conduct a psychological risk

assessment in a safety sensitive and

safe-guarding environment

Receive clinical advice of what type of

psychological therapy an employee

should be offered to provide support or

introduce a change in behaviour

Psychiatric analysis of whether an

employee’s symptoms are the result of

a medical illness or mental health

On-site assessment and/or analysis of

support required for an employee who

may be dyslexic or have other adult

educational and learning needs.

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Training and Consultancy

WSM helps employers with

a range of wellbeing training

Our multi-disciplinary team can offer a

range of wellbeing training, carried out by

a variety of workplace wellbeing specialists,

clinicians, trauma specialists, occupational

health consultants, organisational resilience

specialists and wellbeing trainers. We

deliver intelligent programmes which have

a demonstrable impact on the health of

organisations and employees.

Organisational wellbeing audit

/stress audits

WSM’s organisational wellbeing audit

will assess your organisation against the

Health and Safety Executive's Management

Standards. We will design and conduct

a survey which will measure if stress is

adversely affecting your organisation and

identify stress hotspots as well as the root

causes of stress. Our specialist consultants

will identify practical steps that you can take

to address key stress-related issues as well

as help your team develop preventative

strategies for the future.

Stress & resilience training

Our stress management training courses are

designed to be delivered in-house and can

either be a full or a half day in length.

The courses are highly interactive and allow

for group discussion, personal reflection

and action planning. In addition, they are

carefully structured to illustrate how the risk

of stress can be minimised for individual

managers, employees and the organisation

as a whole.

Some of our most successful

training programmes are as


Managing stress through building

and maintaining team resilience.

Particularly effective for teams working

in a highly pressured environment

Stress Management Training

for Managers

Specifically developed to meet the needs

of organisations that have recognised the

crucial role managers play in the reduction

and prevention of work-related stress

Managing stress through lifestyle

Short sessions that provide guidance and

support in establishing healthy lifestyle

practices for stress prevention

Practical Approaches to

Handling Pressure

To increase participants understanding

of stress and its effects and to help them

develop strategies to cope with stress

related issues

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