Museum Arnold Vander Haeghen Hotel d'Hane ... - Visit Gent

Museum Arnold Vander Haeghen Hotel d'Hane ... - Visit Gent

Museum Arnold Vander Haeghen

In 1771, Joos Clemmen, one of the first cotton

tycoons of Ghent, became the owner of a stately

mansion in the Veldstraat. A few decades before,

the talented rococo architect from Ghent, David

‘t Kindt, had bought the former building which

originally consisted of three smaller houses, but he

never finished the new mansion he had designed.

Clemmen had the building completed and the

interior decorated sumptuously. Wall decoration in

painted Chinese silk was applied in the large salon

at the garden side. Today this Chinese Drawing

Room is absolutely unique. Nowhere else an

ensemble was kept so intact.

In the garden, at the banks of the Lys, Clemmen

had a beautiful warehouse built in classicistic style.

The author Maurice Maeterlinck was born in

Ghent in 1862. In 1911 he was awarded the Nobel

Prize for Literature. He would become one of the

great masters of world literature. The Maeterlinck

Room is reminiscent of this great author from

Ghent. The showpiece of the Maeterlinck Room is

the original furniture of his study from Orlamonde,

his enormous villa in Nice, where he died in 1949.

Hotel d’Hane Steenhuyse

This 18th-century hôtel de maître is one of the major

and most beautiful mansions of the city. Count

Jean Baptiste d’Hane de Steenhuyse (1757-1826)

received heads of state here such as Frederick I,

prince of Orange, and Alexander I, tsar of Russia.

Also the French king Louis XVIII stayed in this

stately mansion after he had fled in 1815 from the

troops of Napoleon.

The salons and rooms around the impressive entrance

hall radiate the grandeur of the rich urban

society life. The showpiece undoubtedly is the

two-storey high salle à l’italienne which makes one

dream of high society parties with its magnificent

ceiling paintings, numerous mirrors and splendid

inlaid parquet floor.

The majestic staircase leads to the much more

intimate rooms on the first floor. Here are the

(separate) bedrooms of the count and countess

with the cabinets, the music room, the so-called

Chinese drawing room and the rooms for the


The servants were accommodated on the third

floor, which was only accessible through the service


Guided visits to the Museum Arnold Vander Haeghen and Hotel d’Hane Steenhuyse

with start at the Museum Arnold Vander Haeghen, Veldstraat 82

Groups and schools:

On Thursday

Groups: 75 euro (guide and entrance fee included), 15 persons max.

Schools: 65 euro (guide and entrance fee included)


BoekjeBezoek – Gent Cultuurstad vzw

Bijlokekaai 7b

9000 Gent


tel. +32 9 267 14 66

fax +32 9 267 14 98

Pearls in the city

Individual visitors:

On Friday and Saturday, at 14.30

Entrance fee: 5 euro p.p. (guide and entrance fee included)

Young people under 19: free


vzw Uitbureau Gent

Kammerstraat 19 (from 5 March 2012: Veldstraat 82)

9000 Gent

Tel. +32 9 233 77 88

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday: 10.00 – 12.30 & 13.30 – 17.30

Saturday: 10.00 – 12.30 & 13.00 – 16.30

Closed on Sunday & bank holidays

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