Datasheet: 8-channel Multipurpose Coil CPC - NORAS MRI ...


Datasheet: 8-channel Multipurpose Coil CPC - NORAS MRI ...


8-channel Multipurpose Coil CPC

Contract product development is one of the many

areas of activity of the NORAS MRI products GmbH

Company together with the transformation of innovative

ideas and processes into high quality products.

The CPC (Clothespincoil) is a multifunctional coil

pair with a holder.

Each coil half is configured as a 4-channel array, which

can also be used individually. The coil is available for

1.5T and 3T Siemens and GE systems.

The coil pair can be employed as an 8-channel coil

for larger areas. Thanks to the flexible holder, the field

of view can match the ROI to a certain extent.

0.3x0.3x3mm 3 0.3x0.3x3mm 3 0.26x0.26x0.5mm 3 0.3x0.3x3mm 3

TA: 6:10 min TA: 5:07 min TA: 12:05 min TA: 3:33 min

0.17x0.17x3mm 3 0.4x0.4x1mm 3 0.17x0.17x3mm 3 0.5x0.5x6mm 3

TA: 6:09 min TA: 6:04 min TA: 6:09 min TA: 4:12 min *

*Only to demonstrate the penetration depth measurements for inner ear imaging

Application Fields

This CPC Coil has been designed for the examination

of a variety of regions: extremities, joints, skull,

jaw bone or carotid artery. It can also be used in

paediatrics with our special positioning accessories.

It is also suitable for motion studies in orthopedics.

The coil pair is supported by a holder (clothes pin),

which ensures correct positioning of the CPC Coil.

Parallel imaging is possible with every adjustment

setting thanks to the positioning capability of the


Additionally, comparative images can be made of

symmetrical body parts such as right and left eye,

the ears, etc.

Technical Data see back page

NORAS MRI products GmbH, Leibnizstr. 4, 97204 Höchberg, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0) 931/29927-0; Fax: +49 (0) 931/29927-20; email:;

Technical Datasheet CPC

CPC - Coil Pair with Retainers

Ball joint See Ball Joints Sets

Coil 1.5 T right MR8150R

Coil 3 T right MR8300R

Coil 1,5 T left MR8150L

Coil 3 T left MR8300L

Retainers with scale 2x MR8010

Retainer slide screw 2x MR8011

Cable bushing MR8025

Holder consisting of:

Spider with scale 1x MR8008

Bracket 1x MR8002

Height adjustment screw 1x MR8006

Slide screw 1x MR8003

Base plate 1x MR8000

Flex retainer (not illustrated) MR8030

Ball Joint Set 1

consisting of:


Ball joint holder MR8014

Ball joint inner parts MR8015

Ball Joint Set 2

consisting of:


Ball joint ball MR8012

Ball joint locking nut MR8013

Ball joint clamping screw MR8019

Ball Joint Set 3

consisting of:


Ball joint screw MR8018

Ball joint holder plate MR8016

Rev. 19/05/2009

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