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Read May 2013 Chamber News - Somerset Chamber of Commerce


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The Power of Leadership

Lead Story

Will Better Weather

bring Better Luck?

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“It is fascinating to consider that

ultimately, we are judged by our

peers and colleagues who we have

the responsibility to lead and not

the audience we serve.”

- Rupert Cox

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Rupert’s Review

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In business we are told

about the impact of

positive leadership, but

something significant

happened during April to

stimulate debate about

whether positive and tough

leadership is always the

right style of leadership for

this generation of business person.

Baroness Thatcher passed away on 8 th April 2013 aged

87 having suffered her first stroke in 2002, with a

subsequent stroke being her ultimate cause of death

eleven years later. She died not at home, nor in care,

but at The Ritz Hotel that she had used as “home” for

several months. The longest serving British Prime

Minster of the twentieth century and the only woman

Prime Minister to date, it would appear that her

forthright leadership style cost her relationships – both

personal and professional. It begs a discussion on

strong leadership “at any cost” and whether you can

have strong leadership without the “tough leadership”

that “Maggie” was often accused of.

Thirty-four years ago on Thursday 3 rd May 1979

Margaret Thatcher become Prime Minister. The date is

embedded in my memory as I missed out on being able

to vote (either for or against her) for the first time by

just one day, celebrating my 18 th birthday on 4 th May of

that year. She won 2 more General Elections before

being ousted by her own Party and peers eleven years

later in November 1990. So what went wrong?

She allowed more people than ever to take ownership

of their lives and own their homes, more people than

ever went into self-employment and set up their own

businesses, more people than ever were allowed to own

Our Patrons

shares in privatised businesses – Thatcherism was

born. To some Thatcherism meant taking ownership of

their lives and making money for themselves, but to

others Thatcherism meant a dismantling of the State at

the expense of the most vulnerable – and a threat to

the socialist ideals of Wilson, and Bevan before him.

During her 3 terms of office, unemployment peaked at

4 million but by the time she left office – with the

country heading into recession during the 1990s – this

number had halved. In the mid-1970s the cost of

borrowing had soared to as high as 18% (as my father

had experienced while buying a farm in 1973) to be half

that by the recession of the mid-1990s – still double

what it is today. The strength of the Unions had been

quelled so companies such as Honda could invest in

car manufacturing again in the UK. While many coal

mines closed on her watch, it is rarely reported that

more mines closed during the nationalisation polices of

Harold Wilson, than under Margaret Thatcher’s divisive

spat with Arthur Scargill and the National Union of

Miners that was the catalyst for the perceived north/

south social divide. She regarded being dubbed by the

Russians as “The Iron Lady” as a compliment, when

probably it was not the case, but her tough stance

eventually led to the breaking of the Iron Curtain and

the dismantling of the Berlin Wall.

Having a spat never worried Margaret Thatcher – her

leadership style thrived on it. Just ask Argentina!

Maggie got in the way of another of my personal

milestones with the Falklands War being fought while I

was trying to celebrate my 21 st birthday in May 1982!

She was at it again in 1990 for another of my family’s

key moments. While my wife was giving birth to our

second child in September 1990, Maggie’s last

“hurrah” was an equally painful encounter with Saddam

Hussein in Kuwait – thankfully, both events passed off

successfully! While all this was going on she was

picking yet another fight with her perennial nemesis –

the European Union – a fight that was eventually taken

away from her by her own team who had tired of her

confrontational style of leadership, not least as exposed

A big thank you to the Patrons of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce whose continued

support is vital to the growth of the Chamber.


during the debate on the Poll Tax that was never actually


It is fascinating to consider that ultimately, we are

judged by our peers and colleagues who we have the

responsibility to lead and not the audience we serve. If

one examines definitions of “leadership” it becomes

clear how Maggie ultimately lost the support of her

“team” as much as the electorate. Wikipedia describes

leadership as “a process of social influence in which

one person can enlist the aid and support of others in

the accomplishment of a common task.”

Rupert Cox

7 years at

the top!

Simply put, if your team does not support what you are

trying to achieve, then you no longer have a mandate

to lead that team and you will fail.

There may be many ills with our electoral system, but

for me it is clear. The longer an individual is Prime

Minister, the greater the temptation for that person to

believe they are invincible and ultimately lose the

support of their team. This Government has brought in

fixed term government of 5 years. The next step is for a

limit of two terms for any Prime Minister to serve. That

is 10 years of being governed by the same leader,

which makes them focus on the “accomplishment of a

common task” without the temptation to overstretch

ambitions beyond acceptable “social influence.”

The irony of this monthly review is that Baroness

Thatcher has yet again muscled in on one of my

personal milestones. On 2 nd May I will be celebrating 7

years as CEO of the Somerset Chamber, so the content

of this article gives me food for thought while I hope

stimulating a wider debate on leadership styles.

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Join the best in business at the tenth annual

Chamber Awards

Celebrating ten years of success, the annual Chamber Awards are back. And with new categories including Online

Business of the Year, this year’s Awards are set to be bigger and better than ever.

The Chamber Awards recognise and reward business success across the UK with a range of specialist categories to

meet the needs of any organisation. Entry to the Awards is free to members of Accredited Chambers of Commerce.

This year’s categories include:

• Online Business of the Year

• Most Promising New Business

• Exporter of the Year

• Excellence in Innovation

• Commitment to People Development

• Marketing Campaign of the Year

• Outstanding Personal Achievement

• The Sustainability Award

The Awards are now open for entry until 28th June and regional winners will be announced on 30th September. The Awards

will then conclude with the prestigious gala awards dinner on 28th November in London, where one business will be crowned

‘Business of the Year’ and presented with a £25,000 prize.

The entry process couldn’t be simpler, with full category details and submissions made online on our new and improved

Chamber Awards website:

@ChamberAwards #ChamberAwards


Will The Better Weather Bring Better Luck for Businesses?

It continues to be a difficult period for

businesses across the UK, with recently

released financial reports announcing

falling profits for a number of major


Department store chain Debenhams, which has a head

office in Taunton, attributed its fall in pre-tax profits to

the bad winter weather – and it was not alone, with

companies in industries from drinks to DIY quoting

adverse weather conditions

as being responsible for

their weak financial


It is not just the big brands that are suffering at the

hands of the weather either. The highest rainfall levels

on record, coldest winter in a generation and lack of a

real summer have hit the already fragile economy and

companies in Somerset in particular. The rain and snow

that has swept across the county in recent months has

had a negative impact on many businesses across a

variety of industries, particularly those working in

agriculture and tourism.

The on-going economic situation and unpredictable

weather conditions mean we are not out of the woods

yet and it is more important than ever for businesses to

be prepared, focus on what they can do to strengthen

from the inside and make the most of opportunities

that come their way. It is as true in business as it is in

life that luck favours those who come prepared, so get

prepared and make the most of opportunities that

come your way. Events like the annual Somerset in

Business Conference, for instance, highlight innovation

and opportunities for businesses as well as providing

an ideal occasion for business networking, whilst the

Somerset Business Awards offers a free-of-charge

opportunity to raise the profile of your company and put

yourself a step ahead of the competition.

The arrival of spring means we can finally say goodbye

to the worst of the winter, for a while at least. With the

Met Office promising a gradual improvement in weather

conditions over the coming months, it is time to focus

on more positive things. For Somerset and the wider

South West, the summer traditionally means a more

profitable period thanks to the arrival of tourists to the

region, but there are also signs that the economy as a

whole is becoming more resilient, which is good news

for all of us.

The results of the British Chambers of Commerce’s

Quarterly Economic Survey for Q1 2013 show areas of

growing strength in the UK economy, particularly in the

manufacturing and services industries – both key

sectors within Somerset. British Chambers of

Commerce Chief Economist David Kern summarises,

“Our survey shows that British businesses remain

resilient, and are willing and able to drive recovery. The

strength of the export balances, particularly in the

service sector, confirms the existence of huge

untapped potential that must be unleashed.”

Whilst the domestic market may be slow in recovering

from the effects of the prolonged economic uncertainty,

there is evidence that British companies are

succeeding in markets further afield. Export markets

offer huge potential and lucrative opportunities for

Somerset businesses – a topic that will be covered in

more detail at this month’s Somerset in Business

Conference. Entitled International Trade is Good for

Somerset, the conference will take place on Friday 17

May at the Westland Conference and Leisure Complex

in Yeovil.

The key focus of the Somerset Chamber is on

supporting the growth of the Somerset economy and

we do this in many different ways including lobbying for

high-speed broadband connectivity and improvements

to transport infrastructure; promoting supply chain

opportunities such as the Hinkley Supply Chain project;

encouraging inward investment through the Into

Somerset programme; and actively participating in the

Heart of the South West Local Enterprise partnership.

As a member, you also have access to a wide range of

benefits that will help your business weather the storm,

including business support and mentoring, networking

events, information seminars and cost-savings benefits.


Flooded farm ©Khuruzero

Snowy Road ©Dan

Images courtesy of


Marathon Record for Fire Marshal Foamy

Jerome Timbrell from C2 Safety in Somerset was hoping to

set a world record at the London Marathon on 21 April 2013

– as the fastest fire extinguisher.

Along with Melanie Downing from Room Six, Burnham on Sea, Jerome

designed the tailor made, fiery red, eight foot costume of foam and latex,

known as Fire Marshal Foamy, which took eight weeks to make. Fire Marshal

Foamy is the official Mascot for C2 Fire, Jerome’s fire protection company.

Following a gastric bypass, Jerome lost half his body weight and took up

running. Over the past three years he has run 18 marathons and has

completed 15 ultra marathons (distances longer than marathon distance,

varying from 35 miles to 100 miles). As a warm up for the main event he took

to the streets of Taunton to complete the half marathon in 2 hours 3


The competition for the world record was fierce. He hoped to break the

record set in 2010 by Peter Donato of 4 hr 16 min 43 sec, running as

Jefferson the collie mix dog mascot.

Sadly it was not to be. Fire Marshal Foamy completed the race in 4 hours 51

minutes, but made it onto the TV crossing the finishing line, the CBBC home

page and was featured in the Independent, the Daily Mail and the Metro.

Jerome was not deterred and went on to say, “Next year I hope to run 50

miles and in 2015 from Lands End to John O’Groats in my new costume, to

raise money for National Fire Fighters Charity, then after that who knows…”

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Wells Chamber of Commerce

Work in Wells Week

13 -18 May 2013

The country’s smallest city punches above its weight!

The city of Wells in Somerset is hosting its first “Work in Wells Week”

from Monday 13 to Saturday 18 May 2013, taking inspiration from Work Wise’s Work From Home Day on 17 May

and The Federation of Small Business’s Keep Trade Local campaign.

Organised by Mendip Hub and supported by Wells Chamber of Commerce, this will be a week

that celebrates working close to home, with all the financial, social and eco benefits this brings to the individual

and the community.

Wells is a great place to visit, but also a great place to live and work! Work in Wells Week will seek to promote to

potential and current employers and freelancers the real value and benefits of contributing to the local economy by

working locally.

Kicking off with a trade show at Wells Town Hall on 13th May, there will also be a variety of world class speakers

giving a total of 15 lunchtime and evening business seminars, all FREE to attend – although numbers are limited

so it is essential to book

Find out more at

Judith Ludovino, Director of Mendip Hub, explains that events during Work in Wells Week will:

Inspire and educate local people currently working as a freelancers and start ups, highlighting resources that

are available to help their businesses grow and succeed

Facilitate links between employers, local schools and Strode College, the Wells Chamber of Commerce and

the Mendip Hub

Publicise the environmental and economic benefits of working locally

Campaign for Wells to be included in Superfast Broadband rollout for Devon and Somerset (Wells is currently

the only Mendip town not included in the plans)

The Wells Chamber is also supporting “Wells Business of the Year” in conjunction with Wells Journal and Mendip

Hub. Many local traders have offered valuable prizes, find out more at: Entries by 3rd May


Additional Information – Mendip Hub, c/o TelePA Ltd, 27 Glastonbury Road, Wells. BA5 1TW Tel: 01749 686776

Wells Chamber of Commerce & Tourism

Wells Chamber meets monthly, usually at 6pm so members can attend straight

from work. Matt Dampier of Old Mill Group has recently been elected Chairman and the

members are confident he will maintain the Chamber’s reputation for conducting short,

productive meetings. Wells Chamber always welcomes new members and to encourage

businesses to get involved, the first year of membership costs just £25, whatever the size

of the business.

If you’d like to know about this vibrant Chamber of Commerce,

please contact us on 01749 685236

Matt Dampier, Chair of

Wells Chamber of

Commerce and Tourism


New Members

April’s new members

Charles Edis Limited

Private Company Support

Charles Edis

01823 672858

Colin Mear Engineering Ltd

Rob Paton

01460 269500

Common Sense UK Ltd

Eco lighting, ventilation

Nigel Beale

01460 61824

Enable Support Services

Advise, Support, Educate

Debbie Boyes

01935 385960

Everys Solicitors

Bruce Brooker

01392 848949

HR GO Recruitment

Carin Cross

01749 675400

Maryanne Stokes Ltd

Marketing PR Business


Maryanne Stokes

07747 676833

Metaltech Precision Ltd

Sub-Contract Machine

Andy Riste

01460 221737


Bespoke Website


Pete Fairburn

01460 984284

Origen Workplace Solutions

Financial Advisers

Stephen Mason

07528 861617

Chard, based

subcontractor Metaltech

Precision invests a lot in its

future – not just in terms of

the latest machinery but

perhaps more importantly

in the people who use it.

The company, which can trace its beginnings back to 1973, has

steadily grown from a small two man operation to occupying a

47,000ft² facility, employing over 80 people and housing more

than 50 CNC machines.

Metaltech Precision offer a range of high-precision machining and

fabrication facilities rarely matched in the sub-contract industry.

Implementing lean manufacturing techniques and shop floor data

collection, we are able to

remain at the forefront of

sub-contract manufacturing.

Offering a diversity of supply

from sliding head turning to

a fully welded and painted

10 ton fabrication.

Radstock Co-operative Society

Convenience Retailer

Vicki Przytocki

01761 430206

Search Consultancy Ltd

Kate Tennant

01458 259398

Setsquare Recruitment Ltd

Construction Recruitment


Phil Stone

01823 270917

SMV Commercials Ltd

Stephen Goss

01935 478826

Templestone Masonry Ltd

Bespoke Stone Masonry

Steven Daniels

01935 478826

Specialising in exotic

materials such as Hastelloy,

Inconel, Monel, Titanium and

Duplex and are able to

source additional services

such as EDM wire eroding,

laser cutting, presswork,

gear cutting and plating

through their approved


An Award Winning


At the recent Yeovil College

and North Dorset Technical

College Apprenticeship

Awards Metal Tech Precision

Ltd were awarded as the

Employer of the Year (SME)

for recognition of the key

role their business plays in

training and development.


The Somerset in Business Conference

International Trade is Good

for Somerset

Book your place today!

Book Here

Exporting has always been a

cornerstone of Britain’s trading

success, with exports representing

nearly 30% of UK GDP. Today, as the

global economy rebalances to

reflect the emerging consumer

power of high-growth markets such

as India, Brazil and China, there are

opportunities for British businesses,

including SMEs that venture

overseas. In addition, foreign

inward investment has created or

secured more than 112,000 jobs for

the UK in 2011/12. For Somerset

this will come largely through inward

investment opportunities from

Hinkley C.

How do Somerset SMEs break into

international markets? What help is

on hand? What are the risks and

rewards? Does trading overseas

help to improve company

performance as well as revenue?

Into Somerset and the Somerset

Chamber have brought together high

calibre and respected speakers for

this year’s Somerset in Business

Conference. They will bring alive

both the opportunities and

challenges for local businesses,

providing advice that can be put to

immediate use.

We are delighted to announce that

the CEO of the UKTI, Mr Nick Baird,

has agreed to be our Keynote

speaker for this conference and

facilitating the day will be Director of

Policy and External Affairs for the

British Chambers of Commerce

(BCC), Dr Adam Marshall.

Speakers and Agenda

8.00 Registration &


8.50 - Welcome

by Cllr.Anne Fraser,

Into Somerset and

Adam Marshall, BCC

9.05 - 9.30 The


Partnership Cllr. John

Osman, Somerset

County Council

A Somerset Case Export Case


9.30 - The Cultural Minefield of



Dr. Jay Kettle


9.50 - Q&A Session

10.05 - UKTI (The

World Awaits)

Graham White, UKTI

10.20 - Tea break &


11.05 – Keynote

Speaker: Britain -

Open for Business,

Open for Trade, Open

for Investment,

Nick Baird, CEO of the UKTI

11.15 - Panel Session

Nick Baird, Adam Marshall Sir

Graham Watson MEP, John Osman

and Rupert Cox

11.40—12.25 The Emerging Growth

Markets: Brazil, India and China:

Was Rahman, Advisor on Global

Technology Industries for UKTi.

Philip Gray, MD Commercial Doctor

Ltd and Antoaneta Becker, UKTi

China Business Advisor

Event Sponsor

Event Partner

Event Hosts

12.25 - 13.00 Investing in

Somerset for Nuclear: Opportunities

for Supply and Collaboration EDF

Energy and BYLOR

13.00– Q&As / Close followed by

lunch. Rupert Cox, CEO of the

Somerset Chamber

14.30– One to One Sessions with

UKTI and the Hinkley Supply Chain



Blueloop Limited

Bridgwater Gateway Ltd

Bridgwater College

C2 Safety Ltd

Clarke Willmott

EDF Energy


Francis Clark LLP


Logical Personnel Solutions

London and Wharfedale

Milsted Langdon


New Leaf Life Design


Peninsula Enterprise/UKTI

Perrys Recycling


Porter Dodson

Southwest Digital Systems

Somerset County Council

Somerset Skills and Learning

Summerfield Developments


Wessex Commercial Solutions

West Somerset College

Yeovil College

Contact the Chamber Call 01823 444924, email or visit


Members’ News

This month GBRS UK celebrates its first,

very successful, year in business!

In the past year GB Recruitment

Services, which specialises in

construction, has grown from

strength to strength.

Ben Milson, GBRS Director explains, “Since we started

last year there has been a great demand for our

services. We have had to employ 2 new sales people

and a part time bookkeeper and we will be taking on an

apprentice business administrator in partnership with

Weston College shortly.

Director, Richard Oliver, commented: "We are

justifiably thrilled to yet again be recognised as

a leading design consultancy in our field. It's a great

testament to the Impact team and their creativity,

commitment and passion. We'd also like to say a great

big thank you to our clients, both locally and nationally,

present and past for their support over the years which

underpins our success and continued 'creative'

reputation for imaginative and innovative marketing

and design. The team at Impact is delighted to have

been recognised in The Drum's Top 100 UK poll and

within the Top 5 in the South West region client poll, so

you can excuse us raising a glass or two!”

Pictured: The Impact team


“We now have 50 clients through a varied range of

construction disciplines, from shop fitting to renewable

energy. This currently equates to over 700 people

working for us on over 100 different sites throughout

the UK & Ireland.

“We have big plans for the future and are looking to

grow further as works in certain areas continue to take


Creating an Impact in the Design Top 100

Taunton based Impact Design and

Marketing who created the ‘Somerset

- The Natural Choice’ campaign for

Into Somerset including the new

innovative 3D lorry trailer livery, has

once again been listed as one of the

top ranking design agencies not only

in the South West but also in the UK. The news

re-emphasises that creative agencies do not need to be

located in the West End of London to achieve great


The agency has

been ranked

number 4 in the

South West

region client poll

and in the Top

100 for the whole

of the UK. A great

accolade when you consider there are 2,000-odd

design consultancies in the UK.

The recently announced rankings were compiled by the

industry's The Drum magazine using a combination of

financial data, a client poll and peer review, recognising

and ranking consultancies that performed the best

across all three categories.

Government awards £1 million towards

hospice care in Somerset

Local Hospice and

Chamber member, St

Margaret’s, has been

awarded nearly £1m of Department of Health money

towards four innovative care initiatives. The Hospice

applied for the grant in competition with over 200 other

hospices nationwide and had to demonstrate how the

money would help improve the care and support they

offered to their patients and families.

“The hard won bids reflect the fantastic innovative work

our clinicians have been doing in the community to

ensure our patients receive the right care, at the right

time, in the place of their choice,” said Jon Andrewes,

CEO. “For some time now it has been the dream of St

Margaret’s to be able to take even more care out into

the community and to help people who have been

admitted into our hospices to return home and live as

active a life as possible,” Jon added.

“The money will go a long way in helping the hospice to

enable patients to choose where they receive their

care,” added Ann Lee, Clinical Director.

The money will go towards the following projects:

Quantock House will receive money towards a

diversional and complementary therapy facility

Bridgwater will gain a purpose built hospice care hub

delivering all hospice services

Finally, the two inpatient units at Taunton and Yeovil

are to be equipped with a flatlet to support patients

who are preparing to be discharged home.

Members’ News

Accountants pull team together to help

Somerset businesses.

Following the

successful launch of

the Free Business

Advice evenings in April, BJ DixonWalsh are pleased to

announce a second open evening for businesses

wishing to access the services of senior accountants,

representatives from the legal profession, insurance

brokers, financial advisors, insolvency practitioners,

governance advisers, marketing, coaching and HR


Director and Partner of BJ DixonWalsh Jim Lewis, who

is spearheading this initiative said, “Whether you are

doing exceptionally well and need advice on growth or

raising finance, struggling with cash flow issues and

need advice as to what to do, or have a general

business query then we will hopefully have someone to

guide you in the right direction.”

Paul Hake, Head of Family Businesses at Albert

Goodman, comments, “This scheme is fantastic for

Albert Goodman and enables our team to impart vital

knowledge to our valued family business clients. It will

enhance our offering in areas such as succession

planning and developing family constitutions.”

Paul will take part in the programme along with

colleagues, Mike Cahill and Kevin Parsons.

The Family Business Growth Programme has received

funding from the Government’s Rural Growth Network,

designed to boost the county’s rural economy by

£40million and will be administered by the Heart of the

South West Local Enterprise Partnership. Commercial

organisations involved in this programme are contributing

towards the cost of the masterclass and will be

expected to provide initial business advice free of

charge to family firms.

All in the aid of Charity

Albert Goodman welcomes Government’s

Family Business Growth Programme

Leading Somerset accountancy firm,

Albert Goodman, has announced it is

among the first to participate in the

Government’s Family Business Growth


The programme, launched at the end of

March at Exeter University, will see

participants attend a two day master class

at renowned business school, the Institute for

Management Development, in Lausanne, Switzerland,

in May 2013.

If the programme is successful, it will be rolled out

nationally, in 2014. Responsible for monitoring and

evaluating the programme is Dr Matt Lobley,

co-director of the Centre for Rural Policy Research, at

the University of Exeter.

It is vital for charities to have

great supporters and the

Somerset Rural Youth Project

(SRYP) is no exception.

On 29 May, Greg Kyd and Rich Hill will swim 100,000

metres over a period of 36 hours (the equivalent of

swimming across the channel 3 times!) to raise money

for SRYP. “The event will be pretty tough but we’ve

been trying to think up a challenge for a while and this

seemed fitting,” says Greg Kyd.

To find out more

contact SRYP via

their website

Pictured: from left to

right, Richard Hill,

Greg Kyd

Dr Lobley says, "The course will develop the skills and

knowledge of the professional advisors who enhance

the rural family businesses that support and grow the

region’s rural economy. The programme evaluation will

involve visiting the family businesses to see whether

the advice received has had a positive impact.”


Does your Development Project Need an Archaeologist?

Andy Buckley, of AB Heritage, offers advice

on reducing risk at the development stage

to avoid delays and spiralling costs

Forget everything you think you know about

archaeology, which probably involves either Indiana

Jones or beardy types in knitted jumpers, waxing lyrical

about pottery. Archaeologists spend more time working

with builders and developers and less time digging

trenches and raiding tombs, than you might think.

Regulation and legislation exists that require

developers to protect the country’s heritage in their

works. But archaeology doesn’t have to be a headache

for developers, if they find the right expertise and bring

them in early, advises Andy Buckley, Managing Director

at AB Heritage Limited.

Working together to reduce risk

During any development project there is a legal

obligation for developers to appropriately

assess and protect any significant

archaeological or built heritage remains if

they are to gain planning permission for

proposed works.

Organisation (RAO) with

the Institute for

Archaeologists (IfA) and

understand the challenges

you face as a developer.

“It’s more difficult to deal

with unforeseen archaeological issues late in a project

and this can lead to delays,” Andy concludes. “We

therefore encourage our colleagues in the development

sector to contact AB Heritage as early as possible, to

discuss whether archaeology may be an issue on their

projects, with a view to minimising the risk of

unforeseen costs to our clients”.

AB Heritage specialises in all forms of archaeological

investigation and mitigation works, including the

production of Archaeological Desk-Based Assessments

and Cultural Heritage Environmental Statements.

To find out how we can help you contact us on

03333 440 206 or

“Mitigation means making every effort to

minimise the impact of development

schemes on archaeological remains, ideally

through preservation in-situ.’ Andy explains.

“This is where remains are left undisturbed.

If this is not possible, archaeological

excavation may be acceptable.

“For a successful outcome developers need

to work alongside archaeologists to deliver a

project on time and on budget. But Andy

advises that “early project decision making

on the need to incorporate archaeology is in

some cases still being taken by those with

no archaeological expertise. The inevitable

result is that an application can be rejected

and development delayed or, worse still, that

a costly and wholly inadequate mitigation

strategy is suggested”.

Finding the right archaeologist

Developers need to find an archaeological

team they can trust in. Start by finding an

archaeological consultancy, like AB Heritage,

who are a Registered Archaeological


Page sponsored by AB Heritage Ltd

Ladies Mean Business

Influential women have been much in the

news of late.

The recent death of Britain’s first and only female

Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, has brought the

subject of women in positions of power into sharp

focus. Like her or loathe her, Baroness Thatcher was

one of the most notable politicians of the 20 th Century.

In an era and industry dominated by males, her

achievement and confidence were all the more


Meanwhile, a report released last month by the

government-appointed Women on Boards Steering

Group highlighted that although progress had slowed

during the second half of the financial year, women

now account for 17.3 per cent of FTSE 100 and 13.2

per cent of FTSE 250 board directors, representing an

increase of nearly 40 per cent since the initial Women

on Boards report in February 2011. The Group’s

original recommendations outlined a goal of 25 per

cent of board members being female executives,

although there is much debate over whether this type

of classification is an appropriate way to measure and

recognise success for women in business.

In an open letter to business published on 11 April

2013, the government defended this approach saying,

“The whole Women on Boards agenda has never been

just an equality issue – it makes level-headed

business sense. Well-balanced boardrooms bring fresh

ideas, talent and experience which in turn lead to

better decision making. All of which leads to greater

productivity of UK plc.”

In Somerset, we are fortunate to have a high number

of female directors and business owners, many of

whom are active within the Somerset Chamber of

Commerce. The entrepreneurial nature and heritage of

Somerset, which is one of the most prominent areas of

the UK for business start-ups, inspires a wealth of

business opportunity for men and women alike.

The Somerset Chamber has long recognised and

supported the strength of women in business through

our membership and events programme. The regular

Ladies Afternoon Tea networking events have proved

enormously popular, helping to build a supportive,

friendly and collaborative community for business

women throughout the county.

At board level, three of the 12 Somerset Chamber

board members are female, including Chair of the

Somerset Chamber, Sandra Wilson, who has held the

position since 2007. According to Sandra, the

business opportunities for women are vast and varied:

“There are many levels on which women are involved

in the running of business, whether in a career

focused on reaching the board room, or by operating a

small business on a part time basis for a

supplementary income. Whichever course they chose,

it is clear that women bring diverse views and a wider

discussion into the business community.”

Somerset women are behind a number of high profile

business success stories, becoming role models for

many within the region. Dragons' Den investor and

successful entrepreneur Deborah Meaden is one of

the most prominent business women in the country, as

well as being a supportive ambassador for the Into

Somerset inward investment programme. Meanwhile,

inspirational household names

such as Glastonbury Festival

organiser Emily Eavis and fashion

designer Alice Temperley, who

launched a high profile collection

with John Lewis entitled

Somerset’ last summer, confirm

that ability and ambition grows in

abundance in the Somerset


The next Ladies Afternoon Tea takes place on

Thursday 11 July at Woodlands Castle, Taunton. These

events always sell out in advance so book now via the

Somerset Chamber website to avoid disappointment.

Picture: ©David Fowler.


Membership Benefits

FREE services included in Chamber Membership

from AXA PPP healthcare

As part of your existing Somerset Chamber of Commerce Membership you have

access to 2 valuable services from AXA PPP healthcare at NO additional cost. You don’t need to be an AXA PPP

healthcare member to benefit from this extra support!

Personal Business Assistance

If poor health ever keeps you away from work, worrying how everyone else is coping is the last thing you need.

The Personal Business Assistance service from AXA PPP healthcare will ease some of your worries while you

get on with recovering. If your illness means you need a stay in hospital, or if it becomes difficult to keep up

contact with your customers and suppliers, AXA PPP will help you stay in touch and also keep on top of the

paperwork. The service includes:

Responding to phone queries

Sending and forwarding emails

Writing letters

Sending faxes

Health at Hand

The Health at Hand service is designed to give you expert information and peace of mind 24

hours a day, 7 days a week. AXA PPP have a hand-picked team of healthcare professionals,

who are experts in their field so no matter what you’re concerned about, there will be someone with the right

experience and training on hand to help you.

Whenever you need a question answered or just to talk to someone, AXA PPP will be there for you. They are

also able to provide the latest information on specific illnesses, treatments and medications including free fact

sheets and leaflets.

This service can be used by you, your family and employees.

For further information, please call or email Vikki Waterman on 01823 444924

Membership Subscription Review

As of the 1st May, membership subscriptions will alter following a review of current subscriptions.

Rupert Cox, Somerset Chamber CEO comments, “The Somerset Chamber has not reviewed its membership

categories for 6 years and they were no longer fit for

Category Bands based on Cost (ex VAT)

purpose. With an enhanced membership package and

No. of

more targeted events and activities, I believe these


new categories reflect the size of Somerset

businesses more accurately.

1 0 - 1 £125

“We know from looking at other business

support organisations that membership of the

most inclusive business group in the county

continues to represent excellent value for money

for businesses of every sector and size. The

Somerset Chamber continues to represent and

work for Somerset business.”

Contact Vikki for any membership related queries.

Renew your membership now

2 2 - 10 £205

3 11 - 50 £325

4 51 - 150 £450

5 151 - 300 £550

6 300+ £725

Patron From £2000


Where There’s No Will, it Could be a Problem!

Recent surveys have highlighted that around

60% of adults have not made a Will. Even

more worrying is the finding that around 70%

of adults with children under 18 have not

made a Will.

There are many reasons given for not making a Will,


”I’m too young”, “It’s too expensive”, “It’s too

complicated”, ”My wife will get it all anyway”, “I’ve

nothing to leave”

As solicitors, we often have to be on hand to help

families unpick the muddle or, even worse, resolve a

dispute after being left in the lurch without a valid

Will. The expectations and assumptions made by family

members and others about what will happen may have

been wrong, and they may be looking at a future

without financial security.

So why should you make a Will?

Even within a “normal” family unit, problems and

disputes can arise on the basis of expectations not

being realised, and promises not kept. For the large

number of people who now have

multiple family units (for example

following divorce) or who are

co-habiting and unmarried, the

situation is often even more


Here are five very good reasons to

make a Will:

1. It is kind and fair to your family,

who will have clarity and

certainty at a very distressing

time. You will be providing

peace of mind and helping to

safeguard their future.

2. Your assets will be distributed as

you have chosen, rather than

according to the strict order set

out in law (known as the

intestacy rules). You may not

realise that under the intestacy


Your husband/wife may not

receive all of your estate. Under

the intestacy rules a spouse may

only receive £250,000 outright

from the estate. Your partner (if you are unmarried)

will receive absolutely nothing.

Your children (including those from prior

relationships) may be entitled to share in the estate

and will receive their money at the very early age of


The Crown might receive your assets if you have no

close relatives, or they cannot be traced.

3. The intestacy rules rarely cater adequately for

today’s complicated family situations, such as second

marriages or co-habitation.

4. You can appoint guardians for your children, if

appropriate, rather than leaving such decisions in the

hands of the Courts.

5. You can choose to benefit friends or charities

instead of family members.


It’s never too soon to make a Will. Even if you think you

have nothing to leave you can give your loved ones

peace of mind, and help safeguard their financial



Somerset Business Awards

The Somerset Business Awards, now in its

9th year, will be launched at the Bridgwater

Network Central exhibition on Thursday

30th May

Somerset Business Awards Sponsors

The Somerset Chamber of Commerce,

along with main award sponsors Albert

Goodman, will launch the Somerset

Business Awards at 13.00 on Thursday

30th May at the Network Central

Bridgwater event. We would welcome all

Somerset businesses to come along and

learn about the awards and how applying could help

your business.

Network Central’s doors open from 7am for the big

business breakfast, where over 120 business people

are expected for a great networking opportunity.

The exhibition is free so why not come along and hear

about the awards whilst taking the opportunity to visit

some of the 40 exhibition stands that will be exhibiting

on the day.

The Reverse Dragons Den

At 13.15 Rupert Cox, CEO of the Chamber, will chair a

session called ‘The Reverse Dragons & Angels Den’.

During this session experienced business people will be

on hand to answer your questions about how to

succeed in business, how to get investment and much

more. We are delighted to welcome Andy Nash, Chair of

the Somerset County Cricket Ground and Chris Kaday,

an Executive Coach, Business Coach and Mentor, as 2

of the Dragons.

Media Partners

Further details of the day’s agenda can be found at the

following link:


Interested in attending the breakfast?

Contact and let them know that

you heard about it through the Somerset Chamber.

Breakfast Cost: £12 per person.

Network Central Exhibition

Bridgwater Energy Skills Centre,

Date: Thursday 30th May 2013

Cost: Free entry

Entry opens on the 1st June


Increase in Property Prices

New Government mortgage schemes will

increase property prices

The South West’s most entrepreneurial independent

mortgage and insurance services firm, Cooper

Associates, is delivering its Spring house price forecast,

with warnings that the Government’s latest schemes

are fraught with dangers.

Cooper Associates predicts the housing market in the

South West will not get much easier in 2013 and

consumer confidence is likely to remain subdued.

Samantha Cooper, Managing Director, comments, “We

believe the long term recovery of the housing market

will not be achieved by the Chancellor’s recent

announcement of the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme. It will

potentially lead to more home owners defaulting on

their mortgages, leaving tax payers to foot the bill once

interest rates rise. We are also expecting to see the

scheme lead to an overall increase in house prices.

“The danger is that home-buyers - those who lenders

will not consider due to having an insufficient deposit -

will be tempted by the offer of a Government loan and

mortgage guarantees. They will commit themselves to

mortgages, which they may not be able to afford when

interest rates rise – which will happen, because we

cannot sustain the current, historically low

borrowing rate forever.

starts in 2014. House

price increases will be

imminent unless the

government tackle the

real issue of a lack of

housing. Significantly,

the scheme has not yet

dealt with the issue of

homeowners buying

second properties

under the scheme, a

move that will only drive

first time buyers further out of the market.

Samantha concludes, “The Government’s current

‘Funding for Lending’ scheme will keep mortgage

interest rates low, however, overall credit conditions are

unlikely to improve significantly in 2013, as consumer

confidence is still subdued and the ratio of house

prices to disposable incomes remains at an all time

high. These factors suggest current property owners are

unlikely to risk moving and taking on larger debts. In

addition, the situation for first time buyers will remain

consistent, so it is unlikely there will be any immediate

recovery in the housing market this year.”

“The question should be asked whether the

Government should be underwriting such

loans at all. Most mortgage guarantees are

underwritten commercially with the

premium being paid by the borrower. In the

event of repossession under this scheme,

the premium will be paid for by the


When interest rates rise, the Government

will lose money from those who cannot fulfil

their repayments and the tax payer will

suffer in an attempt to recover Government

losses. A similar situation in the US in 2008

cost the American tax payer the equivalent

of £125billion to buy back sub-prime

mortgages from the banks.

Focusing on the market prospects for the

remainder of 2013 - many market operators

are billing it an excellent year to buy

property, due to the expected rise in house

price values, once the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme



Business News

Regulators and local authorities invited to

bid for fund that will enable them to pioneer

more business-friendly enforcement of


Business Minister Michael Fallon today invited national

regulators and local authorities to bid for a new fund

that will enable them to pioneer more business-friendly

enforcement of regulation.

The Regulatory Innovation for Growth programme, part

of a wider drive to reduce red tape, will provide up to

£20,000 per project to support innovative new ways of

enforcing regulation. Proposals must be based on closer

working relationships with businesses, helping firms

comply with essential requirements without burdening

them with bureaucracy.

These could include, for example, supporting start-up

businesses as they are created, to help them

understand and comply with regulation in a way that

supports the success of their new enterprise, or

providing new, more accessible forms of information

and training for specific sectors.

The most successful schemes will help inform the

development of the Government’s proposed ‘growth

duty’ for regulators, which will require regulators to take

into account the impact of their activities on the

economic prospects of firms they regulate.

Business Minister Michael Fallon said:

Better regulation has an important role to play in

supporting enterprise and prosperity, and the

Government has called time on bureaucratic

processes that hold businesses back.

But top–down solutions are not the answer. That’s

why we are asking people at the front line to

demonstrate how they can better help businesses

comply with regulation quickly and efficiently.

This is a vital part of our drive to put government on

the side of law-abiding businesses, supporting

growth and enterprise while maintaining the highest

standards of compliance.

The fund, part of a wider drive to reform the

enforcement of regulation, will support a total of six

projects. Trade associations and professional bodies

that provide advice and support to help businesses

meet their regulatory requirements are also eligible to


The programme is administered by the Better

Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) and is part of a wider

£500,000 investment in improving the enforcement of

regulation. Further initiatives include support to a

number of Local Enterprise Partnerships that are

improving the way enforcement is delivered by working

with business communities, and support to trade

associations and local authorities that are working in

partnership to develop reliable, sector-specific advice

for business.

For more information, or to apply for funding, visit: http:// The deadline for applications is 9am,

Wednesday 29th May 2013.

South West Equestrian Businesses join

forces to boost Exports

A group of South West

equestrian businesses have

joined forces to assist each

other in boosting British

Exports from the South West Region. The group, called

the ‘South West Animal Cluster’ was the brainchild of

Hilary Charman of the UKTI after she had mentored

many of the individual companies through various

export initiatives. Hilary quickly realised that there could

be huge benefits from getting these companies round a

table to share stories and experiences of their export


Hilary said “Joining together as a group of companies to

work towards a goal such as increased exports, is an

energising experience! It brings a range of benefits

including cost savings and increased efficiency,

however companies most often comment that they most

benefit from interchanging ideas and improved

business practice.”

The group including Hilton Herbs, Verm-X, Pro-Motion

Equine, Smart Grooming, Griffin Nuumed and Snuggy

Hoods has recently secured £3,000 of EDRF funding

through the UKTI to use to develop International Trade

into new markets. Eastern Europe has been chosen as

the first target market with the first stage to be to

produce a multi-company information sheet that can be

translated into a number of languages.

New members to the group are welcome and anyone wishing

to join should initially contact Hilary Charman

Contact the Chamber Call 01823 444924, email or visit

Next Events

Somerset in Business


Date: Friday 17th May

Time: 08.30

Venue: Westlands Conference & Leisure Centre

Cost: £25.00 (inc VAT)

Food: Teas and coffees, buffet lunch

International Trade is Good for Somerset

Join us for this superb networking


The annual Somerset in Business Conference is the

county’s largest business conference. The event, which

sold out in 2012, attracts over 250 delegates for a

morning of high calibre speakers, presentations and

networking opportunities.

This year the theme is International Trade is Good for

Somerset. We are grateful to EDF for their sponsorship

of the conference and we are proud to be working in

partnership with UKTI to deliver this event for Export


Sponsored by:

Meet the Neighbours

Date: Wednesday 22nd May

Time: 12.00

Venue: Eastbury Hotel, Sherborne

Cost: Members £27.00 Non-Members £37.00

(inc VAT)

Food Provided: 2 course lunch

Now in its fifth year, the popular Meet the

Neighbours business lunch with Dorset

Chamber is back in 2013!

Somerset and Dorset Chamber members are invited to

come along to this special event with a view of

engaging and building business relationships with

potential new customers in the neighbouring counties.

Held at The Eastbury Hotel in Sherborne, this is a

perfect opportunity to raise the profile of your business

to others at your table, whilst enjoying a superb two

course lunch.

Past events have seen nearly 70 people attend, so

please do book early to avoid disappointment. The last

joint networking lunch with Exeter Chamber saw nearly

100 people attend.

Open Innovation European Networking Dinner

Date: Tuesday 21st May

Time: 17.30

Venue: Dillington House, Ilminster

Cost: £26.00 (inc VAT)

Food: 3 course dinner

The event will start with a fascinating theatre-style presentation and showcase of Open Innovation in Somerset

from 5.30pm, followed by the opportunity to network with the project’s European partners and of course other

Somerset businesses. This will be done over a superb three course dinner commencing at 19.45.

As part of the Open Innovation (Interreg IVB) Project, which includes Somerset Chamber of Commerce, Somerset

County Council and Plymouth University, a selection of European project partners from France, Germany, Holland,

London, Edinburgh and Dublin will be shown some inspiring Somerset case studies of innovation and


For more information on any of our events, including sponsorship opportunities,

please email or call 01823 444924


Somerset Chamber Events Calendar

For more information on our events, including sponsorship opportunities, please email Sue

at or call 01823 444924

(All costs inclusive of VAT)

Somerset in Business Conference - Friday 17th May

Somerset’s largest business conference and exhibition

Time: Conference 08.30 1 - to - 1 meetings with UKTI 14.30

Venue: Westland Conference & Leisure Complex, Yeovil. Cost: £25.00 (Inc VAT)

Meet the Neighbours Lunch, Dorset - Wednesday 22nd May



Following the success of past meetings, join us for lunch with colleagues from across the border.

Time: 12.00 Venue: The Eastbury Hotel, Sherborne

Open Innovation European Business Dinner - Tuesday 21st May


Come and network with the Open Innovation (Interreg IVB) Project European partners

Time: 17.30 Venue: Dillington House, Ilminster Cost: £26.00 (Inc VAT)

Business Leaders Dinner - Thursday 13th June - By Invitation


A business dinner specifically for Somerset’s larger employers.

With guest speaker - John Longworth Director General at British Chambers of Commerce

Time: 19.00 Venue: The Castle Hotel, Taunton

Cost: £45.00 (Inc VAT)

“Oops, we sold out again!”

“Once again, the latest Somerset Chamber ladies event was a SELL OUT! Even though we couldn’t rely on the

weather, it did not dampen the spirits of the ladies in attendance who enjoyed a relaxed afternoon of networking

– along with some delicious tea and cakes!

Emma Britton from BBC Somerset was our special guest and she provided the audience with a light-hearted talk

that included insight into her career and information on how people should prepare if they are ever asked to do a

radio interview. The talk was extremely enlightening and with a flurry of questions posed from the floor afterwards,

it was clear that it sparked a huge amount of interest from the delegates, who all left the event having

learnt a great deal.

Our hosts, The Monks Yard, once again excelled themselves with both the service and the food. They provided an

ideal location, being situated just off the A358/A303, meaning that ladies from all over the county were able to


The Somerset Chamber ladies events continue to be one of the most popular on the events calendar and the next

is planned for Thursday 11 th July at Woodlands Castle, Taunton.

If you are interested in speaking or sponsoring a future Ladies event, please email and I would be happy to have a chat with you.

Images from the Ladies networking with Emma Britton © The Monks Yard , Dean Holling

Call 01823 444924

For queries please email

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