Curriculum Information Leaflet - Year 5 Autumn 1 2013

Curriculum Information Leaflet - Year 5 Autumn 1 2013


In ICT we will be expanding upon our key skills.

We will be developing our web based skills,

devising and making blogs. We will continue

our journey into coding and we will develop

basic computer games using coding language

such as Scratch and Python. In addition to this

we will brush up on our publishing skills.


Religious Education

In this unit the children will learn

about Judaism and the role it plays in

the Jewish community.

They will develop their understanding

of how religious beliefs are expressed

in practice by studying how worship

takes place in the synagogue.


We recommend that you read with your child

everyday for 10 to 15 minutes. This will help

them develop a word bank which they can use

in their school work. Reading is very important

and aids your child’s knowledge of punctuation,

sentence structure and story structure. You child

will learn better if they read more at home.

Spelling and Homework

We will continue with our own homework passports with

all the homework for the half term. Your child is expected

to complete the tasks by the end of the half term! Spellings

will go home each week ready for a test on Thursdays.

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Year 5

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In the first Writing Week of the year, Year 5

read Varjak Paw and used the text to inspire

their own and story-writing. We are using several

dramatic techniques to help us to empathise

with the characters in the story and to

help generate ideas for our writing.

After the Writing Weeks, the children will have

two English sessions a week. The first genre will

be ‘Narrative’.

Pupils will follow different texts for their work

in SFA. We will continue to work co-operatively

and to support each other in our learning.


In Maths children will be learning about

place value up to ten million which will include

rounding and number sequences.

They will also be using all of the 4 operations

to solve worded problems with multi

steps whilst continuing to use the bar model

method. The children will be learning how

to add and subtract numbers with five digits

as well as multiplying and dividing 1 and 2

digit numbers.


Our topic this term is ‘Making New Materials’.

We will begin the topic with science experiments

finding out about the chemistry of cooking and

the properties of magnetic materials.

In Technology, we will discover how glass is

made, while in History we will find out about the

importance of bronze.

In Art we will look at how artists use different

materials in their work. Finally, in International

we will see how different countries work together

to create new materials

Physical Education

The children will have two sessions of PE in a

week. One will be taught by the class teacher on

a Monday (5S ) and the other on a Thursday

(5W). All children will have PE taught by the

coaches on a Thursday. On Thursdays the children

must come to school in their PE kits.

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