Curriculum Information Leaflet - Year 2 Autumn 1 2013

Curriculum Information Leaflet - Year 2 Autumn 1 2013


In Computing, we will be:

Exploring e-Safety and how to keep

safe online. We shall also be practising

our basic mouse and typing

skills, including using the space and

backspace bars, saving our work and

using indexes to find our information,

again. We will be also learning how

to code simple games.

Religious Education

In RE we will be learning about the

Hindu festival of Diwali. If you have

any resources to aid your child’s

learning feel free to bring them into


In PSHE (Personal Social Health Education)

we will be learning what it

means to be part of a community,

starting with our roles and responsibilities

in school.


The children will be reading throughout the

school day. They will have dedicated supported

reading time on a daily basis for thirty

minutes. Along with this , children will be

allowed to choose books to take home

which they will be able to change on a

weekly basis. Finally, the children will be

continuing with their accelerated reading


Spelling and Homework

Homework will be given at the beginning of each term and

consists of a series of tasks for your child to complete during

that term. At the end of the term it is expected to be

handed in. The homework will be linked with the curriculum

taught at school. Spellings and key words will be given with

the homework for the children to learn.

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Autumn 1


Year 2

The Federation of Grazebrook and Shacklewell Primary Schools


We will be working on creating a story

narrative based on our IPC topic,

“We are what we eat!” This topic will

incorporate learning about healthy


We will be reading, The Tiger Who

Came To Tea by Judith Kerr. This story

will help us then to create a story

about somebody who was greedy

and didn't eat healthily.

We will continue the theme by creating

sets of instructions on how to

make different food dishes, focusing

on using imperative verbs.


In Maths this term we shall be focussing

on ordering one and two

digit numbers using our understanding

of tens and units. We will

count up in twos, fives and tens and

start to learn our 3 times table. The

children will practise mental strategies

to add and subtract numbers in

their heads.

We will spend time consolidating

our knowledge of number bonds to

10 and 20.


In IPC, We will be looking at Food.

In Science, we’ll be finding out:

Why we need to eat food and what the

best foods are.

How some of our food grows as well as

How to carry out science investigations.

In Geography, we’ll be finding out:

Where our food comes from, what food is

eaten in our country .

Why different foods grow and are eaten in

different countries.

In Art, we’ll be finding out:

About artists that use food for their ideas.

Physical Education

This term the children will be learning to

develop their gymnastics skills. Our PE

Coach will be encouraging the children to

take an active role in team activities.

PE days: Tuesdays and Fridays

Please ensure your child dresses in their PE

kit when they come to school on a Tuesday

and brings in their PE kit on Friday.

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