Curriculum Information Leaflet - Year 6 Autumn 1 2013

Curriculum Information Leaflet - Year 6 Autumn 1 2013


In Computing, we will be: exploring E-Safety and

keeping safe online. We shall also be creating our own

web pages and developing the following skills:

- framing questions around what E-Safety is about, and

how we stay safe online

- manipulating and combining different forms of information

- using ICT to present information in a variety of forms

Evaluating our work against the Success Criteria

Religious Education

In RE we will be covering the following objectives:

- To understand that Jews believe humans have a

responsibility for the world.

- That Shabbat is a time for reflection upon all

that— God has given humankind.

- To know the importance of the festival Rosh

Hashanah and the sacred day Yom Kippur to Jewish


-The belief of Jews about God through the Ten


In PSHE (Personal Social Health Education) we will

be learning what it means to be part of a community,

starting with our roles and responsibilities in



Throughout Autumn Term the children will

continue to develop their reading skills

through our Accelerated Reader Programme.

Children have the opportunity to

read on a daily basis during the school day.

They are expected to then take their AR

Book which should be at an appropriate level

home to read with an adult or independently

each evening and every weekend.

Spelling and Homework

Homework will be given at the beginning of each term and

consists of a series of tasks for your child to complete during

that term. At the end of the term it is expected to be

handed in. The homework will be linked with the curriculum

taught at school. Spellings and key words will be given with

the homework for the children to learn.

Shacklewell Primary School

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Primary School



Autumn 1


Year 6

The Federation of Grazebrook and Shacklewell Primary Schools


At the beginning of every term we

have ‘Writing Weeks’. We shall be

revisiting to study in more depth the

text Varjak Paw by SF Said in Autumn

This will enhance our children as writers,

linking how they read with comprehension

to the development of

their skill as authors creating texts

that are entertaining and informative.

We will be practising the following

genres; recount, instructions and

non-chronological text in our Extended

Writing sessions this term linked

to our writing week text Varjak Paw.


The children will learn to order and compare whole

numbers. They will be encouraged to work together

in groups to solve practical problems including the

use of calculators to complete multi-step calculations.

The children will also be encouraged to use approximations,

inverse operations and tests of divisibility to

estimate and check results.

Areas of study:

Whole Numbers

Numbers to 10 million- words and digits

Place and value

Calculator, x 10,100,1000 and division

Addition and Subtraction: Abstract Skills

Multiplication and division: Abstract Skills

Word Problems:

Addition and subtraction, multiplication and division

multi step problems


In geography, we will :

- Know how the features of particular localities

influence the energy use of people living in


- use enquiry and measurement to gather geographical


- be exploring how and why people seek to

manage and sustain their environment

In art, we will be: creating Avatars to then film

using the latest apps.

In science, we will be:

Conducting scientific investigation on forces

Gathering evidence from investigations and

measurements on forces in fairgrounds.

Drawing conclusions based on the evidence

from exploring forces

Physical Education

This term the children will be learning to

develop their invasion skills. Our PE Coach

will be encouraging the children to take an

active role in team activities.

PE days: Mondays and Fridays (6W)

Thursdays and Fridays (6S)

Please ensure your child dresses in their PE kit to

school on a Friday (6S & 6W) and brings in their

PE kit on Monday (6W) & Thursday (6S).

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