HigH performance fenders fenders for offsHore ... - f.metal-supply.dk


HigH performance fenders fenders for offsHore ... - f.metal-supply.dk


High performance


• Improved safety for the transfer of

personnel from vessel to wind turbine

• Custom-made for your needs

• Allow operation under heavier

weather conditions

• Optimized friction, dampning and

correct suspension

• Fitted especially for your vessel

• Composite rubber construction ensures minimum rebound

on impact

• Delivered pre-fabricated to your home port

• Optional fitting

Where to find us:


Beddingsvej 2

DK-6960 Hvide Sande


Phone: +45 7022 1511

Email: info@seasight.dk

Web: www.seasight-offshore.com




Seasight develops fender systems for transfer of crew and

goods to offshore windfarms in cooperation with leading shipyards

and ship owners.


Seasight optimizes every single fender system to its actual

purpose. We work in close contact with our customers to ensure

that our systems fulfill their needs and provide highest

levels of safety and usability. Thereby we constantly improve

our systems for your benefit.


Seasight’s challenge is to custom build high efficiency fender

systems for all different types of vessels, no matter if it’s a

single hull, a catamaran, a triamaran or a SWATH vessel.

Dimensioning and construction are worked out individually for

every vessel according to its design, deplacement, bollard pull

and of course the boat landings.

Keywords for a high efficiency fender system are friction,

dampning, suspension, durability and profitability.

As deliberate collisions often take place under extreme weather

conditions only optimal friction, dampning and correct suspension

combined with highest durability can ensure profitability

of the fender system.


Seasight’s fender systems are constructed as composite

rubber structure, which ensures best possible suspension and

gives minimal rebound on impact. The mounting construction

is designed and built in a way that allows for fast and easy

exchange of the fender.


The best proof of our fender systems efficiency and satisfaction

for our customers is the fact that they increase security

at crew transfer and that they give the opportunity to operate

at a wider weather perspective. We have several positive

responses to this from the users of our equipment.

Intelligent Fenders

Our newest features for the fenders allows the installation of

sensors to measure the pressure applied to the fender. This

newly developed system can be connected to the pitch-controller

or jet-controller to ensure that the allowed bollard pull

is not exceeded while optimal friction on the fender is achieved.

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