Freezing and cooling system.


CRYOLINE ® Freezing and cooling system.

Cryogenic freezing and cooling of foodstuffs using liquid nitrogen and

carbon dioxide is a well-established technology that has been enhancing

food processing for many years now. In addition to being environmentally

friendly, the use of gas technology improves both product

quality and the efficiency of the entire freezing system, which increases

overall profitability.

We have been actively involved in cryogenic freezing and cooling developments

over the years and have created various solutions for different

type of food. Modern freezer designs incorporate the latest control

programs to increase efficiency, at the same time meeting the highest

hygiene standards of the industry.

® CRYOLINE is a registered trademark of The Linde Group.




Tunnel freezer.



The new CRYOLINE ® MT from AGA is a multi-purpose, cryogenic tunnel

freezer of outstanding quality, flexibility and efficiency.

Adjustable, high-speed internal fans, controllable gas injection and

exhaust levels optimize the application of cryogenic gases for food

cooling and freezing. Combining state-of-the-art technology with a

high-quality hygienic design, CRYOLINE ® MT tunnel freezers are

easy to operate, easy to clean and suitable for a wide range of

applications. Each model is available with or without infeed table for

manual or mechanical feeding.

The CRYOLINE ® TI is a powerful and economical cryogenic impingement

freezer. This patented technology utilises not only cryogenic gases but

also high-velocity convective airflow to achieve rapid chilling and

freezing of food products. Combining cryogenic and impingement

technologies, AGA has achieved heat transfer rates nearly twice that of

traditional modular cryogenic freezers. The best-in-class heat transfer

rates provide users with the option to either increase production

capacity or to reduce overall required length, due to a smaller freezer

footprint. The CRYOLINE ® TI is suitable for a diverse range of food

products, including meat protein, seafood, pasta, bakery products

and prepared foods. The freezer is designed for medium to large

production capacity. The freezer is based on AGA´s CRYOLINE ® platform

which is safe, accessible for fast and reliable sanitation, and can be

expanded to satisfy growing production requirements.





Multi-purpose freezer.


Immersion IQF freezer.

The patented CRYOLINE ® CW is a unique multi-purpose freezer which

combines the high-quality IQF freezing characteristics of the

CRYOWAVE system with the high efficiency of the CRYOLINE ® MT

tunnel. To switch from the IQF mode for small, free-rolling items, such

as shrimp, pizza toppings, fruit and prepared foods, to the standard tunnel

mode for traditional products, such as patties and pizzas, takes just

a few moments, making this a flexible and versatile freezer. In addition,

the CRYOLINE ® CW provides free-flowing product characteristics

with a very high belt loading, saving space and giving lower running

costs compared to conventional systems.

The CRYOLINE ® SI is an all-in-one liquid nitrogen immersion and postcooling

freezer providing highest-quality individually quick frozen (IQF)

food products. The CRYOLINE ® SI is suitable for a full range of IQF products

such as shrimp, sliced/diced chicken products, pizza toppings, cooked

pasta, fruit and prepared food. The freezer is designed for small to medium

production capacity. The CRYOLINE ® SI has a built-in vibratory inlet

conveyor to improve continuous product flow and reduce product surges

of freeflowing products.

The CRYOWAVE controllable vibration technology rapidly freezes the

product, sealing in moisture as it is conveyed through the freezing zone.

This retains weight and produces high yield and quality.






Compact self-stacking spiral freezer.


Spiral freezer.

The CRYOLINE ® CS is a new generation of spiral freezer, providing compact

design and high capacity. It uses vertical height instead of linear floor

space to achieve large volume output within a small production floor

space. Cryogenic gas is the powerful coolant used in the CRYOLINE ® CS to

achieve rapid heat-exchange. This “rapid freeze” ensures lower product

yield losses than other slower and higher-temperature freezers. Consequently,

the CRYOLINE ® CS will improve yield and maintain food quality.

The CRYOLINE ® CS is the first cryogenic self-stacking spiral freezer.

The self-stacking design reduces the mechanical maintenance typical

with other freezers/belt-driven systems. It satisfies the highest hygienic

standards. The 8-sided form is made to secure the least amount of space

around the belt, and provides the greatest access to all internal parts.

The 8-sided design also minimises unnecessary space, improves gas flow

velocity, and increases cryogen efficiency. The cryogenic supply and gas

balance is controlled by a state-of the-art automatic system. This means

less idle consumption compared to existing spiral freezers.

The CRYOLINE ® XF is a high-performance spiral freezer built for relatively

large production capacities. The patented CRYOLINE ® XF technology delivers

twice the heat transfer rate of standard cryogenic spiral freezers,

making it twice as powerful. In addition, the CRYOLINE ® XF has a smaller

footprint, a higher production capacity and a higher efficiency than

existing cryogenic spiral freezers.

The CRYOLINE ® XF is the perfect choice for a wide range of high-quality

food products: meat proteins, ready meals, seafood, bakery products

etc. It is suitable for the most difficult high-temperature and highmoisture

products, such as cooked poultry, seafood and prepared meals.

Freezing with cryogens allows for a very low operating temperature and

thus a very fast freezing action. This preserves the quality and shape of

the product, and provides increased product yield.

The CRYOLINE ® CS is suitable for freezing a wide range of products

including meat patties, whole fish or fish fillets, pies, ice cream, pastries,

pizza and ready-made dishes. The spiral can be used also as a cooling

unit. Cryogens allow for a very low operating temperature, enabling a

fast freezing action, preserving the quality and the shape of the product

and keeping weight loss to a minimum. Cryogenic freezing is normally

most economical at low to medium volumes, but also when yield savings,

high volume and high quality or space savings are required, the CRYOLI-

NE ® CS is a suitable and economical option.




Cabinet freezer.


Pellet freezer.

The CRYOLINE ® CF cabinet freezer from AGA has a whole range of features

making use of the latest in control and manufacturing technology.

The cabinet freezer is designed for batch freezing and chilling processes

where an in-line system is not appropriate. It is especially useful for

freezing and chilling prepared foods, bakery products, seafood, meat

products, large-size products and products requiring long retention

times. The CRYOLINE ® CF can also be used to store frozen or chilled


If you are looking for ways of producing frozen pellets of sauces, purees

and other liquid foodstuffs, then take a closer look at the CRYOLINE ® PE.

This patented freezer will produce IQF pellets in a regular size with high

repeatability, opening up many possibilities for the modern food

processor. If you are producing for the catering or retail market, this

freezer will allow your customer to defrost as much or as little of your

product as required, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Powered by liquid nitrogen (LIN) or liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) cryogens,

this powerful freezer delivers high output whilst having low space

requirement. Only requiring a small capital outlay, the CRYOLINE ® CF is

an ideal investment for your business. The CRYOLINE ® CF is widely used

in the catering, food processing and food service industries, and is

especially good for those who are concerned about producing better

product quality and better product yield whilst wanting to have the

ondemand power of cryogens to lock in flavour and reduce dehydration.

The CRYOLINE ® CF cabinet freezer delivers the value of cryogenics and is

affordable for large operations as well as emerging business.





Super contact freezer.

Achieving desirable food products is challenging as consumers increasingly

demand safer and more appealing food choices. To fulfill these

requirements, chilling or freezing is the preferred preservation method

to increase shelf life and maintain food quality. However, there are

several products that are either too delicate or do not maintain shape

well when processed in traditional mechanical freezers.

The CRYOLINE ® SC cryogenic freezer from AGA is designed to process

delicate, sticky and hard-to-handle products in an efficient and hygienic

way. It uses a disposable plastic film which acts as the conveyor belt

travelling through the freezing tunnel over cryogenically refrigerated

plates. These plates operate at -196 °C, rapidly and effectively freezing

the contact surface of the product, while the tunnel environment is

cryogenically cooled by liquid nitrogen to reduce the entire product

temperature. The consolidated features of this freezer technology

deliver products free from belt marks and wrinkles which can be easily

handled for further processing. Due to the nature of the belt, soft, wet

or sticky products can be managed without product deformation

or adhesion – even liquids can be frozen with ease. As the belt is disposable,

the freezer can be quickly and efficiently cleaned at the end

of production, ready for the next day‘s use, and product changes do not

require expensive delays.

Getting ahead through innovation.

With its innovative concepts, AGA is playing a pioneering role in the global market. As a technology leader, our

task is to constantly raise the bar. Traditionally driven by entrepreneurship, we are working steadily on new

high-quality products and innovative processes.

AGA offers more. We create added value, clearly discernible competitive advantages and greater profitability.

Each concept is tailored specifically to meet our customers’ requirements – offering standardized as well as

customised solutions. This applies to all industries and all companies regardless of their size.

AGA – ideas become solutions














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