ENG (pdf) - Vanemuine


ENG (pdf) - Vanemuine

The Vanemuine, which celebrates its 140th

anniversary this season, is the oldest theatre

in Estonia, founded in Tartu in 1870. It was

also the first professional theatre in Estonia (1906) and

is the only three-genre theatre in the country, staging

operas, operettas and musicals, classical ballet and modern

dance and drama. The theatre has three different buildings

and employs more than 350 people, including a ballet

troupe with a highly international cast, and a large

symphony orchestra. The theatre often hosts guest

soloists. The Vanemuine is a repertory theatre – every

season the programme includes more than 40 different

productions in a variety of genres.

Welcome to the Vanemuine!

Vanemuine Theatre is a Member of the

International Dance Council CID

The State Theatre Vanemuine

Vanemuise 6

51003 Tartu, Estonia

Ph +372 7440 100

Fax +372 7440 116



Andrew Lloyd Webber / Tim Rice


Musical in two acts

Translators Peeter Volkonski, Hannes Villemson

Director Georg Malvius (Sweden)

Musical Director and Conductor Tarmo Leinatamm

Stage and Costume Designer Ellen Cairns (Scotland)

Light Designer Palle Palmé (Sweden)

Choreographer Igor Barberic (Croatia)

The musical is about the life of Eva Perón, wife of the Argentine president

Juan Perón as told by Ché Guevara, another modern icon. „Evita“ was first

published in 1976 as a musical album.

The success of the album lead to the production in London West End in

1978 and a year later in Broadway. In 1996 a movie version was produced

where Madonna starred as Evita and Antonio Banderas as Ché Guevara.

Evita as well as Ché symbolize certain naive beliefs in the popular

culture: faith of a better world; life sacrificed for the poor and the humiliated.

These are the myths that in their own way follow the example of Christ.

Actually, it remains unknown whether Ché Guevara and Evita Perón ever

even met each other...

In with and subtitles

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