May - Littleover Community School

May - Littleover Community School

May 2010

‘High Flier’

Mr Nichols to

Take to the Skies

Up, Up, Up and Away!



Mr Nichols’ Retirement Present

The School Council decided that they would

like to mark Mr Nichols’ retirement by having

a collection in school, to raise as much

money as possible to give him a send off he

will never forget.

After much deliberation, it has been decided

to treat Mr Nichols to a helicopter ride. He

will be collected by helicopter from near his

home and flown to school on the last day of

term 22nd July 2010. The helicopter will land

on the school field and Mr Nichols will be

greeted by staff and pupils who are all very

sad that he is retiring. He will be missed

tremendously by everyone.

(Pictures of JetRanger on front cover)


The Littleover Community School mock general election produced a big win for the Liberal

Democrat team who polled 44% of the vote, with Labour second on 36% and the Conservatives

third on 20%.

Around thirty Year 12 Millennium Centre students formed campaign teams for the three main

parties and then campaigned throughout the school in the build up to the election to win votes.

The campaign teams designed a series of posters to promote their parties and also canvassed

for support during breaks and lunch times distributing leaflets, stickers and balloons!

The highlight of the campaign was the live debate held on the Tuesday before election day,

which involved all three of the Derby North constituency candidates. Stephen Mold

(Conservative), Lucy Care (Lib Dem) and Chris Williamson (Labour), all answered a series of

questions from Year 12 students on topics including immigration, building schools for the future,

university funding and the economy, before meeting their Year 12 campaign teams.

According to the BBC website’s ‘swingometer’, if this result had been repeated nationally in the

real election the Lib Dems would have won 309 seats, Labour 290 and the Conservatives

27 – still resulting in a hung parliament!

There were some interesting voting patterns as the majority of the younger students (Years 7, 8

and 9) voted in favour of the Lib Dems, while the majority of the older students (Years 10, 11 and

12) voted in favour of Labour.

A big thank you to the Year 12 students who did a fantastic job promoting the event and

campaigning for their parties; the three Derby North candidates who gave up valuable time to

attend the live debate and to all 1262 students who voted.

Mr R Archer—Head of Millennium Centre

We would like to wish all our readers

a safe and happy Spring break

Pupils return to school on

Monday 7th June 2010


As part of our role as lead school for Gifted and Talented education, we will shortly be visited by

the High Performing Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (HPSS). Below, is part of their

recent communication with Littleover Community School.

‘’During this year we have enjoyed hearing about the outstanding practice that is being carried

out across the Gifted & Talented Lead School Network. One of our key priorities now is to begin

to look at this practice in more detail and to disseminate the work of lead schools more widely.

We are keen to hear about the work you are doing within your role as a lead school for G&T in

more depth. The online action plan that we launched earlier this year is intended to capture some

detail of this work. We are pleased that we have also been able to secure some funding to

support a visit programme, which will give us a better understanding of the work that is being

carried out across the network and allow us to identify outstanding practice to disseminate


The purpose of the visit will be to gain a sense of the Gifted & Talented focused work that you

have been conducting as part of your lead school role. In particular we would be interested to


Details of any work that you have undertaken in your own school.

Steps you have made towards working with other schools to develop provision locally.

Any evidence of impact to date.’’

I will outline the results of their visit in a future newsletter.

Over eighty Year 11 pupils took part in Easter revision sessions on Thursday 15 th and Friday 16 th

April. The sessions were specifically designed to assist our more able pupils achieve the A* and

A grades. The sessions proved extremely helpful for our pupils as well as a number of Bemrose

Year 11 who were invited to attend.


Congratulations to the following pupils who have applied successfully for Derby City ‘Able,

Gifted and Talented Summer Schools’:

Beth Aulsebrook - Singing

Jed Cooper - Games Creation

William Dixon - Games Creation

Alisha Ghai – Singing

Liam Hodgson – Games Creation

Charlotte Hodson – Dancing

William Holder - Games Creation

Haaris Hussain – Games Creation

Hasan Iqbal – Archaeology

Nicholas Kelly – Drama

Auday Marwaha – Ceramics

Katy Phelps – Drama

Emily Waldron – Dancing

We wish them all every success.

Mr Bisset

G and T Coordinator

Minority Parents Forum

The final meeting of the year is on:

Tuesday June 15 th 2010 at 6:30pm in school (Room D25). The group will be making plans

for the PSA Event on Friday 16 th July. If you would like to be involved with this group and

help on July 16 th , then you are very welcome to come along and join us at the next

meeting. For further information please contact Mr Modhara on Tel: 01332 513219 ext 149

or leave a message with reception. Your support would be greatly appreciated .

Mr S Modhara – Community Links



On Wednesday 21 st April another Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Presentation Evening took place at

the Guildhall. Mr Moses and I were very pleased to see so many of our pupils collecting awards

at all three levels. A particular mention goes to Edward Gowland who, despite having recently

had a half leg amputation, collected his Bronze award at the ceremony.

Current Participants – Update!

At Bronze level, eight-four participants have completed their afternoon and day walks and are

currently working on their service, skill and physical sections. They will be on expedition in


Thirty-three Silver participants have recently completed their practice expedition in the Peak

District and are now preparing for their three day final expedition in the Yorkshire Dales.

The sixteen Gold participants have also completed their practice expedition and are preparing for

their final expedition in the Lake District.

Mrs Evans—DofE Co-ordinator


Young Engineers Find Success At Toyota Competition.

A team of pupils from Year 8 qualified for the regional final of the Toyota Technology Challenge

held at Toyota. Nicholas Kelly, Liam Hodgson, Manrick Matto, Rebekah Goodman and Alex Luu,

were one of only six teams who made it to the regional final from the hundred which entered from

all over the Midlands. On the day the team produced an excellent folder, one of the highest

scoring presentations to the Toyota Engineers and the second fastest time in the test run (their

car covered the 7m track in just under three seconds, powered only by solar power).

However, when all the scores were collated, the team were narrowly beaten on the day by a

team of Year 10s from another school.

Mr R Smith— Teacher of Design and Technology


Festival of Science—Sheffield University

The Festival of Chemistry is an annual event which is attended by many school all over the

region. The team that represented Littleover consisted of Mr I Milne (Head of Chemistry) and the

following pupils:

Rachel Gowland

Katie Phelps

Manrick Matto

Toby Overton

The day consisted of two tasks, one of which was a forensic science challenge and the other

was a chemical clock. The chemical clock task was an experiment in which the pupils time the

reaction without using a clock.

The pupils had to mix the chemicals to the value of thirty seconds. The students who attended

said it was a great day and a good experience.

Mr I Milne—Head of Chemistry


Four Year 12 students, Adam Palmer, Aiden Rogers,

Stephen Hallam and Jack Firth completed an EES

engineering scheme in collaboration with the firm

Electrical Alliance West, to design a prototype 'Bird

Flight Diverter' to the be installed on the mains

electricity grid. They received much praise for the

standard of their project and presentation from the

scheme's judges and the resulting product looks set

to be rolled out by the firm. They worked very hard on

the project report and gained some very good

experience of running a project and solving

real-life engineering problems.

Mr O Toogood—Teacher of Science

Littleover Environment Group Social Walk

On Saturday 27 th March, a group of staff, pupils and friends met up for an enjoyable eight mile

circular walk around Carsington Water. It was a scenic walk through fields and woodland

alongside the reservoir and through the beautiful village of Carsington, passing Carsington

Wildlife Centre and finishing with a bite to eat at the Visitors’ Centre. Once again we were

blessed with beautiful weather, making it an enjoyable day all round.

Thank you to everyone that attended and supported the group in this event.

The next Social Walk will be on the 12 th June 2010 in Ilam, meeting at LCS at 9:30am.

If you are interested in attending any of the LEG events or would like further information please

do not hesitate to contact me on Tel: 01332 513219 extension 156 or email or .

Miss E Lissett—Teacher of Science


On Monday 15 th March, our Year 10 Triple Science group embarked on an E-Mission to save the

inhabitants of the Caribbean Island of Montserrat.

We started with instructions from mission control over at the National Space Centre in Leicester,

via webcam, informing us of the impending destruction. We were divided into many teams,

including Hurricane, Volcano, Satellite, Evacuation and Communication team. We all had

separate functions, but one goal: to save the people of Montserrat.

Every five minutes we were given real-time hurricane and seismic data to analyse, using our

scientific and mathematical knowledge to make important decisions that helped us save many

peoples’ lives, although one hundred and sixty eight people still had their lives taken from them.

To the joy of the inhabitants, the hurricane never hit the island, however the volcano still erupted.

Overall this was a really fun experience.

By Adam Slaney 10CMC



National Science Week began on the 11 th March and was celebrated in style at LCS. The week

kicked off with the arrival of the Party Animals presentation to find out about how animals are

adapted to suit their environment. This was a very interactive session where around three

hundred students were able to handle a large range of exotic animals including tarantulas,

scorpions, snakes, lizards, cockroaches, frogs and many more.

Year 10 triple scientists engaged in a video conference activity with the National Space Centre in

Leicester called ‘E-Mission: Operation Montserrat’ which is a student-centred, team-based,

interactive experience that uses scientifically accurate data to solve problems.

Also during the week lunchtime activities were run where pupils had the chance to extract their

own DNA, walk on custard, dissect a heart and take part in a chemistry whizz bang

demonstration. They extracted their DNA by removing their cheek cells, extracting the DNA and

preserving it in a glass vial creating their own ‘DNA Necklace’. During the ‘walking on custard’

activity pupils prepared their own mixture then investigated the physicochemical properties of

cornflour, before putting it all together in a paddling pool to walk on. The chemistry whizz bang

demonstrations included burning money, making jelly babies scream and colourful fire balls.


Maths and Science Departments – Recognised as Beacons of Good

Practice by SSAT (Specialist Schools and Academies Trust)

Two articles have been published by the SSAT and

distributed nationally to all secondary schools to

highlight the excellent practice by the departments.

1. Collaboration Between Science and Maths to

Deliver Triple Science GCSE

This was published in Science update, Summer

2010 and highlighted the successful way in which

the two departments collaborate together, to enable

pupils to achieve very highly in five GCSEs in only

eighteen periods a fortnight, (Biology, Chemistry,

Physics, Maths and Statistics GCSEs).

2. Increasing Uptake and Participation in Physics

This was published to highlight the tremendous uptake and achievement in Physics at post 16.

Nationally there is massive decline in the numbers of students studying Physics.

Both the articles can be viewed in full on the Specialist Status website at

Mr M Gosal—Co-coordinator of Science


Year 10 Enterprise Challenge

Year 10 show they are no fools on April 1 st !

On the last day of the Spring term all Year 10 pupils were involved in an Enterprise Challenge.

Judith Gill from the Money Sense project, kindly agreed to facilitate the event and started the day

with an outline of what had to be achieved in the following three hours.

Pupils had to form a small travel company and tender for a contract to provide an educational trip

to New York for a group of college students and their lecturers. The creativity and imagination

shown by the different “companies” was amazing. Brochures were made, costings were

calculated and presentations produced. Groups came up with some great company names and

exciting itineries for their trip to New York. Before lunch, one company from each room was

chosen to go forward to the final judging in the afternoon. Winning groups all received prizes.

There were some very nervous winners over lunch as they prepared to give their presentations in

front of Year 10, teachers and the judges! After lunch, the year group assembled in the hall for

the presentation of the winning tenders. The judges; Mary Butler (our previous Co-ordinator of

PSHE) Linzi Brampton (Manager) and Darren Downie (Assistant Manager) from the Midlands

Co-operative travel shop in Littleover, found the task of picking an overall winner very hard,

however they did and the winning group is pictured below.

It was an exciting and fun packed day from which the pupils gained a great deal and we look

forward to next year’s challenge.

The winners were Carina Dulai, Zack Williams, Dharamvir Bilan,

Jennifer Clements and Matthew Bullock.


Lea Green Weekend

On March 26 th seventy two Year 7 pupils and eight staff left

LCS, for a weekend at Lea Green. All the pupils and the staff

were very excited about the activities and fun we would have

during the weekend. Once we arrived we unpacked and had

a lovely dinner, then it was straight on to the night walk. This

was an eventful evening which ended with very muddy

children and Mr Moses’ group getting a little off route! See

the pupils’ reports for more detail on this!

The evening ended with hot chocolate and then lights out a

little later than planned.

In the morning the pupils were up bright and early and were very

excited about the activities of the day. We had a lovely big breakfast

and then got into our groups for the activities. Some pupils did

jungle run which involved sliding down mudslides and crawling

through undergrowth. Others did bushcraft and made shelters and

campfires – toasting marshmallows on sticks. Another group

climbed the high ropes (which were very high). Lots of pupils were

extremely brave and climbed much higher than they thought they

could! After another lovely meal we swapped groups and did a

different activity. By teatime we were all exhausted – but we still had smugglers’ run to go! This

was carried out in the grounds of Lea Green in the dark! Pupils had to try and smuggle

‘rum’ (water) across the border without the customs officials (teachers) catching them. The group

with the most rum won. It was really funny to hear the excuses some pupils gave for needing to

cross the border and some convinced the officials to let them cross. Others were not so lucky!”

That night pupils were exhausted and there was no sound from any rooms after lights out!

Sunday dawned another lovely day and groups swapped around to do the last activity. After a

tasty Sunday dinner we packed our bags and then played some games in the sports hall. We

were really sad to leave at 4pm having had a brilliant time.

Conquering Fears!

Toasting Marshmallows on the Fire


All the pupils were well behaved, enthusiastic and ready to try new things during the weekend.

Lots made new friends and found they had new talents.

It was a great weekend!

Ms L Wilson Co-ordinator of PSHE and Citizenship

Here are some accounts by pupils:

At the end of March 2010, Year 7 went for a weekend trip to Lea Green. The main aims of the

weekend were working together and having fun... We certainly did have fun!

Throughout the weekend we all took part in activities like high ropes, where we worked together

as a team climbing up poles and even jumping off them! The jungle run was great where we ran

through a jungle (bushes) getting very muddy. We also did survival skills where we put up a

shelter and made a fire and toasted marshmallows (lovely!). During the evening we played a

game of smugglers’ run where we had to smuggle rum (coloured water) around the grounds

without getting caught by the nosy teachers!

Altogether the weekend was an absolute success and I strongly recommend going to Lea Green

if you get the opportunity!

By James Squires 7TJB

When we went to Lea Green everyone had an amazing time. We did lots of different

activities, but our favourite activity was the jungle adventure because we all found it really funny

when Mr. Briddon tried to go through the tunnel of doom. He got stuck so had to take an

alternative route. It was also fun because we had to slide down mudslides, crawl through tunnels

and climb up hills. We also did lots of night time activities; however our favourite was smugglers’

run because all the teachers were trying to scare us in the dark. (It didn’t work!) Our least

favourite activity was the dreaded night walk because we were split into two groups, one group

with Mr. Pestell as the leader and the other with Mr. Moses. We were put into Mr. Moses’ group

and he got us terribly lost! There was an extra hour added to our journey because of this. Overall

we had a great time and found the experience really fun!

By Eleanor Barraclough and Harriet Snape Year 7 Pupils

An unforgettable experience, which challenges your team work, confidence and self-motivation. I

had an amazing time, it was so fun. I had delicious food, once in a life time activities and the

support to keep you going from friends and teachers. My favourite activity was smugglers’ run, a

game played in the evening; when I played it was very DARK (2 teams), but the lights were on,

not too light though! We had a cup and a fake passport and the aim of the game was to smuggle

rum (coloured water) to a box without getting caught by any of the teachers . . . but if you DO

then you have to make up a lie or you’ll get your cup or passport taken away from you!

Something I thought I’d never do was the walk on the hills and slide on mud, but I found after I

tried it I was laughing and having fun, so I really discovered something about myself.

By Daya Dhadli 7TJB


The Drama department has been busy preparing and performing a number of plays and


On Friday April 23 rd , two coaches of Music and Drama students and staff travelled to London to

see the highly acclaimed musical Billy Elliott. Everyone agreed that it was a really great show and

were in awe of young Billy’s terrific performance. This annual trip to London’s West End is very

popular indeed and certainly gave us all plenty to reflect on.

Our thanks go to Mrs Chawner for her organisation of the event. We look forward to a similar

event next year!

On Wednesday May 5 th we welcomed our Edexcel performance examiner to see seven

performances presented by the GCSE Year 11 Drama groups. In front of an invited audience,

students presented a diversity of plays in different genres and styles. We are hopeful of some

pleasing results.

On May 11th, the Year 12 Drama and Theatre Studies group presented Lorca’s Blood Wedding

to an invited audience and the A level examiner. The students then followed this by performing

monologues from Shakespeare, to Willy Russell.

The audience commented on the maturity of performances and the professionalism of the cast.

Bronze Arts Award

We currently have approximately 15 pupils preparing for their Bronze arts award with the

moderation taking place on June 28 th . Students have to complete a number of modules in their

own time showing their dedication and

skills in their chosen arts areas.

Drama Club is also busy preparing their

entertainment for the induction afternoon,

when they look forward to entertaining the

new Year 7. They also hope to be part of

entertainment for Littleover Live the PSA

& Relay for Life event which takes place

on Friday July 16 th .

Mrs M Bucknell

Co-ordinator of Creative Arts


Drama Photographs


Snakes? Spiders? Scary aren’t they? Well not anymore!

During Science Week, a group of various animals came in to liven up our science lessons (not

that they were boring before). They included locusts, cockroaches, tarantulas, snakes, frogs and

even chameleons!

Obviously some people were scared of these animals, but the vast majority, after touching,

holding and in some cases, chasing these animals around the room, began to like them more.

It was a most enjoyable experience with everyone getting involved, but it was short-lived being

only one lesson long. We’d love to do it again.

By Osamah Ahmad 7SSM


working in partnership with Rolls Royce.

Year 9 Careers Trip to Rolls-Royce

On Tuesday 18 th May, I and nine other pupils from

Year 9 went with Mr. Modhara to gain some

experience of engineering in one of the best

engineering companies in the world, Rolls Royce.

This was a great opportunity to learn more about

our possible future careers and we set off with great


When we got there, we were welcomed into Rolls

Royce by seven young apprentices who had been

seconded from Bombardier and who have been

working at Rolls Royce for a year. They were just

about to go back to Bombardier to work full time

and it was quite interesting seeing Bombardier

We were given a presentation and then we were split

into two teams and we got straight down to business.

The task for the day was to make a fan powered car to

race against the other team. They gave us a few bits of

aluminium sheet, some copper rods, some wheels and

three helpers each. Within our teams we were told to

split into smaller groups of one or two to build

individual parts and then we came back at the end to

put the bits together.

We worked for two hours and then had lunch at


After lunch

we did the electronics, so we had a switch to turn the

fan on and off. Then, frantically, we put all the bits

together and tweaked them until they worked. Then we

tested them and raced them. My team got ours finished

half an hour before the other group so we got to tweak

ours so it worked the best that it could. The other group

were way behind and it didn’t look like they were going

finish in time. Unfortunately, they just managed to finish

in time but they didn’t have chance to test it which was

to our advantage as it was a competition! It was going

to be close, our team had loads of time to prepare but

theirs was really aero-dynamic. Eventually it was time

to race; we took our cars to the start line and got

ready. We said, ‘Go!’ and they started their car.

Disastrously, we couldn’t get our car to start!

Eventually, it worked and we started moving but we

were just too slow. They had won by miles.

After that we got certificates before going back to

school. I’m very glad that I went because I had lots of

fun and I also learnt a few things. I learned some

about Rolls-Royce and some about my skills and I

believe that everyone had a great time and got a lot

out of it. It was a brilliant day!

Jake Spooner 9BKV


Maths group 9M1 recently took part in the first round of the Edge Hill Challenge. In groups of

four they were presented with two problems and had to pick one to solve and produce a poster of

their solution. The groups were left to decide how they attempted their chosen problem and were

allowed to use any resources they wanted, with the organisers particularly encouraging the use

of ICT. Many groups played around with the ‘Geogebra’ Maths software and produce diagrams

such as the one below.

Using the software meant

students didn’t have to keep

drawing lots and lots of


As a school we were allowed to enter five posters and it was a very difficult decision to decide

which ones to send off! Out of the ones that were sent, I am pleased to say that two groups have

now progressed through to the second round. These groups involve the following students:

Alice Russell, Eve Thompson, Dilraj Gill, Samuel Foxon, Kate Johnson,

Susie Elks, and Hardip Sehmbi.

Well done to everyone that took part!

Mrs N Taylor—Teacher of Mathematics



Team Maths Challenge – May 2010

Congratulations go to the following students who were part of the LCS Maths Challenge team:

Dion Wetton (Year 9)

Jed Cooper (Year 8)

Susie Elks (Year 9)

Rhiannon Plimmer-Craig (Year 8)

After an intensive day of problem solving, the team came a creditable 12 th out of 20 – facing

some stiff competition from schools all round the East Midlands.

Intermediate Maths Challenge – follow on rounds – April 2010

Following on from the excellent marks achieved in the Intermediate Maths Challenge, eight of our

pupils went into the next round of the competition. These are the results:

Miles Plaskett – Maclaurin (500 people took

part) – Certificate of Merit

Matthew Chaffe - Cayley (500 people took

part) – Certificate of Merit

Lawrence Braines, Caleb Riley, Daniel

Whitehorn – Pink Kangaroo (2250 people

took part) – Certificate of Participation

Hannah Smith, Claire Stoll, Eve Thompson

– Grey Kangaroo (2250 people took part) –

Certificate of Participation

Junior Maths Challenge – April 2010

All pupils in the top maths set in Years 7 and 8 entered the Junior

Maths Challenge. We are still currently awaiting the results of this

popular competition and will enclose it in the next newsletter.

Well done to all those involved!

Mrs N Taylor


The club’s ‘Summer Tournament ‘ was organised by

two of our student leaders, Steven Hardy and Tom

Price. The tournament was a great success and was

won by Rhys Maycock and Casey Weir ( 8CJB),

who received Games Workshop Vouchers.

Games workshop vouchers were

also awarded to the runners up,

Ashley Waldram (10KRH) and Ross

Greenway (7SSM). Tom Bankes

(7SJW) was third .

Prizes were awarded by our Senior

Student leader Matthew Thompson.

The Warhammer Club said goodbye to

Matt as he is off to University to read

Geography. We wish him all the best

for the future.

Steven Harding and Tom Price become

our Senior Leaders and Tom Braithwaite

becomes one of the student leaders.

The club will resume in the

Autumn Term.


Liddington 2010

On Friday 14 th May, thirty five pupils from Years 8, 9 and 10 set off on a netball trip to Liddington,

along with Mrs Stroud, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Oversby and Mrs Evans. Three hours later we arrived in

Swindon, ready for the weekend ahead which would be filled with netball and activities. Later on

we went to do activities in our year group. Year 8 played ‘capture the flag’, Year 9s attempted the

‘Liddington lunacy challenge’ and Year 10s played ‘ultimate frisbee’.

On Saturday morning we were up and ready for breakfast by 8am! The Year 8 and 9 teams got

ready for their first netball matches and the Year 10s headed off to do their activities. We did

climbing, low ropes, problem solving and crate stacking; this last one turned out to be great fun

and we decided it was the best activity. Problem solving was also good as we tried to unravel

ourselves from a ‘human knot’ and tried to get across a ‘river’ without letting anyone fall in! After

we’d finished our activities we went to the netball courts to see how our Year 8 and 9 teams were

getting on. We were very pleased with what we saw! The Year 9 team were unbeaten, as were

one Year 8 team, and the other Year 8s had only lost a couple of matches.

After the busy morning filled with netball for the younger two years and activities for Year 10, we

all sat down for a well needed and well deserved lunch. When we’d finished we swapped round

what we were doing and the Year 10s went to play netball and the other two years went to

complete the same activities that we’d done earlier. By the end of the first day everyone was very

tired as three of our four teams were unbeaten in the tournament so far, but we weren’t tired

enough to go to bed yet!


We went to the PGL disco for an hour with the promise that we could play rounders afterwards.

Then we set off to the field to play rounders. It was getting quite dark, but we had a good match

with one team beating the other by miles! Mrs Stroud told us that our rounders skills seemed

better in the dark, so we decided we should play it later at night more often!

Sunday was the day of the semi-finals and finals. Year 8 were the first to play making it through

to the semi- finals, but unfortunately didn’t make it to the finals being beaten by one goal, despite

playing brilliantly. Year 9 won their semi-final game, as did Year 10! With two teams in the finals

at the same time, Year 8 were left cheering for both teams in the pouring rain! Year 9 went on to

win their tournament, but Year 10 were beaten 5-4 by a team that they had previously beaten. It

was a good game, but we were hoping to win it! All the years played well and it was an amazing

weekend for everyone, hopefully we’ll be able to go again next year!

Megan Patrick (Y10)

Basketball Round Up

The basketball teams have finished on a high, covered in silverware. The early morning practices

and dedication of Mr Golding have lead to major honours from all teams.

Achievements :

Year 7 - Derbyshire Cup Winners

Year 9 - Derby City League Winners, Derbyshire Cup Finalists

Year 9 - Girls team – Derbyshire Cup Finalists

Year 10 - Derby City League Winners, Derbyshire Cup Finalists

Year 11- Derby City League Winners, Derbyshire Cup Winners.

Players of the Year:

Year 7 – Callan Samra

Year 8 – Dan Carr

Year 9 – James Neal

Year 10 – Luke Cheetham

Year 11 – Luke Abbott

MVP – Oliver Stanley + Jyuddah Muzahura

Mr G Wilson & Mr J Golding


Year 7 Derby West Indoor Athletic Champions

On Thursday 11th February, a team of Year 7 girls and boys took part in the Derby City Indoor

Athletics Competition held at Moorways Sports Centre.

The team took part in a variety of track and field events and were convincing winners in most of

the events. This great team performance meant both the girls and boys teams achieved 1st

place. The teams were invited to represent Derby City West at the Derbyshire indoor athletics

competition where they were up against teams from the county.

Year 7 Girls Team

Kezia Cooper, Rimini Porter, Georgia Rowe,

Ella Harrison, Amy Whitten, Carly Edwards

and Hope Edwards.

Year 7 Boys Team

Ben Lamb, Mathew Ward, Thomas Gale,

Amir Marcos, Joe Alldread, Elliot Reeves,

Joshua Lambert and Jake Roberts.

Derbyshire County Trampoline Champions

On March 25th, Zoe Green, Hannah Mussen and Annabel Keen (all Year 8 pupils), represented

the Derby West team in the Derbyshire county trampoline finals held at Landau College.

The girls competed in three different levels of competition and achieved the following results:

Annabel Keen (Level 1) GOLD,

Hannah Mussen (Level 2) BRONZE


Zoe Green (Level 3) SILVER

Trampoline success from left to right:

Hannah Mussen, Zoe Green


Annabel Keen



After a very exciting season we now know the results of the school winners in the

Fantasy Football League:

Year Winners were :

Yr 7 Matthew Chaffe & Joe Telford CAS 427 points

Yr 8 Joe Daley MRP 410 points

Yr9 Jagbir Basi BKV 427 points

Yr10 Esher Cheema GMW 458 points

Yr11 Saajan & Aakash Basi VJC/CAS 426 points

Overall winner was Mr Chauhan with a season best of 464 points.

Second was Mr Boyes with 459 points.

Well done to everyone.

Matthew & Joe

Mr Chauhan & Saajan


Mrs L Pell—Librarian


National School Sports Week

Monday 28th June-Friday 2nd July

During the week of 28th June-2nd July, National School Sports Week takes place. This is

a chance for schools to get more children involved in sport and physical activity and with

the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics approaching fast, its aim is to also promote

the Olympic and Paralympic values of friendship, determination, equality, inspiration,

courage, excellence and respect.

The first ancient Olympic games can be traced back to 776 BC. Dedicated to

the Olympian gods, they were staged on the ancient plains of Olympia. They

continued for nearly 12 centuries.

It wasn't until 1894 that the games as we know them were founded. The first

modern Olympic games took place in Athens in 1896, attracting 241

competitors in 43 events from 14 countries - not bad given it was the very

first time an international event of this magnitude had been organised.

Moving on over 116 years – the games in London is set to attract over

10,000 athletes, who will compete in almost 300 events from 205 nations.

"Lloyds TSB National School Sports Week will encourage, inspire and motivate

young people to take up sport and enjoy a healthier, more focused lifestyle. That

is what the London 2012 legacy is all about." Lord Coe KBE

NSSW Ambassadors

We have a team of Year 10 sports leaders dedicated to getting pupils active and this

team is being led by 4 NSSW Ambassadors. These are Lauren Stacey, Holly Smith, Kate

Butler and Hannah Malkin.

We hope this week provides pupils with the inspiration to take part in at least one extra

hour of sport or physical activity each week.

Look out for the posters around school after half term to find out how you can get

involved and watch out for the NSSW Ambassadors attending your assembly soon!


News from the Sports Desk

Football Roundup

The football season has concluded with a great season for the Littleover teams. Director of

Football Mr Wilson stated in a recent interview “the boys have done good!!!!” (English was never

his forte). After a trophy-less season last year, jobs were on the line, but all managers have risen

to the task and silverware followed.

Mr Wraith used all his wealth of experience to manage the Year 7 team to another league title

and also took his side to the cup final. In a tense and noisy Moor Farm the lads gave their all, but

a combination of a giant opponent in midfield and not getting the run of the ball meant the boys

missed out on a perfect season and the elusive cup double.

The manager praised all the efforts of the team, but picked out Elliot Reeves, Rob Scope and

Matt Ward for their consistent performances. However, it was Amir Morcos who picked up the

Player of The Year Trophy with an average performance of 7.1 out of 10 for the season.

The Year 8 team, under the guidance of Mr ‘Fabio’ Wilson, raised their game after an average

season last year to pick up the B League title. A perfect record in the league, coupled with an

excellent defensive record ensured the team topped the division. Hopes of the league cup double

were dashed in the semi-final after a close encounter with Chellaston, having gone 5-0 down the

team showed the correct character despite eventually losing the game 6-4.

The manager could not pick individuals out for the end of season awards stating “this was a

squad achievement and each one of the lads has played his part”.

The Year 9 team has had a transition year in 2009-10, putting in the framework for further

success in the future. Last year’s disappointment was clearly in the past as the boys developed a

team spirit to pull off some excellent results and only losing one game in the league to the

eventual league winners Murray Park. A second position in the league was coupled with a

semi- final loss; however, the boys can be proud of their achievements. Mr ‘Fabio’ Wilson singled

out the defence for the resilient performances which has lead to a good season.

The Year 10 team, also managed by Mr Wilson, had a

disappointing start to the season, losing early in the cup and the

winter break couldn’t come soon enough. The second half of the

season brought about renewed impetus which led to an

unbeaten finish to the season.

The squad performed well throughout the season, but couldn’t

turn performances into success (a little like Arsenal). A more

consistent approach next year could bring some well needed


Year 11, under the guidance of Mr ‘Fergie’ Chawner, have pulled

off the coup of the year. After a steady start lying joint second at

Christmas, they finished the season well beating most of their

rivals to achieve a joint first position. In a hard fought play-off against Noel Baker, they won 4-2,

so ending their five years at LCS as City Football Champions!

A big thank you goes to members of staff Mr Chawner and Mr Wraith who have given their time

up over the year to help the boys achieve success.

Mr G. Wilson – Deputy Co-ordinator of PE








Abs and Core (legs bums 4.00*

and tums)




Cuban Salsa (beginners)

Cuban Salsa (improvers)

Slim Dance





Ballroom Practice Night





Circuit Training



Modern Jive


Thursday 7-8pm Slim Dance Course**


Studio Available for Hire

Saturday 10.30-11.30am Belly dance 5.00

*6 week course costs £22.50; starts Monday 7 th June

**6 week course costs £30; starts Tuesday 8 th and Thursday 10 th June

Littleover Community School

Sport and Fitness Centre

Pastures Hill, Littleover. Derby

DE23 4BZ

Call: 01332 513219 ext 141 (weekdays: 5-10pm)


Mrs Senior has been running a Tae Kwando club in

association with Derbyshire Dragons in the dance studio on

Tuesdays from 3.30 to 4.30 since February. Students have

learned the basic techniques and patterns of this complex

martial art and made excellent progress.

The club is free of charge and open to all students, providing

a superb opportunity to relieve some of the stress of life!

More information and enrolment forms are available from Mrs

Senior and for those who are unsure, there will be a special taster session on Tuesday 13 th

July, with a competition and fun activities to try. Places for this are limited, so if you are

interested please see Mrs Senior to get your name down as soon as possible.

Mrs S Senior


LCS Midnight Runners and

LCS Parent Staff Association


Friday 16th July


Littleover Community School

6:30 - 8:30pm

(Gates open at 6:00pm)

Featuring music from

Hot House

Big Band

Plus, don't miss out on:

Asian Food, BBQ, Bar, Bouncy Castle,

Arena Events, Chocolate Tombola, and more!

This is a “picnic in the park” event. Please bring your own seating.

Limited parking available. Guide dogs only.

Tickets: Adult £3, Child £1 Telephone: (01332) 513219

Proceeds shared between Relay for Life (Cancer Research UK)

and the LCS Parent Staff Association


A little bit of background information:

LCS Midnight Runners

LCS Midnight Runners is a group of staff from LCS which was initially formed to run in

the Relay for Life (in aid of Cancer Research UK).

2010 will be the fifth year that the group has taken part in the Relay for Life.

Thousands of pounds have been raised to date and the aim is to reach a target of

£20,000 for Cancer Research UK.

The LCS Parent Staff Association

The Littleover Community School PSA run events throughout the year to raise funds for the school.

PSA contributions have aided the school in buying and running its minibuses along with equipment

for various subjects including Sports, Drama and ICT.

This year’s money will be used to buy portable staging for use around the school.

Derby Hot House - Big Band

Formerly EMYJO (The East Midlands Youth Jazz Orchestra),

the HH Big Band is the flagship ensemble for the Hub

Derby. Their dedication to Big Band music and

entertainment is exceptional and second to none! Having

garnered national and international acclaim as EMYJO the

Big Band is continuing its drive to become recognised as

one of the most awe-inspiring and electrifying youth

ensembles in the world!

Please come to our event and have a

fabulous evening whilst helping support

two very worthy causes.

Check out for the latest updates!


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