October 2008 - Littleover Community School


October 2008 - Littleover Community School



Goodbye to SATs

Let’s Celebrate!

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Goodbye to SATs!

Pupils and teachers are celebrating the news that

the Government has cancelled the Key Stage 3

Tests or SATs which Year 9 pupils were due to take

in May 2009, in English, Maths and Science. This is

because of the fiasco with last summer’s tests which

confirmed the view held by many teachers and

parents that the system had become unmanageable

and irrelevant. We have still not received our final

results for the English tests and have been told to expect them by


We are pleased that this decision has been taken, even though it is

rather late in the year to make such a major change. I have spoken to

all Year 9 pupils about this issue in assembly and have assured them

that they will benefit from the changes, but I have also explained that

this does not mean that the work they do in the

core subjects this year will be any less

Important or demanding. Our teachers are now

planning how best to take advantage of the

opportunity to reinvigorate the Year 9 curriculum

and to focus on preparation for GCSE work.

We shall also carry out our own assessment of

pupils’ attainment at the end of Key Stage 3 and

report this to parents. I have every confidence that our teachers are

more than competent to carry out a professional assessment of each

pupil. We already do this every year in all subjects and, for Summer

2008, this was the Attainment Level which was reported to

parents of our current Year 10 in place of the missing English Levels.

David Nichols—Headteacher

Enterprise Week

During Enterprise Week in November, twelve of our Year 10 and 11 Business Studies

students will take part in the “Make Your Mark Challenge”. This is a National competition

promoting enterprise and entrepreneurship. Our students got through to the regional finals

last time we entered, so we have high hopes for this year. Further updates in the next


Mrs k Scudder

Co-ordinator of Enterprise

GCSE Business Studies Trip to Cadbury World

On Wednesday 15 th October, 84 students from Year 11 took part in a visit to Cadbury World

at Bournville in Birmingham.

The trip was organised to give students first hand experience in how a multinational

company organises and executes its marketing activities. This can be used by students to

improve the marketing aspects of their GCSE coursework.

The talk took place in the education centre next door to the museum. It covered a lot of

ground in a relatively short time but our students listened attentively and asked a number of

detailed questions at the end. They were reintroduced to the drum playing gorilla and had a

sneak preview of two new flavours that are to be launched shortly, both of which will

probably sell well in Littleover. The new graphics on the packaging of these bars held a

surprise message which fascinated our students when they were able to decipher it.

Once the talk was finished there was a factory tour showing: where chocolate came from,

the ethical conditions which Cadbury World hold as core values, how a Dairy Milk bar is

manufactured and finally the packaging plant. Most students expressed surprise at how few

people were working on the automated packaging line and at just how many chocolate bars

could be processed at one time. If we had let them into the processing area there may have

been a shortage on deliveries that day.

However, it was not all work; there was the odd chance to have a small sample of chocolate

at various point during the visit. Indeed some needed to be restrained at the sight of so

much confectionery.

The visit was a great success. Cadbury World personnel commented on how well behaved

our students were and also at the end of the talk a number thanked the lecturer personally;

something which does not usually happen with other visitors.

A good educational experience for both our students and Cadbury World personnel!

Mr M Downward

Head of KS4 ICT


Immobilise—Protect Your Property

Help us return your stolen property: that is the message that Derbyshire Constabulary is

sending to mobile phone users with the re-launch of the ”Immobilise” campaign.

Immobilise is a nationwide security database system that allows you to protect your property,

by registering on-line any valuables that have a unique serial number such as mobile

phones, laptops, ipods, bicycles and cameras.

Registering is free, quick and the Immobilise site is surprisingly easy to use. Immobilise aims

to help reduce mobile phone crime and robbery and reunite you with your property.

To find your unique International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI) number just enter

*#06# into the mobile phone and the number will appear. Once a phone is registered, should

the phone be lost or stolen, it can be reported online and the phone immobilised immediately

by all service providers.

To protect your property visit http://www.immobilise .com and register your valuables free


For further information, contact Chief Inspector Sunita Gamblin, Community Safety, Police

Headquarters -Telephone Number: 01773 572819.

Jon Wilding

Deputy Headteacher—Pastoral

Half-term Holiday

Wishing all pupils a safe and happy half-term break.

Pupils return to school on Tuesday 4th November and

then break up for Christmas on Friday 19th December.

There is an INSET day on Monday 8th December 2008.

European Day of Languages

26 th September 2008

The Languages Faculty once again celebrated

European Day of Languages last

week with a range of activities to promote

language learning and encourage interest

in other cultures and languages.

On Wednesday, with the help of Lauren Steadman, one of our

A level German students, we ran a Keep Fit session in German which certainly took

everyone’s breath away!

Thursday lunchtime was more relaxing with pupils enjoying “Les Simpsons” in French on

one of our big screens.

Friday was the big day and staff and students alike sported stickers with Hello in one of

over 30 different languages. Year 7s in particular had a vested interest in saying hello to

as many teachers as possible in their foreign language: they took part in a competition to

record as many different “hellos” in one day to win a prize. Congratulations went to the

winners Charlotte Ley and Sahiba Kalsi in 7LSP.

Language lessons for all year groups involved a range of different games and activities to

celebrate the event and many pupils are now a lot more knowledgeable about the

language and culture of others.

At break time language teachers frantically tried to serve to the swarm of hungry teenagers

croissants, pain au chocolate, samosas, Russian blinis and Spanish tortilla after their

strenuous celebrations!

To cap it all, pupils and staff took part in taster language sessions at lunchtime with

Estonian, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Welsh on offer! It wasn’t always that easy to

pronounce but there was lots of amusement at the attempts!

It was a very successful day and we hope everyone learned something new over the week!

Thanks go to all staff who participated and especially the Languages Faculty who worked

very hard to make it happen.

Mrs Cowie

Co-ordinator of Languages

Creative Arts Department

The department is busy planning the exciting biennial M.A.D.D. Arts Fest Fortnight for Year

8 pupils.

Starting on Monday November 14 th , the Year 8 students will be experiencing a variety of

artistic experiences provided both by the teachers in schools, but also by invited artists and

experts who will share their passion, skills and expertise with the pupils in curriculum time.

A sample of the activities planned are African dance and story-telling, cheerleading,

capoeira dance/martial arts, circus skills, mosaic making, shadow-puppetry, music of the

Andes, dhol drumming, batik-making, collograph art, origami…………

So that other years do not feel left out, there will be artistic activities going on every lunch

time in the entrance hall for all to enjoy. We have sessions in Tai Chi and Bollywood dance;

a barn dance is booked in and we have visual artists demonstrating water-colours and pointillism.

Pupils will have the opportunity to make festive cards and bracelets and to watch poetry


As a parent and friend of the Arts, you may have an artistic skill that you would like to

demonstrate or display during our lunch hour. If so, please contact any of the Creative Arts


We hope that school will be buzzing with the sounds and sights of the Arts!

The whole Fest starts just before the half term holiday with a cake decorating competition

for Year 8s on the theme of the Arts and a grand cake sale to help raise money for the

event! If any parent or friend of the school would like to sponsor any part of the Fest, we

would love to hear from you.

Seeing live theatre is a vital part of the Drama course:-

On Wednesday October 1 st , the Year 12 AS Level Drama students went to Nottingham

Theatre Royal to see the London touring company of Cabaret. The production was

exciting ,vibrant and thought-provoking.

On Thursday October 9 th the same students went to see “Neville’s Island” at the Guildhall

Theatre Derby.

On October 22 nd Maison Foo Theatre Company present s“The World’s Wife” to A Level

Drama and English students in school. A devising workshop follows for the Drama students.

Mrs M Bucknell

Co-ordinator of Creative Arts


The football season has started with a bang for some of Littleover’s teams. The Year 9 and 11

teams have a 100% record with 3 and 2 wins respectively up to date. The Year 7 team under the

guidance of new manager Mr. Cassidy have won, lost and drawn their first 3 games and are still

getting to grips with the new manager’s way of football (he is an Everton fan!!!). The Year 8 and

10 teams are still awaiting their first win, however it is a long season and I am sure they will

overcome their initial disappointments.


Year 7

Vs Landau Forte Won 7-1

Vs Derby Moor Drew 2-2

Vs Murray Park Lost 1-5

Year 8

Vs Landau Forte Lost 0-5

Vs Derby Moor Lost 0-10

Year 9

Vs Woodlands Won 5-1

Vs West Park Won 3-0

Vs Da Vinci Won 6-0

Year 10

Vs Ecclesbourne Lost 1-2

Vs Murray Park Lost 2-4

Year 11

Vs St Benedicts Won 5-3

Vs Woodlands Won 4-2

Tennis News

The Year 8 tennis team from last year won the Derbyshire League

section of the National Cup. This now moves into the regional

stages with their next opponents Redhill School from Arnold.

Hopes are high again for success, with new recruit Jack Crompton

replacing Curtis Clarke who has moved on to another school.

The boys were fortunate enough to play Redhill School at Nottingham Tennis Centre last week.

The team came back from some early setbacks to win the singles 3-1 with just the two doubles

matches remaining. The boys held strong to win the 2 matches to win the tie

5-1. The team now play Knibworth School from Leicestershire in the next round.

Basketball News

Although the basketball teams have yet to start their season, there has been a bit of great news

regarding one of the Year 9 players. Kingsley Okoroh has been selected to represent his region

at the ESBBA Inter Regional Tournament at Lilleshall, Shropshire at the end of October. A good

performance at this tournament could see Kingsley being selected

for the National team.

Good Luck Kingsley!

Mr G Wilson

Deputy Co-ordinator of Boys P.E.

2008 British Championships Freestyle - Junior Kayak Women

A massive “Well Done” to Gabrielle Bates in Year 11

for winning the British Championships

Girls Cross Country Results 2008 Season

Year 7 West Park Noel Baker Bemrose Derby Moor

Emily Waldron 9 6 6 3

Emma Mulvany 42 32 33 30

Noky Simbani 45 43 47 58

Olivia Chambers 20 -- 17 --

Runners in each race 50 48 57 61

Year 8/9

Susanna Elks(8) 5 9 6 11

Demi Parker(8) 48 33 -- 46

Beth Cliffe(8) 61 -- -- 49

Beth Jones(8) 57 -- -- 39

Holly Atkin(8) 49 -- -- --

Philippa Cox(9) 62 32 53 --

Runners in each race 78 56 66 67

Year 10/11

Hannah Falgate 1 -- -- --

Evie Keene -- -- 1 1

The number of runners in each race was between 20 and 25 which is a reasonable turnout for

senior pupils.

Well done to all pupils for training regularly and turning up for the races. There have been some

excellent results and all have tried really hard, even when the weather has not been very

pleasant! Improvements have happened and higher finishing positions have been achieved by

everyone in at least one of their races. So again well done!!

The next race will be the City Championships at Moorways on Wednesday 12 th November.

Miss J Poulton

Teacher of P.E.




When and Where Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Before School


Year 7 Netball



Open Practice


Basketball and

Netball practice

All Years

Open Practice


Basketball and

Netball practice

All Years

Open Practice


Basketball and

Netball practice

All Years


Year 10/12/13




Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff



Years 7 & 8

Sports Leaders


Years 10 & 11



Year 9,10 and




Years 8 & 9







Years 8 & 9


Dance Club

Year 7, 8 & 9

Dance Leaders



All Years

K. Cuddington



All Years



Girls Cross-


All Years


Boys Cross-


All Years




Staff and Year


Staff and Year


Staff and Year


Fitness Club

Years 10 & 11



Boys Basketball

Coach Run


Girls Football

All Years


Boys Basketball

All Years



All Years




Youth Dance


Years 10 & 11

Derby Dance



All Years

Coach (3.30pm-


After School



Years 8 & 11



Year 7 and 8




Years 7 and 9




Years 7 Girls



All Years



Year 10


Football Practice

Years 9 & 11





Year 13


Year 12


Year 13



Littleover Community School,

Pastures Hill,



TEL: (01332) 513219 FAX: (01332) 516580

Web: www.littleover.derby.sch.uk

Email: admin@littleover.derby.sch.uk




Midday Supervisor

6 hours 40 mins. per week

(over lunchtime)

£6.08 per hour

(plus lunch allowance)

Do you have any available time? Could you spare a couple of hours a day to

work as part of a team of Midday Supervisors

at Littleover Community School?

We are always looking for friendly, outgoing individuals, who can work

as part of a team, for this varied, interesting position.

If you are interested or would like further details,

please contact Mrs. J. Page on the above number.


This was a huge success and a real eye

opener about the realities of life in the

world of work for Year 11 pupils. 248

young people participated in the

programme and secured placements as

diverse as Derby University, milk shake

and smoothie bars, ICT and design

based companies, nurseries, solicitors’

offices, shops and schools. They

brought back some excellent and well

deserved reports from their employers

and were described frequently as being

a credit to themselves, their families and

the school.

The benefits of the week in the workplace are readily apparent. The pupils themselves have

identified experience of a real working environment, being treated as adults, getting first hand

careers information and the chance to match themselves against a future career as amongst the

most important. As teachers, we see them focusing on their exam work to a greater extent as

the realisation that the best possible grades are essential to their future plans,finally sinks in!

We’d like to thank all parents who made such encouraging comments in the pupils’ work

experience log books. You can feel as proud of your sons and daughters as we are at school.

Huge thanks also go to all of the local employers who gave unstintingly of their time to offer such

a positive experience to Year 11.

If you know of anyone able to offer to a work placement to next year’s Year 11 in September

2009, or could take a pupil in your own place of work, please contact us or, alternatively,

Mrs Dyg in Pupil Support.

Mrs Butler and Miss Simpson

Co-ordinators of Work Experience





Adults: £1.00

Children: 50p

Stay and enjoy unlimited refreshments

throughout the morning.

Cake Stall

Christmas Cards


Musical Entertainment

from Pupils

All proceeds to

Macmillan Cancer


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