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ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance

ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance

Serge Morelli

Serge Morelli 2011 REFLECTED OUR ABILITY TO ADAPT TO ALL CHALLENGES, REGARDLESS OF THEIR NATURE Natural disasters, geopolitical conflict and striking social change: in 2011, AXA Assistance was faced with a series of new challenges. All were resolved successfully by teams who are as professional as they are supportive. How do you see 2011? Serge Morelli It was a year of many new challenges, and once again we were called upon to push back the limits of the possible in all our Business Lines. In the practical sense, the geopolitical situation in the Arab world and the Japanese tsunami were both major events, added to which we faced all the challenges that I’ve now come to look upon as “normal”, like the storms and cold snap of last autumn. We are an emergency assistance provider, but we’re also here to assist with everyday events, which is why our organisation is structured to cope with all eventualities, at the same time as restructuring our business to prepare for the future. I take my hat off to the teams whose commitment has, once again, been absolutely exemplary, particularly when coping with the disaster in Japan. At key moments like these, every minute counts, and that’s where the solidarity really kicks in and everyone gives a level of commitment well beyond their theoretical role, which makes me very proud indeed to be part of what we do. What is the current state of your market? Serge Morelli We’re seeing increasing internationalisation to the point of globalisation in all our Business Lines. Although the mature markets for Vehicle and Travel assistance are relatively stable, growth remains spectacular in the emerging countries of the world. In Health and Home, the dramatic changes are more social in nature: as states gradually withdraw from provision, personal assistance services are offering excellent prospects for growth. New needs are also emerging at the periphery of our Business Lines, like the “corporate mobility” offer launched during the year, which combines travel, health and security cover for expatriates. All these considerations enhance the worthwhile contribution made by an assistance provider as a reliable partner, not only in exceptional circumstances, but also in everyday life. 8_AXA ASSISTANCEq2011 ANNUAL REPORT

What will 2012 hold for you? Serge Morelli I look forward to the year with real confidence. The first reason for that is because we have successfully demonstrated our creativity and our ability to anticipate events. This ability to innovate will continue to be key in 2012, especially in those areas of the business that fall outside our historic roots, like the Vehicle and Travel Business Lines, and also those where we work proactively, like personal assistance. The second reason is that we have succeeded in organising ourselves to respond effectively to increasingly-frequent major events. Lastly, because I know that we can also rely on some very solid foundations: our international coverage, our Business Line organisational structure, our regional presence, our amazing network of suppliers and our market leadership amongst financial institutions and insurers. Other reasons for confidence include the way we have successfully You don’t become an assistance provider by chance: this job is a vocation, because it is intrinsically meaningful. integrated new technologies into our Business Lines, and our very strong growth in emerging countries, which already contribute 18% of our revenue. You referred to being “proud to be part of what we do”. What makes it unique? Serge Morelli I’d like to end on a personal note: something I think must be shared by many AXA Assistance people if the energy they put into the work they do every day is anything to go by! When I get up in the morning, I know why, and when I go to bed at night, I feel that I’ve made myself useful. Helping people, making sure people are safe, and sometimes even saving lives: what could be more worthwhile? It’s that which drives us to adapt, surpass ourselves and push back the limits of what is possible, because we always want to do the best for our customers. Being an assistance provider has real meaning, and that’s why those involved in providing assistance do it as well as they do. AXA ASSISTANCEq2011 ANNUAL REPORT_9

ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance
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