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ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance

ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance


AN THE AMERICAS 1,679 employees l Argentina (Buenos Aires) l Brazil (São Paulo) l Canada (Montréal) l Chile (Santiago) l Colombia (Bogotá) l USA (Chicago/Miami) l Mexico (Mexico) l Panamá (Panamá) PRESENCE AXA Assistance employs more than 6,300 people in 33 countries worldwide. This 5-region organisational structure enables the company to manage the international problems of its customers on a global scale, whilst retaining an essential local presence. ALGERIA ARGENTINA AUSTRALIA AUSTRIA BENELUX BRAZIL CANADA CHILE CHINA COLOMBIA CZECH REPUBLIC FRANCE GERMANY GREAT BRITAIN GREECE HONG KONG 16_AXA ASSISTANCEq2011 ANNUAL REPORT

FRANCE 1,474 employees l France excl. subsidiaries l Cours Legendre l Domiserve l Maroc Service l Pluridis l Truck Assistance International (TAI) l Holding company NORTHERN, CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE 1,400 employees l Germany (Munich/Frankfurt an der Oder) lAustria (Vienna) lBenelux (Brussels) lGreat Britain (Redhill) lIreland (Dublin) lPoland (Warsaw) lCzech Republic (Prague) lSwitzerland (Geneva) lTravel MEDITERRA- NEAN, ME, CEE*, INDIAN OCEAN 1,482 employees l Algeria (Algiers) l Spain (Barcelona/Madrid) l Greece (Athens) l Mauritius (Coromandel) l Italy (Rome) l Morocco (Casablanca) l Portugal (Lisbon) l Turkey (Istanbul) * Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe. ASIA-PACIFIC 322 employees l Australia (Sydney) l China (Beijing/Shanghai) l Hong Kong l India (New Delhi) l Japan (Tokyo) l Singapore l Taiwan (Taipei) l Thailand (Bangkok) INDIA IRELAND ITALY JAPAN MAURITIUS MEXICO MOROCCO PANAMA POLAND PORTUGAL SINGAPORE SPAIN SWITZERLAND TAIWAN THAILAND TURKEY USA AXA ASSISTANCEq2011 ANNUAL REPORT_17

ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance
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