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ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance

ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance


SATURDAY 19 MARCH, 11:30 A.M. ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF BRASILIA Joachim’s weekend with friends had got off to a bad start. It was true that his dad had lent him his old Beetle, but breaking down in the middle of nowhere wasn’t part of the plan. He used his smartphone to call AXA Assistance: his dad had insisted that he stored the number, and dad was right – again… An hour later, the recovery truck was there, and Joachim and his friends were back on the road in a car provided by AXA Assistance… “And if we’d had the on-board b-call system, it would have been even quicker”, pondered Joachim, thinking of his own future car. But that’s another story! 20_AXA ASSISTANCEq2011 ANNUAL REPORT

Saturday 19 March, 1:30 p.m. on the road to Lago Sul… AXA ASSISTANCEq2011 ANNUAL REPORT_21

ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance
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