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ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance

ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance


GLOBAL EXPERTISE IN THE NEW WORLD OF TRAVEL Travel is now a fact of life, whether you’re travelling on business or for pleasure. In responding to the new needs of its customers, wherever they’re going and wherever they come from, AXA Assistance innovation offers them extended worldwide coverage. Jesus Carmona Director of the Travel Business Line ravel insurance isn’t what it used to be: it now goes a great deal further! Recent natural events, like the Icelandic volcano eruption of 2010 and the disruption that resulted from its ash cloud, have driven the introduction of new covers every year. Products are also being introduced to complement and strengthen the traditional offer with personal safety services and others that deliver greater convenience, such as concierge services. At the same time, technology is revolutionising just about everything, with the introduction of mobile phone apps and insurance quote comparison sites. Travel insurance must adapt to all these new trends. Another key parameter is the growth in travel to emerging countries, with the emphasis on Asia and South America. As people travel more and more for business and pleasure, financial institutions are keen to expand and enhance their offers. Lastly, globalisation is already a reality for AXA Assistance customers, especially for credit card providers, which are now keen to identify a single partner that can offer global coverage, worldwide support and the guarantee of consistent service quality. “The organisational structure of AXA Assistance is perfectly suited to responding effectively to all these changes. Our international model has proved just how effective it can be, and is being rolled out further every year. 2011 was a pivotal, and very positive, year which saw the practical implementation of efforts undertaken by our teams since 2010, especially in terms of securing our key partnerships and winning prestigious new contracts,” says Jesus Carmona, Director of the Travel Business Line. aCARDS: A LONGSTANDING LEADERSHIP For more than 2 decades, AXA Assistance has been a major player in the travel market, and is now the leading provider of assistance services to credit card issuers. “Our offer combines travel insurance with medical repatriation cover, as well as a series of increasingly successful additional options, such as concierge services. Our working relationship with some issuers dates back more than 25 years, so it’s fair to say that we’ve 30_AXA ASSISTANCEq2011 ANNUAL REPORT

got to know them pretty well, but we also understand the necessity to be proactive in forecasting their needs, adapting our rates and developing our offers in line with their expectations and those of their end-user customers,” explains Jesus Carmona. AXA Assistance works with most of the leading issuers, which together account for nearly 70% of all the cards currently in circulation. These include Visa and American Express, with which the partnership celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2012, and which recently presented the company with its Partner Customer Experience Award (see inset) in recognition of its status as a preferred benchmark supplier. “These institutions want us to be able to offer them global solutions that work in every part of the world. They know that they can rely on our international network of service providers to supply the high level of service quality they demand. For all AXA Travel Insurance: offering card issuers an offer and expertise unique in the world. Richard Zann Global Commercial and Marketing Director, AXA Travel Insurance AXA Travel Insurance (ATI), the AXA Assistance subsidiary company dedicated to serving the credit card industry since 2007, works closely with all the leading players in this market. Its international structure enables it to provide worldwide management of key contracts with customers as prestigious as American Express and Visa. The long-standing collaborative partnership with these major institutions and the wealth of services offered by AXA Travel Insurance make the company a key partner, especially in the crucial area of delivering end-user customer satisfaction. AXA Assistance plays a major role in our customer satisfaction policy. Thomas Alder Vice-President International Insurance Services Europe at American Express Our partner AXA Assistance plays a major role in our customer satisfaction policy, as a result of the passion and commitment shown every day by its people. Their professionalism, ability to adapt to our requirements and readiness to listen to our needs are all exemplary, but they also understand the need to be proactive in proposing new ideas that will deliver continual service improvements. That’s why they were, once again, voted top American Express supplier in the United Kingdom this year. AXA ASSISTANCEq2011 ANNUAL REPORT_31

ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance
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