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ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance

ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance

From the extraordinary

From the extraordinary to the everyday, and the most local to the most distant, we look back over a year of challenges successfully met by AXA Assistance. HIGHLIGHTS MARCH 2011 EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI IN JAPAN Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear incident: confronted with this ultra-stressful triple disaster, AXA Assistance staff in Japan and around the world demonstrated just how responsive and supportive they could be. Activation of an international crisis group, repatriation of those wishing to leave the country, implementation of a toll-free phone line manned by Japanese assistance staff based in Singapore, Paris and Chicago, and the establishment of a forward control centre in Osaka in anticipation of a possible evacuation… All these actions and more were taken as soon as news of the disaster broke in order to support not only customers, but also the 6,000 AXA Group employees based on the islands of Japan. More than 100 staff on every continent were involved in a two-week effort to find and ship 52,000 iodine pills, 4,000 survival kits and thousands of litres of mineral water to Japan. D r Bery CEO, AXA Assistance India The commitment shown in setting up the forward control centre in Osaka was incredible: 5 days after the tsunami hit, we had to cope with closing the Tokyo office temporarily and setting up a forward control centre in Osaka. In less than 24 hours, the crisis team had succeeded in finding an office and hotel rooms, as well as negotiating a hotline and fax line. It was a race against the clock to be ready in case the situation got worse. 4_AXA ASSISTANCEq2011 ANNUAL REPORT

JANUARY 2011 THE RENAULT-NISSAN ALLIANCE CHOOSES AXA ASSISTANCE The Renault-Nissan Alliance has chosen AXA Assistance to provide its new package of mobility and support services for its future electric vehicle customers. This forms the first building block in the overall structure this manufacturer intends to put in place to support the large-scale marketing of these vehicles. In addressing these new challenges, AXA Assistance has acquired new skills and developed specific new training programmes. The training is delivered in assistance centres for the service providers concerned, and is tailored to the precise technical needs of electric vehicles. Over and above all the words and procedures, AXA Assistance also put in place an effective and practical chain of solidarity to support its people in Japan. The sole aim was to supply them with whatever they needed to protect themselves. The key to doing that was shipping 4,000 emergency kits prepared centrally in record time by teams of volunteers. These kits contained masks, protection suits, boots and goggles for use in the event of contamination risk. Showing solidarity: OCTOBer 2011 american EXPRESS PARTNER AWARD MORE 7 THAN MILLION CUSTOMER CLAIMS HANDLED IN 2011 The partnership with American Express will soon celebrate its 20th birthday! These two decades of collaboration have given the company the opportunity of proving its professionalism to this longstanding customer. In presenting AXA Assistance with a Partner Customer Experience Award, Thomas Alder, Vice-President, International Insurance Services Europe, American Express, highlighted “the essential role played by our partners in providing a high-quality global service to our customers”. AXA ASSISTANCEq2011 ANNUAL REPORT_5

ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - AXA Assistance
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