Wu Sino US Inadvertent Escalation - Program on Strategic Stability ...


Wu Sino US Inadvertent Escalation - Program on Strategic Stability ...

use of sea within the first island chain. The United States has to face and accept the

reality. It could do otherwise, but it would be very difficult, expensive, and


Pursuing modest strategic objective is a natural result of accepting mutual

vulnerability with China.

U.S. military argues that Air-Sea Battle (ASB) is not a strategy, not a war plan, is

just an operational concept designed to improve Navy and Air Force interoperability.

But critics argue that ASB has become a “strategy of tactics.”


“The ASB Concept

seeks to ensure freedom of action in the global commons.”


seeking a decisive

victory against China.

Alternative: maritime denial


Offshore control


War-at-sea strategy


The same logic applies to China.

4.4 Declaratory policy

NFU helps.

China considers conventional attacks on nuclear weapons or nuclear facilities as

nuclear attacks.

4.5 Avoid ong>Sinoong>-U.S. conflict

Undoubtedly, the best way to avoid ong>Sinoong>-U.S. nuclear escalation is to avoid

ong>Sinoong>-U.S. conventional conflict. 60

China is rising as a regional, rather than global, power. 61

U.S. constrains its allies’ provocative actions. Hujiahuwei (the fox assuming the

majesty of the tiger)

China’s assertiveness.


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