The 2014-15 prospectus - Allerton Grange High School

The 2014-15 prospectus - Allerton Grange High School

Allerton Grange School

Prospectus 2014-15


1. Welcome to Allerton Grange

2. School Ethos

3. Successful Learning

4. Inclusive Learning

5. Deaf Students

6. Curriculum

7. Learning to Learn

8. Languages

9. Vocational

10. Achievements/Sports

11. Achievements/Arts

12. Exams

13. Inspiring Success

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Welcome to

Allerton Grange

Allerton Grange is a friendly and

harmonious community with much to

be proud of. In September 2012 Ofsted

judged us to be a good school in all


We have:

• a wide and varied curriculum including an

innovative Year 7 programme

• a large, vibrant and successful Sixth Form

• an inclusive approach to student care, guidance

and support

• an extensive range of extra-curricular activities

• a state of the art school building


As headteacher, I have a very clear view of what I

want for our students. I want all students to achieve

their potential and to be happy and safe in school.


Allerton Grange School

Talbot Avenue, Leeds Allerton LS17 Grange 6SF School

Talbot Avenue, Leeds LS17 6SF

Tel: 0113 336 8585


Tel: 0113 3368 585 Email:

“This is a good school”

Ofsted - Sept 2012

I am committed to staff, students and parents working

together to achieve these aims.

I hope that you find the information in this prospectus


Rick Whittaker





School Ethos

at Allerton Grange

• We treat everyone with consideration and respect

• We keep ourselves and others safe

• We value other people, their work and their opinions

• We work hard and do our best

• We follow the school rules and the student code of conduct

‘A student said “We do not care about other people’s appearance or race, it is

their personality that counts” ’

Ofsted - Sept 2012


Getting the best out of school

We provide a caring, happy, orderly and

safe environment to enable the highest

quality of learning for each student.

We recognise good work, effort and

contributions to the school community in

many ways. We let students and parents

know about success by telephone calls,

postcards home and assemblies.

At the end of each half-term we

celebrate the successful attainment

and attendance of tutor groups and

individuals. The highest achievers are

rewarded annually at our popular key

stage awards evenings.

Of course there are sanctions for

inappropriate behaviour which are

clearly outlined on posters in every


Parents are kept informed of any

concerns by phone or letter and the Year

team is supported by our Safer Schools

Police Officer. We always aim to work in

partnership with parents to ensure that

students accept responsibilty for their

contribution to the school community.

We care about the views of our students

and we take them seriously. We survey

students on a variety of matters and

have an active School Council through

which they are able to contribute to the

decision-making process in the school

and have their voices heard.

‘... students achieve well in their examinationcourses

as a result of good teaching and good leadership’

Ofsted - Sept 2012


Successful Learning



Inclusive Learning

Gifted and Talented

At Allerton

Grange we are

passionate about

the achievement

of our students.

We have recently

expanded our

Gifted & Talented

programme to

ensure we provide

as much support

as possible. Each

curriculum team is

now doing more

than ever to ensure

these students are both challenged and engaged. We also offer a huge number of

extra-curricular enrichment opportunities to ensure that they continue to achieve

their real potential.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Our inclusive school is able to offer comprehensive support and guidance to

colleagues and parents of students with a range of needs. These may include

dyslexia, autism or challenging behaviour.

• We have a Code of Practice for statemented and special needs students

• Every curriculum team has a nominated teaching assistant to provide support

• Each subject area also has an SEN Champion to pay particular attention to the

learning needs of these students

• Our Student Care team provides for very specific individual care needs.

• Our new building is fully accessible and welcomes all visitors

The positive school climate based on including all students in the life of the school, respect

for others and appreciation of diversity, fosters a strong sense of community among students’

Ofsted - Sept 2012


Specialist provision for deaf young people

The school greatly values the contribution of our deaf students.

Allerton Grange is

the only specialist

resourced high

school provision for

deaf young people

in Leeds.

Deaf students

mix with hearing

students throughout

the school both

in and out of

lessons. Some of

our deaf students

use English as their

first language and

some use British Sign

Language (BSL).

Many of our hearing staff and students can sign, and there are sign language classes

running throughout the school year, which are free to all.

Our deaf students are taught English in the DAHIT base by a Teacher of the Deaf.

They access mainstream lessons in all other subjects where they are supported by

specialists. Some students access the lessons through BSL, others through listening.

The students can have back-up sessions in the base if they need it. Here they can go

over what has been taught in the lessons and have their learning reinforced.

A Speech and Language Therapist visits weekly and the school offers a deaf-friendly

learning environment which is acoustically treated throughout. Deaf Awareness

training is delivered to the school staff every year.

‘All students, including the deaf and hearing impaired, make equally good progress’

Ofsted - Sept 2012


Deaf Students





At Allerton Grange we aim to provide a

successful, valuable and enjoyable learning

experience for all of our students.

Every student is an individual. We want to

recognise that by developing their knowledge,

understanding, skills and personal qualities so

that they become:

• competent and independent learners

• confident individuals

• responsible citizens

We also aim to prepare learners to respond

positively to the opportunities and challenges of

the rapidly changing world in which we live and

work. We realise that we may be preparing them

for jobs that do not currently exist and we need

to provide them with a broad and balanced

curriculum that will develop skills beyond mere

subject knowledge.

We maintain a focus on literacy and numeracy

for all.

Our 13-19 options change annually.

From 2013 we include 5 BTEC choices at Year 9

and Computer Programming, Pyschology and

Sociology at GCSE.

We recognise that not every child develops

at the same rate. Our students are ready for

different challenges at

different stages through

their learning journey,

and we try to cater for

these needs through the

provision of appropriate

learning and enrichment

opportunities for all our

young people.

You can be sure that

your child will experience

a satisfying personalised

learning experience in

their time at Allerton

Grange. We will work

with all students to

develop their potential

and allow them to

achieve their very best

in preparation for a

successful future.

‘Teachers have high expectations of learning and good subject knowledge’

Ofsted - Sept 2012


Year 7 Learning to Learn Curriculum

Students are taught

by their form tutor

in form groups for 8

sessions a week. The

curriculum develops the

competencies and skills

that young people need

to become independent

learners and to survive

and succeed in their

future world. These skillls

are taught through a

thematic approach

with particular focus on

Geography, History, ICT,

RS and Literacy.

Among the many highlights within the Learning to Learn curriculum are several field

trips and a hugely successful Fairtrade market.

Students focus well. They are assessed on citizenship, how they learn, manage

information, relate to people and

deal with sensitive and sometimes

difficult situations. Social and

emotional aspects of learning are

key as the curriculum focuses on the

‘whole child’.

We aim for students to gain

confidence and have self-belief. They

will learn to understand and manage

their feelings, working co-operatively

in groups, motivating themselves and

demonstrating resilience in the face

of setbacks.

The innovative Learning to Learn Curriculum has already encouraged students’ enthusiasm

for learning and developed their literacy and numeracy skills.”



Learning to Learn





At a time of the dominating global market,

it is increasingly important that we can

communicate in the major languages used

across the world. At Allerton Grange we are

lucky to be able to offer a choice of five.


French is thriving at Allerton Grange and has

become a very popular subject with a large

number of students continuing to GCSE and

A Level.

We follow an exciting language learning

methodology and students are highly

motivated to improve their skills.


We achieve outstanding results at GCSE and

A Level. A variety of resources including

songs, ICT and video clips are used in lessons.

Cultural experiences include making pretzels,

a tour of the Christkindl Market and of course

our popular visit to the Rhineland where

students can try out their German with

native speakers!


Students are introduced to Spain and the

wider Spanish-speaking world. We use the

language for real purposes and students

are encouraged to express themselves

in Spanish where possible. Our part time

Spanish Language Assistant allows students

the opportunity to practise with a real native


Community Languages

In addition to our European languages,

we also offer Panjabi and Urdu in Years 7-9,

reflecting the wider community of our city

and our school.

‘Good teaching and learning ensure that students make good progress over time’

Ofsted - Sept 2012


Gaining a practical advantage

We recognise that many students benefit

from courses offering practical experience

with the workplace in mind. Most of these

courses are offered from Year 10.


This 2 year course develops practical

expertise in all aspects of hairdressing and

builds the people-skills necessary to work

effectively in a busy salon. This may lead

to a level 3 course in the Sixth Form.

Our purpose-built ‘chAnGeS’ Hairsalon,

allows students to pursue this course in an

authentic environment within the school.

Health & Social Care

The health and care sector

is vast in today’s world.

From surgeons to nurses,

from social workers to care

assistants, from nursery

nurses to porters, there is

a diverse range of career


The Health and Social

Care courses we offer are

‘vocational’ qualifications

designed to introduce

students to working in the

sector or prepare them for

further study.

Hospitality & Catering

This course offers students a chance to

learn practical skills in making savoury and

sweet products, applying good hygiene

practices and taking online tests in Health

& Safety for the catering industry.


Many of our students choose a branch of

technology at Year 10. They might choose

Product design, Engineering, Graphics or

Textiles. Most of these courses make use of

our excellent advanced Computer-aided

Design and Machining equipment and

can be developed at Level 3.

‘Students are proud of their school, they behave well and have positive attitudes to learning’

Ofsted - Sept 2012







It would be difficult to imagine a school where

more variety and opportunity for sporting success

is provided. We run clubs and practices almost

every night of the week in Dance, Trampolining,

Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Climbing, and

others. Our PE staff encourage participation

and partnership with other local schools at all

levels. The Leadership Academy is expanding,

giving students the opportunity to broaden their

experience and give back to the wider school

community . They work with groups of young

people from our feeder primary schools, running

sports days, indoor athletics, tennis, netball and

football festivals, and they choreograph our

annual Dance Showcase.

Last year our team sports continued to thrive.

• Year 7 girls are Yorkshire & Humberside Indoor

Athletics champions

• Year 7,8 and 9 boys cricket teams reached the

semis and finals of Leeds and West Yorkshire


‘Students’ behaviour and safety are good’

Ofsted - Sept 2012


We celebrate much individual sporting success


• Tyra Jones plays for Bradford Ladies Football

• Four boys play football for Leeds City Boys and

Bradford City

• Grace Rogerson dives in national competitions

• Emilio Oliver has professional terms at

Scunthorpe United

• Georgia St Rose is in the England under-19

Netball Squad

• Taran Jheeta has applied for a football

scholarship in the USA

• Matilda Parslow is the national under-19

Racketball Champion

• Luke Chalders throws javelin for Leeds Schools

• Eruwadjoa Yamoah and Gabby Cummins play

for Leeds City Netball

Performing Arts


We always have a busy musical performance

schedule. Highlights this year include:

• the World of Music concert inthe Autumn.

• a Music Showcase in Spring and 3 concerts

from our examination students.

• in July a student and staff band

accompanied the very popular school show,


Annually, our rock bands take part in a major

city-wide competition at the 02 Academy. This

year the school was represented by our Year 10

Indie band ‘Headrow’ who came second in the


Our visiting teachers provide affordable lessons

in a wide range of instruments from steel pans

to strings; brass to voice. Many of our students

participate in these small-group classes and some

go on to achieve graded music qualifications.


In 2013 our productions have included Much Ado

About Nothing, Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations

and Hairspray. In addition to this, we have had

GCSE performances of the chilling ‘A Night

of Dark Intent’ as well as real life dramas ‘The

Diary of Anne Frank’ and ‘Hard to Swallow’.

Our Year 9 BTEC students have devised several

performances and there are other productions

for next year already in the pipeline.

We regularly visit theatres in Leeds. This year

many students have seen more than four

professional performances with us. We have

also had residencies from Theatre Company

‘Blah Blah Blah’. The dedication shown by

our drama students remains incredibly strong.

‘What I love about drama at Allerton Grange

is that the people who do it are so passionate

about it, so that everyone works together and

you also learn a lot.’

Year 11 student - 2013

‘Teachers have good relationships with


Ofsted - Sept 2012





Student Attainment

GCSE and other Year 11


At the moment of going

to print we are awaiting

confirmation of GCSE

grades. However, we predict

improvements in both GCSE

outcomes and student


The percentage of students

gaining 5 GCSEs at Grade C

or above will remain above the national


You will be able to find more detailed

information about attainment in

individual subjects on our website


Post 16

The Sixth Form students continue to make

excellent progress . This year we were

delighted with the A level results which

show that even more students have

achieved above our expectations. For

individuals it means that they are able to

go to the university of their

choice and to take the

course that best suits their

career plans.

Inspiring Success



Many of our students

will be able to move on

to higher and further

education in pursuit of their


Find out more from our

Sixth Form Information

booklet, published in


There are no significant differences in the achievement of different groups’

Ofsted - Sept 2012

This is a good school

Ofsted - Sept 2012


Allerton Grange School

Talbot Avenue, Leeds LS17 6SF

Tel: 0113 336 8585


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