Ision - Excelsior Springs Hospital

Ision - Excelsior Springs Hospital

ESMC welcomes two

new doctors to the

Excelsior Springs

community . . .

Dr. Erin Schreier, left,

page 3, and

Dr. Kenna Adiga,

page 2.

ision VAlso Included in this Issue:

Vol. 11, No. 3

Fall 2006

A Publication of the

Excelsior Springs

Medical Center and

Health Care Foundation

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Excelsior Springs Medical Center • • We’re More Than Just A Hospital

Dr. Kenna Adiga takes over retired doctor’s medical practice

Kenna K. Adiga, DO, has replaced

Aram Lila, MD, in his Internal

Medicine practice in Excelsior

Springs. Dr. Adiga will be on

staff at Excelsior Springs Medical

Center and Liberty Hospital.

“ESMC is so excited to have Dr.

Adiga join our medical staff," said

Sally Nance, ESMC CEO.

"This is what I want to do," said

Dr. Adiga. "I want to work in a

small community."

Dr. Adiga has long anticipated

working as a doctor in a rural area.

She grew up on a farm in Gallatin,

Mo., and set her heart on becoming

a doctor at the tender age of seven,

when her grandfather was sick and

had to be admitted to a hospital. The

difficulties her grandfather faced in

accessing health care from a rural

area helped shaped Dr. Adiga's career

as she chose to specialize in

adult medicine.

"There weren’t a lot of health

care options at that time," said Dr.

Adiga. "He drove three days a

week to Kansas City for dialysis.

Now the patient can do

it at home."

The Primary Care

Resource Initiative for

Missouri (PRIMO) program

also helped Dr.

Adiga to achieve her

goals. The PRIMO program

is beneficial to

medical students interested

in pursuing primary

care medicine and

practicing in medically

underserved areas of the

state. Dr. Adiga says the

program is important in

assuring people and

communities they have

access to health care services in


Dr. Adiga enjoys the challenge

of keeping up to date on the latest

medical and scientific information

so she can provide her patients with

first class medical care. Her real joy

in practicing medicine comes from

the opportunity to interact with patients

and the families in making

“The best bridge between despair and

hope is a good night’s sleep.” Anonymous

Do you feel tired and groggy upon


Are you often sleepy during waking


Are you overweight and/or do you have

a large neck?

Have you been observed to choke,

gasp, or hold your breath during sleep?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, see your doctor.

We want you to wake up in the morning.

ESMC Sleep Disorders Center • 816-630-6091, ext. 264

“Family values

are extremely

important to me.”

“I like being able

to take care of

more than one

generation of a


— Dr. Kenna Adiga

Dr. Kenna Adiga, left, took over the practice of Dr. Aram Lila

in September. Dr. Lila has retired from practice, see related

article page 5.

important and, at times, difficult

choices regarding health care.

"The geriatric population is witnessing

advances in medicine and

people are having good quality of

life longer," said Dr. Adiga. "In becoming

an Internal Medicine physician,

I was able to delve a lot

deeper into the study of conditions

specific to aging, such as diabetes

and chronic medical problems."

"Family values are extremely

important to me," said Dr. Adiga.

“I am always happy to see patients

with the support of their family

members. I'm glad to know that

when I send them home, they will

have someone to help them. I like

being able to take care of more than

one generation of a family."

Dr. Adiga is married to Dr.

Raghu Adiga, who has an Infectious

Diseases practice in Liberty. They

have a son, Sanjay.

Dr. Adiga attended Truman

State University. She received her

medical degree from the University

of Health Sciences-College of Osteopathic

Medicine in 2002. She

completed her Internal Medicine

residency at UMKC in 2005.This

past year, Dr. Adiga has been Internal

Medicine Chief Resident at St.

Luke's Hospital in Kansas City,

Mo., and represented the resident

staff to the entire hospital, provided

teaching to other residents and

served on many committees, while

also providing patient care.

"I'm looking forward to practicing

in Excelsior Springs and at

ESMC. It seems that everyone takes

great pride in working here," said

Dr. Adiga. "The staff definitely has

the community at heart."

Dr. Adiga will be available at

Dr. Lila's former office, 1205 N.

Jesse James Road in Excelsior

Springs, Monday through Thursday,

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

As part of our ongoing community

outreach for breast cancer

awareness, Excelsior Springs Medical

Center will sponsor a Women's

Health Seminar. The event will be

held Tuesday, October 24, 2006, at

ESMC in the Lillian McDavid Dining

Room, beginning at 6 p.m.

Joan O'Keefe, RD, co-author of

"The Forever Young Diet and

Lifestyle" will be the guest speaker.

O'Keefe grew up in Walnut Creek,

California, in the San Francisco Bay

area. She received her Bachelor’s

degree as a registered dietitian from

San Diego State University and

completed a one year dietary intern-

We’re More Than Just A Hospital • • Excelsior Springs Medical Center

Women's Health Seminar ... Make the commitment to live healthy

ship at Saint Mary’s Hospital of the

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

At age 27, while six months

pregnant with her first child, Joan

was diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

Joan’s focus on nutrition and

fitness was intensified by this experience.

She also felt first hand the

healing power of a strong faith,

optimism, and a loving and supportive

network of family and friends.

Joan does nutrition counseling

focusing on weight loss, optimum

health, and improved athletic performance

in adults, teens, and kids.

She is passionately engaged in her

nutrition counseling and often

speaks to schools, teams, families,

and men’s and women’s groups.

“We are very excited to have

Ms. O’Keefe as our guest speaker,”

said Jeanne Buckman.

All participants will receive a

mammogram discount coupon,

women's health information, and a

cholesterol and blood sugar screening

voucher for $5.

The event is free. Refreshments

and door prizes will be available.

Reservations are needed for the

event and can be made by calling

816-630-6081, ext. 307. Space is



“By nature we are

designed to be energetic,

lean, fit, inquisitive,

optimistic beings

brimming with vim and

vigor while living in

the ideal nature environment...”

— The Forever Young Diet

and Lifestyle by James

O’Keefe, MD and Joan

O’Keefe, RD

Reception held for Dr. Erin Schreier

A reception was held at Excelsior

Springs Medical Center on July

24 to welcome Dr. Erin Schreier to

the Hospital. Dr. Schreier has joined

Robert Buzard, MD, in his office

at 1006 N. Jesse James Rd.

Schreier will be a full partner

in the practice. The advantage of

Dr. Erin Schreier and Dr. Robert Buzard

this relationship will be that Buzard

and Schreier will be more accessible

to patients, staying open later

and sharing duties in the hospitals

and nursing homes.

An article on Dr. Schreier from

our Summer issue of Vision is

online at

Public invited to 14th Annual

ESHC Foundation Dinner and Auction

The 14th Annual Dinner and

Auction, hosted by the Excelsior

Springs Health Care Foundation,

will be held Sat., October 21,

beginning at 6 p.m., at the Elms

Resort and Spa.

Featured during the evening

will be the presentation of 2006

Commitment to Caring Awards.

The ESMC medical community

uses the Annual Dinner to honor

individuals publicly who have

made invaluable contributions by

providing quality patient


“We are hoping to raise

$25,000 this year,” said Jeanne

Buckman, Foundation Director.

An oral and silent auction will

be conducted by local auctioneer

Gary Ryther. Musical entertainment

will be provided by

Excelsior Springs High School.

The event raised over $20,000

for the Hospital in 2005.

A variety of items will be

available for both auctions. Items

to date include tickets to the

Mineral Water Bowl, golf for four

at National Golf Club, Unicorn

Theatre tickets, Christmas

nativity figures and gift certificates

from area restaurants.

Several gift baskets will be

available, including a martini

basket, bath and beauty basket,

BOOOOO basket, Christmas

ornament basket and a pampered

pet basket.

The public is invited to attend

the dinner. For information on

donating to the auction or for

reservations contact Buckman at

816-630-6091, ext. 365.

Visit for current news!


Excelsior Springs Medical Center • • We’re More Than Just A Hospital

Patients will have more options with new room service menu

The professional staff of ESMC

includes a registered dietitian to assist

patients with nutritional needs.

Lindsey Coffman, registered dietitian,

joined the Hospital staff in


“ESMC is introducing a new

room service menu for our patients,”

said Coffman, who helped

develop the menu.

The menu is one of the new services

that the Dietary Department

will be offering. A breakfast menu

will feature a selection of eggs, cereals,

fruits, pancakes and other

basic breakfast fare,” said Coffman.

“Lunch and dinner selections will

be featured together on a menu and

include several entrees, such as

grilled chicken, sandwiches and

hamburgers, with a selection of four

or five soups, vegetables, fruits and

a large salad. Patients may select as

many sides as they like and will

have a choice of one dessert per

meal to go with their entree selection.”

For those who require a special

diet, she will assess and provide for

the nutritional needs of the patient

at the direction of their physician.

Coffman oversees the Hospital

and Convalescent Center patients’

Lindsey Coffman consults with a patient about selections available on the Hospital’s

new room service menu.

meals and food selections in the

cafeteria. A new salad bar will be

“ESMC is introducing

a new room

service menu for

our patients.”

— Lindsey Coffman,

ESMC Registered


added in the cafeteria.

“With the Outpatient Clinic expansion,

I will be able to provide

nutritional consulting and

counseling to the community,”

said Coffman. “Programs will

be introduced on different topics,

such as weight loss. I want

to raise the awareness of how a

person can eat healthier.”

Eating right is vital to promoting

health and reducing the

risk for death or disability due

to chronic diseases such as heart

disease, certain cancers, diabetes,

stroke, and osteoporosis.

Only one-fourth of U.S. adults

eat the recommended servings

of fruits and vegetables each


Coffman is a graduate of Missouri

University and resides in

Lee’s Summit.

Compassionate Care

Close to Home

The Excelsior Springs

Health Care Foundation,

staff and donors are proud

to support the continuing

growth of ESMC.

Vision is a seasonal publication made possible by Excelsior Springs Medical

Center and Excelsior Springs Health Care Foundation with composition

and photography by

ESMC is a community hospital composed of 25 critical access hospital

beds, 60-bed convalescent center, 20-bed assisted living facility and a

34-bed independent living facility.

Excelsior Springs Medical Center

1700 Rainbow Blvd., Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

816-630-6081 •

In Affiliation with North Kansas City Hospital

JCAHO Accredited

We’re More Than Just A Hospital • • Excelsior Springs Medical Center


Laboratory receives excellent rating

Funds pending for ESMC expansion

Administrators and board of

trustee members at Excelsior

Springs Medical Center are waiting

to hear back from the federal government

on funding for a planned

outpatient clinic, to be constructed

by 2008. The funds are available

through the U.S. Department of

Agriculture’s Rural Development


“As it stands now the outpatient

clinic project is estimated at somewhere

between $7.2 million and

$7.5 million,” said Sally Nance,


The clinic, which will be built

On September 11 and 12, 2006,

Joint Commission on Accreditation

of Health Care Organizations

(JACHO) performed an unannounced

survey of the Excelsior

Springs Medical Center Laboratory.

The overall rating of the survey

was found to be excellent according

to Lawrence A. Weaver, field

representative for JACHO, with

only two improvements needed.

“I am proud to announce that

the survey was a huge success; the

inspector was impressed with the

quality of the laboratory and the

efficiency of our patient care.” said

Teresa A. Gilham, Laboratory Director.

“I would like to applaud the

laboratory staff because they are the

hard working individuals that

helped make the survey a success.”

The goal is to meet all of the

standards surveyed with 100-percent

accuracy; however, it is good

to be surveyed and find a few standards

that can use improvement. A

good rating shows that the hospital

laboratory demonstrates quality

patient care and laboratory testing.

“I would also like to thank the

nurses and other departments that

were involved in the survey who did

a fantastic job as well,” said


on the northeast side of the existing

hospital building, will provide

enhanced services in the addition of

new clinics and an enlarged emergency


“We’re more than just a Hospital,”

said Nance, ESMC CEO.

The outpatient clinic project is

the latest in additions to ESMC. In

addition to the emergency room and

clinics, the Hospital campus provides

critical access hospital beds,

a Convalescent Center, an Assisted

Living Facility and the Lillian

McDavid Independent Living Center.

Dr. Aram Lila retires from practice

A retirement reception was

held for Dr. Aram Lila on August

14, 2006, at the Excelsior Springs

Medical Center. Sally Nance,

CEO, presented Dr. Lila with a

plaque honoring him for providing

"quality, passionate healthcare"

for residents of Excelsior

Springs and surrounding communities

from the medical staff,

board of trustees, foundation and

employees of ESMC.

"After 33 years of service, Dr.

Lila will truly be missed, and we

wish him the best in his retirement,”

said Nance.

"I want to thank the town of

Excelsior Springs," said Dr. Lila.

Strategic planning retreat held

"I was one of the first foreign

doctors to practice here and everyone

welcomed me."

In addition to his Internal

Medicine practice, Dr. Lila

worked in the emergency room

at ESMC and served as medical

director for an assisted living facility

in the community.

In 1989, Dr. Lila was the first

doctor to be recognized with the

Excelsior Springs Health Care

Foundation Committment to

Caring Award.

Dr. Lila plans to spend more

time with his family, including a

new grandchild in Boston.

Members of ESMC staff attended

a stragetic planning seminar

on Friday, August 11, at Lake

Doniphan. This is the first year that

the joint planning session was held


Priorities addressed at the meeting

included the development of a

marketing plan for the Outpatient

Clinic and other areas of concentration,

attracting new physicians to

provide needed clinics and creating

a Medicaid Task Force to meet the

growing needs of the community.

6 Excelsior Springs Medical Center • • We’re More Than Just A Hospital Monahan on August 2nd, he said

In memorial

ESMC and ESHC Foundation

extend their sincere thanks to the

family and friends of Ramon D.

Mercer for their donation in his

memory to ESMC Hospice during

the third quarter.

Contributors to the Annual

Christmas Extravaganza!

The ESMC Auxiliary will be

holding it’s annual Christmas Extravaganza

on Thursday, October

26, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Lots of different items to make

your Christmas shopping fun and

exciting will be available. Christmas

throws, musical snow globes,

Dinner and Auction will be recognized

in the January issue of Vision,

as well as on the web site in


For information on making a

contribution to ESMC, contact

630-6081, ext. 365.

decorative dishware, coasters,

Christmas banners and dolls just to

name a few of the items.

Open to the public. Support

your local hospital while saving you

money. No sales tax will be collected.

Marsha Scenter named Employee of

the Quarter

Marsha Scenter has

been named Employee

of the Quarter for the

third quarter of 2006.

Marsha began work

at ESMC in 1986. She

was awarded the

Foundation's Committment

to Caring Award

in 2000.

Not only was

Marsha employee of the

Quarter, but she also

retired the end of July

2006. She plans to travel, shop on

QVC, spend time with her four

children, eight grandchildren,

husband and keep her dog, Scooter,

in line.

We wish Marsha the best of

luck in her retirement. Congratulations,


Halloween Safe Trick or Treat!

The Excelsior Springs Convalescent

Center will host it’s annual

Halloween Safe Trick or Treat for

area children, Tuesday, October 31,

from 7 to 8:30 p.m. The event is

open to the public and provides a

Tree of Life Celebration

ESMC Hospice has announced

plans to hold the annual "Tree of

Life" celebration again this holiday

season. As in past years, two elegant

revolving Christmas trees will

be displayed at the Elms Resort &

Spa throughout November and December.

Each tree will hold beautiful

white silk roses with names of

loved ones no longer with us.

The silk roses will be available

when a donation is made to the

ESMC Hospice agency. A minimum

of $5.00 per rose is requested.

non-scary trick or treat alternative

for parents.

This is one of the residents’ favorite

activities to see children in

their costumes. Don’t forget to

bring a treat bag!

Funds raised by Hospice this season

will be used to purchase patient

care and comfort and educational

items for patients, families, hospice

workers and volunteers.

Beginning November 1, you

may obtain order forms by calling

ESMC Hospice at 816-630-6091,

Ext. 120. If you prefer, you may

pick up the form in the Hospital

lobby area or Hospice Department

(ground floor of the Lillian

McDavid Independent Living Facility).

Letters to ESMC

Dear Sally,

Just a note to tell you what I

experienced during my shoulder

rehab. Everyone from the receptionist

to all the therapists were

most cordial and always greeted


Janet set up my appointments

for two weeks at a time and was

always willing to work around

my schedule.

Todd is a great therapist. Very

personable and skillful. He took

time to explain things to me and

to educate me on my shoulder

and my home exercise program.

Fortunately, I experienced

little pain, but Todd was always

concerned and wanted to know

where I was on the pain scale!

When I last saw Dr. T.

I could be his poster patient. That

credit needs to go to Todd.

Christy’s leadership and caring

permeates her staff and this has

made this experience a very

good one.


Jeanne Curran Schmidt

To the Nurses & Staff,

I just wanted to send a little

thank you to everyone for your

great care while I was there. I

love the “hometown” feel of Excelsior

Springs Medical Center.

I don’t feel you all get enough

credit. I would choose Excelsior

Hospital anytime.

Thank you,

Cecile Baxter Stephens

We’re More Than Just A Hospital • • Excelsior Springs Medical Center

Outpatient Specialty Clinics at

Excelsior Springs Medical Center


Excelsior Springs Medical Center continues to

uphold the tradition of quality patient care it has

maintained for over 100 years. That’s why, at

ESMC, we offer a wide range of outpatient

clinics to better serve your needs.


• Audiology

• Cardiology

• Ear, Nose & Throat

• Gastroenterology

• Neurology

• Oncology

• Ophthalmology

• Orthopedics

• Pain Management

• Physical Medicine

& Rehabilitation

• Podiatry

• Pulmonary

• Speech Therapy

We’re More Than Just a Hospital

Excelsior Springs Medical Center

1700 Rainbow Blvd.

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

816/630-6081 Hospital & TDD

Visit our web site for our monthly

Outpatient Specialty Clinic Calendar

and ESMC activities.

Equal Opportunity Organization/Serving Clay, Ray & Clinton Counties/JCAHO Accredited/In Affiliation with North Kansas City Hospital



care --


care is provided

to patients

by a team

of dedicated

and skilled

health professionals

who are

experts in specific

areas of


Rehabilitation Services

Working together with the patient and family, the rehabilitation team provides

an assessment and develops a coordinated plan of care, with the goal

of utilizing each patient’s individual strengths and abilities to achieve the

maximum level of independence.

Rehabilitation services at Excelsior Springs Medical Center provide individualized

care for both patients admitted to the hospital and those who receive

care as outpatients.

For More Information Contact 816-630-6081, ext. 386.

Upcoming Events at ESMC

October 16: Mountain Man 10-2:30

October 21: Annual Dinner & Auction,

The Elms beginning at 6 pm

October 24: FREE Women’s Health Seminar, Lillian

McDavid Dining Room beginning at 6 pm

October 26: Christmas Extravaganza 8 am-4 pm

October 31: SAFE Trick or Treat, ESMC

Convalescent Center, 7 - 8:30 pm

November 9: Taylored Collections 10 am-5 pm

November 10-24: Poinsettia orders taken

November 13: Mountain Man 10 am-2:30 pm

November 21: Books Are Fun 7 am-3 pm

December 11: Mountain Man 10 am-2:30 pm

Check out our web site,, for updated information on our Current Events

page and also listed in our Outpatient Clinic Calendar. Above events, except for the

Annual Dinner and Auction, are sponsored by ESMC Auxiliary to help fund Hospital

services and equipment.

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