Family matters... - Excelsior Springs

Family matters... - Excelsior Springs

Family matters...

Clinton Pickett DO,

left, and Andrew

Pickett, MD, are

brothers on staff at

ESMC, page 5.

ision VAlso included in this Issue:

Vol. 12, No. 1

Winter 2007

A Publication of the

Excelsior Springs

Medical Center and

Health Care Foundation

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Excelsior Springs Medical Center • • We’re More Than Just A Hospital

Expansion and renovation will improve emergency care

Your 6-year-old just woke you

up in the middle of the night with a

severe ear ache and high fever.

What do you do? If you live in the

greater Excelsior Springs area, you

are like the 6,500 people last year

who headed for Excelsior Springs

Medical Center’s Emergency


The staff at ESMC’s Emergency

Room is prepared to treat

trauma injuries ranging from broken

bones, lacerations, and sprains

to infectious diseases, respiratory

tract infections, cardiac disease and

plumonary disease. The Emergency

Room may be the first stop in health

care treatment and it may mean the

difference between life and death.

“Open 24-hours-a day, seven

days a week, the ER is staffed by



care --


care is provided

to patients

by a team

of dedicated

and skilled

health professionals

who are

experts in specific

areas of


experienced physicians and a good

nursing staff,” said Tom Dotson,

DO, who has worked in ESMC’s

Emergency Room for 12 years.

According to a report by the

Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention (CDC), the average

waiting time to see an emergency

room physician was 45 minutes. At

ESMC’s Emergency Room, studies

have shown the average waiting

time for patients is much less, at 15

minutes, with many patients being

moved through the ER within 30 to

40 minutes.

“It’s not unusual to have four

or five people at a time in the Emergency

Room for treatment,” said

Dr. Dotson. “There is the potential

to get overcrowded very quickly.”

ESMC’s Emergency Room will

Rehabilitation Services

Working together with the patient and family, the rehabilitation team provides

an assessment and develops a coordinated plan of care, with the goal

of utilizing each patient’s individual strengths and abilities to achieve the

maximum level of independence.

Rehabilitation services at Excelsior Springs Medical Center provide individualized

care for both patients admitted to the hospital and those who receive

care as outpatients.

For More Information Contact 816-630-6081, ext. 386.

Tom Dotson, DO, left, has worked in the ESMC ER for 12 years. Lawrence

Lim, MD, right, has worked in the ESMC ER for 10 years.

soon have the capacity to continue

providing quality emergency services

well into the future. A 27,000

sq. ft. addition to the Hospital includes

renovation of the Emergency

Room. (See page 3 for related article.)

The expansion will mean

staff can tend to patients in a more

effective manner.

When the project is complete,

emergency room space will double

and will include:

• additional patient beds

• private treatment rooms

• upgraded waiting area

• improved access for staff to

Radiology, Surgery, and Laboratory


Construction is expected to begin

in the spring.

Community responds with more

than $10,000 to charity care appeal

Excelsior Springs Medical Center

has experienced an increase of

almost 100% in charity care in the

last 12 months. The charity care in

our community was $111,000 in

2005 and over $213,000 in 2006.

“The Hospital does not have the

ability to continue to absorb these

types of uncompensated care increases,”

said Sally Nance, ESMC

CEO. “These dramatic increases are

indeed putting the whole Hospital

at risk.”

ESMC received a generous offer

from community members, who

challenged the Foundation Board to

raise at least $10,000 by January 15,

2007 and they would match the


A total of $11,125 in donations

was raised, securing over $20,000

to help families in our community

without health insurance. We sincerely

thank these contributors.

If you would like to make a

donation to ESMC for charity care,

contact Jeanne Buckman at 816-

630-6081, ext. 365.

USDA Rural Development,

along with United States

Senator Kit Bond, announced

the approval of a $4,000,000

loan for Phase II funding for

the Excelsior Springs Medical

Center new Outpatient/

Wellness Clinic addition.

“The Excelsior Springs

Medical Center is a tremendous

asset that benefits many

in our community,” said Senator

Kit Bond. “I am proud to

have been a partner in the expansion

project that will increase

access to quality health

care, create jobs, and expand

the region’s economy.”

“The funding is now in

place for the entire project,”

said Sally Nance, Hospital

CEO. “We appreciate the congressional

support of not only

We’re More Than Just A Hospital • • Excelsior Springs Medical Center

ESMC receives second loan from USDA Rural Development

Senator Bond, who was instrumental

in helping the Hospital secure

the loan, but also Congressman Sam

Graves and Senator Jim Talent.”

“This Hospital expansion

means better medical care for Excelsior

Springs and surrounding

counties,” said Congressman

Graves. “I am pleased to have

played a role in making this important

project a reality.”

Pictured above are, left to right, Neal Miller, USDA Rural Development Director, State Representative Bob Nance, Sally Nance,

ESMC CEO, Bob Craven, Vice-President ESMC Board of Trustees, Congressman Sam Graves, Barbara Ross, USDA Rural

Development Area Specialist, Emily Seifers, Field Representative for Senator Jim Talent, Senator Bill Stouffer, and Jennifer Rolf,

Field Representative for Senator Christopher Bond.

Congressman Graves, presented

a $4,000,000 mock check to

Excelsior Springs Medical Center,

at a reception held in the Hospital

dining room, October 26. The loan

funds will be used for the expansion

of the medical facilities outpatient

specialty clinics and emergency

room, along with a new

wellness center and community

outreach meeting area. The recep-

tion was held to thank and honor

those involved in securing project


"We are very excited about this

expansion. It has been several years

in the planning," said Bob Craven,

Vice-President, ESMC Board of

Trustees. "ESMC has a service area

of 40,000 people. The expansion is

necessary to meet the outpatient

needs of our community."


"We have some of the best

equipment in the area," continued

Craven. "And we have the best

staff, from doctors to nurses to

ESMC employees, of any hospital

in Missouri."

Now the real work begins.

“The Hospital hopes to break

ground in the spring on the addition,

which will be located on the

front of the Hospital,” said Nance.

In memoriam

ESMC and ESHC Foundation extend

their sincere thanks to the family and friends

of Nellie Randolph and Patrick Charles

McNellis for their memorial contributions

of $500 or more during the fourth quarter of


For information on making a contribution

to ESMC, contact 630-6081, ext. 365.

Vision is a seasonal publication made possible by Excelsior Springs Medical Center and Excelsior

Springs Health Care Foundation with composition and photography by

ESMC is a community hospital composed of 25 critical access hospital beds, 60-bed convalescent

center, 20-bed residential care center and a 34-bed independent living facility.

Excelsior Springs Medical Center

1700 Rainbow Blvd., Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

816-630-6081 •

In Affiliation with North Kansas City Hospital • Joint Commission Accredited


Excelsior Springs Medical Center • • We’re More Than Just A Hospital

Doctor’s medical practice receives office remodeling

When Kenna K. Adiga, DO, took over Dr.

Aram Lila’s Internal Medicine practice in

September 2006, patients were introduced to

more than a new face.

“We’ve had a complete office remodeling,"

said Dr. Adiga. “New wall paint, floor

coverings, furniture for the waiting room, new

examination rooms, bathrooms and office


"Everyone has been very welcoming. I’m

lucky to have the same staff. They have helped

make the transition easy. I like getting to see

and treat whole families. The practice is

definately growing and seeing more geriatric

patients," said Dr. Adiga, who specializes in

adult medicine.

Dr. Adiga’s office is located at 1205 N.

Jesse James Road in Excelsior Springs. The

practice, open Monday through Thursday, 8

a.m. to 5 p.m., is available for new patients

and accepts most insurance plans.

New medical building planned for local practice

Erin Schreier, DO, joined the

practice of Robert Buzard, MD, in

July 2006 at 1006 N. Jesse James

Road in Excelsior Springs. Dr.

Buzard has a special interest in geriatric

medicine. Dr. Schreier has a

special interest in women’s health.

Both doctors provide support to the

ESMC’s emergency room.

“I’m starting to build my own

patient base and we are still taking

new patients,” said Dr. Schreier. “It

is nice to be building relationships

with our patients and with people

in the community. It’s getting to feel

like home.”

The increase in patient care has

resulted in a demand for additional

space and a new office building is

on the drawing table.

“We are happy the practice is

growing,” said Dr. Buzard. “We are

Pictured left to right are Erin Schreier, DO, Robert Buzard, MD, and Teresa Short,


very happy working with Erin and

are excited about the expansion.”

“We really have three practicing

out of our office space,” said

Dr. Buzard. “Teresa Short, a Nurse

Practioner, is also here.”

Short, a Registered Nurse with

her Masters, has advanced education

and clinic training in family

medicine and assists Dr. Buzard and

Dr. Schreier, while also seeing patients

of her own. She has worked

Kenna Adiga,

DO, is pictured

at left in one of

the newly



suites of her

office building.

Dr. Adiga is a

staff physician

at ESMC.

in Dr. Buzard’s office for the past

three years and has practiced for 13


“I like Excelsior Springs,” said

Short, who lives in Gladstone. “I

like the people and working in a

rural community.”

The new building will be located

next to the existing practice

and will provide 3,500 sq. ft. of office

space plus expanded parking.

The Pediatric Clinic of Rory

Tompkins, MD, also located in the

medical building, will continue undisturbed.

The expansion provides

an opportunity to bring a new doctor

in to practice in the vacated suite

next to Dr. Tompkins.

“We haven’t started construction,

but we are very close,” said

Dr. Buzard. “We will probably start

as soon as the weather permits.”

We’re More Than Just A Hospital • • Excelsior Springs Medical Center

Our Family of Doctors -- working together to meet the needs of our patients


Pictured above, left to right, Clinton Pickett, DO; Edgar Hunt, Jr., MD; Andrew Pickett, MD; Robert A. Shemwell DPM; T. Scott Craven, DDS; Sidney Cantrell, DO;

Robert Buzard, MD; Kenna Adiga, DO; Gregory Buhler,DO; Erin Schreier, DO; Danny Bartlett, MD; T.R. Baldwin, MD.

Family matters ...

Andrew Pickett, MD, is quick

to brag about the accomplishments

of his brothers and sisters.

Coming from a family of seven

siblings, most of who are active

in the field of medicine, there is a

lot to brag about.

“My oldest sister is an attorney

and journalist. I have two

brothers that are engineers,” said

Andrew Pickett, MD. “Clint is the

best hand surgeon in the country.

Another sister is a pharmacist and

married to a doctor. Another sister

is a nurse and anesthetician.”

Choosing a physician means

trusting someone with your most

precious possession - your health.

You deserve a doctor who is

knowledgeable, caring, and current

with the latest technology and

medical advances. You need someone

who will talk about your health

in terms you understand, and someone

you can count on to help maintain

your good health.

At Excelsior Springs Medical

Center we've been playing an important

role in our community's

“Our mom is a registered

nurse and dad is an electrician,”

he said.

Andrew Pickett, MD, has

been in family practice for 23

years. His office is located at

1236 N. Jesse James Road, where

he shares space with Danny

Bartlett, MD, and T.R. Baldwin,


His brother, Clinton Pickett,

DO, did his medical residency at

the practice. Clinton Pickett provides

an outpatient Orthopedic

Continued on page 8

health for over a century. We have

more than 100 highly trained physicians

and specialists on staff to

meet your health care needs.

“With the addition of Dr.

Bartlett, Dr. Adiga and Dr. Schreier

in the past two to three years we’ve

continued to maintain the quality

of our medical care,” said T. R.

Baldwin, MD.

Use the physician’s directory located

on page 6 to assist you in the

important task of choosing a physician

or specialist that's right for you.

Lawson practice moves to new location

Remodeling is underway

on the new

Lawson Family Practice

offices of Sidney

Cantrell, DO.

“We hope to be in the

new building in March,”

said Dr. Cantrell, who

has served the Lawson

community since 1984.

“We will triple the

clinic and the expansion

will make it possible to

bring in another doctor,” he said.

Dr. Cantrell is board certified in

family practice, providing exams,

Sidney Cantrell, DO

laboratory, x-rays, and minor surgery

in his offices. He also provides

Continued on page 8


Excelsior Springs Medical Center • • We’re More Than Just A Hospital




Carol A. Blum, MD - Service Advisor


Excelsior Springs Medical Center

1700 Rainbow Boulevard

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Leavenworth Anesthesia


605 Shawnee

Leavenworth, KS 66048


Advanced Cardiovascular


Demetrios G. Maragos, MD

James P. McGraw, MD


1530 Missouri A Hwy.

Liberty, MO 64068

Colorectal Surgery

William C. Cirocco, MD


8901 West 74th St., Suite 148

Shawnee Mission, KS 66204


T. Scott Craven, DDS

Nicholas L. Houk, DDS


1435 N. Jesse James Road

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

W. Kent Powell, DDS


1911 W. Jesse James Road

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Diagnostic Radiology

Robert J. LacKamp, MD


Excelsior Springs Medical Center

1700 Rainbow Boulevard

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Emergency Medicine*

Shyam K. Akkulugari, MD

T.R. Baldwin, MD

Danny Bartlett, MD

Daniel R. Boyce, DO

Robert L. Buzard, MD

Nicholas B. Comninellis, MD

Trystan J. Crook, DO

Tom R. Dotson, DO

Patricia A. Flinn, MD

Scott Franksen, DO

Ryan Gursky, DO

Manoch Kuangparichat, MD

Meredith A. Leach, MD

Emergency Medicine cont.

Carl Ledbetter, DO

Lawrence T. Lim, MD

H. Andrew Pickett, MD

Gregory Pickett, DO

Charlotte Ransom, MD

Erin L. Schreier, DO

Warren C. Stark, DO

Philip D. Stevens, MD

Family Practice

T.R. Baldwin, MD


1236 N. Jesse James Road

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Danny Bartlett, MD


1236 N. Jesse James Road

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Gregory C. Buhler, DO


17600 Endicott

Kearney, MO 64060

Robert L. Buzard, MD


1006 N. Jesse James Road

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Sidney A. Cantrell, DO


414 N. Penn

Lawson, MO 64062

Trystan J. Crook, DO


305 Platte Clay Way

Kearney, MO 64060

Carl E. Ledbetter, DO


305 Platte Clay Way

Kearney, MO 64060

H. Andrew Pickett, MD


1236 N. Jesse James Road

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Erin L. Schreier, DO


1006 N. Jesse James Road

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024


Consultants in Gastroenterology

Gregory Barber, MD

Arthur L. Brock, MD

Yan Chen, MD

Donald J. Clement, MD

Terrence W. Coleman, MD

Joseph B. Eisenach, MD

Thomas F. Jones, MD

Steven D. Kaster, MD

Syed Khalid, MD

Burnell Landers, MD

Thomas J. Shireman, MD

Consultants in Gastroenterology cont.

Dale H. Wytock, MD


5330 North Oak Trfy.

Kansas City, MO 64118

General Surgery

Suthon Chatkupt, MD


1205 N. Jesse James Road

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024


Heartland Hema-Oncology Associates

Kevin P. Hubbard, DO

Frank T. Slovick, MD


2000 N.E. Vivion Road, 1st Floor

Kansas City, MO 64118

Internal Medicine

Kenna K. Adiga, DO


1205 N. Jesse James Road

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Manoch Kuangparichat, MD


1205 N. Jesse James Road

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024


Deligeorges & Wiles Eye Center

Stephen B. Wiles, MD


211 N.E. 54th Street, #202

Kansas City, MO 64118

Scott J. McKnight, MD


Westowne VII

Liberty, MO 64068


Clinton Pickett, DO

816-630-6091, ext. 143

1700 Rainbow Blvd.

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Pain Management

The Headache and Pain Center PA

David P. Bankston, MD

Mauricio Garcia, MD

Mark A. Greenfield, MD

Francisco G. Judilla, Jr., MD

Matthew E. Nadler, MD

Steven D. Waldman, MD


4801 College Boulevard

Leawood, KS 66211


MAWD Pathology, Inc.

Deborah A. Borek, MD

Pathology cont.

Robert L. Breckeridge, Jr., MD

Garth Fraga, MD

Edgar Hunt, Jr., MD

Keith A. Richards, MD

Mark T. Stivers, MD


2750 Clay Edwards Drive, #420

Kansas City, MO 64116


Excelsior Springs Pediatric Clinic

Rory L. Tompkins, MD


1006 N. Jesse James Road, #2

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Northland Pediatrics Associates

Grace W. Baysa-ng, MD

Leonard J. Pittala, DO


2700 Clay Edwards Drive, #500

Kansas City, MO 64116

Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation

The Headache & Pain Center, PA

Lisa M. Hermes, MD

Robert W. Trout, MD

Howard J. Waldman, MD, DO


4801 College Boulevard

Leawood, KS 66211

Plastic Surgery

Genesis Plastic Surgery, PC

Frederick E. Thompson, MD


100 Westwoods Drive

Liberty, MO 64068


Robert A. Shemwell, DPM


2700 Clay Edwards Drive, #370

North Kansas City, MO 64116

Robert R. Shemwell, DPM

404 W. U.S. Hwy. 54

Camdenton, MO 65020


Midwest Pulmonary Consultants

Amy L. Meoli, MD

Rebecca Shriver, MD

Damien Stevens, MD

Jennifer Svetlecic, MD


4321 Washington, Suite 5100

Kansas City, MO 64111

*For additional information please

contact the Medical Staff Office.

We’re More Than Just A Hospital • • Excelsior Springs Medical Center

Digital equipment upgrades surgery department to state-of-the-art technology

Linvatec digital controller box

During February, a new digital

camera system will be installed in

the Surgery Department at Excelsior

Springs Medical Center.

“The result will be a clearer picture

on the monitor for the physician

and a significantly shorter time

in surgery for the patient,” said Joseph

Jahrling, Director of Surgical

Services. “The new equipment upgrades

the entire system and brings

ESMC to the competitive edge.”

There are a lot of variables to

consider, such as the intended application,

future capabilities and

need for expansion, with the purchase

of new equipment.

“Our choice was to look at the

entire system and make it fully integrated,”

said Jahrling. “All of the

devices, from camera head to controller

box to monitor to light source

and recording device talks to each


If there is a weak link anywhere

in the system it will show up on the

monitor. To achieve the maximum

benefit offered by digital cameras

and video equipment, ESMC selected

a ComMed Linvatec digital

camera system.

Digital imaging technology

brings the capability of live video

inside the body which can be captured

and shared with a doctor at a

distance for consultation, provides

a precise record for physician and

patient, and requires less space for

archiving and storage.

Surgeons and patients alike will

enjoy the new technology. Surgeons

will have a clearer view on the new

23” LCD monitors during surgery.

The technology also provides minimally

invasive surgery for the patient.

The equipment will be key in

laparoscopic, general and plastic

surgery, cholecystetomy and endoscopic


The upgrade to digital is the first

of two steps planned for ESMC’s

Surgery Department. “ComMed

will upgrade us to digital high definition

sometime this year,” said


Testimonial -- parents stay connected

As an only child, I am responsible

for the care of my aging parents.

In late 2003, my parents decided

that it was time to move closer

to me. They had lived in Belton,

MO for over 65 years, and they

hated to leave, but they realized that

it was becoming increasingly difficult

for me to tend to their needs.

The Lillian McDavid Independent

Living Center was a Godsend.

It is a clean, comfortable, well

maintained facility that provides for

their needs. They feel safe here, and

it’s important to me that they are

receiving good, nourishing meals.

They were finally free from the

worries of having to maintain their

home. They can visit the barber/

beauty shop, outpatient clinics, and

if necessary, the emergency room

without ever having to worry about

the weather.

A little over a year ago my

Father's health made it necessary

for him to move to the Convalescent

Center. I cannot say enough

nice things about his care there. The

staff is so caring and professional.

His health is constantly monitored,

and he is treated as an individual,

not just a number. As I visit him, I

am amazed at the patience and concern

shown by the staff to all of the


The fact that the "Lillian" is

connected to the Convalescent Center

by a hallway, makes it possible

for my Mother to visit my Father

daily, regardless of the weather.

This has made their separation

much easier for both of them. I hope

the people of Excelsior Springs realize

how lucky we are to have such

an excellent facility.

Excelsior Springs Medical Center

truly provides a full range of care

from independent living through

assisted living, skilled nursing and

acute care. Few communities are

so fortunate.

-- Kent Powell, DDS

Outpatient Specialty Clinics at

Excelsior Springs Medical Center

Excelsior Springs Medical Center continues to uphold the

tradition of quality patient care it has maintained for over

100 years. That’s why, at ESMC, we offer a wide range of

outpatient clinics to better serve your needs.


• Cardiology • Gastroenterology • Oncology

• Ophthalmology • Orthopedics • Pain Management

• Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation • Podiatry

• Pulmonary • Speech Therapy

We’re More Than Just a Hospital

Excelsior Springs Medical Center

1700 Rainbow Blvd.

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

816/630-6081 Hospital & TDD

Visit our web site for our monthly

Outpatient Specialty Clinic Calendar

and ESMC activities.

Equal Opportunity Organization/Serving Clay, Ray & Clinton Counties

Joint Commission Accredited/In Affiliation with North Kansas City Hospital



1700 Rainbow Blvd.

Excelsior Springs

Missouri 64024





Excelsior Springs, MO

Vision newsletter

Lawson practice continued from page 5

certified disability analysis, is a

doctor at Excelsior Springs Medical

Center and tends patients in

area nursing homes.

Dr. Cantrell provides mentoring

and training to Kansas City

University of Medicine and Bio-

Family matters continued from page 5

Clinic at Excelsior Springs Medical

Center two days a week.

“A Kansas City man recently

lost his hand in an accident,” said

Andrew Pickett, MD. “They took

him to St. Louis to have it reattached.

Clint could have done it

right here and was only 20 minutes

away. He can fix anything.”

“I think he really benefits the

citizens of Excelsior Springs,”


sciences students on a monthly


The practice will be located

in Lawson at 411 N. Penn, directly

across from the current office.

New patients are now being


said Andrew Pickett, MD, of his

brother’s clinic. “He loves what

he does and he loves it here.”

Dr. Pickett was instrumental

in bringing his brother, Clinton,

to ESMC, as well as Dr. Bartlett.

“I trust the primary doctors

here. Their quality of care in Excelsior

Springs is better than anywhere

else in Kansas City,” said

Andrew Pickett, MD.

March 6:

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April 4:

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April 19:

April 23:


May 14:

June 1:

June 12:

May 3:

Upcoming Events at ESMC

Books Are Fun, 9 a.m. -3 p.m.

Books Are Fun, 7 a.m.-1 p.m.

Mountain Man, 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

PACO Jewelry, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Employee's Craft Fair

Auxiliary Card Party, 1-4 p.m.

Gina's Jewelry, 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Mountain Man, 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Hanging Basket Sale

Mountain Man, 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

ESMC Hospital Golf Tournament

Scrubs & Beyond, 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Employee Craft Fair 7 am-4 pm.

Check out our web site,, for updated information on our Current

Events page and also listed in our Outpatient Clinic Calendar. Above events,

except for the Annual Golf Tournament, are sponsored by ESMC Auxiliary

to help fund Hospital services and equipment.

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