LX5 >> cross-border network for Free Space Culture


LX5 >> cross-border network for Free Space Culture

LX5 >> cross-border network for Free Space Culture

> platform for free space culture

The aim of LX5 is a multidisciplinary network of artists from the Greater Region (Saar, Rhineland-

Palatinat, Wallonia, Lorraine and Luxembourg) by building up a platform for free space culture

(German ‘FreiRaumKultur’). The project is launched by the cultural non-profit association

Installation LX and takes place in the context of the European Capital of Culture 2007.

The LX5 network articulates itself around a web-based culture server self-managed by artists, a

radio show as well as physically existing meeting points, such as a homebase and temporary

intervention sites in the Greater Region.

Starting from a democratisation of culture space, LX5 follows a ‘grass roots culture’ approach:

1. ‘off’ culture - defined by actions and activities that break out of the traditional framework set by art

galleries, museums and other institutions.

2. free space - rooms, public spaces, empty buildings, vacant shop-windows temporarily giving life to

several kinds of art projects.

3. network - individual artists, collectives, and art amateurs come together to exchange and create a

common platform.

4. participation - the actors of the network decide over the content of an exhibition or performance.

5. work-in-progress - the exhibitions are a reflection of the network and the interactions display the

current dynamics.

> objectives

1. improve access to free space - when artists leave a predefined institutional framework, they get

involved with a permanent process of seeking potential work and project spaces. They kind of become

of cultural migrants and designers of an emerging free space culture. The resulting migration of artists

seeking to appropriate unused space opens new means of creation and artistic experimentation.

2. facilitate the communication and coordination among artists - a better exchange of

organisational know-how and concrete experiences between artists are essential for the use of free

space and the development of a culture that refers to it.

3. act as an awareness-raising tool - facilitating the exchange between artists, event organisers and

the public. The integration of local collectives favours a ‘grass roots culture’ and stimulates public

curiosity for the diversity and quality of artistic creation within the Greater Region. This approach also

aims to raise culture consumers’ awareness of their responsibility towards art and culture.

4. offer non-established artists a stepping stone – the networking of young artists crossing

institutional barriers enables a common representation with higher impact and increases public


appropriate free space

While Luxembourg’s cultural year 1995 helped create new cultural institutions (such as theatres and

concert halls, art galleries and museums), project spaces willing to receive independent artists and

original creations remain rare. At the same time, for a couple of years, a young scene of urban artists

has been developing new forms of collaboration, starting from collective structures and participative


There is demand for ‘free’ project space that could host experiments with creation and artwork

presentation outside of established cultural institutions. These ‘new territories of art’ (French

‘nouveaux territoires de l’art’) have the potential to encourage new artistic and cultural approaches

seen from the physical aspect of space and from a conceptional point of view. LX5 echoes to this

quest for new creation and meeting space.

The use of vacant interstitial spaces in the urban landscape has permitted ‘alternative’ art and

culture spaces to contribute to the development of the ‘urban tissue’ of metropoles such as Brussels,

Berlin and Zurich and have helped develop new artistic tendencies. Using the European Capital of

Culture 2007 as an opportunity, Installation LX is attempting such an experience in Luxembourg.

> a space

LX5 homebase’ in Luxembourg-Hollerich is a meeting point, a showcase for artwork (French ‘vitrine’)

and a workspace for artists. This new collective art space accommodates two types of activitiy. 'LX5

expo space' provides a platform for five collective exhibition projects L’écurie, multiplex, 070707, Pop-

Up-Shop, and ‘mais oui...’, and 'LX5 meeting space' is a shared artists’ workplace with performance

nights, workshops and a cultural ‘info-kiosk’.

While ‘LX5 homebase’ is the starting point for LX5 actions, the artists of the cross-border network also

establish other transitory meeting points in various vacant spaces in Saarbrucken, Trier and Esch-

Belval. These former industrial sites are used temporarily as ‘new territories of art’ (French ‘nouveaux

territoires de l’art’) and gather visual arts and performances of the LX5 network artists.

Beyond 2007, LX5 intends to continue raising public awareness of ‘free space culture’ and catalysing

exchange among urban artists looking for new artistic and cultural approaches.

> communication

The communication of LX5 network news and the promotion of artists and collectives are done via the

Internet and radio.

LX5.net: virtual platform - the culture server, as a network tool for LX5, is an Internet portal

autonomously managed by artists from the Greater Region. They can present themselves in their own

virtual gallery. The website offers useful information: locations for events, project and partner search,

agenda, tools for financial support and more. LX5.net is the virtual counterpart of real gatherings such

as exhibitions, art collectives, workshops, cultural centres and informal contacts. An operational

version will be online as of 15 March 2007 at www.lx5.net, replacing the current site.

Monthly radio show - since December 2005, ‘LX5 goes radio ARA - Bloe Baaschtert’ has been

broadcasted every first Monday of the month from 6.30 to 8 p.m. The goals of the radio show are to

share news from the network and to promote artists. Art collectives or initiators of cultural platforms

are invited to present their work and to talk about topics that concern independent artists. Moreover, in

each LX5 radio show a musician performs new live songs or sound pieces. Listen to radio frequencies

103,3 and 105,2 MHz or get online at www.ara.lu/webradio/radio.htm. Info: www.bloebaaschtert.lu

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