What are lice ? How do you control lice ? Why does it ... - shampoux


What are lice ? How do you control lice ? Why does it ... - shampoux



does not give

lice a chances !

kills lice

and nits



lice and nits

What are lice ?

Lice are tiny wingless insects. There are many types of lice, but the

head louse is the most common one. It lives in hair, especially at the

neck and behind the ears. It is so small that it is hard to see. Female

lice lay up to 10 eggs a day, for about 20 to 30 days. These eggs are

called nits. They are white-grey in colour and averagely 0.8 mm long

and 0.3 mm wide. They are attached to the hair close to the scalp with

a kind of glue. The small lice mature after 8 to 10 days and then come

out of their eggs. Fifteen days later they are adults and ready to start

a family of their own. One couple of lice can produce about 125,000

offspring in about 3 months time.

How do you

control lice ?

Head lice are not very choosy: they do not have a preference for clean

or dirty, long or short, curly or straight hair. Lice used to be blamed

on bad hygiene, but today even the most well-off families are prone to

it. Lice do not jump, but because of their agility they can easily move

from one head to another, several times a day. They have three pairs

of legs, with pincher claws, which allows them to cling to the hair and

move very fast. A lice infection happens:

- either by direct contact (from hair to hair), even if it is a very short


- or by indirect contact, by contact with an infected item with the hair

These items may include hats, scarfs, brushes, coats, pillows, sheets,...

It is important that classmates and families of a child with lice, as

well as clothes and other items, are treated simultaneously to avoid


larva stage 3

takes 2 to 4 days

larva stage 2

takes 2 to 4 days

The entire cycle

lasts 2 to 7 weeks.

A louse lives max.

40 days

An adult female

lays up to 10 eggs a day

for 20 to 30 days.

larva stage 1

takes 2 to 4 days

The eggs, nits,

attach to the hair with a kind

of glue. They are white-grey in

colour and +/- 0.8 mm long.

After 8 to 10 days the egg

becomes a larva.


does it itch ?

Lice need a daily portion of blood to survive and feed themselves.

It sucks it up with its tiny sucking mouth. When feeding

they prick through the host’s skin and simultaneously inject

saliva, which contains an anticoagulant.

The itching is causes by small vesicles. They are formed when certain

proteins, contained in the louse’s saliva, are injected when

it penetrates the skin.

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What can you do against lice ?

Check regularly.

A radical treatment at the time of


Shampoux ® Vapo can also be used to

If a lice infestation breaks out at school, check your

treat clothes or items, such as e.g. toys,

child’s hair very carefully every day. This is how you

If you see that your child is infected, use the lice-killing

cuddly toys, sheets, the car seat, which

recognise lice and nits:

products Shampoux ® Shampoo, Vapo and Wash. For

came into contact with the hair.

the easy removal of nits, use Shampoux ® Balm Activ’.

- Nits are white-grey in colour, and stick to the hair

How to use these products:

base. They are difficult to remove.

- Empty shellls are whiter and dried out. They are usually

further removed from the scalp and are no longer

a hazard for infection.

- Lice are not easy to spot, but they do fall out of the

hair when combing it.


Apply Shampoux ® Shampoo to dry hair.

After 30 minutes of exposure,

add water and wash the hair



To remove nits easier you can

use Shampoux ® Balm Activ’ after

a treatment with Shampoux ®

Shampoo or Shampoux ® Vapo.

Apply to washed and rinsed hair, let the

shampoo work for 5 minutes and rinse

with abundant water. Then comb the

Prevention is the best cure.

Then comb the still-wet hair

carefully with a fine comb to

remove the dead lice and nits.

hair meticulously to remove dead lice

and nits. Then comb the hair every day

for 8 days with Shampoux ®

If you want to avoid your child becom-

Just to be sure other members

Balm Activ’.

ing infected, you should take quick

of the family should also wash their hair

and preventive action if there is a lice

with this shampoo.

infestation at school. Therefore, apply

Shampoux ® Repel to the entire head

of hair every morning. This product

keeps lice away.

Also make sure that

the children do not

exchange items which

may be infected, such as

hats, scarfs, combs and brushes.



Instead of shampoo you can

also use Shampoux ® Vapo.

Apply the spray to dry hair, as

close as possible to the scalp.

After 30 minutes of exposure, wash the

hair with a normal shampoo.

Then comb thoroughly with a

fine comb to remove dead nits

and lice.



Use Shampoux ® Wash as a prewash

agent or before the hand

wash to clean infected clothes

and bed linen.

Finally, apply Shampoux ®

Repel to the full head of hair to

avoid a reinfection.

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