Incredible and Exciting Serengeti Safari with Tanzania Tours & Safaris


Interested in exploring the beautiful raw nature and incredible wildlife of Tanzania? Bayango Tours & Safaris provide spectacular Tanzania tours & safaris at a price that comes within your budget. To know more in detail get in touch with us.

Incredible and Exciting Serengeti Safari with Tanzania Tours & Safaris

Tanzania located in East Africa, showcases natural and cultural wonders as well as has a

peaceful democracy with well established tourist infrastructure. Serengeti in Tanzania is

one of the most popular and celebrated regions in Africa, which is most widely populated

animal reserve along with that it is considered best place for viewing diverse wildlife. An

annual event of “Wildebeest Migration” (where millions of wildebeest and zebras in herds

are seen exiting or returning to Serengeti) is most popular and world famous in Serengeti

area, which entices thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Make-Out the Best in your Serengeti Safari:

Tanzania tour & safari packages from Bayango Tours & Safari (T) LTD will offer a

spectacular and guided Serengeti safari with a perfectly planned and organized

itinerary that will result in having utmost fun and enjoyment. It is considered the best

time to explore and spot wildlife in dense wilderness is early morning and late in the

afternoon, which can be possible with private day tours by BayangoTours & Safari (T)

LTD. With us you can enjoy wonderful outdoor experience, supreme wildlife viewing

as well as get a chance to connect with an ancient Tanzanian culture.

Exploring Serengeti Magical Plains:

Serengeti plains are beautifully comprised with lush of green grassy area, black clay

plains, wooded grassland, savannah, swamps, rivers and lakes. World’s greatest

combination of ecosystem and habitants can be found in Serengeti National Park. Spread

over endless plains-Serengeti National Park is considered as Eastern Africa’s paradise,

where sight of animals wandering in search of food or taking rest will give you a thrilling


Visiting National Park of Serengeti:

It is a world famous and most popular wildlife sanctuary that holds rarest wild creatures

on earth. Most of safari travelers as our clients have always loved to visit an amazing

Serengeti National Park, where they witness a diverse wildlife such as wildebeest, zebra,

giraffe, hyenas, lion, leopard, cheetah and gazelle in natural plains.

When to plan out a Serengeti Safari?

You can all year round visit this exciting safari destination with us, but best time can be said

to be April to June; this time is considered good for awesome game viewing. Call us today at

255764-622-669 and book a suitable Tanzania tour & safari package to enjoy ecstatic views

of wildlife and natural ecosystem on a Serengeti safari. Apart from that visit today and check out exclusive Zanzibar beach holiday packages available

at great price.

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