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110 advertorial Conchita's A walk around town with Austria’s most important voice After Conchita gave the Eurovision Song Contest the longoverdue political relevance that it needs, she’s become one of Austria’s best-known contemporary public figures worldwide. And it’s no surprise to us that such a progressive daughter of the modern age should choose Vienna as her home, as this city is, without doubt, one of the most liveable and tolerant places there is. This is also why we’ve asked Conchita to take us to all the local spots she thinks any visitor should know. And since one day simply isn’t enough to explore this town, the VANGARDIST’s editorial team has added a few tips of its own. After all, our offices are situated right in the heart of this metropolis with a unique location between Europe’s East and West. photos © WienTourismus/Rainer Fehringer Traditionally progressive Vienna is a progressive place, whether it’s for start-ups, fashion, art, culture or new lifestyle concepts. After all, our city council made a special effort to promote Vienna’s historical buildings like Schönbrunn Palace or places like the Prater’s famous Ferris wheel as being wedding locations available to couples choosing registered partnerships. The city’s open-minded attitude goes back some time, as already back in 1993 Helmut Zilk, who was Vienna’s mayor at the time, opened its city hall to host the very first Life Ball. Over the years, this charity event, in keeping with its motto “Fighting AIDS—Celebrating Life”, has not only raised millions but has also become an acclaimed stage for the international who’s-who, so of course this year’s ball, entitled Ver Sacrum (Latin for “holy spring”), will also welcome big names like Charlize Theron and Jean Paul Gaultier. And it’s obviously no surprise that once more it’s Conchita’s charming smile we see on the golden posters announcing the event. Come aboard and enjoy A broad channel of the Danube runs right through the city, and on its banks you’ll find beach cafés and deck chairs on proper beach sand, a boat equipped with a swimming pool and downstairs party area, and an abundance of graffiti art which has turned the entire river promenade into an open-air gallery. And right above the pier of the Twin City Liner, a speedboat that covers the distance between Vienna and Bratislava in only 45 minutes, you’ll find the area’s highlight: the café-restaurant Motto am Fluss. Well, of course this is where Conchita likes to start her day off. The venue’s boat-like architecture and timber plank floors instantly remove you from the city’s day-to-day reality and make you feel like you’re on holiday, and its culinary options are worthy of the Titanic’s first class. Whether you pick the café on the upper deck, the downstairs dining room or the truly amazing cocktail bar, you’ll definitely enjoy what you’re served. And to top it all off, it’s guaranteed to be all topquality organic food. Yummy!