Porn movie stills

De Lacroix mainly uses portraits as his

models, but sometimes he also finds

inspiration in certain situations, objects

and emotions. His pornographyinspired

pictures, which make up a

large part of his work, have received

an especially strong public response.

They show themes based on porn

movie stills from the 70s that openly

depict people naked and fornicating,

while also referencing topics like gang

bangs, autoeroticism and homosexuality

in an undisguised, and almost distant

or matter-of-fact, manner. The artist

seeks to provoke his audience with

these images and categorically rejects

the idea of beauty as an artistic end

in and of itself. So if the sight of gay

cowboys, voluptuous backsides, hairy

pussies and plump breasts shocks you,

you should definitely take a closer

look—don’t forget you’re looking at


A nice surprise

over a cup of coffee

In a cosy corner of the Café Nil in Vienna’s

seventh district, we meet the master

of cuts himself. With his long dark

hair, his “pornstache” and washed

out denim jacket, he looks like someone

right out of his own pictures and

his lively eyes betray that he is a restless,

but keen, observer. He expresses

surprise at his arriving on time, orders

as double espresso with milk, and sits

down. After a short exchange of pleasantries,

he reveals that he’s got a little

surprise for us: Exclusively for our

#HIVHEROES Edition, he’s going to cut

a portrait of the American artist Keith

Haring. In the 80s, Haring used his artworks

to benefit numerous charitable

activities against AIDS; Haring himself

died of the virus in 1990, two years after

receiving his diagnosis. We want

to give another great big thank you to

Filius for his generous offer, which we

think is amazing! And now the time has

come to let the artist speak for himself.


Filius de Lacroix

Vangardist: We’re sitting here at the

cosy Café Nil in a neighbourhood of

Vienna where, artistically, there’s a

lot going on at the moment. Do you

need these kinds of surroundings as a

source of inspiration?

Filius de Lacroix: Definitely, because I

get a large part of my inspiration from

people-watching in different bars and

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