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20 radar wrath o f God

20 radar wrath o f God And why it prevents us from talking about HIV Text: klemens gindl illustration: Magdalena Weyrer HIV is a punishment from God—if you believe in him that is. Or rather, if you’re the kind of person who believes in what the god depicted by the Bible represents: an archaic, patriarchal idea of society carried over from the distant past into our 21st century. For everyone else, HIV is a disease, admittedly a fucked up one, but a mere illness nonetheless. We might all be quick to think that as privileged, well informed representatives of the so-called First World, we’re above these types of stone-age ideas and know that of course HIV is an illness like any other, and we congratulate anyone who truly and honestly believes this. Apparently not too many people share this belief though, because even in this day and age, people who test HIV positive are confronted by a serious social stigma, and yes, this is also the case in Western countries. So in view of this fact, we decided to do a bit of research into questions like how it’s possible even for nonreligious people to think like conservative pricks and how this is linked to the fact that HIV/AIDS remains a taboo topic.