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Fearlessness is not a sign of bravery but of foolhardiness.

You can’t become a hero before you confront your fears and overcome them.

Once you’ve mustered that much strength, even failure becomes something noble.

These or similar thoughts frequently came to mind whenever the road from our

initial idea for the #HIVHEROES Edition to its final realisation got particularly

bumpy. You, dear readers, who are now holding this VANGARDIST issue in

your hands, have accepted the challenge. You have overcome your fears and,

by opening this magazine’s wrapping, have sent a signal. But until this was

finally possible, we came across quite a number of people

who weren’t quite as brave…

diary of a hard fight

text: Hendrik H.

photos printing press: Daniel Gottschling

Foto cat: Jonathan Teo


Felix Nowack & Julian Wiehl at Donau Forum Druck Ges.m.b.H.

A meeting with far-

reaching consequences

It’s one thing to come up with a good

idea. To carry through with it, though,

is a very different matter. It was actually

Raffaele Arturo, former head of Publicis

Austria and close confidante of our

sales and marketing team who came

up with this daring plan at a meeting

set to discuss the question of what in

the world we could write about on the

occasion of this year’s Life Ball and upcoming

Eurovision Song Contest. An

issue printed with HIV-positive blood?

What a mad idea! An idea that didn’t

just pop into Raffaele’s head as if sent

by Apollo’s marketing muse though.

From his time a few years ago at Publicis,

he remembered an advertising

campaign for a client that they had

contemplated running on the occasion

of the Life Ball which had never actually

been carried out. For one quite obvious

reason: It was simply too wild. The

thing is though, words like “mad” and

“wild” quickly trigger a certain itch and

urge in our Chief Editor, so that anyone

watching him while Raffaele presented

this idea could detect a gentle glow on

the boss’ attentive face.

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