in that role one could even venture to

say that, next to Karl Lagerfeld’s Choupette

and the Clinton family’s former

First Cat, Socks, he’s one of the three

most important cats in the world and,

just like his famous colleagues, has his

own Facebook profile.

At lunch with

Saatchi & Saatchi

The unexpected appearance of this

personal contact meant we didn’t even

have to steal the idea! Without further

ado, a call was made and a few minutes

later an excited Jason Romeyko

had gladly accepted our offer, saying

that this campaign was something he

had already felt strongly about from

the very beginning. Just a few weeks

later, we had lunch in Vienna with Jason

and his producer, Emma Jenkins,

and even before we were able to prime

them with alcohol, maybe even before

dessert was served—which, on a side

note, no one apart from Emma and

this article’s author actually touched,

because the boys spend too much

time looking after their figures—the

whole thing was underway and Saatchi

& Saatchi had promised to put everything

at our disposal that they had already

done for the campaign.


Bauer Romeyko

Legal grey areas

A few days later, a legal opinion by a

US law firm written in 2011 and commissioned

by the client the campaign

had originally been devised for landed

on our Chief Editor’s desk. In it, the legal

experts succinctly recommended

dropping such an HIV campaign idea,

as the consequences were not predictable

and there was no way of knowing

where the ad might eventually end

up. Although we were certainly a bit

surprised about receiving this legal

opinion without any further comment,

and by the fact that neither Jason

nor anyone else had ever mentioned

its existence, we decided not to be

put off by this. After all, it was just an

overly-cautious recommendation, the

Publicis client who had commissioned

it wasn’t exactly of Benetton calibre,

and anyway, everything had gone so

smoothly up to this point, and so on

and so forth. Since we didn’t want to

ignore the legal opinion completely

though, our Chief Editor forwarded it

to Raffaele’s brother, Claudio, a good

personal friend as well as advocate

and Honorary Consul of the Republic

of San Marino in Vienna.

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