2 years ago


Exile in San Marino This

Exile in San Marino This had been a cunning move because we figured that, should his Excellency the Honorary Consul give us his legal go-ahead after coming to the conclusion we thought he would come to, namely that the guys at Publicis were a bunch of cowards, then if the whole thing did for some reason go tits up in the end, he would probably feel so guilty about it that he’d have to grant the VANGARDIST’s entire editorial team exile in San Marino. Unfortunately, such plans fell through pretty quickly, because one week later Raffaele arrived at the office with bad news from San Marino. We were informed that the whole thing was indeed quite tricky, beginning with the problem that different countries had different laws, which would be an issue insofar as the campaign was intended to be launched internationally. A call made to Jason in Geneva didn’t solve this problem either, because all we learned was that he was already familiar with this legal opinion and that as a result of it, the printing office commissioned to do the job for the first campaign attempt had refused to “infect” their printing presses with the virus. A campaign is born Faced with these facts, we almost got cold feet like everyone else before us had, but then came salvation in the form of a brilliant idea: The main argument used in the legal opinion was that the distribution of an ad appearing in different print mass media would be impossible to control. If, however, the VANGARDIST as a magazine were figured as the responsible body initiating the campaign’s actions, it would be able to print only a limited edition of the magazine with ink that actually contained blood and just use ordinary ink on the rest, and that way we would retain relative control over the distribution of the blood mags. In addition, we came up with the idea to cover the “contaminated” issues in plastic wrap to make people aware of what they were about to purchase and make it their active decision to unwrap and touch the actual magazine. The act of unwrapping it would thus become a statement and send out the message that, in order to read this issue, you had to be brave. And with this, the #HIVHEROES Campaign was born.