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58 the campaign Philipp

58 the campaign Philipp Spiegel the blood donors age Philipp Spiegel is an alias. The person behind it prefers to stay anonymous. He is the author of the article ”When Do I Tell Her?” which you can find in this very issue "Who are you?" There is not much to say about me at the given time. All there is to know is that I am male, heterosexual and HIV positive. Photos: André Gehrmann, Daniel Gottschling HIV can affect anyone. But how a positive diagnosis affects individuals' lives is very much dependent on their social environment.While some people are in a position to openly deal with the challenges of HIV without having to fear severe discrimination, for others, “outing” themselves would be equivalent to social suicide. The heroes of this issue are named Philipp, Wyndham and Wiltrut. The blood they donated has become a part of this magazine. The three of them all have one thing in common: They’re HIV positive. Their stories, however, could not be more different. "Why are you doing this?" Due to the fact that the infection is rather recent, I am still struggling with this new impact on my life. I am working on a reassessment of myself: of who I am, of what I will do with this. In that sense, the preinfection life doesn’t matter very much. Because of the fear of implications both socially and professionally for myself, my friends and my family, I still prefer to stay anonymous.