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60 Born in Stockton,

60 Born in Stockton, California, Wyndham relocated to New York before leaving the Big Apple for freakin´ Berlin, where he’s been living and working the past four years. He got his diagnosis in October 2012; about a year later he “came out” as HIV-positive with #CHANGETHEFACE, sharing his story to start conversations, change opinions, increase awareness and affect positive change in people. He is 26 years old. "Who are you?" I’d say I’m one of the most normal guys on the planet. I go to work, I see my friends, I’ve got some big dreams for my life that I hope to accomplish, and I try to keep in touch with my family as much as possible. That being said, becoming HIV positive did have an effect on who I am: I am now more grateful for every experience I have, a characteristic that didn’t exist before. Think of how much happier we would all be if we woke up each day and said, “Thanks, life, you’re amazing.” That’s the person I strive to be. "Why are you doing this?" You know, the interesting thing is that I’ve become numb to the existence of “HIV stigma”. I’ve overcome most of the self-loathing and shame about my