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66 the campaign Hard

66 the campaign Hard Facts about How do I behave around someone who’s HIV positive? J ust like around anybody else. When do I risk catching the virus? • Unprotected sex • Swallowing sperm or blood • Contact with fresh open wounds • Dirty needles (drug use) Always use a condom • Don’t swallow sperm or blood • What’s the right way to protect myself? Regular intake of meds • Regular medical checkups • Lifelong therapy • Life changes in terms of eating habits, • relationship habits, family and friends Condoms, condoms, condoms • What will I be dealing with as someone living with HIV? What do I do if I’ve been exposed to a potential risk? • Consult a doctor within 1 or 2 hours • PEP (HIV post-exposure prophylaxis) within 48 hours • If sperm has entered your rectum, squat down and try to push it out Common misconceptions about HIV • Faeces, urine, sweat and saliva are contagious • Sperm should be removed with an anal douche • Even if HIV-positive people are receiving the right kind of treatment, transmission risk from sex with them is very high.