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stand up for what’s

stand up for what’s important and give others a chance to follow suit and do the same. They show us how important it is to fight for something and lead by good example. And we need more people like them! There’s a hero in all of us. We just have to learn that it’s not enough to privately donate money every now and then, but that sometimes you have to make a statement with your actions—because other people are influenced by what we do and say. Madrid, Center of Liberty For many years, Barcelona and Madrid, and Spain in general, have set good examples in the global fight for a more liberal world. Every year, more than two million people visit the famous Gay Pride in Madrid, and the five-day festivities that culminate in the final grand parade are not just a top event for members of the LGBT community but for everyone. Yet Spain’s capital city, Madrid, also shows its liberal side in everyday life, for example in its Chueca district, which is not only one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Spain, but also has its own gay quarter with countless boutiques, cafés, bars, restaurants and night clubs. The city also stands out for its brave concepts in showbiz: At the Gula Gula, drag queens entertain the audience with top-notch comedy, shows and an excellent dinner, while the Teatro Alcalá is currently showing Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, a story about three transvestites on a road trip. So topics like identity and cultural diversity are omnipresent here, and the courage people have shown to express themselves has definitely paid off. As an upcoming highlight, in 2017 Madrid will be hosting WorldPride, for which the city will doubtlessly be bursting at the seams. And that’s great, because there can never be too many heroes in one place, and as long as it’s for a good cause, who cares if things get a bit crowded. Here are a few sources of inspiration for your next trip to Spain: