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Download craft brewers brochure - LWC




Please allow at least

7 days from order

to delivery

If you would like to visit any of the breweries

included in CRAFT BREWERS

please contact us on...

0845 402 5125

your LWC cask ale co-ordinators are

MANCHESTER: Stephanie Piggot

HEREFORD: Julie Harding

CENTRAL: Debbie Alcock


TEESSIDE: Michelle Olley

NORTH EAST: Diane Myers

CORNWALL: Robert Coates


SOUTH WEST: Rosie Cotgrave










We have aimed to select the best and most

innovative Craft Brewers that have been

recognised throughout the U.K

Let your landlord know which ale you

would like to try and we will deliver








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RUDGATE 12 12 13 13

...The Landlord needs to allow at least

7 days from order to delivery



We were lucky

enough to get in

on the ground

floor of the revival of craft

beer, and canny enough to

grow continually throughout

our existence.

We have established Moonshine

as a very popular local

beer and all of our regular

and special beers have

a following somewhere -

sometimes in the most

unusual places!

We have one pub of our

own, The Rising Sun in

Nether Green, Sheffield

where you can always try



Our brewing story goes back to 1996

when Patrick Morton and his Father

Hugh decided to pursue their

mutual love of fine beer and put

their faith and money into creating

their very own brewery.

"We're just folk who love making quality beer!"

one (or more!) of at least six

of our beers that are always

on show alongside up to

seven beers from other small

breweries. Nearly all of these

are sourced by swapping

with like-minded brewers,

proving that we like to share

our love for all things

beer related.

A beautifully balanced

pale straw-coloured

premium bitter.

A pale beer, made with

fabulous Nelson

Sauvin hops

We are two

ambitious young

brewers with a

vision; to establish a creative,

innovative, yet traditional

brewing business that

produces award

winning ales.

Creative brewing is not

about sticking to the same

old formula; these days ale

is enjoyed by all age groups

of men and women and not

just the more mature

gentleman as in years gone

by. Traditional yet exciting

new tastes can be achieved

through experimenting

with different combinations

of hops (Old English,

American, Slovenian and




Back in 2007, after more than ten

years experience working for one

of the largest breweries in the

Midlands we decided to channel

our energies into a new enterprise,

a fresh challenge, our own craft

brewery. Months later, the Backyard

Brewhouse was born.

"We are passionate brewers who love what we do"

New Zealand to name

but a few) and also using

the finest malts.

At Backyard, we use the Old

English Halcyon malt as the

solid base ingredient of our

ales alongside other

exciting combinations

to create smooth and

satisfying flavours.

Platinum Blonde bitter. Citrus

and pine nose, with a dry, crisp

and hoppy taste. Back due

to popular demand

Sweet toffee malt with a light

herbal hop aroma. Bitter sweet,

nutty flavour

atlas & orkney

blue monkey


SCOTLAND 2000/2003



CAMRA 2009

Dark Island is an iconic beer:

a standard-bearer for

traditional Scottish ales.

In cask, this beer has twice

won CAMRA’s Champion

Beer of Scotland.

Norman Sinclair, graduate of RGIT,

is an acclaimed Highland

restaurateur who more recently

created a company which is the

largest independent brewing

operation in Scotland.

A pale and intensely hoppy

beer. Enticing tropical fruit

aromas, finished with a good

level of thirst quenching,

almost peppery bitterness.

We've developed eye-catching

branding so that our beers are the

first to get noticed on the bar, but

don't be fooled into thinking these

are novelty beers. Underneath the

branding lies a total dedication to

awesome beer.

The breweries have had a string of awards

"We've developed eye-catching branding so that

our beers are the first to get noticed on the bar"

Delicate and sophisticated yet

the robust cask conditioned

version of this beer was the

first Scottish beer to win the

BIIA World Cask Beer Gold


The tranquil Orkney

Islands, with their

fertile farming lands

and fishing grounds, have

been inhabited for over 5000

years. The Orkney brewery

is housed in the former

schoolhouse in Quoyloo 1

mile from Skara Brae in the

heart of Neolithic Orkney.

The unrushed culture with

its traditional values

influences the way we make

our beer. We give undivided

attention to each stage of the

brewing process to ensure

that our beer reaches you

in perfect condition.

This timeless approach has

helped us win many

national and international

awards for both our cask

and bottled beers which

we hope you will enjoy.

A traditional light copper

coloured ale, but with a hoppy

twist. Spiced up with a

generous and unusual

combination of German and

American hops.

First emerging from the

urban jungle on the


Derbyshire border in 2008,

Blue Monkey Brewery has

since taken the beer world

by storm and won numerous

local and national awards.

We take an uncompromising

approach to quality, using

100% British barley, whole

cone hops and small batch

production to make

traditional beers with

a modern twist.

We brew in a state-of-the-art

25 brewers barrel brewhouse,

capable of producing

over 30,000 pints of beer a

week. We'd like to think this

makes us big enough

to guarantee quality and

consistency, whilst being

small enough to remain a

tight knit team of beer

enthusiasts with a passion

for brewing.



crouch vale


GOLD 2004/2005/2006


CHAMPION 2005/2006

We brew

traditional ales

with a fresh new

edge, by using well established

brewing methods,

the finest malted and roast

barley, hops and crystal clear

mountain water.

We are proud that our small

team of 15 lads and lassies

continue to win awards

for our ales.

We were thrilled to

receive the accolade

of Champion Beer of

Scotland in 2004 with

Tradewinds and 2005 with

Black Gold. Tradewinds also

won Speciality Beer of

Britain 2004, 2005 and 2006

The Cairngorm Brewery Company,

established in 2001, is situated in the

village of Aviemore within the

Cairngorms National Park in the

Highlands of Scotland.

"Our aim is to continue to produce a varied range

of malty and hoppy ales to appeal to all palates."

and UK Champion Best

Bitter in 2008.

Nessie’s Monster Mash

received Best Bitter Bronze

medal at the CAMRA Great

British Beer Festival in 2008

The Brewery is open

to the public.

Light golden in colour,

with high proportion of wheat

giving the beer a clean

fresh taste.

A mahogany coloured ale

with medium to light body.

Challenger and Fuggles hops

are added plentifully giving

initial bitterness that is then

balanced by a caramel finish.

Crouch Vale Brewery

was established in

1981 by two really

quite handsome beer

enthusiasts. Clearly the

passage of time has been

kind to the business but not,

sadly, to the founders

themselves. Colin Bocking

remains at the helm of the

company, somewhat

dishevelled but still making

great tea. The other founder

(Rob Walster) is no longer

involved in the brewery

but sells plenty of its

produce at his terribly lovely

pub, The Prince Of Wales

We’re pleased to say that our beers

have won many awards, including

the ultimate cask ale accolade –

CAMRA’s “Supreme Champion

Beer of Britain”, gained by ‘Brewers

Gold’ in both 2005 and 2006.

"We are proud to buy ingredients on quality rather

than price. We think you’ll notice the difference."

at Stow Maries, just up

the road.

We are a small, independent

company committed to the

brewing and supply of the

finest cask conditioned ales.

Situated close to the River

Crouch in the county

of Essex

This is a pale, refreshing

and hoppy beer with

gorgeous aromas

of tropical fruits.

Very pale with delicious

Amarillo hops, therefore

earthily aromatic and

highly drinkable.

castle rock



cumbrian legendary



Its distinct hop flavour leads to

a crisp finish. Harvest Pale has

firmly established itself as

Castle Rock’s Flagship Beer.

SIBA National

Castle Rock Brewery use only

the finest ingredients available

to deliver the highest quality real

ales to its discerning followers.

"The finest ingredients available to deliver

the highest quality real ales"

Brewed using three malts

including lager and Maris Otter

together with German hops.

Bursting with tropical flavour it

is an outstanding beer.

"The home of traditional

craft-brewed real ales"

Brewing first started in 2003 when

the business was then known as the

Loweswater Brewery and based at

the famous Kirkstile Inn. In 2009

Cumbrian Legendary Ales was

acquired which had significantly

larger premises and plant. Situated

on the shores of Esthwaite Water

Lake District in Hawkshead,

it is now one of the leading

breweries in Cumbria.

Hayley Barton is the Head Brewer.

Mid-brown / reddish easy

drinking full flavoured best

bitter is well rounded with

some residual sweetness which

is balanced with a resinous

hop character.

Castle Rock is a pub

and brewing group

based in the East

Midlands and Yorkshire.

It was founded in 1977 by

former Campaign for Real

Ale (CAMRA) chairman

Chris Holmes and its first

pub was The Old King’s

Arms in Newark.

Named “Pub Group of the

Year” in 2002, 2006 and 2008,

Castle Rock currently operate

20 pubs and have a policy

of stocking cask beers

from regional and micro

breweries by swapping beer

with similar companies.

Castle Rock also operates

Nottingham’s largest full

mash brewery, which has

become firmly established in

local and national real beer

drinking circles.

Fruity refreshing 4% bitter

with an amazing orange

citrus flavour.

We’re not on a

mission to take

over the world,

but aim to provide quality

products and excellent

service to our partners in

the licensed trade and the

drinking public.

We aim to use traditional

methods but we have

a growing reputation for

developing innovative beers.

We love brewing and hope

that you will enjoy our carefully

crafted beers from the

heart of the Lakes.

In 2011 Loweswater Gold

became the GBBF Champion

Golden Ale of Britain and

Langdale is currently the

CAMRA Champion Golden

Ale of the North West.


dark star


Within a few hard

working years it

was obvious that

the brewery could not keep

up with the growing thirst of

the Evening Star’s drinkers,

yet alone the demand for its

beers from other local pubs

and beer festivals.

In 2001, the team emptied

their piggy banks, cashed in

any ISA’s, sold TV’s and dug

around behind the sofa for

loose change, to relocate the

brewery to a new purposebuilt,

15 brewers barrel

brewery in Ansty, near Haywards

Heath – some would


GOLD 2009

The Dark Star Brewing Company

was born in 1994 in the cellar of

The Evening Star Pub, in Brighton.

With a brew plant only marginally

bigger than an enthusiastic

home-brew kit the characteristic

style of hoppy beers was developed

and tried out on the willing guinea

pigs at the bar.

"Apparently more and more people liked drinking the

same beers as us, so we needed to brew more"

argue this was the point the

hobby started to become a

proper business…some

would anyway. A few years

on, and once again the brewery

was on the move, this

time to a bigger site in Partridge

Green, just south west

of Horsham, West Sussex.

A perfect light colour and

dryness to complement the

crisp taste and full aroma

of the hops.


This beer is full-bodied and

full-flavoured yet gentle

enough to make it

a favourite session beer.

Harviestoun’s head

brewer, Stuart, loves

hops. He always

has, and his team of young

brewers are equally

enthusiastic. Together they

strive to create beers with

perfectly balanced hop

combinations to give them

depth and complexity.

Their flagship beers are

Bitter & Twisted (World’s

Best Ale 2007) and Schiehallion

(World’s Best Pilsner

2008). Bitter & Twisted is a

fruity blonde beer with a dry

bitterness and zingy zestiness.

Schiehallion is their

elegant ‘craft lager’ with a

crisp hop profile and a clean


In 2008 they took another of

their classic brews, Old

Engine Oil (Gold Award,




Harviestoun Brewery was founded

in 1983. From humble beginnings in

Dollar it has grown into a 60-barrel,

purpose-built brewery that nestles

at the foot of the Ochil Hills in the

heart of Clackmannanshire.

"For 30 years we have been passionate about

brewing refined, complex, best-in-class beers"

SIBA 2011), and started

maturing it in Highland

Park whisky casks to create

the roasty, toasty, caramel

beast that is Ola Dubh.

Underpinning all their beers

is quality ingredients and

provenance; from the

carefully selected hop flowers

through to the Scottish

malts and local water.

A refreshing blonde beer with

a hoppy profile and the finish

of lemon. Judiciously hopped

with Hersbrucker and Challenger

and late hopped with

Styrian Golding.

A crisp cask-conditioned lager

beer with the fresh taste of

grapefruit. Fermented at very

low temperature with a lager

yeast and delicately hopped

with Hersbrucker.




kelham island



Full and clean tasting,

initially malty then citrus fruit

and resinous hop build to

a quenching bitter finish.




Triple fff Brewery was founded in

1997 with the aim of brewing "Real

ale that real ale drinkers drink!"

A pale ale brewed with the

finest British maris otter malt

and a blend of the best hops

the USA has to offer.

The Kelham Island Brewery was

built in 1990 in the Beer Garden

of the Fat Cat in Alma Street.

The area is known as Kelham Island

because the land surrounding the

brewery is an island formed by

a diverted flow from the river Don.

"Real ale that real ale drinkers drink"

"The range of beers brewed by the brewery has grown

considerably from the early Bitter and Celebration beers."

Wonderfully aromatic floral

nose balanced by a gentle

bitterness with a hint

of sweetness.

Triple fff launched in

1997 by Graham Trott,

a cabinet maker by

trade who was a keen home


People liked his brews and

when he discovered that you

did not need to be a chemist

to brew beer commercially,

he decided to have a go.

He installed a 5 barrel plant

in one of the units vacated

by the now closed furniture

factory on Station Approach

in the village of Four Marks.

The station still operates on

the steam heritage

Watercress Line which runs

ten miles between Alton

and Alresford.

The year 2000 saw an

expansion into an 18 Barrel

plant and finally in 2006 the

brewery became what it is

today, a 50 Barrel system

brewing over 31,000 pints

a week.

Graham has been passionate

about beer from an early age.

Easy drinking premium

strength pale ale. The initial

crisp bitterness gently gives

way to a lingering

fruity aftertaste.

Due to it's success in its

early years, in March

1999 the brewery

moved into our new

purpose built premises at

Kelham Island, very close

to the original brewery.

The new premises has five

times the capacity of the

original premises.

The original brewhouse

behind the Fat Cat has

been converted into

a visitor centre.

Since The Kelham Island

Brewery opened, all four of

Sheffield's large breweries

have unfortunately closed.

First was Whitbread's old

Tennants brewery on

Bridge Street.

Followed by Bass' Hope

& Anchor Brewery. Now

Bass' Stones brewery

and Ward's have closed

leaving The Kelham Island

Brewery as one of Sheffield's

largest breweries.







Leeds Brewery was established in

2007. It is the city's largest brewery.

We combine the latest in brewing

technology with time honoured

skills and use the finest ingredients –

choicest English hops, select British

malted barley and our unique Yorkshire

yeast – to create truly

exceptional beers.

"Creating truly exceptional beers"

An easy drinking pale ale.

Light and hoppy with delicate

floral notes and a well

balanced finish



Peter McMullen, a Master Cooper

by profession, started the business

in 1827. He made barrels and casks

selling them to the ten small

brewing companies that were

established in Hertford town

at that time.

"In essence, brewing beer is simplicity itself. You need

malt, water, hops and yeast. All you have to do is

mix, stir, boil and ferment. What could be easier?"

Light in colour with a nutty

taste. Best bitter drinkers will

really enjoy this beautifully

balanced complex ale.

Although we are a

young company,

over the last five

years we have developed

a reputation as one of the

best and most consistent

new breweries in the north

of England. Within our

team we have a wealth

of experience which ensures

that every aspect of the

brewing process comes up

to our highest standards.

Using only the finest

possible ingredients –

choicest hops, select British

malted barley,

and our unique Yorkshire

yeast – we are confident that

our beers are some of the

finest ales available.

Coupled with our

contemporary and instantly

recognisable branding,

we think our beers make

a valuable and popular

addition to any bar.

Yorkshire Gold 4.0% ABV.

A light hoppy bitter.

Select Chinook hops give

citrus notes to this.

The new Whole Hop

Brewery has been

designed by our Head

Brewer, Chris Evans,

to ensure we consistently

produce ales that meet

stringent high standards

that reassure cask ale

connoisseurs, including our

own regulars.

In a modern, clean and

efficient brewhouse, Chris

has precise control over,

temperature, clarity, colour,

taste and the time taken

during each process.

Nothing can be done to

replace his skill and care,

but everything is done, from

the brewery to the beer

engine, to make sure that the

cask ale you drink is the beer

that Chris intended, every


A soft malty taste, with a light

fragrant aroma and clean

finish. A popular and

refreshing easy-drinking bitter.


mighty oak

Yellow beer with a fruity

and hoppy aroma. Hops fruit

and bitterness on the palate

and in the finish.




The Marble Brewery is a small

brewery in Manchester, which

makes cask ale from only organic

and vegetarian ingredients.

A wonderfully mellow, nutty,

morish dark mild. Brewed

using Maris Otter Pale, Crystal

and Black malts and gently

hopped with Challenger.



The brewery was originally located

in Brentwood, Essex from 1996

to 2000. Burntwood Bitter, our first

beer is still recognised as one of the

best bitters in the country.

A pale dry and extremely

hoppy beer.

"cask ale from only organic and vegetarian ingredients"

In 2000 the beers became

strictly organic and later

the same year they became

strictly vegan. Marble's

ingredients are sourced from

non-intensive agriculture

and they do not use isinglass

finings, usually made from

the swim bladder of the

sturgeon, to clear the beer.

Despite this the beer is

seldom cloudy. Marble's

head brewer, James

Campbell, has said "We're

busier than ever. The beer

sells because it tastes good,

but the vegetarian side is

proving good for business.

I've had people tell me that

they hadn't been able to

drink a pint of beer since

they became vegetarians 10

years before. Then they

found us."

The original intention was

not to brew anything at less

than 4% abv, although there

are now several exceptions

to this, with 3.8% being the

lowest strength available.

Biscuity malt flavours.

Mount Hood and First Gold

hops give a distinctive citrus

character along with a long

--dry bitter finish.

"Our first beer is still recognised

as one of the best bitters in the country"

Maldon Gold, first

brewed following

our move to Maldon

in January 2001, is our

best selling beer and in 2007

was voted the best Golden

Ale in Britain by CAMRA.

The original brew plant

came from Whitworth Hall

in County Durham, the

home of Bobby Shafto!

We started off with two

seven barrel fermentors and

now have one seven barrel

and five fifteen barrel fermentors.

The brewery has

been growing steadily year

on year.


moor beer

Inspired by the intensely

flavoured beers of his native

California and the naturally

unfined, unfiltered beers

of continental Europe, Justin

and his team brew beers

designed to deliver a high level

of condition, flavour and enjoyment.

They lead the British

natural beer movement,

inspiring a new generation of

beer drinkers to appreciate a

new world of beer flavour. We

are very proud to offer these

unfined natural beers to you as a

unique point of difference.

The beers will pour with a

beautiful, natural haze.

No Finings, Naturally Hazy

Suitable for Vegetarians, loved by all





Moor Beer was started in 1996 in the

Levels & Moors area of Somerset,

but really made an impact when

bought by head brewer Justin

Hawke in 2007. Since then it has

earned a worldwide reputation

and cult following as one of Britain’s

best and most awarded breweries.

"We supply as much of our beer in its unfined,

naturally hazy state as possible. We believe it is best

for the beer and for you


We have prepared a set of

materials to help you make the

most of this exciting opportunity,

and are available for

advice and support.

Once you’ve had one you will

understand why you’ll always

want to Drink Moor Beer!

Light in colour but not

flavour thanks to a blend of

Pale, Lager, Cara, Crystal

and Wheat malts.

Ultra pale, ultra hoppy, ultra

modern. Unfined and

naturally hazy.

purple moose

The choice of name was

obvious. Purple is

Lawrence's favourite

colour, and moose, well,

everyone loves moose. Just

some more than others!

Early brewing methods involved

boiling up 4oz of

hops plus a few handfuls of


GOLD 2007

The Purple Moose Brewery was first conceived

in the late summer of 1995, a name

devised by Lawrence Washington to adorn

the bottle labels for his new hobby of

home-brewing. Although the 5 gallon

operation was based in his house in

Cheltenham, the brewery name had been

thought up during a weekend carrying

out voluntary work on the Ffestiniog

Railway in North Wales.

"No home-brew kits were used in the

making of this brewery!"

malt in a pressure cooker,

then straining the residual

liquid into a fermenting bin

along with a couple of tins of

malt extract and some sugar

thrown in for good measure.

These early brews inevitably

ended up quite strong, and

after some time it was

decided it may be wise to actually

measure the ABV,

purely on health grounds!

Individual recipes were

created for every brew,

right from the very beginning.

No home-brew kits

were used in the making

of this brewery!

A golden coloured fruity best

bitter with a well balanced

hoppy finish.

A delightfully refreshing pale

ale brewed with Pale and

Crystal malt with a delicate

combination of Pioneer, Styrian

Goldings and Lubelski hops.

A golden beer whose aroma

is dominated by hops that give

characteristic citrus notes.

Hops and fruit on the palate

are balanced by malt and

a bitter base.

This light, igniting ale flickers

complex fruits across your

tongue, leaving a dry, fruity,

bitter finish, smothering

your thirst.

oakham ales

"Oakham Ales produce

exceptional full flavoured

hoppy beers with its core range

winning multiple awards."

On January 4th 2010

Adrian Posnett

joined Oakham Ales

as Sales & Marketing

Director with a brief to put

together and implement a

long term growth plan for

the company. By May of

2010 a very challenging

growth plan was in place

and Adrian was appointed

Managing Director. The field

sales team increased from

two to three in June and

further staff were taken on

in both the brewery and

distribution teams. 2010 also

saw Citra introduced as the



GOLD 2012

Oakham Ales produce exceptional

full flavoured hoppy beers with its

core range winning multiple awards.

The Brewery strives to source the

best possible ingredients by

developing personal relationships

with growers, farmers and all those

they deal with in the sector. The

Brewery produces truly innovative

beers; for example Oakham Ales was

the first to produce a single varietal

beer using the USA’s Citra hop

(since then adopted by others).

fifth permanent beer due to

popular demand and

expansion was underway

as the company doubled the

size of its Maxwell Road

premises due to increasing

sales and beer volumes.

A pale, aromatic, summer ale

that offers up delicate peachy

and berry fruit flavours for

your taste buds to feast on.

A modern classic. Light

and easy-drinking, it’s a beer

that showcases the floral and

citrus fruit aromas of the

Cascade hop.


"The yeast we use is a well guarded secret and is

integral to the overall Rooster’s flavour."

Over the years the

awards have kept

coming, but on

a slightly larger scale, with

both YPA and Leghorn

picking up gold medals at

the prestigious World Beer

Cup in recent times.

It’s our continued aim to

produce the highest quality,

clean-drinking beers

possible, whilst also

continuing to experiment

and innovate, as new beer

styles evolve and customer

curiosity grows.



GOLD 2006/2008


Hatched in 1993, at a time when

most ales on the market were

brown, Rooster’s Brewing Co. fast

developed a reputation for brewing

ground-breaking, hop-forward pale

ales that showcase exciting new

hops from the USA.

However, we will never lose

sight of our ideal that our

beers should always be of

the highest quality and be

approachable to most

discerning drinkers.







GOLD 2010

Brewing in an age-old traditional

manner, we add only the finest

malted barleys in our full mash

infusion system. Whole cone hops

from England and around the globe

are added to the worts in our

copper, from there we transfer

to open fermenters where we

add our own strain of Yorkshire

brewing yeast.

"The full infusion mash system uses only whole malted barleys"

nutty rich ruby ale,stronger

than usual for a mild ale.

Thornbridge branded beers were

first brewed in early 2005 after the

establishment of a 10 barrel brewery

in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall.

Our initial focus was on a range of

cask beers that used traditional

recipes but provided a modern twist

"Innovation, Passion, Knowledge"

A citrus dominated IPA,

its immediate impression

is soft and smooth yet builds

to a crescendo

of massive hoppiness

We are an independent


brewer based near

York in North Yorkshire.

The location was originally

chosen because of the water

suitability and also access to

the distribution network.

Our new building and 30

barrel brew plant is capable

of brewing twice daily.

Brewing in an aged old

traditional manner. In our

full mash infusion system

we add only the finest

malted barleys, whole cone

hops from England and

around the globe are added

to the wort in our copper

from there we transfer to

open fermenters where we

add our own strain

of Yorkshire brewing yeast.

As well 6 permanent

products we produce 3

seasonal beers each month.

We also run and brew beers

for Marston Moor Brewery.

Flaxen blonde ale with

a balanced hoppy bitterness

and a crisp fruity finish.

From the beginning at

Thornbridge we knew

that excellence and

quality of process and

product would be

paramount to our success

and delighting drinkers. Our

vision was to create products

that would make us of the

leading new breweries in the

UK. The adoption of the

Innovation, Passion and

Knowledge strap line for the

brewery was no hollow

promotional stunt but

a cultural statement of how

through our many activities

we would go about our day

to day business.

Thornbridge now operates

from two brewery sites.

Our original Hall brewery

highlights the traditional

infusion mash ale system

whereas the contemporary

Riverside brewery highlights

our ability to innovate

through technology.

Lemon zest in colour with

a clean, hoppy aroma.

A resinous finish

and some bitterness.



Golden, with a flora aroma and

a full hoppy flavour that is

balanced by a crisp dry

maltiness and a rich finish

The intention of the hop

character is to be pronounced

but not all encompassing, dry

but not overtly bitter and a tiny

hint of sweetness to add body.

"The brewery has never stood still since 1999"

Over the next couple

of years the brewery

became well known

for producing unusual beers,

mainly based on continental

styles such as Altbier and

Weiss. This enabled it to

build up a good following

amongst the more

adventurous free trade

outlets for cask beer, as well

as supplying Oddbins and

Safeway on a national scale

with bottled beers.

It soon became apparent that

to succeed in a competitive

market a more traditional

approach to brewing was

required, and that emphasis

should be placed on

supplying the style of beer

that would please the

average consumer as well as


GOLD 2011

Salopian Brewery was established

at The Old Dairy on the outskirts

of mediaeval Shrewsbury in 1995.

Since then the brewery has become

synonymous with the production

of top quality consistent beers.

a consistent product to suit

the discerning landlord!

sales have grown every year

since and capacity has been

increased twice in that period.

We pride ourselves on

the uncomplicated, natural

and traditional way our

beers are produced, and like

to think that our customer

care compliments that ethos.

Fresh and zesty with crisp

floral flavours. A background

of sweet malt and a hoppy

‘grapefruit’ bitter finish

characterises this champion bitter.

Smooth, rich and rounded ‘Old

Ale’ with a velvety texture

and hints of chocolate, treacle

and liquorice

"The new brewery had its

own borehole for the

water supply."

Within a relatively

short time Woodforde’s


Ales has become a by-word

for consistency and excellence

among brewers of cask

conditioned ale and their

customers. Woodforde’s has

grown from tiny beginnings

on the industrial estate at

Drayton, to become one of

the largest and most respected

of the wave of new

cask ale brewers who started

up in the early 1980’s. It was

a time when beer drinkers





In 1981 Woodforde’s Norfolk Ales

produced the first commercial brew

of Wherry Bitter at their original

brewery in Drayton, near Norwich.

In 1996, just fifteen years later,

Wherry Bitter was awarded the

ultimate prize in the brewing world

- it became CAMRA Supreme

Champion Beer of Britain.

finally began to rebel against

the relentless blandness

of the larger brewers

products, and pioneers

turned first to home brewing

and then to commercial

production of their lovingly

created recipes.


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